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Another open gym session

Screen shot 2013-08-31 at 10.51.16 PM

Here is another quick peak at a recent open gym session featuring the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Note that not all of the players from the current roster were present for this session. A couple of players are still recovering from injuries, while others were in class or attending to other school-related matters.

Rest assured, all of the players made it to Hawai’i last week, including senior forward Davis Rozitis, who spent his entire summer in his home country of Latvia. He was not present for the above open gym session.

Also of note in this session, sophomore forward Isaac Fotu has been cleared to participate, and appears to be fully recovered from a knee injury that bothered him earlier in the summer.

The Warriors are still about four weeks away from the start of full team practices in preparation for the 2013-14 season.


  1. Dayton, from UH MBB fans from Hawaii to around the globe, Mahalo for open gym video. Shows a little what the guys can do.

    Fellow fans, very soon official practices, that is when separate the men from the boys, I think these guys hopefully will be battlers, wanting TEAM to win. Like the quickness of guards, and getting up the court by wings.


  2. Looks like Stefan has a bit of nasty in him. Which is good! Blocks shots, doesn’t like guys scoring on him, wants to win. Dressler has to have that, as well as BIG D. If all 3 of the center/PF who are finesse types, bring it, especially guarding the rim, with guards, and no question now, Fotu/Standhardinger standout PF/hybrid forwards., Man what potential for UH MBB team. Team work and D, will win a lot of games hopefully.
    Fotu, can shoot the 3, Christian too, at least hit a couple a game, BWC teams hard to match up with them!

    Like this group, of what possibly 17 or 18? Approaching Baseball team roster size, the more the betta!


  3. Thanks for video Dayton:

    Noticed, Nevels and Spearman handling ball which is good, if Quincy, Keith, are in there with 2 other guards, 3 guard offense, that ball will move. Transition, game, guys have to work to perfection. Isaac, and Christian, have to get the rebounds and go. Looks like this team can run. If half court, Christian and Isaac will go to work. Hope Jovanovich gets more muscle, he wants to play, however has to get bigger and stronger. Lot of potential

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  4. Thanks for the video can’t wait for the king of the beach competition. I wonder if Anyone will challenge Christian now that Hauns is gone.

  5. stefan nasty?…well it shows he won’t be able to guard a smaller player

  6. so….Dayton & Co., sponsors and contributors, keep the Buzz simmering ,,,

    When UHMBB ‘gets Big’ (The Good Years), it affects the Whole State…
    This site keeps the pot simmerin’
    The Pilot Light for The Basement Boiler and Hot Water Heater of UHMBB…

    Like the Improvements i see — including better balance, stability, smoothness, handles and shooting from even Christian and Isaac, as other(s) pointed out here earlier….

    Aussie Mum…. some of us already think Michael Harper will be playin’ Prime Time
    — soon we’ll see what the coaches think…
    …and it’s their (coaches) choice, but threes by the smallest (height, not heart) guy on court and especially the hometown hero (Dyrbe) will ignite the crowd much like a Tribe V Slam…

    i also think ALL the guys on this (especially, the current) team have demonstrated they’re willing to Accept Coaching and work hard enough to overcome their own previous limitations…

  7. Just thinking out loud…

    this team should be able to challenge (again) an Illinois at home…
    …will probably hang better or longer with an ‘Ole Miss or Miami at home …
    and might hold close (not fall behind badly) against a UNLV on the road…

    thinking they’ll be tough enough to show well @ Missouri\ and hang in @ Northern Arizona…
    Maybe even steal a win… those two road trips are a good toughening up plan
    to be able to Win Any Big West Road Game…

  8. hawaiifan09:

    Just my opinion, however, coaches see the posts in position workouts and very soon practices, whomever brings that passion , smarts and aggressive to win and defend mentality will play.

    Sometimes the guys, who are basically all very nice young men, have to have a little swag, mental and physical toughness, body type, Stefan is opposite of Dressler, I like his attitude down low, warrior type.

    What I meant, Stefan from first arriving, summer league, the early Open gym videos, Stefan versus Caleb, even though Dressler bigger, Jovanovich would scrap for every ball. He is , until we see Davis Rozitis and what he can do this year, the team’s best shot blocker.

    Great timing, and he tries to deny everything, much,much better than Vander did last year. Stefan might have shot to play this year. Agreed, not just Stefan, notice a lot of the guys are very lean, only Dressler and Oishi are big bodies. Stefan can run the court, and throw down with one hand.

    I don’t mean, MEAN, he has a old time Center mentality, back to the basket, score, down low, and protect the rim. He has to get bigger and stronger, EAT well. too bad UH doesn’t have training table like Football team. He if 255, would be a beast.

    That is the Nasty, part, HE wants to be a winner, and he shows, at least to me, to be what looks like a true Post, the back in the day Center, which is great. His time will come. He and Niki Filipovich are competitors, played on that topped ranked in the nation at one time HS team, so they are warriors.

    No he is not Nasty Nate Ilaoa, he is Steppin Up Stefan, I like him and his potential, refuse to lose as eagle says. All the guys, the attitude is completely different from past 2 years. I think no more, guys with baggage(hopefully)ego wise.

    If they stay as a TEAM, compete as a TEAM to win, they are going to win a lot, and in the near, and immediate future, Stefan will be a good one, just has to keep getting stronger, great shot rejector presently.


  9. I just like that we won’t have to look at only 1 or 2 players to get a 3 pointer off or create an easy basket

  10. AGREE HawaiʻiFan… Many Can play the game
    And maybe That Raises the Expectations for EVERYONEʻS MINIMUM Level of Play…

  11. Thank You again for the film of open Gym, Dayton you are the man!!!
    My takes from this open gym are:
    1) Fotu looks good out there
    2) Nevels will start
    line up I would like to see in open gym
    Shamberger, Nevels, Spearman, Fotu, & Standhardinger vs
    Smith, (Harper or Hackman), Valdez, Thomas, (Rozitis or Jovanovic)

  12. Agree with Hfan09, Eagle, Rob T, and everyone else, UH MBB team has some athletes and guys that look like ballers, and have game. Varying degrees of ability, however, looks like very coachable. BWC, I think, UH is going to be very competitive, especially with

    Fotu and Standhardinger out front with Keith, Quincy, Nevels, Spearman, backcourt, Hackman(the guy can shoot , waaay outside 3 line, needed because NWC not eligible yet), Harper(young guy is a hustler, he is not here just to sit on bench, he wants PT, and to help anyway team to win), ..

    ..Wings/SF’s, I hope Aaron is not losing weight!, AV , we have to see Aaron and Michael Thomas,( who has a very large wing span, super long arms, now listed on UH roster at 6’8″!!), see, these guys running the break , transistion, serious kine, with the guards, and if they can finish..

    .The THREE Bigs, Davis, Caleb and Stefan all can bring something to the low post, with Big D, doing his thing guarding the PG in that matchup zone!

    Hey, fans, only about 26 days away from first official practice!!
    Beach workouts on Saturday a.m. at Waikiki have started!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  13. Dyrbe Enos, is a shooter, left wide open, if defense forgets about him, bang! He can knock down 3 pointers. Dyrbe does what he does , shoot 3 ball! Added Bonus, Dyrbe in great shape, legitimate, backup PG, or if scramble mode, he could be part of a 4 guard lineup, 3 ball shooters, and rim rockers, with one Big, in last few minute catch up mode.

    Go Dyrbe,!! Represent the 808!

    That brings out the local fans!

    Actuall WINNING a lot of games does!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Dang, UH Rainbow Wahine lost to a good , scrappy, well coached San Deigo VB squad. Well back to the drawing board! Nikki Taylor , great young freshman, still learning, going to be a good one.

    Imagine if she were a Wahine Basketball athlete!

  14. hawaiifan09:

    Agree with you, looks like Spearman, Keith, Hackman, Harper, Quincy(he still working on his mid to 3 ball range, however he is a worker and will get better), Enos, Thomas, Fotu, Standhardinger, and if Jawato okay, I think that makes about, 10 guys on possible active roster for this year that have legitimate 3 ball range. Last year, was, pretty weak, no real 3 ball threat, maybe one or two, if they were on.

    This year, you are right hawaiifan09, the guys, Perimeter to Bigs, can look for shooters, a bunch, and have options, go to the hole, dish, or layup and one. Offensive firepower potential much, much better, serious upgrade, Just have to see them in real game situation. I think they are going to be exciting. Consensus of this MBB friendly forum, we want UH to do well. I think they have a shot at a good, and fun season!


  15. hawaiifan09:

    oops, almost forgot Aaron Valdes!, he can shoot the 3 too. that makes potential 11 guys, with 3 ball range. That is BWC type of team, with quick guards who are willing to drive to the cup , pullup jumpers, floaters, and dish out the dimes to scorers!

    should be fun!


  16. Mahalo Dayton for WI! Keeps the handful of diehard UH MBB fans basketball interest alive all year round! Thank you too, for sponsors, the Schmidts, and Ameriprise.


    1)Did the UH MBB team start Waikiki Sat. Morning workouts?

    2)Will they have King of the Beach again?

    3)How are Quincy Smith and Brandon Jawato’s injuries. Wonder if Jawato might have surgery sooner?

    4)Hopefully Jamie Smith will be back soon, if not, did he train others to get Manoa Maniacs going?

    5) Latest update from Coach about team and how he feels they will do in BWC?

    Mahalo, if you can, please, Dayton Morinaga, the hardest UH MBB inside reporter in the business!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

    Sept 27 2013 first official day of practice, 25 days away!


  17. Sorry Dayton, edit to above post I meant ” Dayton Morinaga THE HARDEST WORKING MBB insider reporter in the business!


  18. Hey fans, maybe Dayton might have video of King of the Beach contest. Think saw guys, early, early morning, Sat, at Waikiki, working it. Not all guys, some are hurt, ..MIght be wrong , unless those were Chaminade, or HPU guys.

    Monster Roster, the largest potential for any I can remember!

    PG’s: Keith Shamburger, Quincy Smith, Dyrbe Enos, Nikiola Filipovich, maybe WO from Dallas.
    SG’s: Brandon Spearman, Brandon Jawato, Michael Harper, Garrett Nevels.
    SF’s/Wings: Aaron Valdes, Michael Thomas, and Jack Hackman, Negus Webster-Chan
    PF’s: Christian Standhardinger, Isaac Fotu, Davis Rozitis
    Centers: Caleb Dressler, Stefan Jovanovich.
    Total: possibly 18! Gib has to decide roster size and final walkon if any.

    You notice, the need was athletic guards, so, Spearman, Shamburger, in system returnees, good, JC transfers, Quincy Smith and Garrett Nevels good. Dyrbe Enos, the dude can shoot and knows how to play with the returnees and newbies, guys like him, and Niki Filipovich, a winner from HS, can shoot it, and makes good passes.

    Harper improved, more agressive, Jawato, see how his ankles hold up. WO from Dallas, I don’t know, not too much he does in open gym or summer league except for one game he hit consecutive 3 pt. bombs, maybe a Hawaii connection to Gib and his father.

    So this year guard line shored up. Wings, that X factor, Hackman, 3 ball man, AV levitation time, Michael Thomas, in open gym, more confidence.

    PF’s: solid Centers: will battle.

    Gib has a bunch, Just my guess, and I don’t know any inside information, all depends how pre season workouts, Jawatos injury, maybe Quincy too, Negus we know definite RS sit out this year, will be huge help scout and bringing major talent D1 competition in pracitces, hope NWC can stay focused do well in school and return.

    Out of the possible 18 or roster active and RS sit outs, I guess, maybe, 3 RS, including NWC, and Gib, if Jawato is okay, keeps an active roster of 15, with a lot of guards. BWC you need them.
    And Fotu, Standhardinger, and hopefully big D is a beast this year,

    more of a small forward euro, hope he dunks everything within 5 feet of rim, and gets 2 or 3 blocks and 6 more altered shots per game as well as steals, runs on break too. Will need Davis, when UH goes up agains teams with size.

    We have to wait, I think a PG, NWC, and WO from Dallas might be this years RS, with Jawato, we don’t know, how is those ankles, once again will he petition for medical RS year, get an extra year to play, I don’t see he being effective at 70 per cent, if UH is going to push the tempo on D and O.

    Wish Jawato the best, a 3 yr, in UH system athlete, great guy, he stuck it out!

    Go Rainbow Warriors

  19. Getting consistent play at backup PG will be the big issue this year. Quincy looks promising but after than Enos and Filipovich are not D1 PG’s right now. There is a reason why they are walk ons. They potentially could contribute but not this year.

  20. How many backups do you really need?? Shamwow will play close to 30 mins a game and Quincy will probably average a good 10-15 mins a game, that’s more than enough. Niko will probably redshirt and might help in the future.

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