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Highlights from Saturday scrimmage

The University of Hawai’i basketball team has a lot of offensive weapons. Getting them to all work properly – and together – is still a work in progress.

Six players scored double-figure points, including four players with 20 or more, during a 40-minute intrasquad scrimmage on Saturday afternoon in steamy Klum Gym.

“This week I think things went pretty well,” junior forward Isaac Fotu said. “We were more structured and more disciplined than last time.”

The scrimmage was divided into three separate periods – two 12-minute periods, then a 16-minute period. The rosters were mixed for each period.


“We were much better this week than we were last week,” said associate coach Benjy Taylor, who was the winning coach for all three periods. “We executed a lot better in all our stuff, offensively and defensively.”

Fotu led the scoring with 27 points. He shot 9 of 15 from the field, including 2 for 4 from 3-point range. He also went 7 for 8 on free throws, and grabbed seven rebounds.

“First time I came back, I felt like I was 60-70 percent,” Fotu said. “But I’ve been going up about 5 percent every day and I’m feeling a lot better than last week.”

Another standout was junior point guard Roderick Bobbitt, who finished with 20 points on 6-for-11 shooting, three assists, two rebounds and two steals. He was also the only player to be on the winning squad for all three periods.

“It was tough for me at first to get most of the plays down and everything, but now I’m getting more comfortable,” Bobbitt said. “I’m learning things better, so it’s been positive.”

Among other players:

• Sophomore forward Stefan Jankovic had 22 points, five rebounds and three steals. He shot 7 for 11 from the field, including 3 for 6 from 3-point range.

• Senior guard Garrett Nevels had 20 points and four rebounds. He shot 8 for 14 from the field, including 4 of 8 from 3-point range. In two scrimmages this preseason, he connected on 11 3-pointers in 18 attempts.

• Sophomore forward Aaron Valdes scored 16 points and grabbed a team-high 10 rebounds. He had an efficient shooting day: 5 for 7 from the field, 2 for 2 from 3-point range, 4 for 4 on free throws.

• Freshman guard Isaac Fleming scored 13 points on 5-of-6 shooting from the field.

• Sophomore forward Mike Thomas finished with nine points and five rebounds.

• Freshman forward Sammis Reyes had eight points and four rebounds. He was cleared to practice earlier in the week, so this was his first intrasquad scrimmage with the Warriors.

• Redshirt freshman Niko Filipovich scored five points and passed for a team-high six assists.

• Sophomore Dyrbe Enos knocked down two 3-pointers for six points, and also had four assists.

• Two players did not participate – junior point guard Quincy Smith is still resting a sore back, and junior guard Brandon Jawato was not feeling well.


  1. How did NWC do?

  2. Mahalo, Thankyou for video hilites Dayton, as always first rate, hey, we WI MBB fans and contributors to forum, always thank and appreciate Dayton and Schmidt Ohana for support.

    Guys Grinding, getting ready for season, very soon here

    Good that Jawato, and Q are 100% ready to play before coming back, really want Jawato to be back full force!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  3. Good video. When Nevels is on, it’s usually a clean all net shot. Fotu looking good among the others. Janks was shooting good , among others. Glad to see Bobbitt got up okay after he fell to the ground.

  4. What happened to Jovanovich? Did he put up a goose egg or was he overlooked.

  5. McInnis posted stats on his blog. A little more complete including assist.

  6. In the video Jovanovich looks physically over matched by the other bigs.

  7. Yes….that is what drives good teams… get wins .. and win championships…Guard play… too bad Q goes down… however Niko and Bobbitt step up…. Definitely athletic and long Isaac Fleming,grinding, tall guard go inside out, just get down system , Nevels, Niko, Fleming, Enos, Bobbitt, and when healthy Q, good guards help the bigs a lot..

    Valdes, what a weapon, 6’5″ – 6’6″ 210, getting those offensive rebounds and putbacks, the 3 spot looks good.

    Bobbitt… hey that elite, JC and NorCal HS guard, he slimmed down too, looks like about 190 now.. he is going to be good, PG/SG.. can hit the 3 ball..

    Like this team very much.. they have that starting 10..I mean 10 or 11 guys could start depending on matchups..

  8. Good balanced scoring. Many positives: Jankovic is deadly around the arc and his length makes it extremely difficult to block his shot. Nevels makes it look so easy with his shooting and floaters. Valdez is starting to get a better all around game to go with his above the rim play. Reyes will be a banger and will play well once he settles down. I’m not too worried about NWC’s scoring. He’s still guarding that rib and not trying to mix it up. Plus he does so many things that benefit the team such as passing, steals, and playing team ball. You can see that Bobbit is starting to exert himself and he will only get better as he gets more familiar with the system. Fotu is turning into a complete player. It’s nice to have a big that can can cover the floor offensively like he can. That FIBA experience has really added to his all around skills. No doubt he will see double teaming every time he touches the ball. So now it’s up to his teammates because someone will be open. And being that Fotu will see a lot of plays facing the basket he should not have any trouble seeing the floor and the open man. I suppose that Gib is already scheming for the double team on Fotu and how they will deal with it. If they try to suffocate him they could put Fotu near the top of the key. Let’s see if they will double him there. He has the skills this year to blow by guys his size. Then if they switch a smaller man on him he can pop all night from the arc. That’s what you can do when you don’t have any weakness in your game. If we make it to the Dance and the team and Isaac plays well on national tv he has a shot for All-American status his senior year.

  9. NWC, Jovanovic:

    Per BM — Thanks…

    #14 SF N. Webster-Chan (1-2): 3-13 FG, 0-6 3FG, 0-1 FT, 6 pts, 4 reb, 1 ast, 1 stl, 1 TO
    #15 C Stefan Jovanovic (2-1): 2-5 FG, 0-0 3FG, 0-0 FT, 4 points, 2 reb, 1 ast, 1 stl, 1 TO


  10. I don’t think Most Teams’ 1-2 guards can really harass Fotu or Jankovic’s Shot OR their Effective Passing – Think ‘Standhardinger’: He could shoot Threes just about Any Time he wanted, BUT was Not As Good a Three-Shooter as Jankovic or as Fotu has become…

    BUT perhaps more Effective is Janks And/Or Fotu Dragging a three, four or five defender out to the 18 foot ot even the three line; that leaves Only one or two Bigs around the inner key on defense giving a potential advantage to quicker ‘Bigs’ like Thomas, Negus and Valdés, maybe even Bobbitt and Garett

    GIB ¨Promised¨ More Pick and Pop NBA-Style Offense… i’m watching for its Effectiveness — NOT a Fan of Carmelio-Sryle Hold/Freeze the Ball — and i’m pretty sure that’s NOT What Gib Wants — 3-4-5 Guys Standing Around — So Looking to See How ALL Five on the Court Respond to the Two-man Game…

    EFFECTIVE Shooting and A GOOD Moving Offense should Force MAN-Defenses and Match-Ups where we MAY Have Advantages as our skill-talent-athleticism levels rise….MOST Opponents in Big West Really only have three good players (some less)…even the teams with Five ‘Players’ rarely All Play Good Defense…

  11. Eagle:

    I agree with you. That Janks and Fotu are good 3 point to mid range, and even down low scorers., will create real advantage for UH on offense against BWC teams. Only guy I think has that inside out game, Alan Williams, however , If UH has, even Sammis, that can come around as SF big, and bang inside, and hit a couple of threes too, makes UH pick and pop even more dangerous.

    I think Gib has finally got 10-12 guys or more, that have the perimeter, the inside, and 3 line, form guards and bigs.. PLUS they still have that unreal change of pace, game changing BIG at the top of the Zone, The Point Zone Big, Defense, that really throws off the other teams. Bigs like Fotu, Janks, Thomas, bothering the guards out top.. and here comes, Bobbitt, Fleming, Nevels, Smith, Niko, for the steals and starting the break the other way.

    Probably, the most versatile group yet, for Gib . This year 5, the Team has come ALIVE!
    That Gib can have 5 guys at any time able to score and defend, means a lot come March and run in NCAA’s, or NIT.. more the former!

    Go Bows. Warriors!

  12. Roderick Bobbitt is a real balla. Isaac Fotu, the King Webster-Chan, Garrett Nevels and Bobbitt look like four of the starters easy. Q and Jankovich should be in the rotation as well. Wonder how deep Coach Gib will go in his rotations this year?

    Based on what they did at Missouri, Webster-Chan and Jankovich like the 3 ball. Fotu can shoot the 3, Bobbitt can shoot it, Nevels can shoot it. I agree,lots of offense ability on the perimeter this year. If Jankovich can guard the post and rebound, this team could spread the floor and have multiple offensive options to attack the defense.

  13. ALL The Available Options…
    GIB May Need to Discipline Himself to Keep it Simple
    Enough that Even The First-Years/Freshmen
    Can Help with Depth and Finishing The Season Strong

    With the Talent, BBIQ and Athleticism Levels though
    A LOT of All those Schemes WILL Work
    Drive Opposing Players Batty
    Imagine TWO Bigs Together,,,,
    Like Jankovic, Mike Thomas,
    Up Top of a 2-3 Zone Harassing Passing Lanes

  14. I had to watch the video several times because it’s kind of hard to tell who is who in some parts of the video but from what I can tell Roderick Bobbitt looks like he is very capable of running the point. I think that him and Quincy will push each other and they might even be a good “two-headed point guard” where Gib can just go with the hot hand and have confidence in both guys. Niko Filipovich should also get some court time because he just plays like a defensive pest! The other teams will hate this guy but we will love it when he gets in there faces. Isaac Fleming has some nice moves and looks like he can be the “microwave” role for instant offense.

    Fotu’s 3-ball game really brings something for the other team to think about. I think he will be so hard to stop because now he has the green light to shoot from distance, but still has that crazy spin move he can use to blow past guys to the basket.

    The lack of inside depth is still concerning to me. I like the way Aaron Valdes hustles and jumps but if we are counting on him to be our leading rebounder we need more from the other big guys.

  15. Finished watching scrimmage for the 5th time. Agree with C-Cheese Man. That it is a little difficult to find players the first time. All in all it seems that we are starting to see the guys who have always been consistent rise to the top. Worring only about those that will play starting the season I was really really impressed with Bobbtt and the way he was running things. Loved his play and there is a reason he was 3-0. Niko played well at guard too not to take away from his performance. Fotu played well too and with him pulling the big guys out on man D with his 3pt range it will cause issues for teams. Nevels is and always will be the man. His shot selection and accuracy are amazing. Hopefully he can continue through the whole season shooting well. Like what Valdes has shown so far. He has been a pleasant surprise for me and hope he continues to improve and do well.

    Concerns are always the injuries. Q being hurt is a concern. But if Bobbitt keeps getting better we may be okay. NWC had a bad shooting day. This could be due to the rib. Hopefully he had a bad day but the shooting numbers were not great.
    Rebounding and defense will be a concern. Bobbitt being the taller of the points will cause issues for other teams. Niko can pester ball handlers along with Q. Post D is a little concerning. Wing D all depends who’s in. We need to win the battle in the boards. With out 4 and 5 players stepping out we will need others to step up.

    One more team scrimmage left on Saturday and then out first official scrimmage and games to follow.

  16. Great comments from Everyone!

    Yes. Lot of offensive firepower, I counted at least 15 out of 16 guys on the roster have ability to hit 3 ball. That Bobbitt, Niko, Q at PG, and Nevels, Fleming, Enos at shooting guard… One thing I really liked that stood out in practice, Bobbitt, Fleming ability to attack the basket, at 6’3″ legit, those are taller bigger guards going to rim and finish, Bobbitt really in shape, he getting the O and D schemes down, and his clean picks for steals, reminds me of Tony Webster or Tom Henderson. That is defense too, even Niko gets a couple, they have quick hands.
    Guard rotation can be a REAL ADVANTAGE this year.. what it takes to win the BWC

    3 spot..(will be good) Aaron Valdes, NWC….when Negus ribs okay, he is the point forward, facilitate , if needed he can score, so valuable to have that all around perimeter guy… when healthy, I am really hoping.. Jawato can slide to 3 spot where Spearman played, and he will be that streak 3 ball, guy, plus Brandon J looks bigger , about 6’4″ 215? Stronger, wish him well, he has been through a lot, on track to GRADUATE..congrats to MBB program a first , 4 year guy to grad in 4.

    4 spot…: Fotu, nuff said, Thomas, the sky(pun intended ) is the limit, high ceiling his year to explode, just play with confidence,

    5: To Be determined, Fotu, can, sometimes playing smaller teams, even Sammis at 6’6″-6’6 1/2″ 240 he can play Center like Tim Shepherd of past. Stretch 4/5 hybrid although have to wait his first game in Dec.. as long as ready BWC play..matchup problem, if Mamadou trying to stay with Isaac or Janks Now,… Mamadou cannot run out to 3 line to guard, and they can go to 3 line, Mamadou, hedge a little, and booom, back door cut, blow bas Wil Davis, and slam dunk by Nevels, Bobbitt, Valdes, Q, or whomever has that opening.. same thing with the guards, the perimeter hedge out on them at trifecta line, booom… pass goes down low to Fotu, Reyes Thomas, Jovanovich, and layup or flush…Must be fun for Gib, and staff to work with these guys.. they willing to learn, and Stick Together.. going be a fun year!

    and have to give it up for poor Brandon Jawato suffer affects of concussion like injury.. man, that guy, the ankle surgery, now the head injury.. Hope that brother J comes back okay, he IS the heart and soul of the team from 4 years ago, that original freshman recruited by Gib in 2011.

  17. And Sammis, the Super Chilean Baller! Just give him time. Am sure, he cannot make those behind the back passes all the time. He is just learning system, A BANGER, the physical enforcer with Jovanovich.. Those Two, the Bruise Brothers, will be needed when UH goes against teams , out of conference that want to go Physical, blow for blow.. should be neat.. Everyone, all the Roster guys, whether 3 minutes or 33 minutes, Do your best, help team win.. The bottom line!

    Cannot wait, first game here soon!

  18. Baller4, Chuck… true….Valdes cannot be the ONLY rebounder.. maybe as Team out rebound the opponents, that can be done, getting the loose balls, guards, wings, everyone, good fundamentals and want to.. get everything off of the glass that is missed… That Aaron was getting Offensive. rebounds, that is a weapon….

    Know the team can score, inside and out, guys can penetrate and finish or dish for baskets.. Team Defense, and TEAM rebounding, how they have to do it.. Don’t have a Bill Walton, or Kevin Love, or Dennis Rodman, averaging 15-20 rebounds a game.. so Team has to get the boards..

    Looks like as you say, Fleming, Bobbitt, Niko , Nevels, Q, will get the loose balls, and outquick guys to rebounds.. Rebounding and Defense, Plus their ability to score against Man or Zone Defenses.. Team can compete..

    Baller4Life.. You are right fellow fan.. Season Soon! HPU exhibition should be good show, see how UH MBB team is getting O and D down..
    Injuries, never remember a team having, 6 or 7 guys down, at one time or another before season.. Team HAS TO STAY HEALTHY.. good thing has larger roster, about 12-14 guys contributing, even guys off the bench.. Will take the whole Team to get wins and championships

  19. Can any UH player defend against players like Mike Caffey in the Big West ?

  20. islandman:

    I think Bobbitt, when healthy in JC, he was a pretty good defender. I guess we shall soon see.. even if HPU has those guards with speed , see if perimeter defenders can shut them down . And the athletic teams, even smaller ones in RBC, the Gulf Coast Showcase..

    Even before BWC, the RBC, BYU road game, Pitt on Maui, good test , see how UH can guard, defend as team.. Think that UH, can score, would not be surprised if UH averages over 80ppg again, if they can hold teams to 60ppg or lower, that is a top 35 team for sure.

    islandman.. oh boy, getting ready for Basketball.. FB… I don’t know.. sad.. the guys on that team work so hard in practice and in class.. hope the seniors get a few wins before FB season pau.

  21. How come so slow on the UH response to the upcoming NCAA infractions list ? I guess they are trying to get it right. But they had months to plan something. Did they have to wait until the investigation was pau ?

  22. UH/AD= general UH counsel team and Alabama Specialist Legal Firm

    MBB=very good personal counsel , one of the best in nation.

    Like preparing for a big game, seems like they are ready. Just like team preparing for BB season.

    Love that team focused.. let the guys that represent, legal.. handle matters. What can staff, and team do? Nothing. but wait and get prepared and better for season..

    We, fans, want it over, team does, just want to see Team have success and challenge for BWC championships, what matters most to fans, team and University..

    Nothing else we can do.. just watch the excellent videos by Dayton, watch HPU exhibition game, and the start of season against High Point, which when said and done, hope it IS The high point of start of great season!

    What ? going do? Just support the team! Go Rainbow warriors… get better and win games!

  23. Who diss?

    BLESSED to say I have gave my verbal commitment to further my education and basketball career at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

  24. JUST a Viewpoint or Perspective…
    WHAT IS Under Our Control…

    Apparently NCAA Never previously related — NO Previous Formal Write-Up —
    On What and How they Characterized the Findings of their Investigations…
    Personnel being Interviewed would Know the Questions And their answers…
    BUT How An Investigator Compares and Relates his Data/Findings Versus “The Requirements” OR Other Similar / Related or Precendental Findings CAN Cover a Wide Range — The Recent NCAA Board Reviews is an Attempt to Normalize / Tighten Up that Prospectve Range.

    Hiring the Alabama Firm is Smart Because they Can Help Estabish an Alabama-Hawai’i Line in the Sand Every Bit as Relevant (Worst Case, In Court) as ANY NCAA-Drawn ‘Imaginary Line’ — particularly IF they smartly Quote Precedent and Build a Better Case…IF that Position Is “Reasonable” and a Strong Enough Case Presented, the NCAA would be Wise to Merely Comment OR Request Somewhat Stronger/ Lighter Actions OR Acquiesce (Versus Challenge or Fight)…

    Look Forward to The POST Analysis
    When We Can Put Most of it
    And ALL the Conjecture


    FOR US
    What The TEAM Can Control…
    Go ‘Bows!
    Start Strong
    Get Stronger

  25. IDK who exactly that player is yet but from what I gather he plays for Hopkins HS in Minnesota

  26. Eagle:

    agree to that. You sure know your legal stuff! that helps a lot, many on this forum and including me, don’t have a clue what is going on with ncaa… as coach mentioned, he/UH not even notified, what are the allegation/s? You present this type of case in court of law, might be thrown out. Pure conjecture. Sounds like sour grapes, by former guys? Or in house, things?

    I agree, smartest thing that Ben Jay, with approval of UH to hire that Alabama (sweet home Alabama!)Legal eagles. And for , our Man, to hire one of the best in the country counsel for self..

    AD and Mr Basketball Hawaii, coach.. are ready….like a poker game,…Call your hand.. What You Got?….

    For the WI fans, we waited, about 6 months for new season get started, SO WE JUST SUPPORT COACH , staff, The Team, and Rock the Rock , Win the BWC at the SSC!
    Go Bows. Go Rainbow Warriors!

    And thanks Eagle, you know your stuff.. really helps, ..Mahalo!

  27. Okay so last year we were recruiting Stephon Sharp out of Hopkins but IDT its him. The only other D1 prospects from Hopkins that are eligible to sign this year are John Warren and Kamali Chambers.

  28. Malcolm White?

  29. Sanctions announced soon, per newspaper. Maybe today ? We heard that before though.

  30. Loving the new wrinkles in Fotu’s game… Video doesn’t show a lot, but I see Fotu’s got a much quicker jab step from the outside and showed off a jab-stepback jump shot that nobody in conference will be able to defend after he sets it up by blowing by the defender on the drive. From what Gib says, Fotu’s always had the jumper, which started to show itself last season.

    It appears he’s transitioning into a stretch 4 type of player. Which is exactly what he has to do to improve his pro prospects. He doesn’t have the size to play center or a low block 4 on a consistent basis. He doesn’t quite have the pure foot speed to have him play the 3 full time but can fill in on spot duty. Being able to hit perimeter shots and developing a strong dribble drive might get Fotu on the radar for NBA scouts. Of course if he can improve his defense, that will help him make a roster since he is a bit of a tweener on size.

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