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More open gym highlights

The above video includes highlights from two recent open gym sessions for the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Screen shot 2014-09-06 at 8.50.44 PM

Some things to keep in mind:

* Most of the team’s open gym sessions take place after weightlifting or individual workouts, so the pace is not always fast break.

* Players might be in and out of these sessions due to conflicting class schedules, rehabilitation, or other obligations.

* Junior guards Brandon Jawato (ankle) and Roderick Bobbitt (arm) still have not been cleared to participate in contact drills, but both players are often on the sidelines at the open gym sessions to encourage teammates.

— — — — — — —

Don’t forget to set your alarms or DVRs for early Sunday morning, when Isaac Fotu and Team New Zealand take on Lithuania in the first round of playoffs for the FIBA Basketball World Cup at Madrid, Spain. The game is scheduled to start at 4 a.m. (Hawai’i time).

The game will be available live online at www.espn3.com, and on NBA TV (for those who have that station). In Hawai’i, NBA TV is on Oceanic Time Warner Cable station 242 and 1242 (HD).

UPDATE: Fotu and Team New Zealand were eliminated from the FIBA Basketball World Cup on Sunday morning. Lithuania defeated New Zealand, 76-71.

Fotu finished with 11 points on 4-of-7 shooting, including 2 of 4 from 3-point range. He also had one rebound and an assist.

Fotu hit a 3-pointer during a 19-4 surge by New Zealand in the second half. Lithuania led by as many as 14 in the second half, but the 19-4 rally but New Zealand ahead 59-58 with seven minutes remaining.

New Zealand had a 65-63 with 3:31 remaining, but Lithuania responded with a 10-0 run to take control of the game down the stretch.


  1. Thankyou and Mahalo Plenty Dayton!
    Guys, starting to get in shape and used to each other. I can tell, though younger team, they have a lot of BB IQ, and that “something special”, Schedule, kind of interesting shaping up, should be a challenge, however. when the first game rolls around guys will be ready!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Go The Mighty Warriors!
    Go The Tall Blacks!

    Go and develop them coaches , and team, just keep on working, grinding!

  2. For Hawaiian Telcom TV users, NBATV is on channel 92 and 1092 (HD).

    Mahalo Dayton for more Open Gym hi-lites

  3. Thanks for the heads up Dayton. Now, should I stay up of go to sleep……goodnight.

  4. Thanks for the open gym stuff D. They look much better than the first video of open gym. Negus looks like he put on some really good weight and his silky jumper is better than ever. Fleming looks very comfortable out there and the returnees should have a good year.

  5. Alright. I’m counting eight starters.
    Hmm’, ok, let me count again. Ok, maybe nine.
    Well, that must be good, somehow.
    I don’t see how Valdes, Negus, and Sammis, don’t all start.
    With Jovanovich stepping up to own the middle that doesn’t leave much room for all of our guards.
    You have got to have room for Fotu and Nevels. Wait, still no point guards yet?
    Well Quincy, brings the will and finds ways to win. Flemming looks like he can take anyone to the hoop. And there are a couple or three or four other guys that might want to start.
    It seems that all of these guys can really shoot the ball.
    Well, it is just tough for me to pencil in just five starters.
    Let me just echo, Mahalo Dayton, for these Open Gym hi-lites.

  6. New Zealand just lost to Lithuania 76 – 71. Fotu scoring 11, but otherwise having a tough time with Lithuania’s size. Looks like Corey Webster scored 26 coming off the bench. Game just finished a few minutes ago.

  7. I don’t think Fotu started. NZL just got behind in the first quarter 23 – 9. They won every other quarter, but it was too much to overcome. 5 point loss, 76 – 71.

  8. i hope this team can continue to hit the 3 ball but hopefully they don’t fall in love with it….we have the physical and athletic ability to take it to the rim

  9. Hey fans,just first week or two of workouts and open gym. Guys love to score.. Yes, agree, seems like all 14 guys playing open gym can shoot it. Everyone has offensive game. I like how, Sammis trying to put into practice following the shot for offensive rebounds, and he is getting up there. Not bringing ball up, though he can, get rebound and give it to guards. You can tell the guys are gassed, after having done weight room and workouts, plus, I THINK..and maybe Dayton will have another video.. UH MBB team back on the Beach at Waikiki, doing their sand conditioning training, something that even Coach Wallace was doing at one time, when they had Tony Akpan.

    Point Guards? When the Real Practices start: Quincy Smith, Roderick Bobbitt if healthy, Isaac Fleming potentially, …thing is, that is why Keith S. was a very good PG, his protection of the ball, very strong with it, hardly ever got picked, or turned it over. If Smith, Bobbitt, Fleming, Filipovich, Nevels, can really take care of the ball, besides upping the Defense and running great offense, Hawaii, can be at least 5 deep at SG and PG.. Still think if the guys put in the work, which they will, and play as Team, team will be at least 2 deep, at every position. A real luxury for Gib. Who plays Defense and plays smart offense with the ball, will play that 8min to 28 min, maybe 9 or 10 guys would be great.
    Love the Videos, Hey fans, very soon, BB first exhibition game around the corner!

  10. Tonganator:

    Isaac had great run in the FIBA tournament, he made your ohana, New Zealand, Hawaii, and UH MBB team proud!
    He did well, and the experience will make him have a great Junior Season at Hawaii!

    Mahalo for letting your son play for the Mighty Warriors!

    We all look forward to Isaac returning to Hawaii very soon. rest up first, and come back to The Islands. His team members happily await!

  11. Great job Mr. Fotu. Proud of you.

  12. Great Run, Great Improvement, Isaac Fotu!
    Much to be Proud of and Even Brighter Fotu Future Shines Available
    4-Letter-16s: FIBA Spark a Frotu-Led Two-or-More Run into (Through) NCAA Sweet 16?
    [Q: 68-NCAA or 24-FIBA Tougher?] i LIKE Pool Play MORE Than One and Done

    Much Mahalo to Tonganator & ╩╗Ohana
    FIBA Much More Interesting and ╩╗Personally Inolving & Engaging╩╗
    AND We All Benefit Together

    GIB Bringing IF1 Back to Second Home…
    In Mid-Season Form…WITH Quickly-Developing Championship Focus


    IF2 Looking Solid…Q, Bobbitt? Filipovic? Much Pedigree, SENsei-QUE-Coaching, Much Expected
    PLUS So Much Support @ 2 and 3…
    Let╩╗s SEE IF pg Can BE The Winning Edge …
    Solid Penetration and Finish/Dish,
    (Had that Same Over-Three Concern, But Gotta Keep The Bigs Flushin╩╗ Happy–PASS First);
    Cut-Off Opp Drives And Threes, Critical Steals,
    Better Pressure ╩╗D╩╗, Three-Minute Shutdown D,
    UH Converting KEY Possessions And Ones

    …Besides Winning @ Most/Many Other Positions ;-}

    Thanks D, For Post-Weights, etc. Perspective(s)
    Can See Much Improvement …
    Solid Potential

    We DO NOT Know This TEAM╩╗s LIMITS

    I Believe We╩╗ll SEE A LOT of Good, Even Great
    And ENJOY The Ride!

  13. In years past, UH relied heavily on their JUCO transfers. Fans got to see them struggle for their first season as a junior learning their O and D sets and how to work with another. Then came their senior year and they were well worth the price of admission.

    With Gib building from Frosh, it is wonderful to see the improvements over a 4 year career. By Sophomore year, they know the O and D. Those with the ability and heart will get to see more floor time.

    Fotu has shown improvement each year and was frosh BWC Co-Player of the Year. Last season he improved by using a 14 foot jumper and free throw accuracy to add to his remarkable pivoting skills underneath. This year, one could see his huge improvement on his perimeter shot…going to be really tough to guard. One of the more notable features he brings to the game is his unemotional, workman-like attitude…he would make Johnny Wooden proud, as well as his own Ohana. Other players and UH bench should take note.

    No doubt, Negus and Fotu will be the Go-To Guys, but with Nevels and a seemingly improved Quincy, Coach will have some fun matching up for the 5th spot…Defense will most likely dictate that position. He has plenty to choose from this year, but I like Aaron Valdes. I see more aggressiveness in Thomas who needs to work on his D and Finishing.

    As the season progresses, I think the competition between point guards will reveal itself as we get into conference play. I really feel for Roderick and Jawato having to be so patient on the sidelines…but their time will come. Should be a learning experience for all UH players to know that playing injury free these days is a luxury.

    I have always enjoyed the way Gib has his players learning the joys of Giving Back to the Community…a lesson everyone should learn. Sure do look forward to each new installment of WI and watching the Boys learn how to play together as young adults.

    Lastly, I hope we can put together the contracts needed to play in the 3 game Florida tournament. It takes me back to the ’92 team that opened up in Alaska for a disastrous 3 games and then went on to play North Carolina to the wire in Chapel Hill. We went onto the NCAA’s that year. Looking for great things this year.


  14. RunBows, Eagle, Clyde, Backbeat and all die hard MBB supporters. Unfortunate for the Tall Blacks to bow out now, but had a good run. They had their chance to win. Thanks for all the support.

    Thanks gibnogood for your comment and encouragement, indeed the Fotu Ohana are proud of Isaac’s achievements but also the other kids achievements as well.

    RunBows, both Daniel and Ella stared at their school regional champs where Rangitoto High school won both Men and Women premier finals.

    Just spoken to Isaac, he is booked for a flight back to Hawaii tomorrow so time to get back to the grind once again. Not long before the first game comes around. No time to come back home first, but will catch up with him in December.


  15. Roster posted on the UH website, but no pictures yet. 16 players and Akana still listed as a coach.

    Jaimie Smith is Performance Analyst .

  16. Tonganator: Too bad Isaac can’t make a quick return home for a little down time. It’s probably been an intense summer of training, practicing, traveling and playing, but what a great experience for a 20-year-old. Now, it’s back to the grind … in the classroom, weight room, gym and beach. A couple poke bowls and he should be good to go, right?

  17. Harville listed on the St Mary’s roster, Manroop on the Seattle one.

  18. I guess, great comments positive, I really believe as Back Beat alluded to… Gib has done what he said he would…Bring effort driven, exciting , running up and down, Defensive pressure, and winning to MBB program again. He has done that. Do we and Gib and especially the Team want that extra part of NCAA Madness, the Big Dance? Without question..

    Chuck Cheese…comments are good and Positive, HC trying his best… and team on a mission.. like the way things are shaping up.

    Gibson Arnold, a really emotional, Hawaii prep grad, Kamaaina, loves the Islands the State, the University and the fans. He is The Best Thing to Happen for UH MBB, live and learn, even with mistakes, which they do admit,.. get alright, everything going be alright.
    Gib good Job..you done brought together 16 great young BB athletes, who do well in School!
    Cannot wait for Isaac Fotu to come back, Jawato and Bobbitt, to make sure completely healed and ready to Rock! Uhmbb , the best talent overall, so far,early preseason, I have witnessed on video, in past 7 years!
    The Bows are Back!!
    Eagle, and all the fans, let’s go Bows!
    And Go the Mighty Warriors. !!

  19. That Mad Man, Super Hi Motor, German/ Filipino all out EFFORT and effective 6’8″ Forward, Christian Standhardinger, great FT shooter too, Will Sammis , and Fotu, Thomas, Jovanovich, Jankovich, Valdes, match that All out effort? If they do, keep emotions under control, i.e., freshman and sophs.. UH potential to rock the BWC .. think UH preseason pick 5th in BWC? UH MBB can prove them wrong, shock the NCAA world, as U Conn. did last year. .. comeback And Fight Back!
    Run The Rainbows.. shoots, getting excited! UH MBB hoops in action, start.. is BACK!!

  20. clyde:

    with that visa thing, if all set to go with Isaac Fotu, great that he can come back right away to USA and Hawaii. He will have time to settle into class , start the grind, will not doubt, if Coaches, let him, go into ice and warm Jacuzzi, to rehab any sore muscles, UH MBB has good trainers and Doctors… Maybe during off time, from school and workouts, Isaac can chill at the mall, or the beach!

    Man, if he starts playing Open gym in next few days, wow.. he might be in NBA type condition! Hope he flies in, and can sleeeeeep for a good amount of time, hydrate, get good food.. you are right, the cure all, and Isaac I am sure is looking forward to it… POKE BOWLS… the food of Champions!..


    You give our best regards to Ella and Daniel, they must look to their older brother Isaac as example too! Ella and Daniel, maybe the next NZ national BB team stars.. and hopefully NCAA DI collegiate starts as well! maybe… warriors? rainbow wahine?

  21. Seems UH Has Been Good to Great for Isaac…

    MAYBE Tai can be The Next Nebraska Transfer — Mid-Season?
    Right After DHC like Davis? – OR After Playing UH Like Jankovic?

    We’ll Back Up Daniel and Ella where ever they go to College…
    WE Can just Do It Best …Here…

    Feel like More Poke Today, Myself…

  22. LOOKIN’ good…This is only the second open gym video and the players look better than the first. Thanks DAYTON!

    The more I see, more I am confident that the PG spot is not going to be an issue. Believe we’ll have two guards w/ handles on the court at the same time that’ll be able to handle ball pressure. Hoping to see other teams attempt to pressure our guards ’cause that will put Negus on a one on one and I’m betting on Negus. Isaac Fleming looks like the real deal, hope he continues. Of course, rooting for Reyes, think he will be the BIGGEST surprise, no pun intended.

    First time in MANY, MANY years, it is apparent that this team has quality depth in 4 positions. Up tempo and pressure, here we come.

    Still uncertain about our 5 spot. Any comments…

  23. Mahalo Dayton!

    Can’t wait for the NCAA findings and the season start

  24. One extraordinary facet that Christian brought with his game every night was his free throw shooting and how he got to the line. Just so excited about all the athleticism and 3pt shooting, it should follow, if they can hit the 3’s so well, we should be a good free throw shooting team as well.

    Since I am on this side of the world, I am planning my trip to New Zealand. Wanted to go in summer to ski, but heard there are also 1500 bike paths covering thousands of miles to do, I suppose, not in the summer. Great place to get in shape. Looking for things to do, and best time to go.

  25. FIBA tournament saw Isaac guarding 3….4….and even 5…spots. Maybe just with his international experience, his great footwork around the basket, and now his outside shot extended to 3 point line, as an added threat. He could be that stretch 4/5… I know, his future pro BB position would be the 3/4 …however, he might have to guard, with help…the other 5’s.. BWC .. the only true 5 or center, though he is much slower than Isaac, would be Mamadou.

    How about, once again, knowing Gib’s system and the fit.
    Starters, if season started tomorrow based on 2 open gym videos, which is really unfair.. however JUST FOR FUN…If the unit below, can REBOUND… win the O and D glass wars.. though smaller in height… NWC would have to battle in the paint too.. get the loose balls, block shots and rebound too.. same with Negus.. though outsized..However, they all appear to have athleticism.. from Open gym..first few weeks.. only can get better…!

    PG: Qunicy 6’0″ (his floater, mid range and 3 pointer looks like a weapon, and of course his hops and speed)

    SG: Garrett Nevels 6’2″ (Championship team of Drew league , the guy has all the shots out to deeeep 3 range…wish he would drive to rim more, although that is his bread and butter the great touch and accuracy of his trifectas.. hope he shoots high 80% for FT line.. would be great)

    SF: Negus 6’7″ (looks like, NWS.. knows the 1-3 spots and has the deep shot ,…and one time saw him drive from right baseline and reverse layup …if he can take it to the rim with strength, and finish..very hard to guard….Mizzou D1 experienced)

    PF: Sammis Reyes (is that guy really working.. even in open gym.. seems like it… he is getting into shape, and on one play made that great bounce pass to Nevels for the short jumper…probably one of the stronger guys on team.. looks like could be that shining freshman..just has to have D1 experience..) 6’6″ or 6’7″ close in height to Negus.

    C: Isaac. 6’8″.. that stretch 4/5…(All BWC first teamer… and potential … one of the best BB players in all of NCAA D1, he plays like he did in FIBA.. he will be)

    The guy , if he is cleared 100% to play, could be a real gem at combo guard is Roderick Bobbitt.. would take time, to get back into running Game shape, however, that defense and BB IQ, really from what we have seen and heard.. a great Elite JC guard UH get..
    Of course could ALL CHANGE.. whomever, and we know, Gib as well, as Wallace and many other coaches around the country, if 5 guys on the court play outstanding DEFENSE..all the time effort to play Shutdown D… Enos, Filopovich, Jawato, Valdes, Jankovich, Jovanovich, Fleming, Stepteau, Buscher, .. even if preferred athlete. if they affect winning,.. and a LOT OF WINS and championships… They will play.. Interesting.. the numbers …of similar talent.. is good. Why? Just in case.. don’t want to think about,… if injury or other..
    Nice to see .. there are about 14-16 guys available.. for that stretch run March..Wish them the best

    And MAHALO PLENTY to Dayton Morinaga, The Schmidt Ohana, and all the WI UH MBB fans!

    First Official Practice 23 days away.. October 3 2014 !!
    Go Warriors. Go Rainbow Warriors!

  26. And of course, Mike Thomas, has to play like he did in summer league, no Fear, under control, and he could be real athletic 4 man.. he has all the tools, just has to translate to NCAA D1 court time.. All up to MT..so many guys, I always forget someone on the current roster, sorry Mike T.

    Come on Mike … time to step up.. in fact..besides… Nevels.. and Fotu.. who still have to grind and show coach, the effort, which they will… All spots up for grabs, which is good, very competitive team, and really with 10-12 guys ability to shoot outside to 3 point line.. nice problem for Gib to have…Now who can guard, stop those guys gliding in uncontested to the rim.. and who wants to Rebound, every ball off of the O and D boards.. every loose ball, deflections, steals, force, shot clock violations of other team.. inbound the ball when under pressure… make good decisions in Prime Time.. Interesting season.. we get to see how it plays out…

  27. 5-Spot…

    Quite a Few Decent to Good Teams play with Max Height 6-7 to 6-10;

    Although there are More Seven-Footers than ever, Very Few Are Really Good…
    As Much as we liked Davis and several other Six-Ten-Plussers, Most Don’t Start…

    I think Between Jankovic (6-11) AND Jovanovic (6-10),
    BOTH With Talent, Shooting Skills and Intelligence
    We Will Match or Better 7, 8, 9 out of 10 Teams

    We Played Both 7-5, 7-6 Teams Solid Last Year…
    While their BIGS Were an Advantage,
    i think Both TEAMS’ Overall Talent was the Bigger Challenge…

    I Think Our 4-5’s Will Be More of a Problem
    For Our Opponents

    I’m More Concerned IF we Can Win The Point
    We Probably CAN, Just NO Proven Returning Starter
    BUT Much Talent and Good Track Records…

  28. did poyser visit this past weekend?

  29. I wonder…if he did …to have 3.5 star visit would be huge..know he mentioned weather as being big consideration
    ..would be cool to visit hawaii..
    you question beat man?
    Or Dayton do famous interview..as insider scoop SA again..

    2 maybe 3 available?
    Gib go after another athletic big

  30. Looking at video again… guys are putting into practice on the open gym court what they learn. That pull up, fake at 20 feet, then dribble in to open closer spot , then the short 15 foot jumper money. That is a good move. Also, Fleming’s euro step drive, through two defenders. Don’t know how good a defender Fleming is.. however, looks like he can bring up the ball, and either break down someone, or let fly the 3 ball, …

    Don’t worry about big guys performance, usually the open gym, the guards are getting up and down so much quicker, they take lot of shots.. once again only second week of open gym..

    Could Bobbitt or Fleming be the PG going into BWC? Or part of 3 guard attack,? remains to be seen
    Just this recent peek , the guys seem to know each others moves , spots, and game a little better.. Fleming is that 3 star+ guard, Sammis if they rated him again, probably a 3+ star PF , Notice when he dunked the ball on the lob and that last video shot of his one handed slam, The whole backboard was shaking, and that was just his hand strength, he wasn’t holding onto the rim.. wow.. he keep on grinding, as well as Fleming,.. agreed Eagle, they play D, and take care of the ball, run the offense well, Sammis crash the boards.. Fleming and Reyes could be the top rated Freshmen incoming to BWC… They , what we have seen on the You Tube videos.. now coming to the fore…. Interesting. Get well, and safe, Roderick Bobbitt, .. you just know, when cleared to play, Roderick is just itching to show what he can do too. Might be that top flight do all guard.. as long as healed and in game shape!

  31. UHfan, Internet media says he postponed his trip and has two officials set for Rhode Island and Oklahoma. They don’t give a reason for the cancellation.

  32. Well….Gib and staff. don’t stop going after the good gets… 3 or 4 star…

  33. Isaac did well.
    welcome back to UH. wonder when beach king if any this year. that is fun by coach Arnold.

  34. For Isaac Fotu, with all the training he had with New Zealand Tall Blacks, plus the experience going against Korea, and other teams before FIBA tournament in Spain, that is a lot of summer time workout and getting better. Imagine, when Isaac can put that experience into play on the basketball court. He will be a real difference maker. Plus, the demeanor of Isaac. He fits in really well with Hawaii, the laid back culture. A Warrior and competitor at heart, yet , humble, a Team Guy. Would not doubt, if he is Option A, in the Rainbow Warriors Offensive attack this year, then Nevels, Negus, etc. Though, UH MBB wants to have , at least my opinion, a deep team, could have an “A” and “B” unit. Just go pedal to the metal. One team, starts off well first 8 minutes, then next 8 minutes B team… then close out halves the A team.. well it sounds like platooning, I guess so.. for the early season.. still have to have, and the HC knows.. a deep team come March 2015.

    If they are healthy and on board O and D:
    I like this unit too, come BWC play…
    PG: Isaac Fleming
    SG: Roderick Bobbitt
    SF: Aaron Valdes,
    PF: Mike Thomas
    C: Stefan Jovanovich or Jankovich
    key, if the guys stay together and HEALTHY.. that is why have to have deep roster..
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  35. Is gib_ogood now gibisgood2 ?

  36. No islandman. Ha. Can’t u tell that is just moniker #99 for playhoopsa. IMO Gib will set a 7 to 8 man rotation as usual. Lot of talent but hardly any team is near good enough to have a true 10 man rotation. Plus Quincy is starting PG. End of story in my view. Just really need Bobbitt healthy soon.

  37. I like what I see in Isaac Fleming. Looks to have good handles and athleticism. I wish he was a little stronger but I can see him getting some PT this season and holding his own.

    With Bobbitt still recovering from his injury, I think Fleming will be the backup PG. Bobbitt has fallen behind not only in conditioning but also the timing and chemistry with his teammates.

    Maybe Gib can use a “two-headed pg system” this season and play both Q and Fleming. Instead of telling the pgs to pace themselves for an entire 40 minutes….have them go all out and then when tired put in the next guy, etc… With both Q and Fleming in there, you could also have two good ballhandlers who also can attack the rim.

    Plenty of options for Gib this season

  38. Had promised to Start Revising Name As GIB “Earned” It…
    Started Showing An Increasing Trend of Positive Comments
    Sammis ╩╗Qualified╩╗ — Really Good…
    ALL Undergrads Returned (ONLY GRADUATES Departed — I Think That IS Good…)
    Even IF He Needed To Carry 4-2 On His back (He Didn╩╗t) Elevated & Returned — That╩╗s Real Good
    {CHOW ESP.NOTGOOD…Seemed Like a Tipping Point…} — NO GIB Losses?
    JUNE Resigned …Not Good, BUT By Comparison…

    NCAA Still Outstanding…


    Such A FOR – GIVE – ING Site…

  39. NOT YET…

    A Monnikker By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet…


    A Rose…


  40. My starting guesstimate would be
    PG Quincy Smith
    SG Garrett Nevels
    SF NWC
    C Javanovic

    As for the center position i put Janovic there possibly to be replaced by Jankovic later. There are times where we may go small, but rebounding may become an issue.

    I think Jovanovic will bloom this year if given the chance. Fotu getting double teamed will help with this

  41. Once the investigation is over and punishment is reasonable and we keep going as we are currently I promise to upgrade my moniker. The very bad taste of his part in this long tiring investigation is what led to it in the first place. Im not near as negative as accused. Just like to be real sometimes as well. No doubt Fleming can help this year. He looks like he can play the 2 without any problem as well. Bigdaddy could tell us how often he has done that in the past. I like a strong driving left handed 2 guard playing on right wing and driving hard to the middle. This day an age 1s and 2s are alot more interchangeable in the half court sets on the really good teams.

  42. Starting 5 may not mean that much because Arnold has said that he will be trying to spread around the minutes a lot.

  43. He always says he wants to spread out the minutes, but he ends up not doing it much later on in the season. Maybe this year could be different.

  44. Correct Islandman. I will even defend Gib here. Every coach in country these days says that in offseason so all the players stay motivated. Let’s remember that all coaches are salesman at heart. I just want him to play the best players available at the right time against the right opponent. If some games that is only 7 men so be it. Wooden and Rupp mostly played 6 or 7. I think they did pretty well. Worse thing is for a coach to coach like he has a real deep bench and he really doesn’t. Hopefully ours proves to actually be deep. Players play best when they stay on the court long enough to get that “second wind”.

  45. From RunBows:
    If they are healthy and on board O and D:
    I like this unit too, come BWC playÔÇŽ
    PG: Isaac Fleming
    SG: Roderick Bobbitt
    SF: Aaron Valdes,
    PF: Mike Thomas
    C: Stefan Jovanovich or Jankovich

    I wouldn’t be opposed to platooning every so often just to throw the opposition off. The above team looks pretty good. Although I have yet to see Bobbitt play. Just going on rep I guess.

  46. hope coach play more . get experience. the students like the team.good fellow classmates.u think waikiki beach king. or not. enjoy it.

  47. I would start the guys that work the hardest.
    Looks like Valdes, again, this year worked the hardest in the off season. Maybe it is just what is included in the Open Gym Videos, but it looks like he has really improved his 3 shot.
    If it can be said that Negus has improved his shot over what we saw from last years videos, and it certainly looks like it, he also looks like he worked very hard in the off season.
    And Sammis, of course has worked very hard, and looks like he can float above the rim, and play very aggressive defense. I think the only reason that Sammis doesn’t start is that he is a freshman.
    If we go big, then Negus might bring the ball up, or Sammis, and Gib could go with Jovanovich and Fotu.
    If we go small, then Nevels, Fotu, and either Smith or Bobbit and sit one of Valdes, Negus, or Sammis.
    I am usually against platooning, and would rather just let the starting five OWN the game, but with the depth of this team, I am all for platooning or at least lots of substitutions. So many moving parts on this team, the talent can very well spill over onto study schedules with the players with tests or papers to write gladly not starting that particular game.
    (I am not sure if that is an upbeat statement – study schedules). hmmm. Well, I said it. I am just very happy with all the talent on this team. I would like to see most of these players getting a lot of PT. Platooning should be ok this season.

  48. Why the heck did UH not go after Cory Webster, he was great for NZ. Isaac had a tough match up with that huge guy that plays for the raptors. He also got called for some fouls that were clearly BS.

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