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Another training tradition: Beach football

In keeping with an annual tradition, the University of Hawai’i basketball team played an informal game of touch football on Waikiki Beach last weekend.

In keeping with an annual tradition, the “Old” team of coaches, senior and junior players defeated the “New” team of sophomores and freshmen. With Gib Arnold at quarterback for all five years, the “Old” team is now 5-0.

In keeping with an annual tradition, Arnold also played a dual role as the game’s only referee. In keeping with an annual tradition, rules appeared to change as the game progressed, and it always favored the “Old” team.

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“I must admit, I am the permanent quarterback and permanent referee and those are two lethal things,” Arnold said. “And that’s why I’m 5-0.”

One example came late in the game, when freshman Isaac Fleming connected with fellow freshman Zach Buscher for what appeared to be a go-ahead touchdown. Arnold ruled the play out of bounds.

On the ensuing possession, Arnold hit assistant coach Senque Carey for the winning score.

“I feel like we got cheated on the end zone,” Fleming said. “Coach Que caught the ball out of bounds. His foot was out of bounds, but they called it the win. The same pass that I threw to Zach Buscher … they call out of bounds.”

Arnold responded with a grin, and then declared himself the most valuable player of the game.

“It’s probably the quarterback again, or more likely the referee,” he said.

In any case, it was another only-in-Hawai’i moment, as the boundaries were coconut trees on one side, and the ocean on the opposite side.

“The beach workouts are tough,” Fleming said. “But we finish up with a football game like this and it’s all fun. We’re all getting better because of this.”


  1. team n coach having fun in the sun.

  2. Football team could use Fleming to Thomas.

  3. Some Insist on Winning…

    Therefore, WIN!

    Go, ´Bows!
    Win, Win, Win
    and Have Fun, Enjoy the Ride

  4. All I observe,assistants, 4 coaches, and 16 MBB athletes bonding, getting stronger, better, and looking forward to a great possibly 32 game schedule including BWC tourney win, before Post Season play. All positive stuff. And the countdown till Oct 3 2014 first official practice day, 14-13-12-11-10-9……the BOOM Hoops Hawaii style challenging for NIT or NCAA championship rings. Go Bows, Warriors, Double Rainbow Warriors.

    Dayton, hope these video clips go round the globe, excellent recruiting tool, come to Hawaii, beautiful Hawaii, work out on the beach, grind have fun and sun and gun!

    Eagle, islandman, warriorhaw, TAVS, akuhead2, anderpops, and all the different gib this and that’s , get ready to rock , BWC here UH Warriors come!

  5. For one makule guy Gib get game. If was me I would be going, eh time out.

  6. Anyone know when the King of the Beach will take place?

  7. Conditioning And FINAL Competition for King of the Beach should be Right Up until Official Start of Practices…

    Should Be End-of-the-Month?
    Saturday 9/27 ~ 630 am…?

    Long Live the King!

    Double-Rainbows On Tap…
    GO ‘Bows!

  8. Agreed, that Isaac Fleming at 6’4″ tall, must have played FB QB in HS/prep and MT, 6’8″ receiver, that would be good connection, still a five on five real game situation a good pass to MT for layup or short jumper , assist from IFleming to MT would be lethal for UH MBB win too!

    Lot of fun, Hey potential recruits, from Serbia, to Toronto, LA to Maryland come on down and become a Rainbow Warrior, help UH MBB get to and stay at that top 35 or better NCAA DI program!

  9. Good stuff. I was thinking the same thing when I saw Thomas reach up for the TD. I hope the football coaches not seeing this and get any ideas about “convincing” Thomas to put on the helmet!

  10. http://www.collegesportsmadness.com/mens-basketball/top-144-previews

    This site adds a new team every day in its countdown of top 144 teams in country. They must have us in top 50 since we aren’t listed yet

  11. Hilarious.

  12. Yes, hilarious. Fleming threw a TD pass to Thomas, while Fleming was falling backwards. Gib has an arm, but he throws wobbly passes.

    Who was the player that intercepted Gib’s pass at about :34 ?

    Hope Bobbitt takes care of his arm, he fell down after he intercepted a pass.

  13. as long as team is ranked top 65 ncaa D1 when selection sunday 2015 march madness.right now all teams 0-0…so they can be top ranked champs too.

  14. The guy is an athlete and looks like getting stronger the beach workout, I believe the pick of Gib’s TD pass was, LEGIT IFleming, Isaac Fleming, QB and DB, …

    King of The Beach… Wonder if Isaac Fleming in competition for it too? Q, Nevels those 5 min mile runners, and Sammis Superman Reyes, guys working hard, however, as the gibs guys say, they having fun, and definitely in the top 300 of NCAA DI preseason poll! ha ha!
    They just have to win gnitt, just win baby!

  15. Thanks for the info, Eagle!

  16. i vote for Fleming for QB, Thomas for receiver or a Gib clone for QB.

  17. Welcome!

    IF they can make TOP 40…

    Have a Chance…

    Gotta Figure 18 to 24 Tourney ‘Upset’ Winners (NOT in Top 40 – LIKE WE WERE)…

    AND The “REPUTATION / NAME Only” Schools Who Invariably Slide In ‘Over-Rated’…

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