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A quick open gym session

Screen shot 2014-09-20 at 12.31.56 PM

Here are a few more highlights from a recent open gym session with the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Of note last week:

* Roderick Bobbitt was finally cleared to participate in some contact drills. He appears in the above session, though he wasn’t looking to score much. The junior guard has been out all summer while rehabilitating from arm surgery.

* Junior guard Brandon Jawato has not been cleared to participate in full-court drills yet. He is still rehabilitating from off-season ankle surgery.

* Junior forward Isaac Fotu was given the week off to catch up on school work and recover from his whirlwind trip to Europe with the New Zealand national team.

* Sophomore forward Stefan Jankovic has been sitting out with a leg injury, but is expected back soon.


  1. Valdes is flying high, nice assist by Negus.

  2. Nice to see Roderick Bobbitt cleared to play. Wish that Valdes will bring it on O and D every time he is on the court. His athleticism and mid range, drive to cup, dunks and rebounding, will help that 3 spot. With Bobbitt back, that opens up , guard rotation, Nevels, Roderick B., Smith and Fleming, along with Enos/Filopovich/Stepteau..that is needed depth for march towards BWC crown.

    Big guys, Sammis, Jovanovich, Thomas, along with Fotu, FIBA elite player, and Jankovich, that 5 guys rotating at 4/5.. spot very good.
    As long as guys stay together and healthy, schedule with the away games, at BYU, Utah, Pitt on Maui, and Gulf Coast Showcase, that 10 games in 22 games, if UH MBB can go 7-3 or 8-2 during that run, UH have excellent start to season pre BWC play.

    Thanks Dayton, cannot wait to see, if can, a healthy Jawato, he is a super nice young guy, most importantly, took advantage of full ride scholarship, on track to grad May 2015, Jawato MY PERSONAL MVP Student Athlete for 2014-15. Nice young man and great family!

  3. Rather , 10 games in 22 DAYS….If UH MBB team comes out 7-3 or 8-2 or better, key to very good run pre BWC play!

    Mahalo Dayton for brief view of team, gassed after workouts, however, they look bigger and stronger, I like the practice green and white jerseys!

  4. hope jawato and jankovich okay. that 6’4″ shooter and 6’11” hybrid pf, very valuable. when bwc, they will be key. coach Arnold, develop team. carey, akana, and taylor work team to be good rebounders and defenders, team can score, we students, the maniacs when Jamie come back will Party…uh, mahalo coach Arnold at least 15 guys physically ready, also, great smart freshman Zach.
    guess gibisgood2 for uhmbb Hawaii and the student body. wvb, wsc, wdivers, swim team, love team.

  5. COUNTDOWN: 14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7……Boom!! First day of Official Practice and UH MBB team introduced to public after WVB game Oct 4th Sat, 2014..
    Cannot wait, see the video archive from Dayton. Still beating the Star Advertiser, sorry Eagle, SA, is great for advertisements, they should pump up and build up Gib’s team, even Brian, suspects, team will be good to go, NO Post Season Ban, however minor corrections and hits.. I would bet 1 million bananas that that would be the case, or else in house, censure, and correction, go to compliance classes, perhaps a new person for NCAA compliance officer,. and one or two staff or athlete, restitution or sit out game or two.. Still now Criminal, vicious malicious felonious crimes, live and learn. Other wise team would not be working their okoles off. they are primed to win BWC and go NIT or NCAA’s..

    Go Bows.
    Double Rainbows over Manoa Eagle,
    Valdes flying high, Sammis tearing down the rim, Jovanovich, stiff arm to Mamadou, keep him away from paint, and easy slams, use his 5 fouls, be physical, that is Stefan’s job, be physical enforcer..protect the paint, no easy layups dunks, not flagrant fouls, however make sure no one, nobody comes in for easy fingerrolls!
    Stefan Jovanovich, give em! My favorite enforcer, the mr big!

    Hey Fans, exactly 2 weeks away before unveiling of new 2014-15 UH MBB Rainbow Warrior Team.
    Wow, I is excited!!
    Dayton, Mahalo for great edits, and please more, more, more OPEN GYM VIDEOS.. and Thankyou to Schmidt Ohana, Valerie Schmidt, Ameriprise, Pacific Risk Solutions too and all private and public donors to WI MBB which is now, global with the whole world reading the posts and viewing videos!

    Dayton, WW, on SA online, cannot match your coverage and scoops, why? You have first hand, Insider, information and you know and are trusted by team, Much honesty, integrity and great Numbah One fan of UH MBB !

    Tonganator, get ready to Rock the SSC in DHC , first game against Tai Webster and Nebraska, Two Kiwis, Fotu vs Webster going for that DHC title!

  6. It is getting closer and closer, in fact, UH just posted a Green/White Scrimmage, 10pm on Sat. Oct. 4th. That is in TWO WEEKS.

    I see Southeastern Louisiana U. has already posted their schedule that includes playing us on that open Jan. 2nd date. That would make 32 games, however only 30 would count towards our RPI/SOS.

    Of the only three Preseason Ranking services that are out so far, they have our ESPN Rainbow Classic opponent , High Point, ranked #100.

    In the Gulf Coast Showcase, 5 teams are ranked: Our opening opponent, USF #71; Green Bay #84; our host Florida Gulf Coast #120; Evansville Aces #131; Fresno State #132.

    Our two Neutral Court opponents are ranked: Pitt #22 and BYU top 50.

    In the Diamond Head Classic our first round opponent Nebraska is ranked #18; Wichita State #5, George Washington #63, Colorado top 50.

    In the BWC play UCSB is ranked #90, Irvine #106 and LBSU #136.

    With that said, all this is hype…the only one that matters is the end of the season. But it does say that we will play nearly 50% of our games against the top 33% opponents. Considering we are in the middle of the Pacific, I’d say this gives us good prep for the post season.

    Get Strong and stay Healthy BOWZ.

  7. Valdes is a human pogo stick. The guard play looks solid but the bigs dint look like they ever get any touches on the block.

  8. Everybody ready for Men’s Basketball hoops? Very soon boys will be running and gunning..bet the emphasis get back to that top 25 type team defense..guys can score need to take care the ball and defensive stops!

  9. Backbeat — So what is UH ranked as ?

  10. We are not ranked in the top 144…they do not know about us yet…they see us as very young with only one senior.

    The good news is that with each of these ranked targets on our schedule, we can make them know about us even before BWC play.

  11. With every open gym shown what has been consistent has been NWC, Nevels, and Valdes. They seem to be playing well together and that is good to see early on. Again only open gym and we know about the workouts too. Q has also looked good and Stephan too. What I like is the Energy that these guys have. What I have liked the most is that in the video you always see Nevels NWC and Valdes normally hustling up and down the court leading everyone. Freshman need to learn from these examples. Good energy out there. I did see towards the end Stephan and Reyes with a little pushing and some jawing from Reyes. It’s getting competitive and that’s good. Great to see Bobbit out there.

  12. Reyes looks like a stealth predator of defense, sizing up the competition, waiting for the right moment for the block or the steal.
    A big dog on D. . Nice!

  13. Noticed that too about Sammis, even though will be 19 years old in few weeks October, he plays like a mature man. He isn’t afraid to mix it up. Maybe that was lacking the past 4 years Gib era. That banger, even though he isn’t 6’9″, even at 6’6″ maybe 6’7″ and 240, he is strong. I like Stefan Jovanovich too, another young soph, not afraid to get physical. I still remember him whacking Mamadou with foul, and caused him to miss a key FT, so that UH got that huge road win against Irvine last season. If Fotu can show that toughness too, which he can, a finesse however strong guy too, UH could have 3 guys that can be tough and physical yet BB smart. You need those types down low. Just the overall skillset of perimeter and with Sammis, Jovanovich and Fotu, down in the paint, UH can hold their own, just have to WANT TO, Defend as team, and plenty helpside, Gib has a lot of parts to work with. Next season, see if can get that 6’10” 245 shot blocker athletic too, that would be great. Anyways, fans, we all been waiting it, through, thick and thin, up and downs, past summer, soon… BOOM… Basketball is here!

  14. Totally agree. And more than “not afraid to mix it up” Sammis has got that bulldog attitude. Great attitude. Tenacity, plus that skill set, plus the will to learn, and will to imporve. And Jovanovich has some real skill. Multiple moves down low, and defensive tenacity too. Works hard. And, as we have said, they have great team members that work extremely hard.
    I am so impressed.
    Yeah. If Fotu can show that toughness too!
    Which we think we know he can do! Since he just did it at the FIBA tourney.

    So, early this year. Oct. 4. I recall they usually waited for Halloween time to introduce the team, scrimmage, dunk contest. Mahalo Dayton and crew, for these videos.

  15. We could see, Sammis and Jovanovich inserted in together. If playing a physical team. Need some guys to body up to other bigs, Sammis and Stefan Jovanovich, that could be a huge role right there, and give them minutes. Surprising, however we caught glimpse of it last season, Stefan Jovanovich can shoot the ball out to 18 feet, nice jump hook either hand, and now at least in open gym, no blood ,,not foul, he is trying to block anyone going to hoop, same with Sammis, Sammis, actually hit Stefan on the head, on one attempted layup. And Jovanovich responded on the other end, clipped him on the arms. Good they do that, so in real game situation, Those Will be The Bruise Brothers!

    Both guys BB smart, they make good passes too.

  16. Good points. I’d like to add that In protecting the paint you gotta know when to challenge and when to back off and not commit a silly foul. If you are 6’10 with athleticism (wish list player) you can challenge most of the shots and still not foul. But if you are lacking somewhat in that department then you need to use smarts and be in position to challenge. Sammis is an athletic guy but at 6’7 is at a disadvantage when defending a 6’10 player. Jovanovich is the opposite of Sammis in that he has less athleticism but has an advantage being 6’10 and has sufficient strength and aggressiveness to challenge in the paint. It will come down to match ups. Sammis will see a lot of playing time when he goes up against players his size or slightly taller. But against twin towers better have Jovanovich in there along with Fotu defending the paint. And we could see a line up, depending on match ups, with Fotu at 3, Sammis at 4, and Jovanovich at 5. Then Fotu can stay out at the 3 line all night if he’s on and not have to worry about banging underneath. It’s good to have combo players.

  17. Backbeat. FYI. That top 144 list is counting down daily from 144 to 1. They have gone from 144 to 49 so far without naming Hawaii so it means they will have us listed soon.

  18. Aren’t there over 300 D1 teams? Maybe we didn’t make the top 144.

  19. Actually 350 teams. 346 in 32 conferences plus 4 independents. I’m just thinking positive. We just haven’t been included in countdown yet…..:). Gib has to be in top 144 right?

  20. 144 is the number of schools that go to one of the 4 tournaments at year end.

  21. I think as Eagle mentioned last year, that BPI, RPI whatever rankings… at end of March, and having a good run, if not winnng the BWC regular season, and making to championship game of BWC tourney, if Hawaii RPI/BPI in the 50’s is a good thing. That is the thing about pre season rankings doesn’t mean too much, until Selection Sunday, and Hawaii awaits NCAA or NIT bid.

    Think back to AC Carter led teams, don’t think they were a top 30 rated team preseason the two years he played, if not for his injury and Seth Sundberg injuries and Micah Kroeger injuries, AC and Alika those two years would have went to the NCAA tournament two years in a row.

    Not how you are ranked before Season even begins, It is how you rank , or Power Ranked, after the BWC tournament is pau!

    Go Bows!

  22. The NCAA and the NIT have been selecting only one Big West team each recently.

  23. Fotu was voted one of the top five big men and Negus one of the top five guards in the Big West. Nevels was honorable mention.

  24. islandman: that is why the formula for Post Season for BWC teams, the big ones, win The BWC season regular title, NIT auto bid. Win the BWC tournament, the NIT auto bid.

    Now, if UH somehow, did not win the BWC regular season title, however beat Pitt, won the DHC, including beating Nebraska, beat BYU in Utah, and the Gulf Coast Showcase, then finished 2nd in BWC regular season play, let’s say at 14-2, overall record was, 28-4 and Hawaii was BPI/RPI ranked in the 40’s, wonder if they would get shot at NCAA or NIT at large? Who knows, ? That is why some other BWC teams are going far and wide to play road games against the P5 schools, they might upset them, and bigger payout , as well as get that overall RPI conference ranking higher, by scheduling tougher. UH, I know since Riley beat Izzo and Michigan St here at SSC, upset them, good teams, the High Majors, reluctant to come, or the Pac12 teams to do home and home, out of conference games. Hope that changes one day. Would be sad if Hawaii, like Vince Goo’s old teams, were 28-2 overall, and the only option Post Season, CBI or CIT, that is sad.

    Well , UH first things first, WIN THE REGULAR SEASON TITLE.. NIT GUARANTEED…then go get that BWC tourney crown, to assure an NCAA berth, would be ideal… ONE GAME AT A TIME.. Still a long, long season , yet exciting potential, awaits.. Guys One Team, One Ohana, One Goal, Championships!

  25. Work on getting ranked.
    Teams don’t want to come all this way to lose to an unranked team, but everything changes if we are ranked. They will WANT to play us AND also to schedule us in future years.
    Keep plugging away. Work toward getting into the top 25. Teams from all over will want to play us.
    The Fabulous Five, weren’t they ranked 13th at one point. Higher or lower, something like that.
    I think that carried over to scheduling good teams in following years. The Rainbow Classic also helped.

    If at some point during the year we do get ranked, that will contribute loads to future success. Gotta keep plugging away. And RUN UP THE POINTS, no scared braddah. Run em up!

  26. It’s funny that Negus was voted a top 5 guard when he has yet to play a game and only averaged 2ppg at mizzou. That’s a lot of hype for a new player.

  27. akuhead2:

    True, that is the sign of successful athletic program, consistently top 25 ranked team. It means you are among the elite in the nation. Very sure that is where UH MBB wants to be headed. I think the last ranked UH MBB team might have been the last year with AC Carter, I might be wrong. However, I hope that UH finishes ranked this year, it would mean they had a great season.
    UH Team very young, overall experience wise, however, with Isaac Fotu, he of the FIBA international, and all BWC forward, and Garrett Nevels BWC recognition, plus more athletes, UH can definitely shoot for some lofty goals this year and years to come.

  28. akuhead2:

    Maybe it was that Savo led 2001-02 team played Xavier in first round of NCAA tournament, that team finished at 27-6… I think they might have, probably were top 25-30 throughout season, and final poll, top 30 at least.

    That shows how tough it is to run consistent programs, men’s Basketball in Hawaii, the challenges. All NCAA top level coaches know Hawaii HC job, is a major challenge.. Recruiting, to budget, to facilities, to scheduling. One thing, with Shoji WVB, they have been consistent winners. Gib and team, or whomever HC, just have to keep winning, every season, winning season, and go to NIT/ NCAA tourneys , UH MBB will be that top 25-35 program, and even better. MBB , just stabilize and get in order, along with the good athletes coming in now, they are headed in right direction. Just steer straight course, UH will be good.

  29. As much as I love UHMBB, I really doubt the team is ranked in that site’s top 50. If the boys haven’t been mentioned yet then that means they didn’t even make the top 144. Considering what they achieved last year, does anyone think they deserve to be ranked in the top 50? I sure as heck don’t. Do they have the potential to be ranked top 50 this year? Not likely, but there’s a slight chance since I think our team has awesome potential.

  30. 2001-02 team won the WAC tournament and was also 1st place in the WAC regular season.

    The 2000-01 team was 17-14, 8-8 in conference and 5th in the WAC regular season,
    but won the WAC tournament, so they made the NCAA’s, per internet info.

    The 1993-94 team (T. Ruffin) was 18-15, 11-7 and 4th in the WAC, but won the WAC tourney and made the NCAA’s.

  31. So it took Riley 7 years from 1987-88, his first year at UH, to make the NCAA’s, although his team made the NIT in his second and third years at UH.

  32. Nice recognition for NWC: BigWest Men’s Basketball
    #BWCFanVote: Top Five Guards In #BigWestMBB
    link: http://www.bigwest.org//story.asp?story_id=17946

    Negus Webster-Chan • Hawai‘i • 6-7 • 200 • Sophomore • Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
    Tyler Lamb • Long Beach State • 6-5 • 205 • Senior • Ontario, Calif – See more at: Mike Caffey • Long Beach State • 6-0 • 175 • Senior • Corona, Calif.
    Corey Hawkins • UC Davis • 6-3 • 195 • Senior • Goodyear, Ariz.

  33. The 2001-2002 Team and Rileyʻs 25-10 Team were the “Power Teams”
    that Usually played Most Games Well once they got going…

    For Now, iʻll take sliding into the Tourney on a Strong / Surprise Finish — As Young as they are…
    Hopefully theyʻre building to Top Two or Three Perrenially in Conference —

    Weʻre STILL The ONLY Conference Team that Flies EAST 2 or 3 Time Zones EIGHT GAMES, Half a Season
    All Others have ONE Eastward Return Trip…
    [NFL Made a Strong Point in Last Nightʻs Game —
    that The BEST West Coast Team Record Flying East has been San Diego @ Only 18-18…

    and Earning National Respect…

    LIKE SO Good that we can play “NO Excuses”

    They “Finished” 2013-14 @ #149 in KenPom.com Power Ratings
    (Considered Among Most Accurate Tracking and Predictors);

    and havenʻt Earned a Higher Rating (YET!) On the Court… SO Not Likely TOP 140…



  34. Also top 5 Big men BWC:
    Link: http://www.bigwest.org//story.asp?story_id=17929

    Alan Williams • UC Santa Barbara • 6-8 • 265 • Senior • Center • Phoenix, Ariz.

    Will Davis II • UC Irvine • 6-8 • 210 • Senior • Forward • Sacramento, Calif.
    Mamadou Ndiaye • UC Irvine • 7-6 • 300 • Sophomore • Center • Dakar, Senegal
    Isaac Fotu • Hawai‘i • 6-8 • 230 • Junior • Forward • Torbay, Auckland, New Zealand
    Taylor Johns • UC Riverside • 6-7 • 220 • Sophomore • Forward • San Francisco, Calif.

  35. Runbows, i posted the two links last night at 9:51 pm, but the post says “awaiting moderation.”

  36. I think media/coaches pre season pick Hawaii either 5th or 6th, maybe even 7th, based on losing 3 starters, and senior Davis Rozitis. However, big man Isaac Fotu, who has shown he belongs with the big boys FIBA World Cup International talent, can be a dominate force, with that added 3 point money shot, he can hit it, and I wish he would take 3 or 4 a game, and make 2. Will really cause problems for BWC team defenses. Then that banger, the Superman Sammis, can roam, and get putbacks, make passes to shooters, and cutters, just body up on Mamadou, bet that he does it, a guy 6’6″ 240 going against a 7’6″ 300 lb big, Sammis if learn from Tim Shepherd, using bottom, his legs, without fouling, can keep a tall guy out of paint, .. With Janks, Fotu, Valdes, Thomas, shooting mid range to 3 line, Mamadou would have to come out to 3 line, he is big, slam dunks however foot slow. He will get his 5 or 6 dunks against UH, however, UH just keep moving ball, and outquick and outshoot him, get the loose balls, and drive right into his body, put him on the bench with 2 fouls in first half, that is the key, get him on the bench, he isn’t as effective.

    8 New guys to floor this season for UH, NWC, Sammis, Fleming, Bobbitt, Stepteau, Buscher(even as practice guy, who is working really hard to get bigger stronger), and Jankovich, will be key… those 8 new guys help in scout, and cheer on guys, plus produce when number called. UH could be the sleeper. And the swag that UH has? The definitely do not to a man, all sensational sixteen , think that they are a CIT or CBI team, however a NIT or NCAA quality team

    Fans, countdown, 12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1… zero, and Boom Green White scrimmage, UH displayed for fans to see at SSC, wish it were earlier, and even broadcast a little maybe 30 minutes by that billion dollar entity OC Sports, so State wide and USA/global fanbase and recruits can see UH Potential championship team. Hey , if UH wins RBC , Gulf Coast Showcase, DHC and BWC tournament championships, they will have a super year.

    Go Rainbow Warriors ! Double Rainbow Eagle and fans..
    Very soon, what we been waiting for, will be here, next week, just a little over a week and Boom Hoops Hawaii University Rainbow Warrior Heaven, on to NIT or NCAA championship run.

    Guys, the swag, they want to make NOISE, win every game they play!

  37. islandman,

    : I know on several forums you are the man, real time 24/7 nearly links to all things UH sports including MBB. I have been moderated , awaiting moderation dozens of time, then my post never made it to the board, Would have to think is is not a live person moderating our comments, probably a program that does it auto. Maybe, length or words, sometimes for me, if I commented consecutively.. However, we WI UH MBB fans, appreciate your hard work.. maybe retired like me?
    You broke that message, how SR, has said Hawaii bound, and thousands of UH MBB fans, including me, were knocked off our seats, it came true, Sammis the buggah tough, like the local boy, watch out tough, however still team player, great assist man, and very physical, even though shorter, he will really help team, to score, have to back out and shoot the mid range jumper or drive to rim.. more of a put your head down , bull to the rim, rather than finesse, although, he is working towards becoming a 2 or 3, for later pro ball.

    Mahalo for your work and posts all over the internet forums, islandman, a labor of love for all UH sports. Thank you!!

  38. RunBows and UHMBB fans.
    Just an article of interest, you might have come across it:


    Exciting time, can’t wait for more open gym hilites.



  39. Yes Island man, I agree with Runbows. Thanks for providing great info as does superman Runbows. I addicted to this site most of all because of fans like yourselves.

  40. Haha. Meant to say superfan not superman. Oh well, which ever applies. Thanks

  41. Mahalo Tonganator:

    On behalf of thousands of die hard, hard core and faithful UH MBB fans , your son Isaac Fotu, (and I don’t know why with nice guys and competitive on the court, great basketball talent, there should be negative stuff about anything with UH MBB program, Isaac Fotu, is THE HIGH CHARACTER MODEL UH ATHLETE)we appreciate his persona on and off the court. That is why on a worldwide stage FIBA, and Isaac playing in different countries , a warmup to Spain, he has developed an international following, reason? He is that calm, cool, under control, Basketball Phenom, a great credit to the Fotu Ohana. Isaac must have some great one and one battles with Daniel 6’5″ when Isaac gets back to New Zealand. Maybe, by that time Daniel will be 69″ 245, and Isaac and he will have one on ones to a draw!
    Great , and thankyou to Mama and Papa Fotu, for sharing Isaac Fotu, who I believe will be one of the top Basketball players in NCAA DI this year.

    Aloha Tonganator, and thankyou for supporting UH MBB. Don’t worry, practice official about to begin, and soon a lot of video, of Green White Scrimmage, interviews, and Open gym runs!
    Get ready to Rock the Rock.. Rock the SSC and the BWC!

    Go The Mighty Warriors!

  42. thanks runbows and warriorhaw for your posts and as long as not superlady, i guess .

  43. So they seriously aren’t going to give us investigation results before 1st practice. Not very transparent at all. Coaches should give an update. IMO

  44. RE: TOP FIVE


    I Hope Thi Coming Season Shows that they ARE Correct w.r.t. Negus Webster-Can and Isaac Fotu….

    BUT Sorely Under-Estimated

    Garrett Nevels and/or Q And Roderick Bobbitt…

    AND Stefan Jankovic, Sammis ?

    Whoo – Hoo !

  45. Team learns. Gib learns, UH MBB program learns, and moves ahead. I remember, you always mentioned how from scramble first year recruiting for Gib, and the trials, yet still winning 19 almost 20 games with Amis and Hiram, and new guys, fantastic,… Then, each year, at every position the upgrade in talent, even with the normal movement of 2 or even 3 guys, for more PT or other reasons, homesick, being close to dying relative, etc, This year’s group, .. check it out, the Potential,

    A leading returning scorer in BWC and one of best 3 pt shooting percentage in league , and Drew League championship team member, Garrett Nevels, he will have great year, either first or second team, all BWC candidate. Roderick Bobbitt, at near 100%, his handles and BB smarts, a NorCal, HS great, and elite, defensive do all combo guard out of top JC program in the country. Sammis Reyes, superman, ..the body, needed to enforce, he ready to play and contribute, 20 teams at last minute tried to get him to commit last minute, he stuck it out, and it will work out with UH MBB, blessed to have Sammis with team. Isaac Fleming, Phil Lott, skillset, just has to get stronger and DI experience PT, he has the skills, and is looooong, lengthy, surprising, ability to hit the 3 point shot, either breakdown defender, or wide open, or contested shots, going to need his scoring ability to the cup and 3 line. NWC, SEC member of Mizzou Tigers, great background and dedicated to help UH win NCAA crown, and his goal to make the League , the NBA, Jankovich, skillset, multi, he get stronger, better D and really help block shots, and get deflections, The Serbian brothers, Jovanovich, and Niko will help, and of course, Bushcer, great young man, working as hard as any of the team, as well as 808 great, 3 ball launcher Enos, and the rest of dedicated, to MAKE SOME NOISE in NCAA’s , this year.. look forward Eagle to Rock and Roll the SCC and win The BWC!

  46. And of course in addition to the 8 new guys to the court SSC, the returnees, Fotu, Jawato, Enos, Jovanovich, Nevels, Smith, Valdes, and Thomas, ready , they been there, very close to getting to dance, now this year, they know what to do and how to do it as ONE OHANA!

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