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Injured Warriors working way back

The University of Hawai’i basketball team welcomed a couple of teammates to its most recent preseason beach workout.

Injured Warriors Brandon Jawato and Roderick Bobbitt were able to join the team for conditioning drills at Waikiki Beach on Saturday. The junior guards missed previous workouts due to their respective injuries.

Screen shot 2014-09-15 at 8.31.02 PM

“Just going slow, trying to get my arm back right,” Bobbitt said. “It feels good to be back with the team though.”

Jawato (ankle) and Bobbitt (arm) both underwent off-season surgery and have spent the summer months recovering and rehabilitating. Neither player has yet been cleared to participate in full-contact drills, but their presence at the beach workout is a significant step.

“I do a little contact, not five-on-five contact yet, but like two-on-two,” Bobbitt said. “I just have to put a pad on my arm and I’ll be fine.”

Bobbitt broke a bone in his left arm in a playoff game last season for Indian Hills Community College (Iowa); Jawato’s right ankle bothered him during his entire sophomore season with the Warriors, and he underwent successful surgery after the season.

“Everything’s going to be good by the time the season comes,” Bobbitt said.

The beach workouts will continue this month, culminating with the “King of the Beach” competition.


  1. Working hard. Saw Bobbitt using his arms and Jawato running good in the sand.

  2. Hope the Age-Old Wisdom Holds True for Roderick that Bone Breaks Heal STRONGER…

    Tendons and Ligaments are Another Thing, SO Progress Smart Brandon…

    Come ALL the Way Back and We Gain TWO Prospective Impact Players…

  3. jawato n bobbitt good students, see them get stronger.good coach help team. soon jamie back?

  4. Whi is the guy about 6 foot tall working out with team? You fellow fans noticed? Definitely not Niko or quincy..sort of like hawaian favorite son..just wonder if that is coach Senque Carey?…or team manager?
    Anyways great to see B Jawato and King Bobbitt working to heal right..no rush..however if they are healthy by miid december..or earlier ..janks..jawato and bobbitt would be the calvary coming to support and strengthen team!!
    Go Bows..go The mighty warriors!!

  5. Above pix working with jawato doing the past the medicine ball drill.
    Wonder if coach or team manager..great to see Brandon and Roderick working way back..

  6. My favorite is beach workouts! I love it that the guys can make all the people back home jealous at the most beautiful workout place in the world. Blue skies and blue ocean, can’t beat that!

    Is Jawato trying to grow his hair as big as Fotu? Instead of “no shave November”, it is “grow your fro by November!” Team spirit in its finest by playing and running in the sand! Next up KING OF THE BEACHHHHH!

  7. Must be Nevels ?

  8. Valerie Schmidt:

    That’s the Spirit, Go Bows, Go Fros, Go Warriors, Double Rainbow Warriors!
    All positive things, these sixteen hard working guys will have fun, and potentially a good season. Love how team bonds, you can tell the aloha, doesn’t matter who they are paired with in workouts, They Are Brothers, and Isaac Fotu in the background supporting the guys!

    Yes, very, very soon, first practice in a few weeks, and then first exhibition, then BOOM…! First game of RBC at the SSC! And always thanks to Stan Sheirff giving of himself, totally, for that 10, 300, domed SSC arena to be built, wish he were here to see it!

    Go Bows!

  9. Islandman:

    Try look really close at that video of Jawato passing the ball to that teammate, looks to be about 5’10” or so.. doesn’t look like Garrett Nevels, a smaller guy, I thought might be Stepteau, since Brocke cut his hair? Interesting, could he be team manager, though he is wearing the UH MBB green striped black board shorts.

    Ahhh, as long as the guys having fun, grinding and ready to rock… 16 guys playing hoops in paradise, and lovely, Waikiki Beach, great Recruiting tool..

    Come on Senegal bigs, or Toronto athletes, ones from Paris , France, or New Zealand, come on down and play for the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, and have chance to be the new King of the Beach.. lot of fun..
    Looks to be great season.. and Dayton, just keep the videos coming, and interview write-ups..WI UH MBB hard core, positive and faithful fans, thousands around the islands and the globe love your site!
    Thank you to the Schmidt Ohana too!

  10. islandman:

    The last drill, the serpentine one, you can see at the bottom , the very bottom, a couple of blond haired guys, and one that looks like the guy who was working out with Jawato. They could be volunteer assistants, or student managers.

    Plus, I see coach Arnold, Coach Senque Carey, Coach Akana, and somewhere, is Coach Taylor. Very impressive, a lot of support, even for the coaches, and team assistants to be at Waikiki Beach 600 am in the morning on a Saturday.. hey, maybe waves will be 5-7 footers.. wow.. kind of big..
    Nice to see , everyone getting into great shape!

  11. Plus, that last drill, is that JT… former UH guy in the background, holding his hand out, for guys to run under.. that is what I think , former players, or student grads, volunteering to help guys drill, not a practice, just cardio, and anaerobic exercises..

  12. 19 -16 -17 – 20 – ??

    Hey… Even the (Guys Coming Back Off Of Injury) Injured Guys look good…

    Jawato ‘Lost’ the Deer in Headlights Look
    Physically Imposing? Definitely Lookin’ Buffer and Tougher

    A Little More Like Bobbitt…
    And More of The Team
    This IS A Young Team that WILL Need Sophomores to Play Well
    And Will Probably Benefit in the Long Run from a Freshman Or Two…

    IF The ‘Bows and their Opposition were largely ‘even’ in years past…
    The Beach Work probably helped…Now, maybe Nudge that Margi
    This Year — The Difference may become Noticeable
    i think More Like some of The Physically imposing teams we’ve Lost to in Recent Years
    Teams that had Physicality, Numbers, Skills, Athleticism and Depth

    Young, But NOT Your 97-Pound Weaklings…
    Skill And Athleticism …
    …And Numbers…

    19 – 16 – 17 – 20 … ++

  13. runbows. The fellow in the picture looks like the security guard at H Kai shopping center .

  14. If Bobbitt is doing the medicine ball sitting pass, I think his rehab is going just fine. He must be chomping at the bit to get some serious court time. In the mean time, the other guards are getting good get to know you playing time.

    Great to see Brandon progressing as planned. I believe he will be more of and better than the player of 2 years ago.

  15. WOW, how much better do we all feel now seeing Jawato, Bobbit and Fotu working out as the BOWZ on the BEACH!?

    I finally see UH has posted our real schedule as of today. Considering the hurdles they had to jump through, I believe a lot of credit is due to that staff in obtaining the 31 games on the fly. Our first opponent in Florida will be San Francisco, possibly the host next and could end up playing Fresno State in the finals. I really believe this trip will pay post season dividends.

    While some who see the world through glass half empty eyes, I see this as not only a challenge for our team, but also see an opportunity for this young team to learn to play on the court…learning to work with one another under the lights, instead of just bashing heads in practice. I also see that because the mid part of December has only a few games, it gives these first year players a chance to buckle down on their classes during exams and have their legs recover for the second half of the season.

    You want playing time, learn to play Defense at this level. Can’t wait to see who does. 17 More Days and Counting.



    and BTW, He ´Could´ Be Like a Senior because he´s close to Graduating

    i ALSO Expect a Tougher, More Focused, Jawato…

    He ¨Looks¨ Better than i had Hoped…


    AND HAD a Similar Thought:

    IF RB CAN Handle Those Big Medicine Ball(s), ARM must be getting strong;
    i’m SURE they had Him Lifting MORE to Strengthen….

  17. Hmmm….I noticed there is a little ‘Oregon’ color on those shorts. I wonder if UH will get new sets of uniform this season and those will be the colors. I’m all for new since our regular uniforms are bland but the lime green is not our school color.

  18. GOOD Ac’cents
    i always liked the NON-COLORS
    White, Black, Silver

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