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More open gym highlights

Screen shot 2014-09-25 at 8.26.39 PM

Here is another peak inside a recent open gym session with the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Note that several players were not in attendance for this session, including Isaac Fotu, who is still being given extra time to catch up on school work and recover from his summer stint with the New Zealand national team.

Also missing from this session were Roderick Bobbitt, Stefan Jankovic, Isaac Fleming, Brandon Jawato and Negus Webster-Chan. Those players were either nursing minor injuries or attending class on that day.

The preseason workouts will continue through next week, leading up to the Green & White Scrimmage on Oct. 4.

This Saturday will also mark the final beach workout, as the “King of the Beach” players’ competition will take place at Waikiki Beach.


  1. I see good passing. Sammis powered in and also shot from outside. Quincy looking good.

  2. Well..the big guns (supposedly) not there open gym..Bobbitt..NWC..Janks..Fleming…in previous open gym videos did some good things..can tell ..does not matter..the better overall talent including buscher, stepteau, enos..they all can play..those 10 guys running open gym would make a top 4 BWC team by themselves,,,..agree islandman..MT..Q…and Superman Sammis and his fellow bruise brother very aggressive..love effort..

    Now we know..still few more days till first official practice..however without..Fotu..NWC…Janks..Bobbitt..Jawato..and Fleming..UH MBB team ready to make noise ..win 24 games and go dancing? Heck yes..guys in great shape

    Love MIKE..SAMMIS AND JOVANOVICH STEPPING UP..Team play outstanding shutdown defense..uh mbb team going be tough

    Great video and slo-mo. Dayton..Valdes..hope he keep up effort regular season..

    Spooky good…valdes, sammis..jovanovich..smith..enos..and thomas..

    Mahalo for open gym vid Dayton!!
    Team whomever available awesome..this bunch. The speed group..super fast..lot of block shots or attempts

    Oooohhh..man..season soon fans!!

  3. I think this video edit open gym run..by far the best..guys were all over the court and giving effort
    Sammis will be factor since not tall his outside shot and take to rim on transition great..
    Probably favorite view with these terrific ten..just wait until all sixteen ready in a week!!

  4. thw student fans. we excited.looks like 3 pt shooters and dunk city.manoa maniacs shout out.

  5. This is just supposed to be a pick up game but you can feel the electricity in the air. Everyone knows that they need to play at their best because there are at least 10 players that can play at a high level. Last year’s bench namely Enos, Valdes, and Thomas continue to impress. These 3 have taken the bull by the horns and feel that they’ve paid their dues; and now it’s their year to make an impact. It just goes to show what hard work and dedication can do. It will be interesting to see when all the smoke clears who emerges from the pack. It’s like his 2nd year: “Wow that Bill Amis? Where he come from?”

  6. Gib is in New Zealand right now. Hope he secures Matthew Freeman and Tai Wynward.

  7. GIB: Monopolize The New Zealand Pipeline —

    START A National Scholarship Fund SO MORE Can Walk On…Hoke’ Poke’


    OPEN Gym…

    Tighter and Tighter…

    Better Timing and Passing
    More Defensive Harassing

    From What We Can See,,,
    Quicker, Readi-er Moves and Firing / Releases…
    Sharp Shooting AND Finishing @ The Rim..,

  8. I really like the intensity and work ethic of this team. You can see lots of hustle and pushing the pace. I agree with servante that Enos, Valdes and Thomas look really improved from last year. I would give Filipovich some props too. He makes some nice entry passes in this video. Nothing fancy, but very important to know how to get the ball inside.

  9. Yeah, I hope Gib can land one of them. It seems like some articles are saying that Wynyard might be leaning to follow fellow kiwi, Adams to Pittsburg?? I hope not but Jamie Dixon would be a great coach to play for.

  10. I wonder if Fotu spoke to them about attending UH? Maybe he can be a big influence.

  11. Interesting open gym film but it looked to much like a summer league effort so hard to evaluate. Obviously no defense. Hope Gib places the needed emphasis on it. I did like Jovanovic’s footwork and going to the basket but he really got pushed around some on defense. Last year he fouled to much trying to play defense. Hope he has made some improvement because he could really contribute to the team.

  12. anderpops, yea I agree with you on Jova. Sammis backed him down not like Shaq did where he would dribble and bump til he got under the basket. Sammis pretty much dribble and drive backing up Jova. He need to work on lower body strength. I know Sammis is strong but still.

    But I do see improvement in Jova and he still young yet.

  13. anderpops..

    .without question. .10-12 guys play outstanding defense and take care of the ball..will get PT..correct on Jovanovich..has to hav strong legs ..core upper body..you know what sammis is a blessing knows how to be physical..a legit 6’6″ or 6’7″ 240 pound banger with nice outside shot

    All preseason conditioning
    Hope all the guys work with strength..with 32 game including bwc regulae season schedule plus hopefully 3 wins in bwc tournament. .that is 35 games before either NIT or NCAA bid

    Most games ever possible for a uh mbb team..need depth ..defense and bb smarts

    anderpops..isn’ t it great…about one week from today practice..the real deal starts!!

  14. I wouldn’t be too concern with Sammis backing Jovanich down as a knock on Stephan. Its open gym and you don’t want to get into any kind of situation where you either get hurt or get into beefs.

    In real game situation, Jovanovich can hold his ground and Sammis would get called for charging. Also in real game situation, Jovanovich would get help from the guards in trying to strip the ball so I would not view that play as anything negative on Stephan’s part. It does show that Sammis does have the ability to back someone down. However, just powering his way to the basket is not something he will be able to do in real game. He is going to need to dribble and work his way to the basket like Isaac does. Sammis will immediately face double/triple team the moment he starts backing his player down.

  15. Man oh man. The Eternal Hawaii Tragicomedy is showing its form.

    We have a small team this year. (get ready for twist later on). But we don’t have a good small team. Where is a guard breaking down the defense on a dribble drive? All I see is dribbling around on the perimeter, or the easy running down an open lane.

    Parental advisory, NSFW:
    at 0:52 the guy gets a screen but instead of attacking to the hoop, he waits back and in fact gives up a real weak turnover. What will we do when real teams play zone defenses?

    What’s a small team to do when it doesn’t have a guard that will get to the hoop, and when it doesn’t have much outside shooting? But the thing that is really frightening is that basketball practice is only a week away. And Roderick Bobbitt is still not ready for D-I basketball.

    Is this the tragicomedy that we will have this year? During the offseason, there were cries of “we’re recruiting too many guards!” and “we need to do anything possible to get a big recruit!” and “we don’t need Shamburger!”. But I would not be surprised if the best part of this year’s team is the frontcourt play. Mike Thomas is not looking bad any more, and he seems to understand his role in an offense (look at the attack he makes at 5:35). Bobbitt cannot play yet, and the more time goes along the more I am convinced he is Spearman 2.0 (but with 5 steals a game, right?).

    Do we really have enough talent to play the bench more this year, like Gib promised? Look again at 0:52 (Not Safe For Warriors-fans). The “screener” misses the opponent and only ends up getting his own teammate as they try to transition back to defense.

  16. An ideal rotation would be 8-9 players. 10-12 players is too many guys getting too little playing time. Basketball is a rhythm game so you need to give subs enough time to get into their groove. Jawato doesn’t look right yet and Bobbitt still being limited is concerning. We really need Bobbitt otherwise it will be a long year.

  17. Horsssse..not to worry…in fact any of the hard core group that we are..when REAL PRACTICE starts then…guys will be learning Gib system…the 8 guys from last year have advantage..and nobody quit the 600am beach workouts..team will be ready.
    hey better to have large roster..just in case injuries and rehabbing guys

    Open gym just fun to watch sammis, thomas and valdes dunk..
    the real deal official..play well or sit..begins in one week

    go bows..warriors!!

    Remember without open gyn video like 30..40 years ago..we would have to peek in klum gym
    thankyou dayton for videos!!

  18. I don’t think we have the players to “break” the defenders down. Q is more of a open court guy and Bobbitt is more of a physical pg. The only guy that have potential to break someone down is Isaac Fleming. But he young and not physically strong. Nothing wrong with our pg . We can use our screen game and pick and roll so no HUHU regarding not having an Allen Iverson.

  19. Quincy dribble drives and so can Fleming.

  20. Big West Freshman of the Year ?

    Could be Sammis.

  21. that is why Shamburger had so many more assists to turnovers, he would dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, until clock got down to 3 second, then drive, or get pass to Fotu or Standhardinger. At end of season, did not work out well in the Northridge game. Plus Sham was a smaller guard, could not shoot through or around or over taller guards.

    Bobbitt, from all accounts, at about 6’2″ or 6’3″ 205, he is the do it all , breakdown, run half court offense and defensive sets, need a three, he dial up one, need a layup and one, he goes to the hole. If only he was 100% healthy, man he is elite JC guards, maybe that is how we got him, great patience and Gib willing to get him healed, Bobbitt, King Bobbitt 5, the real deal.

    Isaac Fleming, another of those, east coast guards, dribble drive to rim with all the shots, layin, dunks, floaters, wrap around, and can dunk, mid range to 3 line shooter, just has to be stronger, and Learn Gib;s O and D..

    Garrett Nevels, LEADER.. all over him, dribble, pass, D, shoot the 3 ball money, GMoney, he will be all BWC first or second team. This is his Senior year, look out, he will be go to scorer.

    Quincy Smith, sure, only Open gym, however in San Fran Pro-Am summer league with overseas, and NBA, and NBDL, talent, he was a 20 ppg scorer with better floater, dunks, mid range and three ball. He can, however, he is one, that was always looking at Gib and bench to see what coach wanted to run, Q is a team player, so is Nevels, with they bringing leadership and having played one year together, dynamite… Bobbitt, and Fleming, taller guards, with length, and skill, and Enos, Filipovich, even though preferred, great guys, they can play too, I estimate, at least 6 guys can be , maybe 7, if NWC has to help UH break full court and inbounds pressure, NWC smart and taller guy to inbound ball like Sensley, who was really great inbounding under pressure, then the release, the guards, Valdes, Fotu, Thomas, Jovanovich, Janks, Sammis, at the Center court, getting pass, and getting to the streaking guards or wings to break pressure and dunks and open 3′ s to break the back s of teams trying to pressure them… Always a weakness, of Little , F. Arnold, Riley Wallace, Bob Nash, and even Gib;s teams,.. the ability to close out close games by inbounding the darn ball under pressure, if team is BB smart, Gib and staff implement right away, so team does not, I repeat does not turn ball over 4 times in a row, at end of game and instead of leading by 6 pts, with 2 minutes to play they lose by 3.. This year, guard play, and Smart play, they can burn other teams trying to full court and trap them with defensive pressure.

    Just my thing… just get a good inbounder and have the guys in position , not trapped in corners, or guard stepping out of bounds, etc… and UH will get easy dunks, ..

  22. Throw in the ball to near mid court and don’t get trapped in the corners, baseline,sidelines or mid court line.

  23. We have a number of players that can break defenders down. Particularly Sammis. He is holding back in practice! And the 3 shooters on this team will just open up lanes and keep defenses from sagging.

    I keep asking myself if its just that I am getting old or farther away and so these players just look a little quicker and better all around, and look like better shooters. But I don’t think so. These guys look better, certainly deeper than most teams of the past. Garrett Nevels is the constant. We know what his shooting percentage was last year. Fotu, Negus, and Sammis, at least !, all look to challenge Nevel’s percentage shooting from last year. And Nevels may well have improved.

  24. Go Gib Go !

  25. Have to improve on the defense, as others have said. Remember how some of the quick Big West guards ran rings around our team last year.

  26. akuhead2: I hear you, looks like gib down under, trying to get some good bigs for next few years.. what a life, beautiful NZ this time of the year, Spring!

    Saw the updated weights and heights of team, some guys shrank, some guys lost weight, and one Big , Jovanovich actually grew,,, yea!!!.. to 6’11” only wish, he put on weight to 245, same with Janks, he is still 6’11” however, if accurate measuring weight, he loss 7 lbs from 242 to 235, oh well, Sammis still that Mr Universe.. must be a beast in the weight room.. I tell you, he cannot play and get 2 or 3 fouls in first half, if starts, he has to play smart, I believe he can.. and correct, in real NCAA games, he cannot bull and back down big and score, against Jovanovich, they are having a Duel, toughening each other up, Gib will clean it up between the both of them, with Janks out till Dec. mid, WE NEED Thomas, Valdes, NWC, Fotu, Jovanovich AND Reyes to get rebounds and defend the rim..

    LOVE IT FANS…. really different feeling, tenor, the sense of fans, wanting a great year, correction adjustment whenever that stuff comes, UH MBB program, UH and team, just want to get better and win championships!

    Go Bows, Warriors, Eagle, time Has Come Today!

  27. From UH Athletics site:

    MBB roster 2014-15 measurements, height and weights.. interesting, Enos grew to 5’10” , you watch he will play key role, getting 3 ball shooting going, To have Nevels, NWC, even Fotu, and Enos, Fleming, Bobbitt, and Smith, Valdes, Janks, Reyes, keeping guys honest by hitting a good percentage, open up the painted area for Reyes, Thomas, Jovanovich and Fotu to go to work, LOT OF OPTIONS.. just have to play well together.. they can do it.

    0 Isaac Fleming G 6-3 180 Fr.

    1 Garrett Nevels G 6-2 190 Sr.

    2 Niko Filipovich G 6-0 160 Rf.

    3 Brandon Jawato G 6-4 200 Jr.

    5 Roderick Bobbitt G 6-3 205 Jr.

    10 Dyrbe Enos G 5-10 170 So.

    11 Quincy Smith G 6-1 180 Jr.

    12 Sammis Reyes F 6-6 240 Fr.

    14 Negus Webster-Chan G 6-7 205 So.

    15 Stefan Jovanovic C 6-11 235 So.

    21 Brocke Stepteau G 5-9 160 Fr.

    23 Aaron Valdes G 6-5 190 So.

    24 Zach Buscher G 6-3 165 Fr
    25 Mike Thomas F 6-7 210 So.

    33 Stefan Jankovic F 6-11 235 So.

    42 Isaac Fotu F 6-8 230 Jr.

  28. Above, I cited Nevels as the constant. I don’t think Fotu can be used as a constant. I think his game will change this year as he will play more of the 4 spot, and be able to shoot a few more threes this year. We depended on him down low last year, but now he will be able to work more on HIS game. He knows what it is like to play with the pros now, and I hope he will be able to work on those aspects of his game that will help him at that level. That said, I think he will be tougher down low this year. Maybe work on the weights too. But I hope to see him shoot more.

  29. Had to down grade again. Fleming way too left handed to help this year. Sammis not ready for this year and Bobbitt not healthy. But most of all because Gib and Coaches can’t figure out how to change time of open gym to a time where all can attend? Seriously? 6am? 9pm? Can’t be too hard to figure out.

  30. coach arnold possibly big west coach of year.student athletes and uh dorm population like him and team.jamie smith back soon.
    thankyou gib and lisa arnold and family.nice people.love dunks.

  31. Ditto gibisgood2.

  32. Some of these comments in this blog are starting to make no sense. Sammis breaking down defense. What, he’s a guard now? He doesn’t have control of his dribble the way a guard or wing would. That play of his backing down Stephan is playground stuff Really! Now he’s a top shooter up there with Nevels. Come back to earth guys. It’s only open gym. Some of the guys are coming back from lifting or individuals so not all are shooting or playing defense. Wait till practice starts. And no not all the guys can be there in Open Gym at the same time. They all have class throughout the day or study hall or individuals or weights. Let’s start being a little more realistic please. Talk about how well Q shot or the nice shot Sammis made or Thomas dunk on Valdes baseline. Niko with the nice jumpers and so on. Not make believe stuff. Because A player was shown making an open 3 doesn’t make him a great shooter all of a sudden.

  33. Baller4Life. ..we got it…just like putting together. .a fantasy sport team. One thing …guys are going to give maximum effort.
    if Sammis, Fleming, Bobbitt, NWC, Jankovich can produce what Christian, Davis…Spearman. .Shamburger
    produced…UH MBB can be good.
    Jovanovich can shoot jumper, hook shot..rebound and block shots..he will help.
    Sammis great form on 3 pt shot
    thomas better..
    Q improved jumper
    Niko and Enos will help..
    I guess we like team..and open gym is not regular season game
    work hard.. play smart..and stay together
    to me..I am very happy 16 guys enrolled and uh mbb team intact..

    what more could we want..The die hard bleed green and white uh mbb..
    open gym..nice to see guys in action..
    would like to see all the counter moves and spins fotu will use against sammis in practice. .great world class footwork ..like a 6’8″ kevin Mchale..
    just for fun baller..
    the real ballers will start to step up oct 3 2014..
    go bows..rainbow warriors! !

  34. The cream of the crop will rise to the top starting Oct 3

  35. Yes sir. The cream will rise to the top. All up to the athletes. Long time since I can remember, 4 very good guards at the 1 and 2. Very athletic 3 men. Great 4 man in Isaac Fotu, FIBA international experience and All BWC first teamer. 5 spot, young guys , yet tall , 2 – 6’11” guys, .. team that is lean, and mean, and can play ball.

    UH MBB, really fortunate to have at least 12-13 guys battling for that top rotation, with injuries to Jawato, the 6’4″ shooting wing, and Rodrick Bobbitt 6’3″ combo guard unfortunate, however, there is Nevels, an all BWC type of SG, Qunicy Smith PG with experience and better outside shooting, and of course Isaac Fleming the combo, do all guard, and yes…he definitely can go left or right, talented young guard with length and great BB skill.

    bigdaddy, should be good year, if the guys grinding and hungry, they can win a lot of ball games, and All of the Team, common goal , win the BWC championship, and post season bound!

    Starts, very soon, Oct 3rd 2014, this coming week Friday.

  36. Aaron ValdeĀ“s KING of the Beach!

    NEXT…COURT Time!!

    SAMMIS Second!

  37. See…that is why so very important uh mbb team has 16 man roster…jawato stil not ready to play ankles healing..hope he can be ready bwc time..good news bobbitt completely cleared to go full on by doctors..other guys assorted injuries ..recovering…

    And Eagle sammis says he fractured..more minor injury..should heal up in couple weaks..fotu..getting into school and ready physically..janks too..waiting

    So enos, valdes, jovan, niko, thomas , fleming time to shine until hopefully all guys 100% physically ready to go

    Man..no wonder Gib has huge roster..for mash unit unforseen injuries.

    Go Bows.. Go the Mighty Warriors

  38. Sammis during king of beach fractured toe..says he will be okay in few weeks..
    UH MBB need him..sammis still can lift..maybe ride bike cardio..
    Get well take care sammis!!

  39. Better reconsider having king of the beach and maybe other “non-basketball” activities when your players can get injured. A fracture could mean 4 – 6 weeks out.

    You can get injured during basketball practice, but at least that’s playing basketball.

  40. Only good thing not ACL type injury or broken leg or arms. Still chance to heal by BWC time. I think sammis first uh mbb athlete to get hurt king of beach..maybe no need competition though team bonded and loved it

    I know what you saying islandman…sammis was really showing his versatility and strength in gym..
    Now…next man up…Valdes…Thomas have to fill sammis spot..looks like more 3 guard or even 4 guard rotation..just hope it is a really tiny fracture . A chip and sammis can be okay..not season ending injury..

    Enos…Niko…get ready..and stefan jovanovich will be the big man …has to step up..

  41. Which toe?
    SOME You CAN Play with…
    Tape it Up…

    Heal Toe, Sammis
    Good Luck on Quick, Complete Recovery…

  42. Eagle: Must be trainer and Doctor looked at his toe, just one I assume, and found it to be fractured. I know if small one, it should heal in a few weeks. Sammis does not seem to be overly concerned. However, I am sure, if he can ride cardio bike, lift weights. Even practice shooting free throws, passing the ball, or set shots, or even retrieving rebounds of the guys shots, he will. If some major injury, maybe even season ending, it would be THE NEWS story of the day.. it is not, so we let it heal, and he be ready , set to go, for early part of season, and definitely BWC play.

    Had a pix of King of The Beach Airon Air Cuba Valdes and He on Waikiki Beach, both were smiling, so looks like good to go.,

    You, know after this post, this topic, Dayton will have video hillites and interviews of that King Of The Beach Challenge and update on Sammis’ toe, just glad it is not ACL or MCL, or broken leg or arm.
    Wish you speedy recovery Sammis, …Eagle, remember last Year? Isaac Fotu, had the fracture in his hand, the pinkie fingers, within few weeks, he was playing with that wrap, after awhile he took it off, the fracture healed, and Isaac Fotu had an All BWC first teamer season. Maybe same for Sammis!

    Go Warriors of the Double Rainbow! Go Bows!

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