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Warrior Workout: Paddling off Waikiki


Running and jumping in the soft sand are great forms of conditioning. But, let’s face it, if you’re going to train at Waikiki Beach, the ocean is the place to be.

The University of Hawai’i basketball team did just that, incorporating outrigger-canoe paddling into its preseason beach workouts last weekend.

“It’s definitely an upper-body workout, you gotta push; a lot of core, a lot of arms,” junior guard Quincy Smith said. “It was definitely a little tiring.”

The Warriors warmed up for the paddling session with a half-mile run along the shoreline at Waikiki Beach. They stopped in front of the iconic Royal Hawaiian Hotel and received a brief history lesson from Roy Robins. He explained to the team the significance of Waikiki Beach – how King Kamehameha’s warriors stormed the shore in hundreds of canoes, and how Duke Kahanamoku made surfing and canoe-paddling famous in those same waters.


The Royal Hawaiian Beach Boys – led by Ted Bush – then provided a quick lesson in paddling techniques for the team. The players were then split up into smaller groups for paddling races along the gentle Waikiki waves.

“I actually rarely do this stuff,” said sophomore Dyrbe Enos, a Kamehameha Schools graduate. “This is super fun for us. We all enjoy it, we’re all having fun, competing.”

Junior guard Brandon Jawato was the captain of the winning crew. Teammates in his canoe were Enos, Aaron Valdes, Stefan Jankovic and Zach Buscher. They defeated Quincy Smith’s crew in the first heat, then beat Garrett Nevels’ crew in the championship race.

“It’s hard – it takes a lot of upper body strength,” Jawato said. “Repetition and same exact rhythm. It’s all about the rhythm.”


Enos (Kamehameha-Kapalama) and Buscher (‘Iolani) happen to be the only Hawai’i-raised players on the roster, and they ended up in the winning canoe.

“Well, anybody can jump in and do this, but having two local boys on the same team definitely helped, I think,” Enos said.

The beach workouts will culminate this Saturday with the “King of the Beach” competition.



    AWESOME World-Class Coverage, DAYTON!

    Suitable for Mailing to, OR Site Visiting By Recruits and their Families…

  2. Go Hawaii Five-0, i assume they can all swim.

  3. I find it very amusing that coach’s youngest son is always doing the same things the rest of the team does, gotta love that.

  4. Canoe paddling and basketball has one important thing in common: When your movements sync in rhythm with one another things flow much smoother and with less effort. But when one is out of sync it throws the entire team off. I think every basketball player should experience team paddling and the importance of being in sync as opposed to out of sync. When everyone is paddling in rhythm its an awe inspiring feeling. And that’s what you want to feel on the court too.

  5. Great stuff. Some of you may not know it but Dayton, in addition to his UH basketball duties, was the premier water sports reporter in Hawaii. So, he really was in his element here. And, because he was manning the camera he didn’t even have to paddle a lick!

  6. Gib makes training at Waikiki beach fun. how many of the new guys ever been in pacific ocean, the sub tropics, and canoe paddle races. great recruiting tool. that is what coach Arnold does, the Hawaii culture angle. we students appreciate that theme, and the ssc atmosphere. should be fun year.

  7. I thought as islandman stated, Ace Boogie, Gib’s youngest son, out there 6:00am in the morning on a Saturday, running the half mile on beach with team, and paddling with his dad. Man, that is classic and beautiful family kine stuff.
    Who knows, in couple of years, maybe Ace will be part of Warrior Basketball Team. The weather, absolutely Gorgeous, even for Hawaii Visitor Bureau, you know there are views from around the USA and the globe, families, recruits and just plain folk want to come to Hawaii now!

    Great job guys, I cannot remember a UH MBB coach that emphasized the Hawaii culture so much, as gibisgood2, alluded to. That is a great job by Gib and the UH MBB program, whether guys stay like Jawato , 4 year, original freshman and set to grad this May , in 4 years, or a one and done NBA pick, the experience, whether stay for long run or transferred outers, all guys been part of team, they got to experience once in a lifetime, school and hoops in Paradise, Priceless, we are truly as Eagle states, spoiled and blessed to be living in the 50th state!

    Now, all in sync, One Goal, One Team, One Win at a time, check swag and egos at the door, and Rock as ONE solid Basketball team… team stay together, and One Ohana,, they are going to be special!

    Mahalo Dayton, you absolutely blow WarriorWorld, right off the map. All Things UH MBB, find it right here, on WI site. Mahalo to Dayton, Ace Boogie, the Schmidts, and all the good, and Positive comments, you think the guys, peek at our comments? Without question, …do their Families and friends and potential recruits,.. no doubt… just have to get things in order, to open up the recruiting trail again, UH MBB will.. they on a Mission, Hawaii 5-0 , UH Warriors, double Rainbow Warriors, going for the Big Dances, NIT and NCAA’s.. Going be exciting and challenging year, with Fotu, Nevels, NWC and Q , as leaders, UH will be winning some big time games!

  8. Josh my apologies, I meant YOUR comments about Gib’s youngest son, Ace, he out their grinding with the guys. I bet he is a favorite of the Team! Talk about bonding. Maybe, as was stated a future Warrior Basketball great!

    Go Bows . Go the Mighty Warriors, Something that no other NCAA DI MBB program, has, canoe paddle racing in the pristine Waikiki beach, the water looks beautiful, not dark and murky like other cold climates!
    Awesome, Go Bows! Team Bonding, and ready to Rock … soon first practice, then Green White scrimmage, followed by HPU exhibition game, then, Booooooom! first game RBC!
    Hoops Heaven in Paradise!

  9. What an Experiential, Culturally Rich and Fun College & Life Experience These ʻBows are getting!

    AS this Team “Makes Money” for the Program, maybe they can get Better UHAD Facilities, Charter Flights, Food and Stipend/Income…

    They ʻShould Beʻ Packing the Stan Sheriff Center To the Rafters SOON…

    ALL Hawaiʻi Loves its WINNING Teams!

    AND They Shoulld Be Exciting and Visually Entertaining As Well
    Rockinʻ Rollin Students! –SSC with a Raucous Roar!

    ʻBows should SHOW The Instructional Part of This Video so the SSC Paddling Fans CCan Show Better Technique TOO!

  10. Wow, this really is amazing! I love what the Beach Boy captain said at the end about setting the tone for the season with teamwork. That made me realize that there was more meaning to this exercise than just a fun day at the beach.

    The beach run in the beginning looked great too! What a site for the tourists to see all these tall young men running right by them! Let’s hope future recruits see this. Who could turn down Hawaii after seeing this stuff?

  11. Gib’s the best. Can’t wait for the team to show their stuff.

  12. Great Observations…

    When You CAN Feel in your Arms and Body, OR How Fast and Smoothly the Outrigger Canoe & Team Moves just by being in Rhythm, In Sync, perhaps Teamwork becomes More Real, More Apparent, something you can feel or measure…

    Maybe See and Feel a little better than simply tracking outcomes, counting baskets…

    GIBAinʻt-So-Tunnel-Visioned (AsSomeOthers…)

    CAN You Imagine…?

    The Level of Sensitivity and Awaremess to SEE The Ripples All the Way from The SOUTH Pacific AND To KNOW AND TRUST — Enough to Voyage Out into The Deep, Thousands of Miles to Find Hawaiʻi [from KAHIKI]…?

    VISIONARIES… The Wayfinders…

    IN Some Ways, SO is GIB, that he can See and Find Talent from Across the Continent and even Other Continents,…
    AND Lead them All Here to Form a Hawaiʻi Team To KICK-A…

  13. So going down our schedule objectively. How many wins do we see. I see 15 or 16. Agree? Disagree? Why?

  14. coach Arnold, a punahou hs graduate, love Hawaii, it shows. once in life time enjoyment for guys. glad all sixteen basketball athletes are our fellow students. extremely nice and competitive in gym athletes you could meet. the maniacs and fellow bb fans await season. make some noise. Waikiki beach. we locals hardly go there, beautiful Hawaii.

  15. Did you see at certain points in video, the water was really glistening? Man, that just gotta be like perfect for some of them never having seen that before. All were having fun also.

  16. JMO: Subjectively, think we’ll win at least 20+ games.

    Why? Based on the talent of previous years and looking comparatively on how they did, believe we have more talent and likewise more wins will come.

    We look solid in the guard positions. Thanks to Dayton in the open gym sessions, looks like all the guards have handles, so it’ll be a matter of how they handle game pressure.

    We also look solid in the forward positions. Think we’ll be starting with 3 forwards to set the pace and be a stronger second half team.

    The 20+ wins are going to come from pressure, pressure and pressure on both ends of the court.

  17. NWC, Nevels, Smith, Fleming, Bobbitt, Filopovich….whomever bringing up the ball and running the half court sets, Take care of the ball, more assists to turnovers, The whole team , remember every year, the 20 win teams, usually, they have 12 or less turnovers per game, And as tako you alluded to, UH has more potential power at the 3 and 4 spots, should be interesting season. See how they, with 3 new starters and 5 possibly off the bench work as one … they can have 20+ win season, just have to keep grinding getting better and learning team and individual defense, get D stops..Like team, a bunch of hard workers,..

  18. 20+ but it will depend on how our defense comes along. I have no worry about the offense or the ability to run. Defense will be the difference between a good and great year. Who do you all see as our strength on defense and who and where we need improvement.

  19. All this year’s team will be lacking is a season of playing together. Regardless of their successes this season, can you imagine what we will look like next season! We would have 4 seniors, 4 returning starters and this year’s frosh will be experienced sophomores.

    We would have two experienced senior PGs, a senior FOTU, Negus and Jawato at SG, Valdes/Sammis at the Wing and our choice of experienced Centers. Keep in mind that this does not even include the 2 blue chip recruits we expect to sign with us.

    Even though we have a lot of talent this season, it is going to take time for these guys to learn to row in sync with each other. Gib has a lot of options which will mean even more time is needed to develop their skills working together as one unit.

    Next season would be the year to get a few of those Blue Chip teams to play us early, as we will be dangerous to play.

    Well, we have all waited long enough, just 10 more days to see them live in the Green n White Scrimmage.


    Among the Cleanest and Purest In The World
    Because Weʻre SO Far from Industrial Sources of Pollution
    Like Toronto(?), Chicago(?), Boston? Miami?

    The Pre-Season Prognostication ʻGameʻ…
    NOT Easy…but Assuming CAN Win At Least One at FGCU and Two in DHC
    (This team Should be better than Most Recent UH Teams),
    THAT should drive a Minimum of 19 Wins…
    Which would TIE for Second Best AND Third Worst Gib Seasons –
    – PULL a Couple of Upsets // Develop and Play Better than that
    And they are Back into “The Best in Ten Years” Range Again —
    That IS a worthy Minimum Goal — An IMPROVING Program
    iʻd also Expect that they Should BEAT The Above “Low-to-Middlinʻ Expectations

    I Think This Team may have as many as 12 Prospective (NO Hesitation for Coaches to Insert) Players and
    Maybe SIX Impact Players which would be Un-Charted Territory and a Terror for Opposing Coaches…
    Leaving Some with their heads “Spinning” and maybe ʻPraisinʻ…

  21. BackBeat and the great WI MBB forum, hey…. gang, we stuck through the highs and lows, and the don’t knows, from April through near October. And fans, That UH MBB potential magic, even as Eagle stated, if this team being young experienced wise, 8 new to program, can finish regular season, with 19 wins and some upsets here and there, and be Healthy and primed, at least 10-12 guys contribute no burnout, for the BWC tournament championship game, chance to win, That is a successful season, finishing possibly 22 wins and a NCAA berth would be AWESOME.

    However, we know, these guys, all have that attitude, hey…. NCAA MBB world, no matter what SOS, and BPI, RPI, CIT, RIP, rankings, ratings, they believe they want a regular BWC season title, then the Gold …the Big Dance, The Boogie!

    BackBeat: COUNTDOWN.. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0…..BOOOOOOM! Introductions, media photos, I wish the Green White scrimmage or introductions after the WVB game, at least 30 minutes, why cannot a billon dollar net value entitiy like Oceanic Time Warner OC Sports, broadcast that from 1000 t0 1030 pm Sat nite, Oct 4th 2014? Not just for hoops junkies, and hard core MBB fans like ourselves.. For several thousand Outer Island fans of UH MBB, always had great support for UH MBB team on Kauai, Maui, Molokai, and Hawaii, soon, Ellison (or Gilligan’s Island, ha ha)man, if Ellison was convinced to be major donor to UH athletics, UH would be in the black .

    Back to UH MBB.. Eagle, Backbeat, anderpops, Tonganator, bigdaddy, TribeVx4, akuhead2, clyde, Tavs, josh, warriorhaw, gibisgood2,and all the regular contributors, and faithful… BASKETBALL…UH STYLE , 2014-15, the Sensational Sixteen ready to ROCK

    Go Bows, Rainbows, Warriors. Tonganator , go the Mighty Warriors!

  22. However, Da Man, the best beat writer/ video master, and insider for UH MBB team, Dayton Sir Morinaga, The REAL STUFF, the close to coach, recruits, team and families visiting, .. He does the best coverage of UH MBB, and will have write-ups and video if can of Green White game.

    PLUS: OPEN GYM! Mahalo Dayton DA MAN Morinaga…Dayton 99 to SA WW 0…Dayton hitting all the trifectas, and getting the scoops.. a real MBB fan and great reporter, the best.!

    Mahalo Dayton, and the Schmidt Ohana, Ameriprise, Valerie Schmidt, Hunter, Pacific Risk Solutions, and all of the positive, clean, and great comments supporting UH MBB basketball.

    Go Bows. Let’s Go Bows, Go Warriors , Imua! Rain… Bows…. Rain… Bows!

  23. BACKBEAT: Checked UH Athletics site, and yes Green White is on Sat Oct 4th 1000pm, tailgate before, chance to mingle with players. then 2 -20 minute halves, with slam dunk contest.

    I have to reset, reboot my Timer Countdown. Reason? NCAA DI MBB official practice starts actually on Friday Oct 3 2014. So the countdown, till the start of practices official whole team, season begins, is really 9 days away..

    Sooooo….. 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1….0……. Boom, Hoops Heaven in Hawaii!

    Go Warriors
    Go Bows
    Go Rainbows
    And go the Mighty Rainbow Warriors, or for NZ , and
    Tonganator, Go the Mighty Warriors!

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