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Recruit on the Radar: Matthew Neufeld

The University of Hawai’i basketball team already has a couple of players from Eastern Canada on its roster, and a big player from Western Canada has emerged as a potential recruit for the future.

Matthew Neufeld, a 6-foot-10 center from Victoria, British Columbia, said Hawai’i is on his list of potential schools for 2015. “They’re probably up there, yeah,” he said.

Screen shot 2014-08-06 at 10.36.47 PM

Neufeld said other schools currently on his list include Clemson, Saint Louis, Santa Clara and Washington State. More teams could be added to the list, as he had a solid summer campaign.

Last month, he averaged a double-double for the DRIVE Elite AAU team at the Bigfoot Hoops Las Vegas Classic. Coaches from numerous NCAA programs were in attendance for the DRIVE Elite games, including Memphis, Gonzaga, Washington, Saint Mary’s and Boise State.

Earlier this summer, he was selected as an alternate for the Canada’s Junior National Team.

“I’m pretty versatile – I can shoot outside and play inside,” Neufeld said.

He proved that in Las Vegas, displaying shooting range to the 3-point line along with a variety of back-to-the-basket post moves.

Neufeld played his senior season of high school at Lambrick Park Secondary School in 2013-14. He led his team to a Provincial Championship, averaging 18.5 points, 13.8 rebounds and 4.5 blocked shots per game in the playoffs.

He said he will attend a prep school in the United States for the 2014-15 season.

Here is another highlight video featuring Neufeld:


  1. Looks to be a pretty good Big. Not afraid to dunk and going after put backs.

  2. Back from vacation and catching up on WI.

    NEUFELD would be a great pick up. Looks like a lot of competition to get him to come here. Perhaps our other Canadian players can help the recruit.

    Hate to be the last post so I am adding it to the above. A few thoughts on the summer and WI remarks. I am surprise and excited at Dyrbe’s performance in the summer league. Of course you can’t read too much into it but having a consistent game over the summer means he has surely matured more as a player and can be called on during the season. What a difference a year of experience can make. Same goes for Mike Thomas who I thought was a little too tentative last year. With his talent and a renewed confidence in his game, he should give us some real good depth and he is only a sophomore. Take care of the back Mike. That can be a game and life changer so be sure you feel right before resuming the fight. Haven’t read about any other injuries to the guys who aren’t hear so that is great news. I know they all are working on getting better and I can’t wait to see them again.

    Got my ticket requests yesterday and it was like Christmas come early. I think WI should have a countdown number to the first game somewhere on its homepage. What do you think? About the Diamond Head Classic. One rarely messes with success and Maui has done well by ESPN. Since ESPN owns both the tournaments they will eventually make the call, not us. UH needs to work to dominate any group of schools ESPPN throws at us. We have to put our brand on the tournament, be the annual winner and challenge ESPN to send us their best. So, that means we need to start going 3-0 this year and not 2-1 first.
    I was stunned to see no progress from the NCAA. I have a number of thoughts on this but probably the same the rest of you have and no need to go down that road. Great to be back in Hawaii and following UHBB.

  3. Wow, like this big kid’s potential. Says he already completed his senior year of secondary school? Is that Canadian version of high school? Just wondering if he’s eligible to play this coming season because if he is, I’d take him right now. Sign em up!

  4. Yeah, Can Gib & Q “Steal” him Early ?

    Prep School probably means more on-court PT
    BUT Here Can Go Up Everyday against Jankovic and Jovanovic
    BODY & Strength WILL Develop Faster here…
    Continue Growing Past 7-0…

    Canadians Love Hawai’i
    Schedule a Trip Time…

    Use that Scholie…
    Redshirt IF Never NEED to Play…
    Learn the System
    Provide 5-7 More Fouls
    Plan on Leaving with Multiple Degrees

  5. Looks like we have to await word official from GIB on recruiting last scholarship for this season.

    Don’t know if he has shut it down, and will hold possibly 2 scholarships for next season.

    True, Like Joshua Ajayi, he planned to go to prep school this season. They get better in game, and even discipline for College life. Sort of like going to JC however without the credits towards a college degree.

    as hawaiifan09, a few others, I , my opinion folks… Still think Gib needs that 4/5 guy to make frontline deeper, when UH goes against Big teams. UH can go athletic ,, smaller, however, they would have to play outstanding Team defense to protect layins at the rim.

    Thanks for write-ups and interview videos Dayton!

    Eagle, would be a super surprise if Gib locked up a 4/5 before school starts for this year. With addition, if he makes it, of Sammis Reyes.. UH would be solid down low!

    anderpops, welcome back to the Forum! Yes, the ncaa thing still not pau !.. kind of like an extended vacation, I think… they want to get their findings , and double , triple interviews in order before going back to head office.. By that time, I think Gib’s youngest son graduates from HS! crazy,…. well looks like UH MBB is ready to roll towards a BWC title challenge, that is what we want.

    Countdown, till first game SSC … starts NOW…. tick, tick, tick….

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    everybody be safe, and stay extra safe Big Island very soon…

  6. You all know that Gib just came back from recruiting trip. Back working with the guys, MT, Enos, Buscher, Fleming, Bobbitt, whomever in this summer, and soon the returning guys will report for dorm check ins.

    Would have to figure, Gib will announce, JMO.. whether he is bringing in guys for visits, is close to/ or has signed a guy for this year, that coveted 4/5.. or they hold scholarship for next season/mid term transfer.

    Sammis, same thing, what is his status, just think… no reports say NO.. so JMO, I figure, Sammis awaiting the waiver granted.. Hope he gets in, that would be huge, pun intended for UH MBB bigs help!

    Eagle and others. Matthew Neufeld, you check out his shoe size? and his overall frame length? Definitely, he could grow to 7 foot or 7 foot plus, ..
    Could they offer, these guys opting for prep school, a scholarship to come to Hawaii and develop, either RS, or if they are ready, like Stefan Jovanovich last year, because of shortage of bigs, Stefan was asked to play.. Neufeld, I figure UH could offer… however, I think Dayton did a lot on his own, searching out guys, that UH had on their radar, and being up on the Continent, got great interviews, with Matthew and Joshua .. Recruiting, well, guys are still interested in UH down the road, when grad, so another good sign. the UH MBB train for BB glory is still rolling, rolling, rolling toward the Honda Center!

  7. Kid has gotta gain 30 pounds of muscle over the next year. Gonna be super tough for someone of his height.

  8. Chuck: I like your comment, is completed, and the guys going to prep school thinking,, a lot qualify to go DI already, want to refine game. and bodies.

    However. notice , another southpaw? Leftie, rare .. MT and IFleming are left handed, so was Michael Harper, think that Bill Amis if leftie too, helps with shot blocking, their hand is there, plus defenders playing for D against righthanded guys, get fooled, and Matthew goes left, MT I think now, Thomas can go left, right, just about do anything.. which is great.

    Michael, kind of reminds me of , when he had Youtube hilites,, our own Stefan Jovanovich when he was in HS/prep in Cali. Has the offense, plus Jovanovich can block shots..

    Chuck Cheese..Pocho: Gib reel em in, sign em up, Go get em Gib.
    If Matthew or another skilled big available, and seems like great young men, Ajayi and Neufeld.. well sign them up.. They can develop, and if need be, play this year.. PT… as true freshmen ,they would play… UNLESS… Gib has one already lined UP? we shall see… getting down to wire!

  9. Gib needs a big man to keep Fotu happy. Look at his twitter. He says “I ain’t playing the 5 at hawaii next season”.

  10. Well, this coming season we’ll be undersized when Javanovic takes a breather. Man, it’s Javanovic’s time to shine, it’s all his in the early season. It’s all yours man, show us what you can do!

    Be ready Javanovic!

  11. Pono:

    Agreed 100% . When season ended, the weak area, replacing Christian, Davis size. Even the guards, Nevels and Smith, when asked, what should UH do to help team this coming season?
    They Both Said, “we have enough guards, a lot., we need Bigs to help protect the rim”.
    Same thing Gib said, that extra scholarship…looking for Big, Benjy said…looking for Big. Well they missed out on two..

    Hope Gib gets that Big for This Year, not next, otherwise, as Pocho says, UH will have to go small, or very short on frontcourt guys. Fotu, wants to be hybrid 4, not play center. Really hoping Gib gets someone play that 5 spot, for THIS YEAR!

    Go get em Gib, hook em up and reel em in! (Pocho quote, I love it!)
    Gib GET A BIG(ready to play) for this season!

  12. Not Since Vander who ‘Anchored’ the Team
    has Gib used a True 5…
    Not Standhardinger…Not Fotu
    Davis played out to the 1, 2
    Jovanovic and Jankovic even with 6-10, 6-11 size
    are Both Inside and Out to Three Line

    Other than NMSU and Irvine,
    Very Few teams play a Dominant 5 Player
    Don’t Blame Fotu Not wanting to Stick to a Banger Standing Still
    Wasting his own Quickness

    This is a Quick, Moving, Quick-Striking Team
    Rated High in Quick-Strike and Offense

    It’s Just Hard to Beat Everyone Else
    (to What’s Left after Louisville & Kentucky)
    to the Long, Lean Rim Rattlers

    [But Let’s Get One or Two Anyway…]
    Q, Gib…
    Compared to Most Schools
    IS Like a DOUBLE-Team…

  13. Anyone hear GD on animals..about SM..?
    Would great if true..have to wait for DM and DM confirm..SM ..if he in with this fall class..I would faint with joy..
    hope so..we await..
    for confirmation..

    without qyestion we shall know complete 2014-15 active roster!!
    Hoping hard..!!


  14. Must be double hurricane weather affect brain..I meant. Not SM…Rather. ..SR..being almost. ready..hoping..fall enroll?
    GD..on SA..show..anyone hear about. SR..??

    Would be awesome..awesome news..
    we await official word..

  15. looks good at this stage and better than rozitis….he’s tall and long but still isn’t what you call a defensive rebound/shot blocking big

  16. Matthew Neufeld must have really blown up on AAU circuit showcase this summer. He had offers as a Canada HS grad 2014 from Washington Huskies and Clemson Tigers! Wow.

    Wonder, if guys like Matthew , or another Big, are between that decision to go Prep USA to develop, or awaiting offer to DI school to play right away,…man it seems like everyone coming to Hawaii, NWC, Janks, Fleming, Bobbitt, Reyes(awaiting), want to play right away, and contribute towards winning BWC.

    Cannot wait for DM or BM to have latest on that final recruit for 2014. It seems like Gib and staff have some options. We await, and seeing our(hope radio was true!) Chilean Jr. National team athlete, get things in order, and come on board to UH this fall. would be unreal team.

    If Gib offered to Matthew Neufeld , that is okay, plays like a 3/4..Big very versatile, like a Janks ./ Jovanovich combo big man, inside our outside big!

  17. WHAT’s The Difference?
    JUST A FIRST Impression…
    NICE Report from BM:

    “Head coach Gib Arnold arrived back in town from recruiting this week, which you can bet changed the tenor of the practice session.

    It was Coach Gib’s first day back, so the intensity picked up,” Stepteau said. “But Coach Senque Carey ran the practice, and from the moment we started to the end it was just nonstop conditioning, but still basketball-related. And so I threw up, other people were, we had to take breaks. He’s getting us into shape, he’s a real good coach. So, yeah, it was a good workout.”

  18. Verbal Commits is reporting that UH has made an offer to a 2015 standout SG Jalen Poyser.

    He is already 18 years old will be playing his final year at one of the top programs in the country, Findlay Prep, out of Henderson, NV. The 6’4″, 185# sharpshooter has a 3.5 star rating and is ranked #1 SG in Nevada. He played varsity when he was only 15 at the premier HS program in Canada.

    Hawaii got in early on their offer but teams like Wake Forest, Oklahoma, Michigan and Syracuse have him on their radar. He does prefer an up and down style of game, so we would fulfill that part of what he is looking for.

    There are videos of him but mostly when he was only 15 years old. Would be a pretty good replacement for Nevels next year. 56 days and counting.


  19. Like the boy’s skill set , got potential, beef it up in the weight room Matt. Aloha

  20. JMO. Or has the addition of Senque Carey, really changed dynamic of recruit targets?
    He is the Recruiting Coordinator and develop PG’s and actually help all the young athletes. Very short time Que on the job, has yet to announce an official signing, however, great effort, late, very late hire. Good coaching staff developing.

    Potential for 2015-16 mbb guys are 3 or 4 star talent. Lot the staff, Gib, Benjy Que have seen have great tournaments showcase this July 2014, and UH has shown interest.

    I love Senque’s mantra, or recruiting philosophy, We, UH MBB are going to recruit the BEST athletes out there, go head to head with the Pac10, Big10, SEC, ACC etc, .. They . Those Power Conferences, can’t get all of those top 100 athletes… they would like to, however, perhaps UH can get one or two of those 4 star recruits, ..

    I still like Gib’s philosophy, the ONE OHANA, team, attitude, work, grind get better as basketball players, students and people. Those 3 and 4 star athletes fit that Hawaii Rainbow Warrior Mentality ,and win for Team first and fans/families , Hawaii 808… going be a great ride for next few years!
    JMO. My though of the day. The Recruiting, UH Going after Best they can get.. !

    Matthew Neufeld, keep on working get stronger, and hope to see you in UH uniform.
    Jaylen Poser, keep working grinding, and hope to see you in UH uniform too.. would be awesome!

  21. Dayton,
    Any word on why President hasn’t signed off on Gib extension that BJ recommended? Or did I miss that and it is actually signed sealed and delivered?

  22. 6′ 3″ USC jr. transfer may be coming in for Beeman, per Tsai poster. For next year ?

  23. Re: gibnog , 3:15 pm

    As many as 12 contracts sent back to athletic dept. for revision of language in the “term sheets” .

  24. islandman:

    Check out the WBB twitter page. Has picture of Beeman with a really tall , 6’3″ athlete, wonder if that is her? Beeman says, welcome to the WBB ohana. Really athletic Big..

  25. islandman: Rachel Morris, either 6’3″ or 6’4″


  26. As long as Beeman and Arnold still able to coach and recruit, and when ready they sign off on the contracts , that is important thing. Would like to, keep Beeman and Arnold here, since they are building really good BB programs, for a long time. Just keep on winning, they will. Both love Hawaii, and we appreciate Laura and Gib and their hard working staffs, hard work!

  27. playhoops,

    Another one. Rachel was already in, unless homesick, etc.

    ” Former USC PF/C Deanna Calhoun has committed to Hawaii. Was a 4-star prospect coming out of high school. “

  28. islandman:

    I stand corrected. thanks for real time update. Laura can use some athletic big girls.Like what she is doing at WBB.
    Takes time to develop really good, sound, stable, programs in any sport. Appreciate the coaches that keep on trying to better program. Hard work will pay off.
    islandman, as always thanks for info, on all UH sports!

  29. Brokenhearted: I just saw you said my syntax obviously meant I was Jake? Not sure who Jake is or what u mean. I hate to inform you that you aren’t quite as smart as you think you are. But I must admit you are a little bit funny…..:)

  30. i think i had asked IF “gibnogood” had any relation to ʻnomorenashʻ?

    OR More to say w.r.t. your moniker which might make a few nervous….
    (i see your comments as balanced)

    [iʻm open to discussion…no oneʻs perfect]

  31. Eagle. You are very correct. I’m balanced. Waiting anxiously to see something real positive to change my moniker to GibisGod but need just a little more proof and a few more high level wins. Not sitting the standard too high. Just three hi level wins in one season will do it…..:)

  32. Sure…as eagle states open discussion..however…Dayton Morinaga site and Schmidt Ohana sponsor primary..
    I was notified to keep…accurate…clean..not abusive..even..stay positive..reason?
    Families of team..and many young ones view our posts..maybe Recruits too..

    when your screen name says…Gib No Good..you could be driving away families..fans and potential recruits to UH MBB..THAT IS NOT BALANCED..EVEN ANTI GIB FANS MONIKER NOT SO NEGATIVE..

    HOW ABOUT REGISTER AGAIN AND BE: Gibproveit..that I would be in agreement..gib and uh mbb still have to go to NIT or NCAA’s to reach bigger time level..

    that is the only problem with your moniker..saying blatantly Gib Arnold is not good at what? maybe bowling?

    you seem to be veteran of other forum..however I agree ..want gib to make big dances year 5..graduating kids..and doing well in school excellent job..has to win bwc regular and bwc tourney gib great

    gib will be here another 4 years so has time to get to good level

    gibisgood recrits..why he loves his family. Families..fans..and Hawaii

    gib is very good promoting Hawaii..

    we have to promote uh mbb..and expect gib to get to great level..he on the way..
    coach for uh mbb at least 7 years or more..

    gib isding good..after former coach..uh mbb grat.
    uh mbb great exciting offensive team..gibisgood uptempo!!

  33. Nah…you can use whatever moniker..agree,,..uh mbb this year has to get to ncaa or nit tournaments then uh mbbfans will be happy..
    As I have posted..the more negative posts against Gib and uh mbb program..the stronger gib becomes..and the longer his contract will be

    I just want to welcome Sammis Reyes to uh mbb ohana..hope he is good to go..believe animal says should be good for august enrollment.. hope so..

    Dayton looking forward to your video interviews with gib and staff about sammis and last recruit..if so..for this year..

    gib make good income..so gibisgood financially

  34. Man…very soon uh returnees come back check into dorms as upper classmen..
    wonder how bobbitt and thomas..jawato healing up..those are great young men.. brought in by ..Gib and company..

    gib makes good..brought in good student athletes.
    makes good dinero..yen..euro..yeah!!

  35. Despite “Some” Not (yet) Happy, Mostly @ Other Sites…

    Gibʻs Record IS The Best of Any UHMBB Coach in 60 Years…

    With Good Prospects to Get Better and CONSISTENTLY WIN….

    Long Time Since Any Coach had NO Losing Years…
    Not Even #1 PAID Pitino…

    Good ʻOhana, Values, Ambassadors, Families…

  36. Be a fan…Play in the Band.

    Act will a fan…blow away the sand..

    Speak like a fan… use words that support the team as if, our land…

    As Eagles stated, Good ‘Ohana, values, Ambassadors, Families

    Support the Coach and the team – Go Warriors

  37. Eagle..tako..servante…anderpops…Tavs..Backbeat…Brokenhearted. ..Tonganator…the kiwi big supporter(!)clyde..al..pocho…FUHA..warriorhaw

    …I am sorry cannot remember all..we all..whether 5 years or 45 year fans ..are fans of UH MBB.. whomever coach..I was season ticket holder long time..include support and attend games when Red, Bruce, Rick…well..he never acknowledged. ? Larry…even Frank Arnold..who had Andre M. on team.., Riley..Bob..and now Gib..and correct Eagle ..don’t think would terminate coach 4 years winning record and no losing seasons..plus his guys. APR..and GPA. ..good guys graduating..he is current head coach and with good support from AD…and trying hard..to bring exciting ball..to uh mbb fans..

    goodnogood…eastern other ..person doesn’t matter?…will jump on anything positive or promoting getting excited about uh mbb hoops..come down on gib and boys ..not pono..right..

    really..I think..maybe uh mbb team will peek at our posts..so want to keep positive about team and their coaching
    staff..even families might see..that is why stay positive.. Gib did good job create excitement for mbb..look foward eale and tako to great 2014-15 season!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  38. Hope guards…and whole team strong with the ball..keith was good take care of the rock..more assists to turnovers..win rebounding war and be top 20 team nationally defensively..we know team will score…combination of O and D great…uh mbb good.


  39. Eagle..tako..servante…anderpops…Tavs..Backbeat…Brokenhearted. ..Tonganator…the kiwi big supporter(!)clyde..al..pocho…FUHA.(copy haha)

    You know, I have only been a fan since Tony Maroney days when we were still in the Blaisdell, and have had season tickets since the move to SSC, but I cannot remember being any more excited about the direction of UHMBB. Yes, we may have had some better wins/ loss records years, but as far as talented players, I cannot recall a more deeper team. Of course, we have not seen all the players play yet, and hopefully some will qualify, but the buzz around the program for me is tremendous.

    Of course the Euro era was very rich in talent but not as deep as and exciting as current team seems to be.

    gibnogood: to me you are not balanced. Just the fact that you use your moniker says to me that you have a bias.

  40. I promise to improve moniker as season progresses and good progress is obvious to all.

  41. Andre Morgan: 2nd best posterizing dunk after Tim Shephard, even if a little scary. I think he got a technical for staring the guy into the ground after the dunk.

  42. warriorhaw:

    No matter, when you became UH MBB fan, we love the Hoops team and support. Gib said going to bring in some exciting athletes. He is trying. The team is scoring more. The Manoa Maniacs creating their own College environment,fun and loud support at SSC. This year’s team can be special. Of course, as long as UH Program good to go,from HC on through Team Manager, we support, and this year Rainbow Warrior team can be special. That is why, I believe, there might be

    possibly hundreds more viewing our posts, those that don’t make occasional comments, and some who join , register , to finally add something. We can critique coaching judgement, sure, coaching, tenor, (Riley one of the loudest, yet very caring guy)etc. However, true, UH MBB fans, through the losing seasons to the big 26 win NCAA teams, we are fans!

    Mahalo warriorhaw, I am sure the Schmidt Ohana, and Dayton, the UH MBB team, Coaches, and staff appreciate your positive comments. I mean, what would we do, during BB season without UH MBB team representing Hawaii, it would be kind of slow, real slow, … glad we have a good team and a HC that is giving great effort to create something special..

    warriorinsiderFansareGood! UHmbbisgoodtoo!

  43. Hey , switching gears again.. sorry, however could greatly impact mid majors BB and other sports, this Judge ruling on paying athletes. Wow! The Power Conferences with the Big Monies, could be swooping to get the best talent, like a Minor League, or free agency market basically, JMO..
    offer, the best perks, monies, put into a trust, when the player’s time is up at the College, I guess the athlete cashes in. Plus monies, more stipend, or actually pay, per month, game, …

    What it does, I am not too Akamai about the legal stuff, maybe other fans can comment about the ruling, actually how it impacts UH Athletics, I am sure it does. unless the ruling makes it fair for the non Power Schools too. Would think the Big Money schools can pay to get the best athletes.?

    Although, the salaries that HC’s make, .. that is a good point,… some are making north of a million, or even sub that, I guess, schools would tap into that, to share with pay outs to the athletes. Incredible. Article, also says, NCAA really took a hit with this ruling, The Ed O’Bannon ruling I guess…It will impact a lot of things they do, or how they legislate..


  44. Read again the Judge ruling on Ed O’Bannon challenge of College athletes likeness appearing in video games, other forms, and the student athletes not sharing in the revenues generated, that could be in the billions worldwide. NCAA, lot of challenges to them now. Seems like the landscape of collegiate sports, is definitely changing.

    Well, on this site, sorry, we are talking about UH HOOPS and support. Just thought it was a landmark court ruling.

    Maybe in the future, UH MBB hoops will be up there with the top 20 programs, I am sure, HC and team, and UH Athletics keep working, they can be, …. UH should be friends with Larry Ellison, he would be HUGE DONOR and help to Hawaii, UH , academic side and athletics!


  45. Good to dream but Ellison more interested in sailing and promoting his island. Ben Jay,open up your wallet and pay for the dorms to house the football team, crying shame upper campus and lower campus cant get their act together. No fees should be charged to the athletic dept to pay for on campus dorm during training , otherwise pay the players and charge them rent. We will not be top twenty as long as we are in the Big little west conference. We can be bottom twenty but not in the tops in a small potato conference. and that’s da bottom line.

  46. Balut:

    Agreed. Upper and Lower, the Whole University, has to be on same page. Even the way things are done in State of Hawaii. We want to be a NCAA D1 program, takes all factions to get it done. The athletes that have been through University Manoa, I really give credit to them and their families, imagine the out of state walk ons? Take care of the athletes and the guys and gals can perform.

    I know, Ellison, is the Oracle Captain, software Billionaire, just dreaming,.. nice dream though…!

    Anyways, cannot wait for Dayton to turn the page to next UH MBB topic!
    Mahalo Dayton for the forum!

  47. Another Assist from Spearman?!

    Verbal Commits is reporting UH has made an offer to an athlete from Spearman’s Simeon HS in Chicago. He is a 3.3 star PF, who is 6’7″, 210# and is being recruited by over 20 big name colleges. For an incoming frosh, he looks to be the real deal at both ends of the court.

    I like the way UH is going after quality recruits now…remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!



  48. GET One or Two (More) Impact Players… Start a Whole Train Going … i thought it was sad we didn’t give Roderick Fleming High-Level teammates to work with … kinda like LeBron-Cleveland Part I…

    Watching those Kenucky “Freshmen” on their Big Blue Bahamas Tour (kinda like our China-Japan Tour with more NBA Players)…

    BUT I’m wonderin’ How Good of a Game our Redshirt Sophomores and Juniors would give their young guys…?
    Probably Pre-Season #1 or #2…

  49. Hopefully with Abercrombie gone ,and a new Gov that is responsive to the needs of Manoa campus ,facility improvements will actually take place in a timely manner. And promises of help with travel expenses are not left as empty promises as soon to be former gov is famous for.

  50. Well potential new Governor, if he gets the ball rolling , helping UH out immediately, not just talk, however, whomever the Gov. has to go through legislature. If new Gov. able to work with, UH stands to benefit a lot. That new Gov. will endear themselves to probably tens of thousands of UH FB and MBB, WVB,WBB the whole Athletic Program.

    Hope the friends in Puna District are getting power and water restored soon. They really took the brunt, the Big Island…the two Mauna, Kea and Loa, east, and southern end for the rest of Hawaii State. Very sure there are a lot of UH fans who live there as well.! We hope the return to safe and healthy lives for you all very soon…


    I think that is what Senque , Gib’s New Recruiting Coordinator said he would do, recruit everywhere, and he mentioned, WHY NOT GO AFTER THE BEST ? 3+, 4 + star athletes, the Power Conferences can’t get them all. As EAGLE stated, Hawaii lands one or two ..3.3. or 4 star athletes who are RIGHT FIT, love Hawaii, and the school, staff,… UH can be BB power, mid pacific, for several years.

    Target: 3 star and above now. Great 2 star international? Matthew Neufeld, Canadian citizen, like Negus and Janks, so I guess that is really close international BB talent! And , Matthew, as of latest still going to USA prep school, to improve, and get more offers.

    Senque , I think the idea was, he goes out, as well as Benjy, sometimes they were after the same type of guys, and Gib is the closer. The ability to get guys on Official Visit, … probably a lot will come out on the free vacation 3 days to Hawaii, no problem… however to CLOSE the deal and get the guy to commit and sign LOI, that is the big thing.

    Well, as Eagle, Backbeat stated: If YOU DON’t Try or even ask, never will have chance to land these great athletes. although, already THIS YEAR, I think UH has a team with at least 10 guys who are 2+, 3 star good guys and athletic!

    Go Bows. Rainbows ,.WARRIORS

  52. I’ve NEVER Seen Ige @ a UH Sporting Event
    OR Ever heard him even Profess to Support UH Athletics…
    (Please show/tell me otherwise; NA attended UHMBB Banquet…)

    Mark Takai IS a Total Supporter and Former UH Athlete (FUHA?)
    But Not Sure What he Can Do from DC…

    WE GOTTA find TOTAL SUPPORTERS Just to Step Up
    and Keep from Slippin’ versus The Big Five Conferences
    with their Additional 3-5,000 per year Total Cost of Attendance….

    Maybe Hawaii Tech can do a Video Game Suite with UH Athletics as a Fundraiser…

  53. Duke Aiona was assistant football coach at St. Louis. He’ll be our next governor because Ige and Hanamen will split the democratic votes. I never seen the democratic party butcher their own, but this election is mo bloody than the battle of Nuuanu.

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