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Athletic combo guard Fleming commits to Hawai’i

Delaware is nearly 5,000 miles from Hawai’i, but Isaac Fleming could hardly tell the difference when he made an official visit to the University of Hawai’i last month.


As a result, the athletic 6-foot-4 combo guard is committing to join the Warriors for the 2014-15 season. He is currently attending Massanutten Military Academy, which is a post-high school graduate program in Virginia. He will be a college freshman during the 2014-15 school year, and would have four years of eligibility.

“I was out there on my visit and it didn’t feel that far away,” Fleming said. “I felt at home, and feel like I really bonded with the team. Everything was positive and I really like the future of the backcourt they have with Negus (Webster-Chan) and Keith (Shamburger). I think I can fit in.”

After contemplating the decision for a few weeks, Fleming canceled visits to other schools and committed to Hawai’i. He said the other schools that were in the mix included Wake Forest, Murray State, Rhode Island and Ohio.

“My mom went on the visit to Hawai’i with me and she really liked it,” Fleming said. “My dad was more happy than I am. They’re both happy about this.”

Fleming averaged around 25 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists as a senior at National Christian Academy last season.

“I like to play aggressive and make plays,” he said. “I feel like I can create for myself and my team.”

Fleming said he was recently measured at 6-4 and 185 pounds, and could still be growing. “I still get growing pains in my knees, so maybe I’m not done yet,” he said.

Fleming said he expects to sign an official letter of intent during the early signing period in November. He is the first player to commit to Hawai’i for the 2014-15 season.

(phenomhoopsreport.com photo)

Here are a couple of past highlight videos of Fleming:


  1. that’s a shocker

  2. Amazing. Good get Gib!! If Flemings is still growing great!!
    Imagine if he is 6’5″ or so ,another SF Wing super athletic team to come. I think Hawaii and the team and Gib are seeling UH BB!!

    Good job Gib, now I think he looks for great PF!!


  3. I am really only excited about his 3-star rating

  4. Isaac, it is great to have you aboard! Think about it in 1 year you will be with the rest of the team working out on the beach.

  5. Great welcome Isaac Flemings! !
    One commit down, 3 more to go?
    Hfan09, I am with you , 3 star rating plus Gib beat out ACC team Wake Forest!!
    Now a Senegal big ? Evan all star?
    Yup amazing!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  6. Welcome, Isaac

    Four-Five Year Players who already have good-to-Great Skills, Basketball IQ, Academics, and Fit the Team are Part of How the Program Grows and Improves — EX: Shamburger four to five years woulda been way better than Two…

    …and maybe from here on out, Gib & Staff will be mostly signing players (that they) rated 3, 4 or 5 Stars…

    SOME Growth Spurts pick up speed … Keep Going 6-5, 6, 7, 8, …

    Great that the coaches let the recruit and family think it through themselves … NO HARD Sells…

    Thanks, Coaches, Dayton…

  7. I meant welcome to UH MBB Isaac Fleming!!

    Eagle, n2joy ,FUHA,servante,and all fans, Gib is doing his thing recruiting!!
    Dang we gotta start seasin already!!

    Gib good commit!!

    This year will be good and next few years !!

    Next year, Isaac F1 and. Isaac F2 or big Isaac and. Lil. Isaac!!

    Go Rainbow. Warriors! !

  8. Isaac, Think about attending in January and getting a leg up on School and The Systems…

  9. Dayton you have us spoiled, I wanted more open gym film but news on a great recruit like this is better! Thanks again for your great coverage!

  10. If he keeps growing, 6′ 6 or 6′ 5 , he might be a legit NBA prospect after he is done at UH.

  11. Shoots ACC and SEC teams North Carolina St. and Georgia.

    Maybe Dayton’s paddling video did it!!

    Come on down Evan!!

    Wonder if ,eagle(?)…NWC sends his Toronto boys down, that is a hotbed of talent too!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!


  12. don’t get ahead of ourselves folks

  13. hawaiifan09:

    We all are very optimistic, and die hard fans, however, WINNING is everything for College sports, on the court, field, and in the classroom, and life in general, Nah, we know Hfan09, one season at a time. Next week Friday Sept 27 2013 Gib rolls out the basketballs and practice officially starts. Still think with the 3 seniors, plus Fotu and RS Jr. Shamburger, they are going to lead team as far as can go. UH has great nucleus THIS YEAR. We all can enjoy a great season, hopefully this year.

    I just appreciate, that Gib does what Gib does, recruit, not only the young guys, however as Eagle states, and n2joy, Gib features the State of Hawaii the culture, he talks to , and establishes relationships with the families, the moms and dads,. then invites them, to be a part of creating a Basketball contender, in the middle of the Pacific. The recruiting tactic, must be working, from Toronto, via Missouri, now Delaware, to Oregon, Latvia, Germany, to New Zealand.

    Go Gib!

    Very soon , hard working Dayton, and thanks very much Mr Morinaga!, will have real time updates of practices, and how team is doing to prepare for this,year, so far, his team appears to be in great shape, and they WANT to win, now we shall see HOW they win games, should be exciting year, can’t wait!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  14. Hey Isaac Fleming,

    Your stars already shine with our royal fans, who were extremely happy, when they got the good news that a three-starred player has given us a verbal-commit to be the 1st early signee for 2014-15 (you’re #1)!

    Great minds think alike. You were impressed with your future teammates, seeing how good and happy they are, just want to be one of them; The admiration is mutual, I guarantee you that they were wishing silently that you will join their brotherhood!

    May we fondly call you “Small Isaac”?

    PS: Aloha, Mr. & Mrs. Fleming, come visit us again soon!?

  15. just saying…..don’t say possible nba career or beat out acc or sec….I don’t think there was a scholie waiting for him from any acc or sec school….it was just interest

  16. hawaiifan09:

    I think last UH MBB athlete to have played in NBA, a 13 year plus veteran AC Carter, special , special young man. Don’t think he was HS All America,so he was a NO STAR athlete as young guy, in fact ,High school dropout, was mentored, he got his GED, went to Saddleback JC has great 2 year career, then UH and the rest is history. AC when running open gym, you probably remember, the thought was when we saw him play with the returning UH guys, ” we all went” AC the real deal, he got game.

    Predrag Savovic a man amongst boys, don’t think he was a 3 star athlete out of HS in America. He first started at Alabama Birmingham, then transferred to UH for RS season, then soph, jr and sr. season, played one and portion of a season with Denver Nuggets as free agent.

    So two, of the last UH guys that went to NBA via free agent route, were not HS 3 or 4 star athletes, just good, Basketball players that FIT Hawaii, and that is what Gib is getting down. Make sure the scholie athletes either graduate, or after a few years, go NBA, if they have supreme and guaranteed first round draft potential, or just have that Game. or High Euro or Overseas Pro guaranteed offers, i.e. Fotu.
    You are correct though, very, very few in the entire world make the roster of near 30 NBA teams, some 360 spots, as well as practice squads. Maybe, Negus, Isaac
    Fotu, Christian Standhardinger, Garrett Nevels, ….down the road, Isaac Fleming will be the next either drafted or sign free agent NBA contract.

    However, we let the young guys enjoy Hawaii,..the 17 here now seem to really love it. The test, how will they all feel after first loss, or some, not playing as much on the court. If they just support TEAM, and winning, affect winning any way they can, they will be happy, and perhaps going to big dance.

    So much Pilikia in world today, the UH MBB news from WI and Dayton, brings a ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy at times, world.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    And Hawaii fan 09, enjoy the season , very soon here, first week or so of November!


  17. hawaiifan09:

    Added to above post, basically we never know who from UH roster this year and next few years will make it to NBA. Really the exception rather than the rule, however, all these guys, and even Isaac Fleming, say they want to come to UH to build program, win championships, be winners. That attitude will help them in class, in the community, as parents, and husbands as well as in the later years of life.

    Sure, we know, don’t drinl the Kool Aid, however, glad to see guys coming to Hawaii as preferred walkons, or scholie, who now, even though from half way around the world, love being in Hawaii, and want to win for University , the State and its fans. Love these guys, and their Ohana.

    It is amazing to me, how extensive the recruiting database is for Gib now. Global, And now the USA, athletes are coming over too, which, is easier on Visa issues too I guess. However, hope the scholarship guys stay the course, though, if one or two choose to leave, HOPE NOT, they go PRO or return home to take care of sick parents, and not get into trouble!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  18. Hey Playhoopsa! From UHF….Basically bottom line, I think hawaiifan09, is just being realistc, we have seen what has happened to expectations of UH MBB talent in the past, with the Rocha , Little, Wallace , Nash teams. Some were HS, JC, All Americans, a few like Bob Nash, Tom Henderson were first round NBA draft picks, others like, Reggie Cross, 2nd round Philadelphia 76ers and Tommy Barker 4th round Atlanta Hawks, were ones of note in past 30 plus year to make it the the League..

    Ones like Tom Henderson won NBA championship with Washington Bullets, AC had stints with several NBA teams, a good PG, who had the longest career of any former UH MBB athlete, and we are proud of him, he gave back, financially to UH!

    We are optimistic, and Glad, very happy to have Isaac Fleming and his Ohana be a part of UH MBB for 4 years. FANTASTIC!

    I believe in older video that Gib did, he did mention that he wants these young guys to have the dream of making the league, the NBA, they always want to shoot for high goals, win championships, do well in academics, be solid citizens, have fun as students and love the Aloha State.

    Now the pipeline of the last few years is on…and we all are thankful for any fine student and athlete to sign an LOI, or agree to take spot on roster as preferred walkon. Hawaii loves this group of guys, whom I think are working as hard as any UH sports team, on campus. It will help them win a lot of games.

    Hoops Dreams, can come true, with hard work, the right fit and circumstance, all depends on how things work out!

    Should be fun following UH MBB this year and 4 years down the road! Wish success to MBB and WBB, should be great!


  19. Sorry fans, I made an error about, Reggie Cross 6’8″ 243 lbs solid as a rock PF , great UH and college player, got drafted in 1989 by Philadelphia 76ers however was waived. He did play in Europe and did well. Reggie, a man’s man! Hope he and family are doing well today, a great rebounder, with nice turn around jumper!


  20. Reggie Cross, 76ers wanted to sign him to Non-guaranteed contract, and he would have to make team.His agent, went pursuing European opportunities, been so long ago, over 24 years, apologize fans, I forget too, had to do search. Reggie did have family, so played pro ball overseas, and did okay to provide for self and family, Hope he is healthy and okay today!

    A real tough dude! He led the UH team, Riley Wallace’s first year team, that went something like 4-26 to an NCAA turnaround team of the year. Finished regular season at 17-13 or something like that, and went to NIT March of 1989, first time since 1971 Fabulous Five team

    Back to Isaac, welcome aboard, and enjoy the next four years!! Win championships!!


  21. yes just being realistic and know how the past 5-6 years went although im just as optimistic as all of u are…prove me wrong and get me excited and wanna attend the stan sheriff

  22. I been waiting 40 years for Fabulous Five era to return.

  23. Food For Thought….

    Several of The Top Mid-Majors can play Deep into the Tourney with Three, Four and Five Year Players,…

    Who Continually Develop and ʻCANʻ Even Out-Play, Out-Team or Out-Perform the One and Done NBA Types…

    A Recruit who ʻEarnedʻ a Three-Star Rating Last Year ʻCouldʻ Keep Growing & Improving to 3-1/2 or 3-Plus Stars…

    THEN Keep Improving into a Three, Four, Five Year College Career…

    That Is Why BBIQ And Gym-Rat Work Ethic Should Rate So High —
    Even Up There with ʻNaturalʻ Talent and Athleticism…

    Athletics is “Littered” with Sad Stories of Natural Stars who Never Learned to Work So Hard or So Smart
    …and being SurPassed or Lapped by The Smart Workaholics…
    Weʻll probably be “Thrilled” by Building a Team of 3,4,5-Year, Three and Four-Stars…

    UNTIL We Start Collecting Super-Stars…
    THAT For Now, Is UHMBB Plan “A”

    P.S. WE WILL Be Watching @ Stan Sheriff, OC-16 and WarriorInsider.com….

  24. Good that Isaac Fleming, Garrett Nevels, Quincy Smith, NWC, basically all the athletes brought in this year want to win championships and take UH to higher level in NCAA MBB landscape!

    Well again Gib has to be proactive, and keep that recruiting base going. What is that recruiter’s motto, they ” always recruit athletes that could potentially be better than the ones they brought in prior year or two”. Keeps competition up for spots, and starters, always keep working to help team and program win, get to next level,not regress. However, Gib stated his BB vision is to recruit good HS athletes and have 4 to 5 years to develop. Now of course augment with JC 3 to play, and overseas, good gets.

    Eagle, I don’t know if Gib or any UH coach, doing it properly, can have 13 scholarship players, at 3 or 4 star and above level, however , one Mr Riley Wallace, did it old school, discipline, instill system, took hard working guys, and guys that fit that Flex Motion Offense, and good defenders, until he had that Savo led record setting 27 game winning team, that led Xavier at the half, first round of NCAA’s(until they ran out of gas and lost to David West Xavier led comeback).

    That UH system, same like JJ and the spread offense, recruit to the system, with hard work, clear and go, repetition and guys buying in, they went 12-0 and Sugar Bowl in 2007 season. Maybe same with Gib and UH MBB, now athletes are more athletic, definitely enjoying Hawaii, and Fit UH, Hawaii culture , good academics and people, along with stepped up coaching, now that Gib has the personnel, should be good.

    I like what he is doing, We shall see Eagle, key, is still this year FOUR, if UH goes to NIT or better yet NCAA, can attract, 3 star or better athlete or two, or high rated overseas athletes! Eaglle and other fans, as others have mentioned, Practice No. 1 begins in a few days!!


  25. …and (I Think) The Ones who still need to develop AND (Already) Display the Work Ethic that could get them to the point of good enough for a scholie (worthy instead of a two or three star) are given the opportunity to Build their skills and Grow with the Team as Walk-ons IN The Uber-Rich, High-Standards Environment alongside and against Legit D-1 Players…

    Year Four IS Definitely “Looking” like a Money Year…and agree with FUHA that it IS Much Less Expensive to ADD Years to the Contract at Today’s (Under-Priced) Rates…Despite ANY Boo-Bird Criticisms — That Will Take ‘Clear-Vision’ and Sound A.D. Evaluation…

    ALSO There is a NEED To Extend and Lock In The Good Coaches and AVOID Repeating The Frazier Fiasco that Lost/Drove Away Bonified NFL Coach JJ and HIS Bargain Prices…THAT IS Proabably a $2 to $5 MILLION PER YEAR Mistake …

  26. Eagle appreciate your points. Well thought out and practical. You are correct with the development , especially of the RS’s last year active for this year, scholie and walkons, Gib has outlined what they had to work on, and lo and behold! They did. That is DEDICATION, WORK ETHIC, just great young guys who want to win and go DANCING!

    FUHA, I see where he is coming from. JJ, the coach that was dismissed this year before season started for FB, the easy buy outs, Not the way to go, to have fiscal responsibility for Athletic Program, hope Ben Jay learns form what HF and JD, went through, and errors made. Less costly…do it right, the contract now, before too late. Gib is on the right track, you can feel a very good vibe with UH MBB right now…

    I think Ben is on right track, one thing, if UH facilities, are not even on par with a San Jose St. or Utah St., boy, recruits, would think twice about coming here. However, there is a HUGE major selling point to play for UH, whether preferred walkons(who can earn scholie) or scholie recruits, the chance , whether freshman or incoming soph, transfer from JC, to make IMMEDIATE impact. Plus, Hawaii, though not perfect, the economy, crime, traffic, cost of living, etc, is still a very, very nice place to live for 3 to 4 years and get education and win BWC championships. For those reasons, Hawaii great place and a chance for potential recruits to take UH to consistently winning and going to big and little dances in March, is a major recruiting pitch for Gib and staff.

    One thing Eagle, you notice, now, when we hear of a guy coming in for visit, Nevels, Spearman, NWC, Quincy Smith, and now Isaac Fleming, (though we have to wait for the official LOI, hope he stays true!), they are not tripping UH, Gib, Brandyn, Benjy, Fish, if guys are visiting, plus bringing parent or two, ARE committing and signing! which is great. With UH MBB budget, cannot afford to bring trippers!

    So Eagle and FUHA, I agree, Ben Jay, probably banging out a contract to keep Gib around for awhile, the recruiting end for Gib looks really good for years to come, now if Gib can go back to back BWC championships and NCAA’s , that would be icing on the cake, I fully expect this year’s team, to have chance to win BWC tourney and get NCAA invite. Wouldn’t that be joy in ole Hawaii Nei at that time!


  27. Wouldn’t it be something if Gib and Laura Beeman, two ex USC assistants, both went to NCAA’s this year! Wow, that would be something, it really would be something!

    P.S. Beeman, a great hire , really great , by JD!

  28. got our guard….now a wing and big?

  29. hawaiifan09:

    Seems to be the thought on Gib’s recruiting for next year, UH loses, Spearman, combo guard, Standhardinger, PF, and Rozitis, Center. However, Gib still has THREE more scholies to offer, unless he gives to someone.

    Evan Fitzner? Sengal PF or Center? Gib recruiting from Oregon to east coast to europe.

    Hfan, will be interesting. Seems like Gib going after HS or prep school talent, good ones, to develop over 4 or 5 years. And maybe get a JC with three years to play.

    Just a thought.

    If UH can win big this year, it will be like replenishing the roster, with young guys, who will be the next generation, when these sophomores are seniors!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  30. I’m hoping for the Senegal center and maybe a experienced player and a prep to develop…with 3-4years of recruiting I hope gib can score

  31. Fitzner could be a 6-10 version of Christian with Four/Five years to play instead of Two…

    Getting High Profile Recruits is also good for ‘publicly’ beating other name programs, potentially elevating program perception with other prospective recruits…

    Although we could benefit as much (or more) from a Senegalese or Aotearoan player or three…

    …and maybe, eventually, Gib & Co. will Win The Trust and Favor of a 4-Star or Two?

  32. HEY FANS! 3 More Days till First Official Day of Practice! Friday Sept 27th 2013, then Oct 19th 2013 Green White Scrimmage, dunk fest, 3 ball shooting whatever, full game at SSC!

    November, early season starts!

    Are You All Ready for some UH MBB Hoops!! I am!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, and shout out to Seniors, go for the BWC crown!!


  33. Sorry fans, I meant, Senegal PF or C. Very athletic and long. can develop as Eagle and others stated.

    Once again say what your will, about Gib, he has kept true to his vision on recruiting. He is bringing in HS seniors, and Prep school grads, (correct Eagle, if Isaac has the credits, grades, academic side ready, would be nice, if he came in January, Spring Semester, to start in system, remember, Israeli Orel Lev, from all reports he was an exceptional athlete, in that area of the world sadly, young men and women always have to be ready to defend their homeland. Will be nice when whole world is at PEACE!)

    Gib, good job, Bruce O’Neil great recruiter, JW, brought in some good ones, RW did too, and BN got a great get, former UK transfer. Gib, Brandyn, Benjy, Fish, covering, West Coast, East Coast, Pacific Rim, and all points in between, that UH MBB staff is tapping the entire planet, make UH MBB unique, could win, with PG from Taiwan, Center from Australia, SF from NZ, PG from Senegal, SG from Kapalama Heights, and why not….Gib the eternal recruiter. Go for it Gib, I love how, you and staff, UH and people make recruits and players feel at home, same as it was when Fab Five, and Artie Wilson, Tom Henderson were here,!

    Hope Ben Jay works out a nice muli-year extension, not easy to buy out, give Gib backing, find monies, for increased UH MBB budget for recruiting and even training table! Expand SSC, pretty sure, the plan was, 10,300 currently seating, that complex, can go up and out, extra space around the arena to add perhaps anoter 2700 seats, making SSC 13,000, seating capacity, maybe with great success by the time Isaac Fleming graduates, SSC will be 20 home game sell out for entire season! Averaging 13000 plus attendance and season tickets purchased, wow!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, and thanks Dayton, for letting us UH MBB junkies post away, we love the program, and the way Gib and MBB staff and team is headed, forward and upwards, winning championships!

    Go Bows, Warriors, Rainbows, Rainbow Warriors, Fighting Deans, UH MBB hoopsters, !


  34. One thing I’ve noticed over the years: The Bill Amis improve-every-year type player are far and few. Fact in all UH sports I have more fingers than players that meet that criteria. Of course I’m looking at student athletes that had at least 3 years. There are many JUCO players that improved in those 2 years. But 3 or 4 year players I’ve got a real short list. So looking at basket ball I come up with these “improved every year” players: Chris Gaines, Trevor Ruffin, Carl English, Bill Amis, Is total dedication a thing of the past? Then Chris Mullins is a dinosaur.

  35. Dayton, thanks a million for your hard work, as Valerie Schmidt educated us on, the fact you take care of yourself and family, plus work full time, so WI, is a part time, when you have time labor of love. Mahalo Plenty man!

    QUESTION: I keep on alluding to training table for UH MBB athletes. What do the guys eat? I think the scholarship players have a per diem, do they eat at Burger King, or Mickey D’s, or the UH Cafeteria, nutrition is so vital.

    So that is my question of the day: Where and What do UH MBB athletes eat during the school year and season?

    Mahalo Dayton!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  36. servante: Good observation servante. Correct, especially in MBB, the 4 year to develop, and they reached by senior year a high level, and much improved play from freshman or soph year. Not too, many in past 40 years. However, the , AC, Trevor Ruffin, Predrag Savovic, Carl English, were good to go over 2 to 3 years.

    Ideally an NCAA D1 MBB program, would want to develop HS seniors and prep school grads, that would make for stable and consistent Basketball success. However, I am sure Gib , same with Rocha, O’Neil, Little, Wallace and Nash before, would not rule out a few outstanding, All America first team JC athletes, those would supplement the long term , i.e, possibly Jawato, Harper, Valdes, Jovanovich, Dressler, Enos, Filipovich, Hackman, Michael Thomas, and now Isaac Fleming.

    Look at makeup of team, potential active, barring RS 1 or 2 athletes , freshmen, UH team could have maybe 14 or 15 on active roster.

    Seniors: Standhardinger, Rozitis, Spearman
    Juniors: Shamburger, Nevels,
    Sophomores: Harper, Jawato, Smith.Fotu
    Freshmen: Jovanovich, Hackman, Valdes RS, Enos RS, Dressler RS, Filipovich., Michael Thomas

    RS soph transfer from Mizzou: NWC sitting out this year.

    Pretty good balance of Seniors, Juniors , Sophomores and Freshman.

    I guess what you are alluding to is , how Harper,Jawato, Smith, Fotu, and the 6 Freshmen develop till Senior year. We just gotta wait and see. This year 4, will show how much improvement Seniors, and Sophomores have made, as well as RS freshmen active.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  37. that’s why we need those negus type transfers to contribute right away and give a chance for our prep players to develop….at this point of gibs career he has no excuses but to get us a couple wins in the nit or make the ncaa tourney

  38. Hfan9: Bottom line_NIT or what team is fighting for NCAA invite..no CIT..
    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  39. SO, Counting Other Ways…

    10 “Returnees” (Including Redshirts)

    Seven with D-1 Experience

    FOUR D-1 Starters (Including SJSU Shamburger)

    Numerous Athletes
    All Kinds of Skills

    Let’s Get it Started……

  40. Eagle, THE DAY ONE of the 2013-14 season, first practice, after this post less than 3 days away!

    Fans, get ready, very soon in next few weeks with fantastic WI writer and video archiver Dayton Morinaga, will bring us real time and up to date, how NEW and RETURNING guys are doing in UH system.

    Especially interesting to see how guards, Garrett Nevels, and Quincy Smith can endure, workouts, and etc from coach.
    Also, how Michael Thomas, Aaron Valdes, Caleb Dressler, Dyrbe Enos, Jack Hackman, Stefan Jovanovich, Nikola Filipovich as well as RS addition in waiting NWC does working with returnees.

    KEY: Isaac, Christian, Brandon Spearman, Brandon Jawato, Davis, and Keith Shamburger, and Michael Harper, how they lead , new and RS’s through the paces, in system,..

    Eagle, you are correct, that D1 experience, and 3 noted all conference(BWC and WAC) selections, Christian, Isaac and Keith Shamburger, huge key, plus the greatly conditioned Brandon Spearman, who is ready to SPEAR head the attack on O and D, plus, hopefully, Davis brings his Latvian Monster, next level Euro pro attack to practices, blocking everything around the rim, rebounding like a n animal, and dunking everything within 5 feet of the basket!

    Let’s Game On!!

    Fri. Sept 27 2013….

  41. Two Days…

    it is upon us…

    Euphoric Days…(?)

  42. Hey Evan Fitzner & Mom, Dad:

    Aloha Spirit is with you again!

    The UHMBB Ohana would like to extend an invitation to you (‘cos we need another 3-star player) >>

    The 1st 3-star player we referred to is none other than the intelligent, diligent, future-minded,
    adorable “Small Isaac” of 5000-miles away Delaware basketball sensation, Isaac Fleming! Who determinedly made an early verbal commitment to send his NLOI in mid-Nov 2013 to be the #1 early signer for the 2014-15 UHMBB team. We humbly asking you to contact Mr. Fleming & Family for all the good reasons why Hawaii is their ideal choice.

    Coach Arnold will be delighted to arrange for your campus visit at your earliest convenience, too.

    Thank you VERY MUCH, see you soon!

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