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Prep recruit Fitzner still looking at Hawai’i


It is safe to say that Evan Fitzner has his pick of schools in the West to choose from for his collegiate basketball career. The University of Hawai’i is right there, alongside Gonzaga, New Mexico, Saint Mary’s and virtually every Pac-12 school.

“I’m still taking a good look at Hawai’i,” he said. “We have a great relationship with Coach Gib (Arnold) and Coach (Brandyn) Akana, so it’s going good.”

The Hawai’i coaches have been recruiting Fitzner for more than two years – long before many of the other schools caught on to his talents.

Fitzner is a 6-foot-10 forward out of San Diego, Calif. He is about to enter his senior year at Francis Parker High, and is currently starting for the Double Pump Elite travel team this summer. Double Pump Elite is considered one of the top AAU programs in Southern California.

He was an all-league selection as a junior last season, and one publication picked him as a first team All-San Diego player.

In basketball lingo, he is described as a “stretch 4” – a power forward who can play near the basket with his size, but can also stretch the floor with shooting range that extends beyond the 3-point line.

“He’s an extremely mature kid, understands the game, has a high basketball IQ,” Double Pump Elite head coach Christian Aurand said. “For a kid his size, he shoots the ball tremendously well. He’s worked very hard inside as well to be a balanced player inside and out … he’s just a very versatile big.”

Fitzner’s mother is Cheri Boyer Fitzner, who was an All-America setter for the Hawai’i Rainbow Wahine volleyball team from 1988-91. She, of course, has a rooting interest in Hawai’i, but her husband Mark Fitzner has a different loyalty. He is a former basketball player at Stanford, and the Cardinal is also on the long list of teams interested in Evan.

“They’re just supportive of where ever I feel most comfortable,” Evan said of the recruiting talk in the Fitzner home. “Both schools are great schools, so I’m just excited for the opportunity.”

The above video and interviews are from the Las Vegas Fab 48 Tournament, which was completed this past weekend. Fitzner played with an ankle injury, but still managed to help lead Double Pump Elite to a 3-2 record in the “Invitational” division, which featured 48 elite AAU teams from across the country.

Below is a compilation of highlights from his junior season at Francis Parker High, courtesy www.sportsontheside.net.


  1. Sure would be a great pick up to get this guy! I think I remember watch his mom play on K-5 the home team back in the day.

  2. Sounds like a great young man with a promising future. I hope he considers that at other schools he will be considered a good basketball player, but at UH he will be considered family by an entire state from the day he arrives.

  3. Hey, Evan Fitzner:

    Ask your Mom >>

    ~1. When you’re at Hawaii were you feel COMFORTABLE?
    ~2. What OHANA means in Hawaiian?
    ~3. Where you got the First Team All-American honors and, how many times?
    ~4. Who is the Coach makes her game BETTER?
    ~5. Why ALOHA SPIRIT experience is important for her?

    You will have..

    * The whole State out to Pamper you for your entire career.
    * Coach Gib & staffs to prep you for next level.
    * Jersey #34 reserved for you (ask now), which its former wearer is 1st Teamer and the next wearer an AA!
    * Joining an (International) Brotherhood, who are: All-in-for-win.
    * Aussie Mum can explain why her son is the “Thunder-from-down-under” in WI posts.
    * Chance to see POTUS Obama this DHC tournament and/or at the White House when invited!
    * Meet Spider-Chen (got cartoon!), Fo(4)tu(2), Big-Cal, Jovan, Nevels, Nucler-Airon, MT, MH, QS, PG-KS..
    * As the “Kingpin” of the new, winner play called the”Trible-Stretch-4″.
    * A “Dream Come True” as your Mom’s.

    Cheri Boyer: We always love you. Please KOKUA!

  4. This would be an awesome addition if Gib can pull it off.

    Positive Notes:
    -UH has a long relationship and started recruiting him 2+ years ago.
    -Fitzner’s mom is also a Former UH Athlete
    -Fitzner would immediately compete for the starting 4 position when he arrives (Standhardinger will be done after this year).
    -UH plays in the Big West… so lots of California games for friends & family.
    -Evan would potentially start along side Fotu & NWC. (drool……)
    -Poke Bowls

    Negative Notes:
    -Every top West coast program is after him, including the major SoCal schools (UCLA, USC, SDSU).
    -UH plays in Big West…. which is only a one NCAA tournament bid league
    -Most Big West teams play in gymnasiums and dumpy facilities. SSC is nice, but not close to the viewing/fan experience that Pauley Pavillion (UCLA), Viejas Arena (SDSU), The Pit (UNM), or The Kennel (Gonzaga) provide.

    Let’s hope Evan is a momma’s boy!

  5. If Gonzaga and St Mary’s are after Evan, that means he’s a good student also. Not easy schools to get into, even for athletes.

  6. would still love a guy 6’8-6’10 that can jump out the building and block shots but I guess a guy like fitzner with soft hands and nice touch to the 3pt line…if he had some hops he’d be going straight to a top program

  7. Nice comments about Evan and mom!

    You can see the agenda for recruiting by Gib. Establish, relationship with HS guys, even from 9th-10th grade, have a connection, make sure kids are from good homes, excellent students, have BB ability and love Hawaii!

    Just the character of guys, coming to Hawaii now, Gib trying to GET THE RIGHT FIT(ZNER)!!

    Come on over Evan!

    Go UH MBB and aloha, to one of the best setters and athletes, that ever played for Dave Shoji, Cheri B.! Great player , very first class person and family!

  8. of course gib has to do some damage this season but if he can get evan and 6’5 sg they need to extend his contract for another 2 years or so….really hope to land a top jc or transfer to play 2013 with negus….”the dream team”

  9. *2014

  10. Tough going against the likes of Stanford. Who has more clout, the mom or the dad. Guess we’ll have to see. Coming from San Diego, Steve Fisher could lure him to San Diego St. also.

  11. The Best thing a wife can do for her husband is to love and raise his children…

    The Best thing a Dad can do for his kids is to Love their Mom…

    Would sure like to see that All Add Up to Evan @ UHM…

    Cheri Understands How Special that is
    Dad maybe Not…
    Evan’s Gotta Wanna…

    Build Your Own Program,
    Start Your Own Legacy
    The Hawai’i Basketball Golden Age, Powerhouse?
    Evan & Co. can build that…

  12. You love seeing the progression in this kid’s game.

    He has improved his body from last summer, and his tape mirror’s his own comment as well as his coach’s impression that he has worked on his back to the basket game. Adding more versatility to his offensive game and looking more comfortable and assertive in the post.

    With his length and ability to space the floor a bit, he really would be a perfect bookend at the high post or on the block with someone like Isaac Fotu; i.e., guys that will consistently attract doubles and find open shooters on time. And a playmaking wing like Negus Webster-Chan – who he will get to play with for this entire career here should he come – will literally get him buckets all night.

    While he does not appear to be a banger and may not necessarily be the most dynamic athlete, his highly-skilled finessed game would complement well with the type of players that are currently in the system, and certainly, his game translates well to having significant success in the Big West.

    Basketball wise, it would be a very good fit for Evan to play with the type of players that this program is bringing in now, and in the conference that they are in.

  13. What kid with brains would not want to go to Stanford—if the school really wants him. I’d say if Stanford doesn’t go after him in the early signing period then he might get discouraged and start looking for schools that want him. Then Hawaii might have an outside shot.

  14. HOPE You’re Right… That @ “Big-Time” Stanford, he wouldn’t be such a Big Deal…

    THAT Might be Enough to Know Something More, Something Special, Could be Experienced @ Hawai’i….

    He CAN Get his Graduate’s Degree at Stanford …
    Although a Big Name School “Could” Count for Big Bucks or help you get a Higher Stat Job, it’s the Advanced Degrees that Count for the Bigger Bucks (like our Value-Challenged UH President, etc.)

    Just My Opinion, But i think Under-Grads Need to Have Fun along with, in Evan’s Case, Prepping for Professional and/or BB/NBA Career … He OUGHT TO Know (Because of His Mother, Cheri) that his Undergrad Time @ UH Should Set Him Up For Life (In Hawai’i) IF he Values that …

    [My Own Boss and a Few Friends are Stanford Achievers…
    Coulda saved A Lot of Money and Had Even More Fun in Hawai’i…
    @ Stanford, you also got to “Live Up” to the Robber Barron’s Lifestyle
    [Robber Barron’s was The Student Body Selected (Voted) School Nickname…
    IF You’re BIG on Embarcadero Drive and Money Mongers, it’ll work…]

    Shoji’s Boys did “O.K.”, BUT Coulda Been “Legends like their Dad” @ UH…
    …and like the other UH Grads, still would be playing for the National Team….

    BTW, It’s Often “COLD” In NORCAL … The Wine is Very Good
    The Grapes FREEZE Up there — ICE WINE, they call it…

    TOUGH Choice?: Trees Versus “Rainbows”

    i think the Good News (for Evan) is that he’ll probably Do Fine @ Any of His Choices….


    Win ‘ im Over ‘Bows…
    Get ‘im Gib…
    Hawai’i No Ka ‘Oi

  15. Harper is back in the Islands; suited up in the second half for Central Medical tonight at Manoa and scored 7 points.

    Nevels, Jovanovich, Valdes, Dressler, Shamburger and Thomas also played tonight. Shamburger (13 assists) and Valdes (31 points) had strong performances.

    Dayton will have details and a video later.

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