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More updates from Gib Arnold

Gib Arnold had a recruiting plan for the upcoming 2012-13 season, so it’s no surprise to him that the roster will include eight freshmen.

“It’s part of my philosophy here,” he said of the youth movement. “We have eight freshmen – maybe the most in the country. But I like that. With youth comes, obviously, some up and downs, and I expect to see that this year. But also, there’s a great excitement and there’s a lot of energy, and I like that, too.”

The final addition came late last week in the form of 6-foot-5 true freshman Aaron Valdes. He spent much of last week completing paperwork and signing up for classes to become eligible for the upcoming season.

“He gives us a little more athleticism,” Arnold said. “He’s a young guard, he’s got good size, and he’s got a good future ahead of him.”

Arnold added that he expects Valdes to play several roles, mostly because he has an ability to defend multiple positions. “I think he’s a guard, he can play the wing, he can probably even play a little bit of small forward,” Arnold said. “But it’s more dependent upon who he can guard versus what he does offensively … I think Aaron has a chance to be a guy who can guard multiple positions, which in time will make him a much better player.”

Arnold noted that he will have just four returnees from last season’s active roster – Hauns Brereton, Garrett Jefferson, Vander Joaquim and Davis Rozitis.

“Those guys, I know what expect out of them. The rest of the guys are new,” Arnold said. “I don’t know if they’re ready to be thrown in the fire, but they got no choice. They’re gonna be thrown in, so we’ll see who’s ready when that happens.”

Arnold also noted that he and his staff targeted a specific type of student-athlete in this recruiting class, and much of it did not have to do with basketball talent.

“In this recruiting class, we really paid attention to character and chemistry,” he said. “It’s not by chance that we have this group of guys.”

— — —-

Here is an announcement from the UH media relations office on Zane Johnson signing a professional contract to play in Japan:

Former University of Hawai`i men’s basketball player Zane Johnson will make his way to Asia after signing a pro contract with the Fukuoka Rizing of the Basketball Japan League (bj-league).

The 6-6 guard signed a one-year deal with the Rizing, which finished fifth in last year’s Western Division standings (33-19). The Rizing were knocked out in the round of 16 in the playoffs. Former Rainbow Warrior standout Bobby Nash is the most recent UH player to play in the bj-league, suiting up for the Shiga Lakestars (2008-10) and the Satima Broncos (2010-11). While at Satima he played for his father, former UH head coach Bob Nash, who will be coaching the Toyama Grouses this season in the league’s Eastern Division.

Johnson was named honorable mention all-conference in his two seasons at UH after transferring from the University of Arizona. The Phoenix, Ariz., native left the program as one of the most prolific shooters in school history. He established a new single-season mark for three-pointers (98) as a junior in 2010-11 and became the school’s all-time leader in three-pointers made (180) as senior, despite playing just two seasons. He also set a new school record with 29 straight free throws made during the 2011-12 season and ranks as the fourth most accurate free throw shooter (.825) in program history.

Johnson, who earned a degree in sociology from UH last December, garnered an NBA workout earlier this summer with the Milwaukee Bucks, before signing with Fukuoka.


  1. Great update! Thank you Dayton , staff and Schmidt Ohana sponsors!

    Good positive report, MBB can be very exciting this year!!

    Go Gib!! UH MBB new and returnees do your best to rock that Stan Sheriff Center!!

  2. Gib, you set a recruiting objective: HIGH CHARACTER…good attitude, great start to build a young basketball team…Look forward to coming years…with hard work and unity can translate to much success!!

    Thanyou Gib, Benjy, Fish, and Brandyn, excellent recruiting!!

  3. Dayton,

    Thanks for the Update. I appreciate all your hardwork.

    Is Gib planning to bring back Midnight Ohana? Start it at Midnight and the students would most likely attend. It’s a totally different atmosphere with the late start (i.e. the Late Night ESPN game).

    Will there be a Slam-Dunk competition? I think the trio of Jefferson, Valdes and Spearman would put on quite a show.

    They could even have a 3-point contest versus members from the Women’s Basketball team.

    And of course have an intrasquad scrimmage. You can have celebrity Coaches Artie Wilson and Tony Sellito draft and coach a team.

  4. I would have the intra-squad scrimmage between the Freshman and everybody else.

    Freshmen – Fotu, Dressler, Clair, Harper, Valdes, Enos, Jawato, Pavlovic

    Others – Joaquim, Stanhardinger, Brereton, Tavita, Spearman, Shamburger, Jefferson, Rozitis

    That would be very interesting. Full court, all up tempo, 24 second clock, no zone defense. Each team has 3 subs. That should have enough players to keep the game going fast. The crowd would love it. Lots of shooting, 3 pointers, dunks, etc., not much defense expected, and that’s okay for this occasion. Yes, do have foul shots too. Good practice.

    Only caveat: To me, make the requirement in this scrimmage that there must be at least 2 or 3 passes before taking a shot to promote teamwork. Just a thought. Thinking out of the box.

  5. hey, Jace:

    ur #1 on the Roster, on your uniform, another one wit #1 is displaying in Coach’s office, #1 got penciled-in as starting PG..

    the lights turned ‘green’; opportunity is knocking_
    “giv’em gas!” ~ u got a whole season just as how wanted it.

    JT SHOW TIME all the way !!!

  6. hey Director Chris Mcmillian:

    last Oct 15, fans enjoyed very much with ‘the Ohana Hoopfest’.

    ‘cos our amazing new TEAM generated tons of interest on the WI posts.

    would this be within your job scope as DOBO ?
    how about some FYI from you for this matter ?

  7. Derek – That would be a very interesting and fun game… Freshmen vs. Everyone Else/”Returnees”… A good glimpse of the present and future!

  8. Can the freshmen beat the veterans? Who knows. I recall the UCLA/ Lew Alcindor freshman team beating the defending NCAA champion and number 1 ranked UCLA veteran team. Since half the team is freshmen, I think can do.

  9. Dayton:

    Maybe you would be able to find out? I know Manroop Clair young guy 17, 18 yr old, and Fotu, Dressler, Valdes, 18 maybe 19 yrs old. I am a little confused on Ozren Pavlovic’s age. He on video closeup does not look like an 18 yr old. Maybe 20 yrs old?

    Possible to find out? If he is 20 yrs old or older, might explain his maturity and ready for Croatian pro ball. If only 18, he is a good 2 guard, Wing. great skillset and passer! Naturally game and athletically mature far beyond his calendar years!!

    Mahalo Dayton!!

  10. Dayton is awesome , Star Advertiser ,Hawaii News Now ,should hire this great sports reporter , he would do great as a tv sports interviewer, asks the right questions!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jjay, Dayton is awesome, but if he went over to the Star-Advertiser, that might spell the end of Warrior Insider. I would think he’s getting stretched thin as it is with his other day job.

    What needs to get done is to find a way to put monetize this endeavor for him so he can keep doing it; cuz there is no one better.

    I challenge you to find any other team in the country; let alone, any other mid-major that gets better, more comprehensive coverage than what WI gives to Warrior Basketball. He does an incredible job, as fans of this site, we need to find ways to contribute to keep it going. It would appear that Dayton has succeeded well in firmly established a solid brand and following amongst fans.

  12. mid-range game,

    U hit it right on as to Dayton’s situation. Already mentioned to him about the possibility of charging a nominal monthly subscription fee or discounted annual substantial fee. JMO that the WI is the BEST men’s college BB website in the country, and a nominal subscription fee would be well worth it – especially during the off-season on the recruiting! Anybody else feel the same way?

  13. Yep, I’m down with a nominal fee as well.. I don’t peruse other college basketball sites, so I have nothing to compare WI to.. But I have only praises for the job that Dayton & co. has done and continues to do..

    And I have to compliment my fellow posters as well who are true fans of the team and keep this site entertaining and refreshing.. but at times do make some strange arguments.. 🙂

  14. I would pay a subscription.

  15. hey, guys:

    how do 2bucks / monthly, optionally 20bucks / annually sound ??

  16. hey, businessmen, professionals:

    how about put some ads here, it goes international as well ?? !!

  17. how bout we keep it the way it is

  18. Really up to the warriorinsder Dayton Morinaga. If need to charge small fee, a couple of bucks a month during season, or as others mentioned during summer off season, would be okay. That is why, such a great shout out and kudos to Pacific Risk Solutions and the Tony Schmidt and other sponsors…really came to the fore, because the Schmidts(Manoa Baller?)are great UH MBB fans. We know economic times are tough, so we really appreciate what the sponsors have done to keep this site afloat. And for all the posters, and growing, Dayton, appreciates, and we appreciate him. Dayton you are UH MBB Warrior team supporter and updater supreme.!! Not enough mahalo to you!!

    From the Global, from Aussie Mom, to Memphis, to Tonganator, to Croatian crew, to Latvia, Canada, and families and relatives and friends who follow their great student athlete son, or grandson, or cousin, or neigbor on this site from around the Earth. They most certainly appreciate!!

    Dayton, either way, a subscription or Sponsored supported, I am in.!!
    Mahalo plenty.!!!

  19. $20/year? I’d pay to help Dayton out, no problem, he does a lot. All the video’s and interviews he’s done been fabulous, no Kool-Aide and it is what it is from the coach’s and players alike.

    Good stuff to have year round

  20. Haha… If there’s a monthly/annual fee, WI can filter out the trolls.

    Seriously though, If that’s what WI would become, it would good to have a mix of paid and free content. Free content/articles just so that the site can get additional views from new fans, recruits, etc. (potential subscribers).

  21. I like the discussion and coming up with ways to support Dayton and the WI Team (Brandon, Dean and Wes). I’d like to see more businesses step forward to contribute as sponsors of this site and then look to subscriptions in the future (if necessary). I’d be happy to pay for a subscription, but I would not like to see potential recruits and families, etc, not be able to get to the content. Not sure if there are ways to filter payments, but there are also logistical costs involved with accepting credit/debit payments. I think we are all on the right track here and we all know how important this website is to UH MBB. Keep up the great work Dayton!! This is going to be an exciting year for Warrior Basketball!

  22. I’d say…instead of charging a fee, create a donation box for those that can and want to donate.

  23. ^^^ that sounds good too, Now, if they could list the contributors handle or their real name on the front page or something it’d be cool too. Of course that may take up someones time too to do that.

  24. Kiaora, Aloha everyone. Good to see the passion for MMB, and we (from Kiwi land and am sure from Aussie as well) really appreciate the huge amount of work that Dayton and the team are able to do, and also acknowledge the sponsors. I am sure Dayton and the team would do with a bit more financial support. I agree the quality of this website is awesome!! I have sent out the link to all of my networks here in NZ (half the population….) and I hope the site doesn’t crash come season time from all the kiwi people trying to log on…. Seriously, keep up the good work Dayton.


  25. Sorry guys, I meant to say MBB…

  26. No way…. the Japanese League is the “BJ League”?!?

    In any case, I’m so excited for UH BBall this year. 8 Freshmen, I’m sure some will redshirt, but teh future looks very bright with Gib at the helm. He’s doing an exceptional job at recruiting. He is definitely deserving of his “Top 20 recruiters in the Nation” he earned a few years ago while at USC.

    In one recruiting class, he’s brought in more prep players (not counting local walk-ons) than Nash in 4 years.

    If Gib can continue to grow in the X’s and O’s department, UH will be a Big West contender for years

  27. Thank you all so much for the support. Your collective passion for the program is a huge reason why I continue to try my best to keep this site up and running.

    With that said … yes, it is about time to start another push for sponsorship and donations, since the new season is right around the corner.

    I will target mid-September, and will put up a post then as to how and where the sponsorships / donations can be directed. Just like last year, when we solicited donations for the Asia Tour, any and all support will be appreciated. For businesses or individuals who want a logo / link on the front page of WarriorInsider.com, the minimum charge is $50 per month (which is actually a pretty good advertising rate when considering the amount of eyes who view the page).

    Thanks again.

  28. The Tonganator – support your comments 100%!!

    We love you lots Down Under Dayton

  29. Great ideas Dayton, I am glad you have another income source , I am sure there are contractors, PV installers , Flooring contractors ,etc, restaurants, sports bar and grilles, that would do their business good by advertising on this site!

  30. Dayton, once again for everything! The past few years outstanding coverage of UH MBB. And to the coaches and players who allow you Inside interviews, updates, and a fantastic relationship with them. You can just sense, how comfortable the coach and staff and players are with you and Wes and company when doing your videos and open discussions. Always on top of it, spot on, and from the source, information we can trust!

    Would you ever have dreamed, you have gone Global! Warriorinsider, the greatest UH athletics site on the planet. Thankyou and Much , Much Mahalo!

    P.S. thanks to moderator too!!
    Keeps site very fan and family friendly!!

  31. I hope this site stays free for most members so that future recruits and people from all over the world can see the videos and become fans of the warriors.

    Is there anyway to link up with Hawaiiathletics.com and have this site be a link at the official UH basketball site? I know many UH basketball fans that didn’t know about this site until I told them about it.

  32. Thanks Josh. The plan is to keep this a free site for as long as possible, but as stated several times previously, more funding is needed to keep it up and running.

    As for partnering with hawaiiathletics.com, that is very unlikely. All UH sites (which hawaiiathletics.com is) fall under NCAA guidelines. Thus, any stories on recruiting would not be allowed to appear on such a site.

  33. Aloha kākou,

    Mahalo Dayton for this awesome site. The other basketball site is poor at best.

    I see lots of empty white space to the left and right where ads could go. Even rerun the ads from the top to give your sponsors more visual time and therefore more bang to their buck and it’s no skin off your back. It might not be as asthetic but it’ll help pay the bills.

    Go Bows!!

    kden, puhi

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