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Athletic wing player may be interested in Hawai’i

The recent road trip for the Hawai’i basketball team wasn’t just about the games in the Western Athletic Conference.

The Hawai’i coaches also took time to look at potential recruits for the future of the program.

An intriguing prospect that is emerging on Hawaii’s recruiting radar is Aaric Armstead, an athletic 6-foot-5 senior wing player at Bullard High School in Fresno, Calif.

KMPH News in Fresno reported on its sports broadcast on Monday evening that Armstead is interested in Hawaii (see the video link below).

Armstead played his junior season at Hales Franciscan School in Chicago last year, and averaged 14.1 points per game while leading his team to the Class 2A state championship.

(Armstead photo from ny2lasports.com)

His family – which includes two talented younger brothers on the same high school team — moved to Fresno last summer. Armstead is averaging around 25 points per game this season for Bullard, and he is considered a candidate for city player of the year.

Based on his highlight videos, Armstead appears to have an ability to attack – and rise above – the rim. He also drained 84 3-pointers in 33 games as a junior in Chicago last season.

The KMPH report noted that Hawaii head coach Gib Arnold will “reportedly be at the senior’s game this Tuesday” and that Armstead “is interested in playing on the island.”

Arnold cannot comment on unsigned recruits, but he did confirm on Tuesday that he would be in California for the day and would be returning to Hawaii on Wednesday. Bullard is scheduled to host a game against Madera High on Tuesday evening.

According to the www.rivals.com recruiting site, several programs are showing interest in Armstead, including UNLV, Wisconsin, Tennessee and numerous mid-majors.

Below are two videos. One is the KMPH report of Armstead’s interest in Hawai’i; the other features Armstead’s summer AAU highlights.


  1. the kid looks talented..great upside…would be a wonderful get..good luck coach!

  2. Would be a nice get, but this better not mean no Vander for next season. He needs to come back for his senior season and really make the NBA scouts take notice when he dominates the big west.

  3. This kid is exactly what we need. If we get this kid these are my next season predictions.

    Big West Freshman of the Year: Aaric Armstead
    Big West Coach of the Year: Gib Arnold
    2013 BIg West Champs: Hawaii

  4. I only had to watch 1 min of the video to know that this kid is the real deal.. Athletic, big guard who can flat out score. With out question this kid will start for us this year. Lets get this done coach. This kid is BIG TIME

  5. With Zane leaving this stud is exactly what we need. Lets get this kid signed asap. He will contribute instantly and it wont be long until hes a fan favorite.. Come on Aaric, All you have to do is say ” Hey Coach, Im coming to be a WARRIOR”

  6. i been thinking exactly what everyones saying!…and i also think that Big Vander NEEDS to an WILL return for his senior season…i think graduating would be huge for him..fingers crossed…plus with JT Mcdunks in the paint too..??..well…u kno the rest..

  7. As intriguing as this sounds, I wonder where that leaves the 13 scholarship players already set for next season… you figure Hawaii’s on a major upswing if every player returns.

  8. looks like no Gerry Blakes for now, is a solid jc point guard on the radar to push Shaq for the starting position in the works?

  9. So was the call the coach show cancelled cause Gib is watching him play tonight in california and making an offer?

  10. for 6’5″ he doesn’t get up that high

  11. Aaric would be a huge get for UH. Leave it to the Gib to take a trip to Fresno, fly back and fly to San Jose on Thursday. This is what being a Div I coach is all about and why players and fans love his passion for the game! Can you just imagine how the SSC will erupt next season with Aaric and Joston throwing down monster dunks, Vander dominating the middle and Shaq coming back as a super soph. I’ve been pumped for this season and made my plans for the WAC Tournament but now I’m even more stoked for next year! This program is on a path to success that is going to make us all proud for years to come.

  12. My goodness, this kid could be a difference maker for this program.

    He is exactly the type of kid we need. A hyper-athletic wing with length, to be able to guard multiple positions, and to slash and attack the rim, and get up and down the court.

    This is the type of kid who will thrive in this system. Coach Arnold’s offense is more pro-style, with multiple sets, and his sophistication in terms of modifying his sets to fit his personnel will greatly benefit this type of player. There are opportunities for freedom to create – and this is the type of kid who can capitalize on that.

    Shoot, after watching his video, it is clear that this is the type of athlete, that when added to the solid parts that we already have, may put us over the top next year.

    It doesn’t surprise me that some high-major schools are looking at him. But I think he is very smart to consider Hawaii. If you think about the type of big, athletic guards that Coach Arnold has developed and has obviously had a lot of success with (Demar Derozan, Nick Young, OJ Mayo, Alex Acker, etc.), it makes sense that he would want to come here to be featured.

    Why wouldn’t he want to come here and be that next guy. This program is seriously on the rise, and is catching fire.

    Big time talent, and athlete. Hope we get him.

  13. Maybe tomorrow can be about “more” than Football Scholarships …

    Dayton — What are the late period NLOI dates ? [April ? Tough Wait…]

    Don’t Worry about “13 scholarships” — they’re Annually Renewable — hopefully some can afford tuition with or without scholie papers … OR … Brutal but true and fair, ‘cos they would mostly sit … a scholarship player not producing or projected to produce can get help with transferring …

    Wouldn’t surprise me IF Gib gets him And (eventually) His Brothers the way he’ll EARN the family’s trust …

  14. This kid looks good. I like how he attacks the basket. He seems to have a nice touch in getting the ball to the basket.

  15. Hele mai, Aaric – youʻll look sweet in UH Green. Come be a part of something special.
    Hawaiʻi will be a perfect fit for him. We will make some serious noise next year with him on the floor with all of our returnees – definitely will welcome him filling the scoring void left by Johnson.
    Also, his family and friends will be a few hours away from almost every road game.

  16. unless he’s a lock i think gib should look at couple more guard/wings..learn from last year

  17. Saw on twitter that Gib offered him a scholarship. I hope we get him.

  18. i would expect that just about any players signed form hereon for next season would be “Impact Players” — he’s already building “depth” with this year’s and last year’s signees (IF we get most of ’em) …

    Would be Great if one or two of the potential impact players would announce and make at least a ‘verbal’ — sometimes recruiters (including Gib) will offer the scholarship to the “first one” who commits …

    Like Coach Floyd (UTEP & former USC Mentor for Gib) noted, Hawai’i needs one more lights out shooter and a (“unstoppable”) scorer … [like Bo Barnes + or DeShawn Mitchell should have been …]

  19. What are UH’s chances of getting this kid? He is a baller and Hearing that new mexico has now offered is worrisome.

  20. anything bout a true point guard or two???

  21. well now Arkansas has offered this kid as well, Chances for Hawaii are getting slimmer.

  22. max guercy is coming for a visit.

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