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One of Utah’s best considering Hawaii

There is much to love about the basketball skills of Jordan Loveridge.

The 6-foot-6 forward from Salt Lake City, Utah, said the Hawaii basketball team is one six college programs that have made him offers for 2012.

“There’s a bunch of schools I’m looking at right now … Hawaii is in there,” he said.

That list could be growing after Loveridge proved what he could do in the prestigious adidas Super 64 boys tournament in Las Vegas this week. He was one of the standout players of the entire tournament, and led the Utah Pump N Run team to a surprising run to the final four of the tournament.

Utah Pump N Run was not one of the 32 seeded “elite” teams in the field, but with Loveridge getting more than 20 points and 10 rebounds in virtually every game, the Utah team scored several upsets along the way.

“I think I did what I could do, but I also think my teammates really helped me,” Loveridge said. “Just all-around game – do what I can to win games.”

Todd Phillips, head coach of the Utah Pump N Run, described Loveridge as “the top recruit in the state of Utah for the class of 2012.”

At 6-6 and 225 pounds, Loveridge is physically stronger in the post than most high school players – even those who may be several inches taller. However, he also displayed an ability to knock down 3-pointers and handle the basketball, when needed.

“He actually can play the 3 or the 4,” Phillips said. “He’s just a real well-rounded player … in high school, he just beasts people. Now his next step is to develop an up-and-under and a little more refined in what he’s doing. He’s a great kid. Really high academic kid. Great family. If Hawaii gets him, he’ll be great for them.”

Loveridge was an all-state selection last season at West Jordan High and will play his senior season in 2011-12. He said he hopes to sign with a college program during the early signing period in November.

Other schools that were offering Loveridge before the adidas tournament were Brigham Young, Colorado State, Utah, Utah State and Weber State.


  1. This guy is a beast! We are gonna have to try our best to try and pry him away from Utah State & BYU, especially if he wants to stay home. But if he’s looking for new scenery, we got a good chance. Has a strong resemblance to Wilson Chandler but his game looks like a young Carmelo Anthony, playing inside-out. In the video, you see him bodying people up on the block. Nice range on his shot, good mid-range game. Probably needs to be a stronger finisher around the rim. But easily would be our best forward down the road if he decides to go to Hawaii in 2012. Loveridge & Deng would be huge! Get those Utah recruits, Coach Arnold! Thanks for the post, Dayton.

  2. Paul Millsap version 2.0.

  3. Jordan Loveridge. I must remember that name. He looks good. Nice to know he has Hawaii as a look see. Coach Phillips mentioned his academics are good. 🙂

  4. unless he grows couple more inches he won’t be a powerfoward..true he needs to be a stronger finisher…but as always the videos are so limited

  5. nope, he don’t need to grow an inch.

    Will dominate the Big West. Will be the reincarnation of Paul Millsap. The length of his arms will negate the fact that he isn’t 6-9.

    He would be a monster in our league at the 4. Hope we get him.

  6. everyone says growing 1 inch won’t matter…are u guys crazy??!!! u aren’t just growing from 6’6” to 6’7”…your body size and your arms also get bigger/longer…not to mention u probably put on some weight too…of course size won’t matter if u suck but it will always help…too bad wiseman don’t have hops..he plays small down low and always gets blocked lol kinda random on this one..he is a hustler but do you guys actually think he is a d1 player? he lacks so much!

  7. again, you are completely off base. Trevor Wiseman is the single best defender on this team. Period. Might be one of the best defenders in the league, and is certainly the most multi-faceted. he guarded 4 positions last year. Against SJSU, they had him chasing around Shamburger and Graham. Can guard the 1 through the 4.

    Last year, he brought a hard and and a lunch pail. In the second half of the season, they didn’t run a single thing for him but he still gave you 8 and 8, and probably 2 extra possessions a half with his quickness, hustle, and nose for the ball. He ended up closing out most games, when things really mattered.

    Moreover, he gave you all of that with 0 drama.

    He is obviously skilled. He can handle it, and was a pressure release for them as well when teams extended. Moreover, he is quick and very skilled around the baseline, perhaps moreso as a passer than a scorer. When he adds that mid-range (which he clearly seems to have worked on this summer) and 4s have to close out on him, Vander, Davis, and Joston will end up getting a lot of dunks because the kid can handle it along the baseline and operates very well in close-spaces. You can tell he played a bit of the 1 in a prior life.

    Last year, he made his bones as a defender/garbage man last year. This year, me thinks we begin to see more of his skill set.

    You question if he is a division I player. You crazy. You ask any coach in any sport. If teams are lucky, every team has a trevor wiseman, and that player is usually that coach’s favorite player – and the one he trusts the most.

  8. Agree with mid-range game. Every coach would love to have a Trevor Wiseman — pure effort, no drama unlike one of his more talented teammates and he brought it every night. Even in the summer league, his numbers are consistent because his effort is, too. Plus, he’s added a mid-range jumper. And yes, Wiseman did play the 1 in a previous life — he was a point forward in high school from the videos I recall seeing.

  9. Wiseman is a throwback player who does the so called dirty work that today’s pre madonna’s don’t want to do. He’s every coaches dream and doesn’t take a play off on either end of the court. How can you not like that as a fan? Once his offensive game rounds out he will be an all league performer.

  10. yeah don’t get me wrong…he is a hustler and is a team player and every coach would like a player with his mentality..but until we see him actually develop a mid-range game he’ll always be a role player used sparingly..not a D1 player just yet

  11. Trevor Wiseman’s role is not to be the scorer on this team. He provides instant lockdown defense, hustle, and as a big can help in handling the rock. He will get his points, boards, steals and assists but his role thus far is to be a defensive stopper. Anyone can score but not everyone can play defense and Coach Gib’s team was not at the top in defensive stats for nothing. Wiseman can get buckets if he needs to, but when you got guys like Zane Johnson, Joston Thomas, Hauns Brereton, Shaq Stokes, Davis Rozitis, Vander Joaquim, etc… you don’t need him to score. Any buckets he gets is just a plus. I would take a Trevor Wiseman on my team anyday…and he is a D1 caliber player no doubt.

  12. GOOD Thread Guys …

    i used to watch the comments on this site and thought much of it was hype and wishful thinking — i DO hope most of the recruits can live up to, or like Vander, Surpass their pre-arrival press;

    it is Great to see/hear that there’s enough savvy fans around that can see what a gem a Trevor Wiseman (or Phil Martin, Micah Kroeger, Tim Shepherd) is to have as a Four-Year Player and maybe four-year STARTER — he can start AND Finish games — could probably play 32 to 40 if the coach wasn’t trying to give others time to improve…

    AND none of the other ‘bangers’ (above) had the open court quickness and all around ball handling skills — as mid-range noted just his passing skills are gonna frustrate a lot of defenses, get other big men in foul trouble and result in real happy team mates with higher shooting percentages; the shut-down defense ability of last year’s team is likely to improve this year — where winning in the last three to five minutes will be expected [AGAIN]– if they haven’t already locked it up …

    The way Trevor works — All-Around and Smart — i fully expect him to re-capture the scoring skills he displayed in high school once all the rest of Gib’s systems become second nature… 8 & 8 could become a rock-steady 10 & 9 or 12 & 10 before he’s done … Basketball probably NEEDS a “Coach’s Player” Category rather than just having stats dominate All-Conference Teams

  13. not d1 ready…he may have looked decent last year only because we lacked the players we needed

  14. Hawaiifan09 no offense but you are way off base LOL

  15. Take it easy with the Milsap comparisons. Milsap was a one-of-kind talent that somehow ended up playing in Rustin; a guy with fantastic explosion, incredible hands and a sublime feel for the game, none of which Loveridge has (perhaps “yet”).

    Letʻs just enjoy the steady flow of kids continuing to be interested in UH and leave it at that.

    Stop looking at Wiseman as what you want him to be and view him as he is and what he brings. Ask the entire staff – theyʻll tell you heʻs invaluable.

    If a guy plays major minutes for an entire year at the D1 level, heʻs a D1 player.

    I know many “D1” players on paper who were chumps that were outplayed by “lower division” players. Lay off the espn and just be happy we arenʻt trotting out Mayen, Balocka et al.

  16. Maybe I’m so high on Wiseman because I read where he had some baggage in high school and I was worried he’d bring that to Manoa. Instead, he was 180 from what I had read — no ego, no drama, just worked for all that he got in return. Sure, he didn’t have a perimeter game, but as Pauoa Boy and mid-range game said, that’s not what he was asked to do. And in the ongoing summer league, he’s shown a lot more confidence shooting from 15 to 18. Zane Johnson, judging from offseason workouts, said Wiseman is the most improved of all the returnees.

  17. i hope he breaks his ankles we don’t need him

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