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Coveted guard Austin Pope commits to Hawai’i

Austin Pope, a highly-touted and coveted junior college prospect, said he is committed to playing for the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Pope, a 6-foot-6, 175-pound guard, recently completed his sophomore season at North Idaho College, where he averaged 12.4 points, 5.6 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game while leading NIC to a runner-up finish in the regional playoffs.


“I was getting recruited by a lot of schools, high- and mid-majors,” Pope said. “In terms of what I want to do with my life, that’s play professional basketball – whether in the NBA or overseas – so I wanted to play for a coach or program that would help me get to that level. Basically, I could put on a blindfold and pick any of those schools, but when I look at everything else that they have to offer, Hawai’i was the one for me.”

Pope is listed as the No. 24 ranked prospect among all junior college recruits by 247sports.com, and was being recruited by several of the top programs in the nation. He did not take any official visits, but said he was lining up official trips with Creighton, Wichita State and Missouri before opting for Hawai’i.

“I just wanted to get it done once I made up my mind that Hawai’i was the best place,” he said. “I’ll still want to take my visit to Hawai’i (next month), and it can be more like a celebration.”

Pope is originally from Burbank, Calif., and said he considers several current UH players friends, including Aaron Valdes, Mike Thomas and Quincy Smith.

“That was a big part of it,” Pope said. “I watched Hawai’i games a couple of times when they were on TV, and I stayed in touch with Aaron and a couple of the other guys.”

Pope said he can play either guard position, and perhaps even small forward, if necessary.

“I’m a very versatile player,” he said. “I can play the 1 (point guard), but I also played a lot of the 2 (shooting guard), and can even slide over to 3 with my height and length. I just feel like I can use my versatility to help the team.”

Prior to attending junior college, Pope played at Burbank High and Los Angeles College Prep, and was once committed to play for Louisville. He played his freshman season at Cerritos College in California, averaging 7.4 points, 4.4 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game.

Other programs recruiting him out of prep school included Colorado, Gonzaga, Iowa and UCLA.

Pope said Hawai’i – and then-head coach Gib Arnold – has been recruiting him since he was in high school/prep school.

“It was a huge change,” Pope said. “I got to know Coach Gib Arnold fairly well, but I was also talking to Coach Benjy during that time, too. He kept in touch with me even after Coach Gib left, so it kept going from there.”

Pope said he also liked the defensive pressure and up-tempo style of play that the Warriors used this year.

“I feel like I’m flexible and can play in either the half court or full court,” he said. “But watching the Hawai’i games, I really liked the open court game they played.”

Pope added that he is aware of the coaching situation at Hawai’i, and his decision was based on the current coaching staff.

“I understand it’s about the program, but I feel like I’m coming out to Hawai’i to play for Coach Benjy and the guys there now,” he said.

The signing period for basketball recruits starts on April 15 and runs through May 20.

Here are a couple of highlight videos from a few years ago:


  1. Aurite.. looks like UH and Benjy they be moving to sign high level shooter long athletic !!
    and that coveted Big..

    Looks good, Matlin, get good lawyer, work out fair and well written not wonder blunder, GA type contracts, and sign Benjy and staff.
    You all, chancellor and Matlin very good. seems like posting is just for protocol..
    some interest from NAIA, DII, DIII, AAU coaches, International coaches fired JC and mid major fired HC or assistants.. do not need negative baggage.. Benjy WON 22 games

    And team are burning the books, shooting for that 2. 7 plus GPA..
    they grinding..

    come on Matlin or really BV chancellor .. sign a Winning Coach, whom you hear 5000 plus giving him standing ovation , and Benjy, Benjy, Benjy, Benjy !!~

    Hire Benjy.. give him a chance. to Dance.. do the right thing !!!

  2. Yeah !!!! Austin that commit, play for Hawaii Benjy and the Bows.. to get to pros overseas and NBA>. that is awesome reason.. and shows maturity as incoming JC, real maturity, no matter what decision and noise distractions.. you like HAWAII and we Mahalo Love you too man..

    Another Leftie, with hops.. Fleming, leftie, Pope Leftie, with length, and scorers.. whoa boy… looking like an NBDL team !!

    Aurite.. hand in there Benjy, and the Bows.. maybe our REAL Anaheim, or UH Manoa Dream will come true.. headed in that DIRECTION!

    Go Bows and have Awesome Interview, Benjy the First one with chancellor and Matlin.. make that resume shine, with the signing of possibly 2 good JC bb players by Aprill ,.. that is HUGE positive.

    \Great job Que and Benjy, with assist from Gib..

  3. Helps to have current players like Valdes, Thomas and Quincy assist in recruiting the future players.

    So what’s your starting line up at this point ?

  4. If Mike going to play 5 again, buggah gotta bet taller bigger stronger he has the tools

    PG-Rob Bobbitt 6’3″
    SG-NWC 6’7: HIS natural position
    SF-Aaron Valdes 6’6:
    PF-Mike Thomas 6-9″buggah say he grows about an inch per year.
    C-Stef Jankovich 6’11” if Jovanovich of New big don’t beat him out.Janks gotta get bigger stronger too.

    PG: Quincy Smith
    SG: Isaac Fleming
    SF: NWC
    PF: New big
    C: Jovanovich

    That is a lot of shooters.. and hopefully MT< AV, NWC, STEFS all get bigger better and stronger..
    looking at a team that will challenge for G Money's goal of 25 plus wins and that NIT or NCAA big..

    Looks good.. Matlin''Power chancellor BV,, hire Benjy,.. looks like the 2 new recruits would follow Benjy wherever he goes, hopefully no where but UH Warriors …Go Bows !!

  5. A L O O O O O O O O H A A A A AUSTIN!!!!!

    Now that is some of the best news I have heard in awhile! Nevels’ spot was going to be a tough nut to replace, not just from a leadership standpoint.

    Austin seems to be that lanky 1 – 2 or 3 with some pedigree that would fit nicely with this group.

    Mahalo to Gib’s prior work and Benjy…who has seemingly so many people in his corner now…making an even bigger statement why he should get the job!

    GO BOWZ…the new season can’t come around soon enough!!!

  6. RunBows;— Fleming and Pope in the 1st team somewhere ?

  7. Austin, sounds like a good pickup but can he shot the 3 ball. Looked for stats and couldn’t find. Any one have details?

  8. Nice pickup. I like his length and his ability as a combo guard. I still hope we find a big and a shooter. I also hope we even out the classes a little better with freshman our a sophomore transfer. The Jr class is heavy with Thomas, Janks, NWC, Q, Jov, and now Pope.

  9. He might be a good prospect, but his JC numbers are not exactly jaw dropping stats. He looks like he’s on cruise control. Definitely he’s not a blazer, but he’s a lefty and ther’s something about left handed players. I haven’t seen a bad one. Would like to know his 3 pt percentage and F/T percentage. He definitely doesn’t have JC stats like Garrett Nevels when he was at Mt. San Antonio College. Nevels’ was impressive.

  10. valdes and thomas better watch out….this kid seems to have better all around game then both and if his shot is consistent he takes the minutes…he is thin and not as explosive as valdes but has good handles and foot work….lefties are a plus as well

  11. Hawaiifan09 he won’t take minutes away from Thomas since he mostly plays the 4 for us. Pope is a guy who can play 1-3. At 175lbs there is no way he can play 4 and even the 3 might be a stretch if the opposing teams 3 is a physical player.

  12. Pono:— Q is going to be senior.

    Anderpops: This shows he played in 16 games, but his school had 32. Also, played as a freshman at Cerritos College, per Dayton. His FG % there was a little lower.


  13. Thanks for correcting me islandman. Here is how many players per class we will have next year plus at least two more open scholies. Maybe an impact graduate transfer or freshman recruits would be nice to even things out. Next year’s current frosh and soph class only has one scholie player in it.

    Seniors: Bobbitt, Smith
    Juniors: NWC, Janks, Jovanovic, Valdes, Thomas, Enos
    Soph: Flemings, Niko,
    Frosh: Buscher, Stepteau

  14. Plus add Pope to the junior class

  15. Pope, 31.4% 3 pt field goal. 60.9% F/T. Led the team in assists, and was near the top in rebounding on the team. Ave. 1 steal per game. Shooting Markmanship not very good for a guard. He’s definitely not a 3 point threat, unless somehow he sees the light. Lots of work to do to see a lot of minutes. Potential, yes, we’ll see what happens.

  16. islandman:

    SG: Isaac Fleming
    wing: NWC
    SF: AV
    PF: janks

    PG: Q
    SG: pope
    SF :AV
    PF: MT
    C: stef
    brocke, dyrbe and nikola

    Everyone gets PT

  17. Oregon was trying to recruit him too, apparently.

    max feldman @MaxFeldman6 · 4h

    High priority ducks recruit Austin Pope commits to Hawaii @Prehmmr247 only guards the ducks are chasing now are Eubanks and Murray.

  18. Huge get. early from april signing date…just like benjy and que say negative nancies..you say we cannot organize yet team made it through season organized…angry want to come back next year and win bwc tournament..
    think we cannoot recruit? eell we can…need a good big..on the way!!

    Good job benjy and que!!

  19. the kid is athletic but we really need a dead on shooter, I seem him more of a facilitator than a scorer, we need a guy that night in night out is a consistent shooter like a Matt Lojeski

  20. So this is your guy who will pour in thre’s, etc? Can hardly wait to see who you hype up for the big man. Seems like decent player but those percentages don’t set the world on fire. Adds to depth but will need to work. Slow down, Runbows

  21. Negus 41% 3ball shooter
    AV. about 33%

    So cupboard not bare
    Rod batter 3 ball shooter than 28% that is where they get better off season
    300 trifectas a day

    Seems like pope knows uh mbb situation deal willing to committ to play for benjy and the bows
    watch a big 6’11 256 will committing soon, i hope!!
    Huge resume booster!!

  22. Pope’s most impressive number? 24, as in the 24th-ranked overall JUCO prospect. Even if it’s just one scouting service, that’s still impressive when you consider there are more than 300 DI programs and many are looking for JUCO players.

    And, hey, if Creighton, Missouri and Wichita State were interested enough to offer Austin a trip, who is Hawaii not to embrace this kid. Welcome aboard, Austin.

    That being said, I wholeheartedly agree with PONO, recruiting should be focused on high school players — though with no job security, can understand Benjy’s focus on JUCO — to spread out the roster talent or the program could get caught in a cycle of having to replenish the every year with JUCO players. Personally, I don’t like that approach.

  23. Anyone hear hoops talk tonight ? I forgot it was on.

  24. Great get, athletic. Need a big man to compliment Janks, Javanovic and Thomas. It’s exciting bb having all these athletic type of players.
    And Yes! I wouldn’t mind a dead eye shooter too as UHbb haven’t seen one who’s pretty much consistent for years on end.

    Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

    Go Get Em Q! Hook Ema Up and Reel Em In!

  25. This is, using RunBows words, the lengthy, athletic stay in front of your man scorer and three point shooter, 6’6″, 215. Close, He is lengthy. Keep up the hype. Hire Benjy!!!! Benjy, Benjy, Benjy, Benjy.

  26. This is an almost unbelievable recruit for Benjy no matter how you look at it. If you think about all the negative recruiting out there and other coaches using the NCAA sanctions against UH and he still able to get a big-time kid like this Austin Pope to commit is huge statement. This reminds of the season and how Benjy and the guys just kept proving everybody wrong!

    Shooter, driver, passer … I don’t care if Austin is not a specialist. He can probably do little bit of everything like he says. He can play and that’s all that matters. We all saw how good a program like Wichita State is and if they were offering this guy a official visit I’ll take it as a sign that he’s pretty good.

  27. Benjy we love you man!!

  28. Zane Johnson was a very good 3 pt shooter. Bo Barnes could fill it up in some games. Savovic, English, MacIntyre, and Burneika, could shoot 3s on that tourney team. 33% from 3 is the equivalent of 50% on 2 pt shots if you took 6 shots. That’s a total of 41.6% overall. That’s not good enough to win a lot of games. Charles Barkley doesn’t like analytics, but it’s good information and can help a coach. For college you have to shoot 40% from 3 to be considered good.

  29. Would sammis come back eagle?

  30. Thanks for interjecting some facts on shooting, Derek. RunBows is simply blinded by the light and a tad delusional

  31. I hope he proves me wrong but I would’ve recruited 6-7 Denhym Brooke from Kahuku/New Zealand

  32. Matlin knows benjy from uh mbb dhc run…shake hands…benjy happy matlin got job!!

  33. The problem in getting a good big man is that every Division I team is looking for one, or two, but there ain’t too many of them around. You have to be very lucky to find one and that player is a sleeper.

  34. Zane Johnson made 98 three pointers, 40.7 % on 3’s; 43.7 FG %; 15.8 pts avg in 2011. Then 82 threes, 36.1 %; 37.1 FG % in 2012, 14 pts avg; but slightly better in conference games. i think he was sick part of that season. FT’s 81.1 % and 84.1 % .
    Averaged around 34 to 36 minutes per game. Played in 31 games in 2011, 29 in 2012.

    NWC made 64 three pointers, 41 %; 37.7 % overall FG %; 8.3 pts avg. in 2014-15. FT’s 61.3 %. Averaged 25 to 26 minutes per game in 32 games.

    Negus had a better 3 pt FG % than Zane.

  35. Negus can move back to perimeter…get his shots off from his spots.
    he had to play 4 and 5 spot getting beat up
    now when benjy signs another big negus can play 2 and 3..more suited for

  36. Just looking at the videos, Pope reminds me of a taller and longer Isaac Fleming. I like how he uses his length on defense to get his hands in passing lanes. Man, with him and Bobbitt and Valdes and Fleming and Quincy, that’s going to be a really quick defense. They can rotate these guys in and out to stay fresh.

    I think the guards are set so now need to find one or two bigs. I don’t know what the scholarship numbers will be like if NCAA takes away anything, but I want to see two more bigs for depth and let Negus move out to a wing. Hopefully Benjy and Senque can find one more JUCO big man ready to play now and maybe one more prep kid or a freshman project.

  37. Hard to tell watching the video just how good this guy is. But that 24 ranking is pretty impressive. Anytime a 6’6 guy can handle the ball at point is darn impressive. Why even NBA would take note. Pope commented that he liked UH style of play. I think he is another one of those high energy guys that love to pick pockets. I’m pretty certain he saw the game between UH and Wichita State cause he was interested in both schools. We picked the Shockers pockets pretty clean on that game. And I’m glad that he didn’t change his mind after all the NCAA stuff blew into town. Helps to be friends with some of the players. Plus you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to know that next year’s team is going to be killa. Now if we can just secure the services of the enforcer we’ve been searching for since Vander left, we are set for not only another 20 win year but top 25 ranking. That usual puff cake pre-season schedule gotta go though. Benji work your magic.

  38. servante …..

    JUST A DREAM SEQUENCE.. IMAGINARY, made up, along with real details included.. What if tomorrow, Benjy sat in with Dave Matlin and had The First Interview with Dave, what if it went down like this..(just fantasy, included with much fact)

    without a doubt, Benjy will walk proud with dignity, with agent, and make a great case to AD why he should be the MBB coach for next 3 years guaranteed contract.

    Mr Matlin, welcome Benjy, long time no see !, Congratulations on a great winning season for UH MBB.
    BT: Mahalo, thankyou so much Dave!
    M: Now, would you like to, since you have your notes and we went over your resume already what you have to add, to this VERY important Question that I have asked All the other 4 candidates.. Why Should WE HIRE YOU AS THE NEW MBB COACH?

    Well, Dave, Here are some key points.. basically My Love for University of Hawaii, its Administration for giving me the opportunity to coach this year. The association with 14 great young men who were united for common goal, represent the school, their families and the state of Hawaii. We all feel we are not Malihi…we are Kamaaina now.. we the 14, including myself and staff, LOVE HAWAII, and the school .. first and foremost.. I want the BEST for the 14 student athletes. no matter what happens.. that being said, this is what the Team, and the staff, and Myself had the privilege to accomplish in 2014-15 season since, we don’t have to rehash what went down with firing of Gib and Brandyn and departure of Fotu and Sammis.. here we go..

    1)Helped save 14 guys from going astray from UH and the MBB program
    2)received Hugh Durham Mid Major Coach of Mid Season Award 12-4, almost knocked off powerhouse sweet, elite, possible final and national champion(I hope the Shockers win one for Benjyshaka!)Wichita St.
    3)He has good relationship with Dave Matlin who ran the DHC. They like each other.
    4)Constant noise at home, about ncaa, team, his coaching ability.
    5)on the road, first time as HC managing very strong willed very young team. If any problems, he handled them right away. And NO NOISE from Hawaii News Now on what happened, That was taken cared of internally seems.
    6)ncaa thing, completely cleared, no infractions accused of Level I, Level II Nothing.
    7)handled with great calm and maturity domestic attacks, hillited by local media when made interim
    always took high road. EXCEPT when media went After his boys.. then he got upset, like attacking his own sons.. Very much Papa Bear protecting his cubs, family
    8)Wins against Pitt, on the road, for 32 minutes, blow for blow with BYU until shorthanded UH ran out of gas and BYU started to bomb and drive.. The Florida Gulf Tournament almost a 3-0 run 4000 miles away from Hawaii..8-8 BWC record, however, split with Davis, and if not for 3 ankle injuries to 3 top rotation guys, UH would have been at least 12-4..
    9)In BWC, nobody gave Hawaii a chance, beat very talented LBSU team , then beat top seeded Davis for 2 out of 3 times in season, no other team did that. And just lost to a tall and talented team in Irvine however, like all year. start strong, And just could not finish at the 3 minute mark trailing by 2 pts.. They need the closer..That coveted Big Big,…Reggie Cross,
    and one..Dunk on Mamadou.

    WE all think UH recruiting DEAD.. then 2plus star, top 24 JC recruit Austin Pope, he reminds me of Gerry Blakes too, commits, BECAUSE OF BENJY and THE BOWS..the style..see, I knew..the Cali athletes. they love that style of ball, get up and go..made for the 6’1″ to 6’8″ athletic get up and get after it team..have 8 of those guys, and two 6’11” true bangers, rim protectors..UH can win the BWC regular season.

    Matiln: Well Benjy that is all fine, However have you taken care of personal matters discussed before, BT: Yes I have, and here are the documents, and signatures of parties and my attorney’s release. Mr. Matlin all that is in order. I love my children, and I love Hawaii, they do too., they want to stay here and finish High School, maybe college, and I want to finish my coaching career here at the University of Hawaii Manoa, as the MBB HC.. The guys are great character, we are not perfect, however, we almost did not have a team, in October, the team stuck together, I assembled, the best staff I could in a week;s time,and the fruition. a 22 win season, first time in some 13 years, and first BWC win, and First BWC championship game, we were, a few minutes away from winning that.

    Mr. Matlin, I also have these letters, emails, from ESPN, FoxSportsWest, CBSsports writer of MBB, and BigWest TV broadcasters., Andy Katz, ESPN writer, and analyst gave great recommendation for UH MBB and job coached have done, and I had privilege of being part of.

    The fanbase has been terrific.. it slowly grew, sure we would want 9000 in the SSC every night, however, weekend, on Christmas Day of your prestigious DHC, we had a nice crowd and Beat Colorado, team was pumped, and so was I. That core of about 5000 or more who show up every home game, I am sure by getting some good mid majors and a few high major Power conference home games, that 5000 could easily become 9500 if you allow me to recruit a few more bigs, and sign me to a new 3 year or 2 year, or even a 1 year guaranteed with rollover possibility deal., You will not regret it. This team amazed even me, I am calm, they are calm, I get pumped, sometimes they get too pumped, we worked on that, and by season’s end we were much better, more mature.

    Even my vision for style of ball, with a certain 6’6″ 24 ranked JC soph we have committed, and possible 6’11” 255 banger, we will be able to pressure and shoot well and defend well in half court too. Then , this team, these Warriors, instead of ONLY winining 22 games this year.. I believe they can win 32 games next.. IF YOU GIVE ME A CHANCE.. I appreciate your kindness and hospitality to me and the University of Hawaii Basketball team, in past DHC’s, will forever remember that. plus the presentation to my Freshman Isaac Fleming being The First Freshman to earn All Tournament team for DHC.. that was Awsome.

    The future looks bright, all reports from school, classes and professors, is looking good we should finish very strong, and IF I AM HERE OR NOT.. I encouarage all the guys to stay in school, have Awesome UH career, go to the NCAA’s for years to come, because you all set the table, did the heavy lifting, set the foundation.. with much emotion, excuse me Mr Matlin, I get really emotional, it has been a tough, tough year. for myself, the staff the team and their families, however, we have become stonger and better people for it.

    Sot that is my vision, if made the pernmanent HC, I would continue to upgrade schedule within reason, recruit well in Cali, and where other gems can be found, and keep up with the exciting brand of defensive type of ball, and INSTILL HALF COURT, passing games, plus moving with out the ball, ball screens, pick and roll., EXCELLENT Half Court Offense, so we can win All the close games. Mr Matlin, you have seen First Hand how exciting UH MBB was, and I Benjy Taylor had a joy, so proud and privileged to have been given a shot as interim Acting Head Coach for this year.

    I would, like nothing more in my life, than to be the NEXT University of Hawaii’s Next Men’s Basketball Coach. All other issues have been handled, and we will start with clean slate this Sept 2015, and all 12 returning guys and 2 new recruits are dying to get better and win a lot of games and championships. for Hawaii, the fans, their families and the State of Hawaii.

    Mr. Matlin, it has been an honor. It has been a trial, however I learnded to be adaptable, let the guys play through mistakes, told them just to Enjoy the game, and give effort on the court in the community and in school,.. these 14 young men have done it.. and I had the privilege of guiding them as the Acting Head Coach for 2014-15.

    Thankyou, Mr Matlin for your time and kind consideration. I wish you well. And hope to hear of your decision very soon. Mahalo !

    Coach BT(just made up interview. however what if it went like that.. if I were the CEO, or AD, hiring, just the RESUME. taking something from disaster and bringing it to the point of absolute Elation, that would sell me.. I would hire BT in a heart beat..)
    We All HOPE. that Dave Matlin will look at This Season, a wild, unreal season, could have been NO season, however BT helped save the season. and they HAD A GREAT season
    ncaa, things, cleared of.. things that happened with team on road, internally handled..
    so great resume..
    Unless Pitino, Brown, Wooden, Calapari, Boeheim, came knocking at Matlins’ door for interview. I doubt it.. However, any boss in America.. and for UH MBB job, going to be a lot of fired HC’s looking for job, or JC assistants, NAIA, DII, assistants, using this as Jackson Wheeler says, as A stepping stone to a Better Job.. If Benjy Taylor is Hired, THIS WILL BE.. like Rile Wallace his Last MBB coaching job, and maybe leave as the second winningest coach in MBB history..

  39. Well, our recruiting didn’t wait. That’s five stars out of five for our coaching staff!
    Go Bows !!

  40. Looked up Zane Johnson. Most on this site are more up to date on some of this, but if you didn’t know what he was doing since we last saw him insummer league:


  41. This kid must have some upside and ability to contribute right away since he’s a JC guy and some good programs were after him. I don’t believe the Brooks from Kahuku is a good D1 prospect. He’s 6’7 and is really just a low post guy with an unpolished mid range game. A guy like him in Hawaii HS Bball should be putting up 25ppg and 10rpg. With so many players coming back that can contribute this would be a perfect time to get a couple of freshman in the program who could redshirt to load up for future years. Imagine if MT and Jovanovic had redshirted and had another year of eligibility.

  42. Defense defense defense. But we do need a shooter like kubler or lojeski. We do need 1 more big because we saw how foul trouble hampered our bigs this past year.

  43. Gotta like the recruit, seems like good get.

    Don’t know about you folks, I’m on a wait and see regarding who will be selected as the new leader of the MBB program. Let’s see how the new AD deals with this monster issue, especially with a time crunch for recruiting. Or, is he a risk taker and takes his time to review all applicants. I say risk taker because taking one’s time is more about long term vs short term investments and when facing budget issues; what do you do? Does anyone know how MBB did this year?

    Thought Coach Taylor did a great job with the adversity he faced.

    However, do have concerns with his PR skills. Any takers?

  44. tako: Yes, Benjy just a country boy from North Carolina. I have heard him speak very well when the confrontation issues with his team or personal attacks on the guys or he and his families. Very strong, very assured of himself. Translate that southern accent, where Benjy comes from would sort of like be our many forms of pidgin or local style talk. Key point., Like Matlin, Benjy after 5 going on 6 years living here. Communication, since he did not have the UH MBB coahing job and Gib was the mouthpiece he did not have to speak publicly for much. Now he will, tons of coaches like himself around the country similar country boys, even some high major successful coaches.
    That can be developed speech or communications , public relations assistant, or course to help him.

    To, me, if Matlin, looking another HC at JC, junior varsity, HS, AAU, NAIA, DII, DIII, or international experience who has had success, yet were fired or retired, or just tired of their school..WOULD THEY BE RIGHT FIT? has to be.. otherwise, like F.Arnold before, not right fit, so quit.. etc.

    Benjy,see him at Longs.. hey Benjy, shaka bruddah, he got the shaka out.. the guy is Legit, Kamaaina, took a HORRIBLE situation, and SPOILED us, we thought they should have won 30 games and gone to Final Four.. Not realistic. however won 22 games, while under ncaa investigation, managed 14 guys, no one arrested by Police or accused of felony, or sex crimes.. APR, GPA good.. So what he had to do.. with very large staff doing the technical work, and remember, the staff only together for few months.. tremendous.

    I think Benjy Taylor has the BEST RESUME.. and for Matlin, it should be a Slam Dunk..he even knows Benjy, friends from DHC , when UH participates and when they see one another around town. Matlin is being inundated with emails, letters, calls,from coaches, families, fans, ESPN etc, sending references for Benjy Taylor as HC.

    Key: IF 13(if includes the preferred RS;s coming back)they voice or video WI interview, support along with team families, on interview, call to Matlin or TV stations, or Manoa Maniacs have signs outside AD office, or even a few of Students, maybe a couple of hundred,football, baseball, volleyball, women basketball, swimming diving , and softball, they voice their support for Benjy, so literally about statewide 50 to 100,000 sending in ONE VOICE>. we Want Benjy, just give him 2 year or 3 year or even 1 year deal, so he can show what he can do with A FULL YEAR as MBB coach, He got a Great Committ in Austin Pope so far, I think if Benjy and Senque can nail that 6’11” 260 pound Beast in the middle.. two great top 100 JC transfers to help this season.. That would seal the deal.

    Retrospect…with all the tons of Resume Fill I listed ad nauseum, and not just local bias, his record what he has done, and admitted not hid faults.. that is a REAL MAN.. working on personally and professionally getting better, has winning record with 14 great men, and has the pieces with 2 or 3 more recruits to CONTINUE earning NIT NCAA championship invites

    Imaginary fly on the wall: Listen in…. shhhhh…

    Dave Matlin: “Benjy, let’s shake, see my NEW general counsel, he will work out 3 year deal for you as the NEW MBB coach. We will make sure executed properly and both UH and you and agent understand. Question? Will you , Benjy Taylor, accept the job to be the Men’s Basketball Coach?

    BT: Yes, thank you, thank you. We will make Hawaii proud and I and my men are so grateful, Thankyou Mr Matlin and the UH Administration.

    Dave: Okay, let’s go out at 230pm in press room, and I will introduce you as the NEW Mens’ BB Coach !!

    Dream come true.. no not a dream… feel…it Will Be REALITY Soon..
    now if they go with theus or Campbell, or rigot, I quit being mbb coach, that is starting from scratch again, however I think matlin will pare it down to about 3 finalists. and benjy will be BEST FIT.. having battled and overcome whatever could be thrown negatively at he and the program, the athletes, he handled the best and made fans, sold tickets and created so much interest on the fly. beny ball, benjy ball…

  45. Wow sometimes I truly don’t know what to say in response to RB’s posts. All I can say is WOW. Do you have inside access on who has already applied to the job in the past couple of days? How can you say BT has the best resume without knowing who else has applied? BT’s resume is not that impressive if you don’t consider last year. Last year was a good year but it was one year. I’m looking for someone that has consistently been a winner. Since we’re going through the whole vetting process let’s do it right and consider everyone that makes sense as a long term solution.

  46. looks like #hawaiimbb got one of Mizzou’s targets” Mizzou Fans tweet about possible recruit for their Mizzou tigers !!

    from a tweet….wow Austin Pope the real deal !!
    Added to Resume, hope Benjy sits down soon, his wins, the competitivness,
    the exciting brand of high octane ball.
    Now ONE or TWO more pieces, Another Big and shooter knock down Lojeski/Zane
    Gaine, or even another Big like Ahmet Gueye. UH will be rocking !

    Bet Benjy on the jet out to , since HE KNOWS AN AD he knows closely is NOW the man, and Benjy likes him.. Hey Benjy start scheduling Austin and Mr Big 6’11” monster athleitic 44 vert around campus, even as interview of last 3 candidates are being interviewed… go, oh excuse me coach theus, this is ..blallh,yudassmz from African, 7’1″ 269 pound, played against Mamadou and dunked on him every pick up game, and shut him down, in the African AAU league and the Drew summer league when he was only 6’6″ tall, 2 summers ago.. now he is BIG..
    theus goes , ohhhh noo, better fly home..

    Just jesting fans.. imaginary.. I think NOW Benjy’s agent, put together the Meida package, the hilites, an Agent for Benjy like islandman, Pitt Coach and fans reaction to loss at Maui Memorial gym to Benjy and the Bows. the DHC wins over Nebraska and Colorado, the squeeze one box out by a BB UH guy, could have secured win agains eventual possible 2015 NCAA MBB champion Wichita St…. The trainer, introduce, Jayson Goo, and how he fixed up half of the team to be competitive to win the BWC tournament championship, all the emails, and texts, and phone call, newspaper articles.. Reasons, documented, for what went down in Calif Irvine, the technical, and how team emotional, they went to emotion control course, and matured, they are not fighters.. at all.. NO.. want to check their criminal record,.. it is clean.. My record.. ncaa clean.. of any violation. My person things I have taken cared of.

    Mr Matlin, you give me the reins, This Team of Warriors with 2 or 3 more recurits added to this years returning roster, will be The Most Terrific in the Pacific NCAA DI MBB team.. My strength coach, and my assistants, working on guys, keep getting stronger, cardio and lower legs Achilles, ankles , knees to lessen ankle injuiries.. this team under my direction the gave more than 100 per cent and I am the man, with support of Hawaii Fans and admin.. made it work.. we go 22 wins. under a circumstance where possibly we could not even field a team of 7 scholarship athletes, more than half team were uncertain of staying on board with UH MBB. Talked to them and their family, 14 chose to stay and enjoyed much success. Our vision, UH MBB can recruit better, high character, athletes that can compete for and Win BWC every year, NCAA and NIT runs, and championships for next decade.. IF you Hire Me as coach, and Let me Keep the assistants that want to continue the ride. All of us, including Jamie Smith, Performance Analyst.. still have unfinished business, going back to BWC championship game and winning it for Hawaii the great 808

    Mr Matlin, respectfully thankyou for your time and consideration, I have learned much, grown as person too, I cry, real tears, because I love this team they are like my own family.. EVEN IF YOU do not hire me, I want most of the guys who choose to stay with UH , because, because, they can win championships for years. the Foundation with these great athletes are in Place.. However, I as the captain of that initially rudderless ship has the greatest joy and happiness coaching in my life this year. and Mr Matlin I WANT TO BE THE NEXT LIFETIME COACH of MBB in Hawaii, that is how much UH MBB can do well get to that top 25-35 ranked level, with great athletes. and to see these young guys do well in school community and in classroom, Young men I will miss so much, however see them as teachers, professional basketball athletes or return in 20 years to coach UH MBB team that would complete the cycle.

    Mahalo Mr Matlin. Pleas consider My Application and hiring as the New Men’s Basketball Coach whether , you can consult my agent/attorney, 1 year guaranteed with provision if win
    BWC regular season of BWC tournament title, my contract can be extended 2 years. or a Two year deal with same provision. And if prudent a 3 year deal, well written, so we both understand parameters of contract. No loopholes, fair and balanced.

    Really, Mr Matlin My final words.. All I care about is the State of Hawaii , the University, and these great student athletes and their loving families, like the Valdes, Thomas’, Smiths, Bobbitts, Jovanovich’s, Jankovich’s, Flemings’, Enos’, Filipovich’s, Buschers, Stepteaus, Webster-Chans, and our 2 graduating guys Garrett Nevels and Brandon Jawato, there staying the course and galvanizing for the better tens of thousands of Hawaii fans, made this Year so Special, we would like to continue that. .Thankyou Mr. Matlin, I really believe I can do the job as HC, And if any suggestion on how to improve or shortcoming, I can take that concern up immediately.

    RunBows.. just if We were a Fly on the wall listening to interview with Benjy and Dave Matlin.
    Realistically, Benjy has to have his team, his agent/ attornery. put together a very professional video, and written articles, tele conferences, Skype set ups in meeting, that would give him recommendations. Plus make sure the facilities, his and assistants facilities offices are in sparkling order.. Benjy has to be Front Leader. if they Look At the Overall success.. UH can look at 2 others.. however, just my view. Benjy has been here for going on 6 years, seen the good , bad and ugly, and with 14 guys who bought into he being the coach, they MADE THIS SEASON BEAUTIFUL !!

    BENJY TAYLOR.. LOVE YOU MAN. and the Fourteen Great athletes and Your wonderful Ohana, would be absolutely heartbroken if Benjy not hired.. if they went with a new guy…. even an assistant.. hope Dave Matlin gives Benjy a chance, winning 22 games great, if UH were 9-23 and did not even make the BWC tournament, then case closed move on.. however, Benjy and the Bows, known all over USA>. they DID VERY< VERY good, Benjy has lot of friends, in coaching fraternity, I am sure they will give tons of references, and just the shots of 5000-6000 in SSC in final weeks. even if only 4000 in the house, make noise or 8400, at SSC home games.. and some losses. most losses, what made me cry… the crowd rose as one, and Gave Them a Standing Ovation.last home game, senior nite.. Benjy, Benjy.Benjy Benjy for Coach..

  47. if it’s Taylor, Dave needs to name him prior to LOI date. Fleming and now Pope confirms why they are at or gonna be at UH

  48. Think Dave knows the situation. So… Let’s go Dave! Get it done!

  49. He would be a good backup to bobbit but we still need a consistent shooter which we don’t. Get a shooter

  50. Pocho: really helps that Dave Matlin knows Benjy for over 5 years now, no problems between them, and DHC run by Warriors generated interest ESPN viewership and ticket sales walkup, even on Christmas Day UH vs Colorado, great game won by Benjy and the Bows.
    Going to make Seque and Benjy get deal done, Now, he feels better whom in place as AD, can explain a lot of things, clear the air, and What has he done lately to help MBB uprgrade for next season, well we got a committ from a 6’6″ 24th leftie, lilke a taller Isaac Fleming from Idano JC, which Big schools were after including Mizzou to help with our scoring and in Half court, high BB IQ he has. And we have shot now at a couple of 69″ to 6’11” 250-265 bangers, to shore up the inside, and can dunk on mamadou, or are BBIQ smart to foul him out, quick footed high vert no scared em role bigs, Dave, the future looks very, very bright.. why don’t we as a team UH athletics with you as AD, and I as MBB coach reach that NCAA promised land !!

    Go Bows!

  51. Future looks bright I gotta where shades !!!
    old school song..Timbuk3..

  52. Regarding a head coach.

    Hiring BT will have continuity. If he wins and recruits great, the right man was hired.

    If the team loses in the next 2 years with what they have, then maybe a new direction is

    Hiring a new coach the verdict will be out for 2 to 3 years anyway. Due to current players
    leaving and new ones recruited at this late of a date. Thus 3 years will be more likely the amount
    of time needed to be given to a new head coach. Appears to have more downside.

    Less risk now by keeping BT.

  53. Kuebler had better 3 PT FG percentages than Lojeski. But Lojeski had a better overall FG %. Lojeski made 56 at 38.4 % and 44 at 37.9 % on 3 Pt FG and had a very good FT % in 2005-06 and 2006-07. 54.1 % overall FG % in 2006-07, 16.9 pts avg.

    In 2003-04, Kuebler made 97 threes, at 40.1 %; made 210 total FG’s at 45.2 % ; 18.1 pts avg. In 2002-03, he made 46 at 39.2 % 3 Pt. FG; 12.2 pts. avg.

    NWC made 64 at 41 % and had a little better 3 pt FG % than Zane’s better year in 2011 and a little better than Kuebler.

  54. Good if Benjy could look for a good Big Man assistant coach, like Fisher or even Amis, that would help the bigs,. however, like Amis and Vander, they really worked on game from summer to summer made themselves better, so both ways, the Coaching AND the Big grinding to get better

    Not An Expert: That would be a good deal, for continuity, really the MBB program has had 17 win season with CIT loss in first round, 20 win season, admin would not support UH in deserved CIT game stayed home, and This Year With Interim coach, Completey new system and new guys, or older guys never had much playing time last year, buy in, and the explode.. real change, great job by BT and the Bows.

    For Matlin, he can discuss the other matters, adminstrations, any problems amongst team, or staff, workable, all 14 remaining guys, they all working hard in school, now after spring break they gotta get after it for their future, APR, GPA and future employ after UH..

    Benjy Taylor, been there, seen it, done that. went through all of the trials and taught team by example how to stay, or become more mature and calm, and released effort on court.
    Taylor hired.. he coming off of Hugh Durham Mid Major Coach Award, 22 wins season, 13 guys coming back..and can outlay vision for program, something that Benjy with staff had in place since he was hired as interim back in November. very sure Benjy is ready for interview. hope it goes well, and Dave, will give a fellow kamaaina a chance !!
    Go Bows and Benjy wish you well, you would make excellent permanent HC MBB !!

  55. It bother’s me a bit that people keep talking about a 6’11 big. Why is that? I don’t want to guess. I suggest the old style, old term, 7 footer. I’m an old timer. It covers everything 7 feet and above. 7-footer ! 7-footer ! What’s so hard about saying 7-footer !
    Alright. I had my say. Mahalo.

  56. What is this! Runbows Insider, Akuhead I feel your pain. Good grief!

  57. Good 7 footers very, very rare…lot of bigs between 6’9″ to 6’111/2″

    last great legit shot blocking 7’1″ 295 big
    21 years ago Tony Maroney
    a Wallacw recruit out of marshalltown jv

    China has millions of 7 footers not many can play ncaa d1 ball

    that is why our two stefs are 6’11” and getting better

    One more big beast 6’10” to 7’2″aurite!!…go get em benjy as matlin and benjy speak right now!!

  58. Always been that way. And he goes on and on and on………can’t even make it through his nonstop ramblings. Blah blah blah Benjy. Yada yada yada Benjy.

  59. pope commits without knowing if benjy will be the head coach….you gotta wonder how much other UH recruits have already looked the other way…..matlin needs to act fast and make a decision because signing period is coming fast and i bet there are some recruits waiting to see who the head coach will be

  60. Watch carefully if benjy gets a good big to committ soon..don’t be surprised if benjy soon signing contract..best thing matlin can do..

    Incredible again for resume
    even unknown if benjy her 2 great
    jc recruits committ before other 2 applicants even fax their applications
    Good job benjy

    Smart..akamai…let benjy que and staff do their thing help uhmbb get better with one full year
    benjy in place already…other matters ask him..he will personallly take care of it
    families call, email, teet, skype support for benjy
    odds on favorit for job!!

  61. Blah blah. Marlin review All applicants. Thank god Runbows not aonan selection committee.

  62. hahahaha Pupule, you make me laugh.

    get the ball rolling Dave! Let’s Go Dave! Let’s Go Dave! Let’s Go Dave!

  63. Quickest hands on a UH 7 footer?
    Seth Sundberg.
    Would steal the ball down low, ‘before’ the big would take it up for the shot.

  64. It is good that Pope was ranked 24th.
    But the best thing about him: Vouched for by friends Aaron Valdes, Quincy Smith, and Mike Thomas.

  65. Seth was good especially when lplaying with AC Carter
    too bad defect did not have natural muscle coverage over spleen
    hope he is okzy could block shots nice 15 foot jumper

  66. Eli coming…eli coming…now…benjy comin..benji coming for that 3 year deal
    lot in his corner

  67. If we talk it up enough about three point percentage, maybe just throw it out there, and especially if we get a big ‘big’, Mike Thomas is the kind of player that might want to compete for the best three point percentage shooter. Of all the players, maybe MT was asked to play out of place the most, at the four when he thinks of himself as a three or even a two. Competition is one thing, but the lack of players in another position gets one away from their own game. Growth is good, but doing what you want to do? Priceless. I hope we do get a 7-footer.

  68. Who knows…impressive to get very high rated SG/Wing…see…matlin lrt benjy and que do some recruiting magic

    Chris Botez fastest endline to endline running 7 footer, just did not have O and D game..so it was like he was 6’5″
    Even a 6’10” 255 shotblocker, charge taker, rurim protector, score on putbacks , lobs..added bombonus can run fast

    Would seal deal

    Benjy getting closer..just about ready to rock and roll

  69. Seth was also good at stealing money from the government. He’s in the slammer for a while.

  70. Wow…hope he paid people back

    I liked Troy Ostler 6’10” could jump had trout with nba knicks I think and career in eutope pro

  71. Benjy get that big or two to committ this weekend will help program
    awesome if
    Wjng, PF and Center co. Itt before april
    wow lau lau!!

  72. According to BM blog late, when posted UH MBB job, Phil Handy expressed interest if UH was interested in him. he says he follows progress of team and what they endured. Don’t know if he submitted an application.

    Phil Developed NBA talent, coached assistant too in NBA.
    Interesting thought, maybe if he had a college diploma and or experience coaching at some level, AC Carter/ Etc. some former players or UH coaches, assitants.

    However some Key things to think about:

    1)Would these ex UH alumnus Know the current team and the attitudes of 21st century mindset, really different from back in the 20th century.
    2)Would the pay be enough if they are living in area with lower cost of living.
    3)Moving their families here to Hawaii.
    4)The Ncaa allegations and UH response, Would they be willing to dive into the Fire for next how many years.
    5)They would have to, same thing with Benjy instill New system on O and D… and develop interest in MBB fanbase, who grew to love these 14 current guys and Benjy Taylor coaching style.
    6)Would they use this job as 3 year or shorter stepping stone to go back to NBA or International coaching, or administration.
    7)Are they good on administering discipline and Academics making sure guys are super sond
    8)a Big One, Can They Recruit, great athletes to Hawaii with all the not only geographical challenges, however also the limits on facilities and monies, athletics dept currently 3million dollars in the red.

    Those are good questions to ask themselves, Before even applying and the possible final 4 interviewees.. The more I honestly think about it, hmmm Savovic, Puida, Burneidka, Campbell, AC Carter. really special UH alumnus, and great players. IT IS THE OTHER THINGS.. that Benjy had to deal with on the fly.. Wow.. if they could.. or are really super in a position to overhaul the whole program and team, they can try.

    That in itself, ask yourselves pono, Derek, pupule.. how many former coaches, just knowing cost of living, travel, moving families, and lack of monies available, and lack of first rate facilities and cannot drive to see recruits like in the mainland. tha t is Rough.. UNLESS that type of coach, were living Right here in Hawaii.. former DII coach or soon to be I guess.. However, so much other things, the self imposed possible response to NCAA. would they want to deal with that for several years with possibly depleted talent and team?

    Man, the dozen or so, or more who apply and hope Matlin, I am sure, within a week he can weed out the ones not in position to apply or cannot, or they don’t meet what he is looking for..It just Makes More sense, shoots even for one or two years.. simplest, He been there, seen it done it, with good Success, the mistakes he can correct, and his kids have been here with him for 5 years,,so his family they are Kamaaina already.. simplest thing, give Coach Taylor the job..

    We shall see. would have to be a SUPER MAN OR WOMAN.. really to replace Benjy..
    I still hope, for expediency, and stability and solidarity,and continuity.. Matlin signs Benjy Taylor as New Men’s BB coach.. Not that easy coach successful MBB program under ncaa allegations, and in the mid pacific, having to subsidize and travel so far away.. Special Guy , his Name Benjy Taylor

    Think About It?

  73. Stop with the Pono. Hiring a bb coach is a business transaction. Not immoral to hire someone else. Sounds like u r getting more and more desperate. Maitlin could give two hoots about ur opinion. What will u do if someone else hired.? Stop posting on WI? If that were true it would be worth it to hire the guy down the street just knowing that would mean no more Runbows! Think about it!

  74. HAS TO BE THAT COUNTRY BOY, don’t worry bout it, sun going come out tomorrow, we go fishing later today. It going take care of itself, we did the best job we could youngin..or something like that.

    That is Benjy Taylor, he only got ONE technical? I think the whole year, or maybe NOT EVEN one technical.. if he keeps calm, just gets One, Two, maybe Three commits, a Wing, a PF and a C, from JC ranks, that can complement and even push the returnees, make team solid from perimeter to rim. and Benjy can start to instill in fall, Half court O and D.. real fine tune stuff .. and encourage AV, MT, Janks, Fleming, just relax.. this summer shoot ball with confidence, 3 line to mid range, you could have 5 guys shooting 38 to 40% from trifecta land. AV , NWC, Janks, have beautiful form, even Rod with that set shot type, D daring him to shoot it, he gets his JC shot back, and starts knocking down 37% from 3 ball line.. his scoring average goes up, and other teams. ..back on their heals, UH can turn them over, transition baskets, they can play half court D, get rebounds and go, they can slow it down, have motion, or really great O sets for shooters, and drivers, backdoor lobs, mid range floaters, in the zone, and the corners, wide open, UH shoot better from FT line and 3 ball line, the offensive average will go back up to the eighties again like last year with Standhardinger.

    Hope, it works out..or a different scenario.. if Matlin, finds a real Genius mind, BB super person, and hires. that person instead, that New HC, offers, Benjy Associate coach and Senque Assistant, and top recruiter, along with Brad Autry, Brandon Loyd, assistants, if they want.. Brad Autry good Basketball mind, Tulsa assistant, great lineage.. every stop. those teams had success like UH this year.

    So…. Looks like Benjy Taylor, the fans choice, the athletes choice, and what I like when some other coaches knew they were not going to be retained, or it didn’t look like they had any chance even if applied, They tanked, or gave up on recruiting, here, Benjy and Senque, still going full bore, to get 2 or 3 JC recruits.. got so far a very very good SG/Wing in Pope, Now that shows the dedication and loyalty to the team, whether Benjy here or not.. I think Benjy and Senque, the new recruits and the returnees.. will all be here to start 2015-16 season… Very certain.. as long as Matlin, tells Benjy get everything in order, your resume, explain what happened in class and off court, has those things been addressed and What is Your Plan and Vision for MBB program moving forward.. Are you willing to make this your LAST stop as MBB coach. a Career, winning program coach and Hawaii Guy? If I were Matlin that is the KEY… DO THEY LOVE HAWAII, the culture, the university, the climate, the cost of living challenge, can they handle, or are they yearning to go back to Mainland or other country they came from.. Benjy comes off, not cocky, just confident, Dave this is what we did, despite, having to convince 16 guys at that time to stay with program 2 eventually left, and we gave our blessings to them.. The Whole team, we uptempoed and it worked, MId Major Mid season coach of the year… did well , almost won the DHC.. almost won the BWC tourney title, with a mix and match, basically new team, injured team.. and 12 different egos..off court things, have been resolved. am working right now, sitting down with each guy and talking to their families, what is THEIR vision for being part of MBB program going forward, they stay the course, be excellent representatives of Hawaii and school on court and off, and do well in academics..the sky is the limit for next few years and Beyond. Yes Dave, I Benjy Taylor, if given the Permanent HC, job, see these 100 NEW gray hairs on my head.. last season I only had 10, now I have 90 more and growing, that is how much I care for these Young Men , Hawaii, the University and the Fans.. and Yes. I will make sure, that the culture, on the court and off the court is changed for the better. a First class MBB program. and winning wise, we did it.. the culture and any other problems, those will be addressed I promise, because, these are Great young men who have Great Ohana, good families..

    Thankyou Dave Matlin, you made the right choice in hiring me as HC for MBB.

    if not, well, I wish the next guy or gal the best and hope the guys will stay the course.
    What do You Warrior Nation think? What call does Matlin make, kind of tough one, if Larry Brown, or Calapari, or Coach K. or Jim Boeheim shows up, along with 5 All American transfers..however don’t think that will happen..
    or at least if NEW HC.. that coach will retain Benjy and Que,.. and some others.i.e. Jamie Smith,.. Brad, and Brandon in some capacity..

  75. ABOVE POST: Just Imaginary, What IF BT said that in Interview.. Just opinion of RunBows, Not Benjy’s actual words, though he has said a lot of similar things since November 2014.. I am really pulling for him.. Hope that Dave Matlin makes the right call. Then fixes the Football program if they only win 5 games again..

    And facilities, I used to work there, managing.. all it takes, is the maintenance staff taking pride, in watering, scrubbing, painting, fixing landscape, not laying back, or sitting around.. although union workers.. otherwise, neat that the coaches and student athletes, picked up rubbish, painted scrubbed, washed the lower campus and athletics facilities.. I am sure NEW paint, by painters, spray, and especially prep well, and clean up good too, makes world of difference, and cleaning the pool, fixing those broken old windows in Klum and practice gyms.. there are some monies for State facilitites maintenance , they have it.. just go in their this summer and make the UH lower campus, even though older, make it look good, Real source of Pride, ole time feel however, even new recruits would feel good. Make campus dorms real secure,so no violence, and other problems, take care the UH Hale,.. and things will be 100% better for student athletes and we parents and grandparents of kids that go there!

    See, UH Pres, chancellors, and AD.. can be done, simple things can go long way..

    And Benjy just a Simple old, Country Boy from North Carolina, Richmond Spider sweet sixteen PG member NCAA tournament !!

  76. What in the world are you talking about???? I think it is time for your nap

  77. Hey, Steve Lavin is available. Phil Handy, now that’s a name that is very interesting. Another name, AC Carter, he’s coaching in D-League now. The former Nevada coach is available too. There must be very good assistant coaches at Gonzaga, St. Marys, BYU, or Utah, or any other Pac 12 teams. Aspiring coaches just want an opportunity to be a Head Coach at a good university. If Buffalo can get a Bobby Hurley (he’s too good to stay there for the long term), UH can get a good coach here too. Chauncey Billups is retired right? How about Rip Hamilton? Sorry, they’re not coaches. I was thinking about 2 of my favorite players since they were on SportsCenter this morning. Hehe! Anyway, lots of good coaches out there. Matlin, find them! Don’t only look at Taylor. Don’t short change the University of Hawaii. You owe it to the fans, to the community, the players, the administration, etc. to find the best possible candidate to help us to take it to the next level and run a clean program that we can all be proud of. If Wichita State, Virginia Commonwealth, and George Mason can make it to the final 4, anything is possible. Remember, UNLV was once in the Big West and back then they were not a big school. And did you know, Wyoming won a National Championship once.

  78. Erin Ganot? Mark Campbell?

  79. Another BWC coach or his assistant? Les, Theus, Taylor, with 5 years collegiate experience ability to recruit, manage on and off court. Compliant. Vision. Winner. Develop young student athletes.
    JC coaches, Mid Major, low mid major, hired, fired, retired coaches men or Women (why not?) with record of recruiting good student athetes who won, retained and graduated over 5 year period. Or other similar success. Can you all blend in to the Hot Humid, Vog, and 9 dollars for half gallon of milk, 3.20 cents a gallon for gas, 2000.00 a month for 60 year old cottage, 2 bedroom, in old neighborhood.. School Athletics in the Red by 3 million dollars. deal with NCAA, allegations and response, hanging over your program for several years. If you don’t win 20 games this year, can you take the boo birds? The catcalls of why Matlin did you not hire Benjy, now they are milking the clock, turning the ball over, running a flex motion, and scoring 50 pts a game, with 4 steals a game, and have now lost 10 games in a row.. could you deal with that reality for first 2 years of your tenure, you start 3rd year of contract,lose some athletes, homesick, not enough playing time, wanted to uptempo, and could not stand the berating, fast hook and sit on bench for one mistake?
    for the young team…with NEW Coach..

    That is why Dave Matlin.. when interviewing, other 4 applicants, the final 4, tell them it will not be easy, team might Not buy into your system.. your would have to perform 2015 version of parting of the Red Sea, and these 14 guys have tremendous ego too. You can handle all of that at 210.000 per first year, .. well we will give you a call and let you know decision. Finally, have you been assistant , and Associate HC, whose Head coach was fired, assistant and primary recruiter fired, just few days before start of season. Your players, frantic, don’t know whether to transfer , go pro, or just quit school? have you had to tell the parents/ guardians of 16 guys, that it would be okay, you as interim HC, would want to make it work, if their sons stayed? You had your Best player indefinitely suspended by the University, and he turned pro in Spain.. another major Freshman get, broke his pinkie,His Coach, the HC that recruited him..was fired, so he quit team, only to come back , and break his hand, he quit and transferred back to Florida, leaving your team short two, key big, bigs. with some skill down low.. You had to scramble, develop O and D, that would give your team Best chance to win.. .. Question: Have YOU FACED THAT situation in any level of your coaching experience and come out with 22 wins or more, and chance to advance within one win of Championship tournament?

    Your answer Ms. or Mr.. so and so? No you haven’t, Well we will let you know in the mail or phone call our decision.. IN the media, SA article, and Online media blogs.. Coach Taylor signs a 3 year guaranteed properly written contract , SA and Hawaii News Now, and Rick B. John. F., ask what about those off court things.,Matlin says, never mind that is in house, and has been handled. student athletes resolved or disciplined and made restitution if any.. all returning guys clear to play next year.
    I extend my hand , as new AD to our NEW HC for MBB . Mr Benjy Taylor.. Congratulations Coach..
    Huge ovation.. and recruiting locks in 3 or 4 new guys for next year.. and they go on a brief summer tour to Brazil play against the jr national team and some pro teams.. come back in fall, pre season picked number One..

    That is How It Should Be Done.. Unles, Dave has that Super Man or Lady out there with no skeletons in closet, and willing to take small salary, and live in the middle of the Pacific, the hardest place to recruit great MBB talent in the world..

    ABOVE scene, JUST RUNBOWS Imaginary thought and Drama, not based, well based on a lot of facts.. however,, just a melodrama.. Hope for Matlin and Benjy it plays out for Real..

  80. Yeah, Derek , pupule, pono, and clyde, Dave Matlin is right now, looking all over the applicants applications coming in, even the off the cuff referrals,.. has to consider, UH MBB probably made money, and created fanbase based on the style of ball Benjy installed.

    He has big decision.. Benjy, gets 2 more commits, perhaps, 2 good JC bigs, willing to come even before knowing Benjy coach, speaks volumes, they like the coaching style and team, the Cali connection, who knows, maybe Isaac has the east coast big will come too.

    Great if Campell, and Alika Smith on board, maybe as assistants.. however I am too old to suffer through even one more 9-28 season, starting all over again with new coach and athletes… This team with this coach, amazing.. the off the court stuff, Benjy am sure working out with UH HR and agent, attorney.s. HGEA and conduct protocol so his Resume will answer every question.

    Why the interest? Because, all season. Benjy Ball was exciting, even the Benjy haters, and I cannot hate the guy;.. shoots with 5 guards they were beating big teams on the boards, and national steals leader..? plus the excitement.. I cannot go to games, however those of you who went to every SSC game, and I don’t think too many on this forum.. from what I heard, and seen, and friends, relatives that had season tickets, team young, made mistakes from athletes to team, however FUN to watch, and they WON 22 games..

    Hard to Top Benjy’s Resume, he has to Frame his interview, very respectably, with dignity, yet be assertive, and use every resource, the killer ones, the National pundits,ESPN, Fox sports, CBS sports, NBC Sports, BigWest TV network commentators. and THIS pono, Derek, and clyde is The biggest endorsement for me, since Penny is a few years older than me.. Pennebacker, said about a little over month ago “Benjy doing great job, UH should remove the Interim label and Make him the permanent HC, he is doing a great job as HC.. ? wow.. a former key Fabulous Five and former
    State Librarian and Veteran..That is a HUGE endorsement, when the alumni voice support for Benjy.

    we see what happens.. Matlin, his call, howeve, safe if he hires Benjy, take a roll of dice with new guy or gal.. however retain Benjy and Que as associate HC’s that would really help team solidarity, howeer, Benjy earned it.. he did the heavy lifting, we just did the heavy talking and typing!!

    Go Dave Matlin, factor in everything, look at the Overall Body of Work Benjy and the Bows who stayed, created a wonderful happy place for thousands of new and older MBB fans, in a Season that could have never been.

    Please , sir, Mr Matlin, even if for One year guaranteed, give Benjy Taylor a chance, your fellow kanaaina !!
    Mahalo Nui Aloha
    Imua Bows.. and have a great AD career.. first hire Benjy as MBB coach, then see how Norm plays out, and go to work.. I do not envy your job at all, however your heart is in the right place.

    Give Benjy a fair shot.. number one choice, otherwise, hope not, the lobbyists, might come in, and we know who they are.. don’t want that.. too crazy

  81. Pupule you are hilarious. RB is using my name too many times. The picture in my head of Runbows is as follows:

    -Asian guy around 65
    -5’7 180lbs
    -Wears reading glasses
    -Has long grey/white hair
    -Stay squinting at the computer screen all day muttering about this pupule guy under his breathe

  82. IT STILL Doesn’t Mean Matlin Might NOT Find Someone Even Better [Howland’s Already Gone AND We Couldn’t Afford Him or Jaimie & Rick Anyway…]

    MAYBE (I think) Benjy And SenQue ARE Wiping Out The Objections to “Permanent/Full-Time” HIRING:

    1) Recent Road Trips had NO Incidents, even though Greater Than a Week-Long [IMPROVED];

    2) ‘BOWS have Eliminated Their “Cry-Baby” On-Court Reputation — Better Self-Discipline, NO Recent Technical Fouls; ‘Bows Got FAIR REF treatment In BWC Tourney [IMPROVED];

    3) SenQue HAS SPECIFIC Action Plan for APR & GRADES –
    S-Q HAD NCAA’s Biggest APR Turnaround @ Fresno State [TO BE Demonstrated With Class Grades]

    4) IF Players Are RETAINED And Maintain Eligibility – UHMBB Should Score Highest APR Possible — Other Than SAMMIS AND FOTU Hits which I Consider “Chargeable” To Chancellor & President WHO Totally Incompetently Fired Coaches and Suspended Player Without Even TELLING Them, AND Having An In-Place Action Plan [EX: Mr. Fotu, We Appreciate Your Years of Effort AND The “Olympic/World Championship AND ALL-BWC HONORS (As a Sophomore!) You have Brought to Our Program; However WE THINK We Need to Pursue These Actions; we want You and Your Family to know that “These Types” of “Violations” (iPad) Occur ‘Often’, We See NO Obstacle Nor Expect ANY Problem obtaining NCAA Concurrence On This Waiver / Corrective Actions Letter that we have (ALREADY) Prepared and would like You to Also Sign — AS SLOW as The NCAA CAN BE, we understand You Might Miss Two to SIX Games…BUT We Want You to Get Your Degree — THAT IS JOB ONE For ALL of Us, After All — and Support YOU in Continuing Your HIGH HONORS Career on Behalf of Our PROUD & Rock-Steady University…. [Yeah, I Know Fantastical AND Fantasy — BUT I BET YOU Matlin Has SOME of These Ho’o malemale PROFESSIONAL Skills… ] [CRITICAL AND TBD — Potential LOSS of Scholarship(s)]

    5) CAN THEY FINISH STRONG? MORE Post-Season BWC Tourney Wins (DOUBLE Against Higher-Seeded Competition –ONLY Previous WIN in Previous TEN Years was Against LOWER Seed – Expected…) [ASKED AND ANSWERED]

    6) CAN This STAFF RECRUIT (Without GIB) – Verbal From AUSTIN POPE (High #24 JC Recruit) Maybe a Similar ‘Statement’ Is Coming From A ‘BIG’… [SOLID, Just About ASKED & ANSWERED]

    7) PERSONAL Leadership – DON’T TELL ME These Are NONE Of OUR Business — When You Are a LIMELIGHT LEADER, YOU BETTER CLEAN IT UP, If Only for The Team and Fans/Kids…ACTION PLAN To Eliminate DEBTS, Back Child Suppport, etc. [ACTION to Enforce: UHAD Matlin]

    …WHAT ELSE ?

  83. eagle: those points the Discipline of team their actions on court and off, even on road trips, were handled quickly, so far no warranted suspensions or restitutions, that we know of, could have been handled in house per NCAA and school conduct young person right to privacy.
    Also the Personal Matters, weird, Hawaii News Now, Rick B, and K5 when UH hired Benjy as interim, and THEY brought to light personal things, funny that Pres. , chancellor and AD Jay, did not disqualify, Benjy back in October, and gave reins to Senque, .. must have been out of the realm of what UH could get involved in, that is WHY none of UH’s business, if Benjy say he Knows, personal matters, and He is handling it.. what can UH have done? Nothing.. they would set themselves up for litigation guaranteed, slander,..

    So UH, said, okay, he says he handles his personal matters, should we make Riley interim, team had meeting with Jay, they wanted Benjy for at least a year as Acting HC..and Jay granted that request, best move he ever made, sadly Riley Wallace still very slow recovering from major stroke and loss of his dear friend Larry Little. So good thing Benjy given the reins.

    Sure, Matlin can ask all the questions. now some 5 months going on 6.. Benjy with Lawyer and agent ready to address, and national coaches, affiliation ready to step in an vouch for him.. etc, and those ahem OTHER heavy hitting entities.. Benjy has excellent, shot, just stay humble, voice of support by athletes , students, my 100 year old mom, and boosters. politicians carries a lot of weight. for Matlin a win win situation.. Benjy knows the guys.. he and QUE CAN RECRUIT get possibly 3 huge commits, who would do that verbally, not even knowing if Benjy here, Austin says he likes Benjy the style and huge that he is friends with Quincy, Thomas and Valdes, they need a 6’11” 270 poiund banger and a 6’9″ 245 flyer at PF.. Then Benjy set to go.

    Not a betting man, however, Benjy prepared to answer the Hard Questions. with respect.. If Matlin makes announcement next Tuesday that Benjy hired.. look for the cheeeehoooo throughout the 808.. finally eagle, and I worked there for decades.. finally.they got off okoles did something for the public, public servants right.. and first things first, put the best guy in MBB head coach position, in 2 or 3 years.. things going awful, have a good lawyer for UH make sure Benjy’s contract is pono.. so then we say, thankyou Coach Taylor, then move on.

    Roll of the dice, remember, Fred Von Appen? Jim Bolla,? Dana(loved her though)pushed in by Mufi, and F. Arnold? wasn’t the right fit… though excellent references and good people.. KEY Matlin has to be the New Paul Durham or Stan Sheriff !!

  84. Job closing dated changed to April 2 from April 13, per krusha, wsn forum ( the Date Posted changed from March 25 to 27 – mistake ?)

    Is that enough time, per the rules – either 8 days or 6 days ? Also, Portnoy on Curran show said Matlin will be working on this before he comes in as the AD on April 27. New coach may be named after or around the Final Four games, i think he said. April 6 is the championship game.

  85. Warrior MBB fan nation.. one thing AD Matlin acting.. he is moving fast on MBB HC hiring.
    Remember the posting was going to go up for 10 days? From May 26 2015 to April 4 2015? Well just checked UH Manoa job listings. They had it readvertised.. now.. look at the end of posting..they moved it up till April 2 2015.. that is speeding it up.. maybe they know whom they want or pared down very quickly and potentially within a week maybe ,. a NEW HC can be announced.. Much faster than hiring AD and ncaa letter awaiting right on.. Hope Benjy is right up there ~

    UH Head Basketball Coach (Men)
    Position Number:
    Hiring Unit:
    UHM Athletics Department
    Men’s Basketball
    Date Posted:
    March 27, 2015
    Closing Date:
    April 02, 2015
    Monthly Type:
    11 Month
    Full Time/Part Time:
    Full Time

  86. islandman, you split second ahead of me, two on the metric race.

    Seems , at press conference, even before Matlin came out to be introduced, he said He knows the timeline, even though not paid, he is working, which is good sign.. yeah, I saw that change too. that ending date is April 2 which is on Thursday less than one week away. As we all know, they can take it down… IF.. Matlin makes his recommendation to Chancellor he approves, they get contract banged out, or however and let BOR know.. then New HC..
    You know, that Que and Benjy really burning the JC recruiting trail, believe he said, possible, he cannot mention names. maybe another Big, a good one,,out there just waiting.. IF that big and another SF rebounder, 3 ball athletic, defender, He can get to commit before April signing date, let
    ‘s say before next week Wednesday.. that is HUGE ON Benjys’ resume, he would have a whole team coming back and 3 guys ready to sign.. waaaay ahead of any other candidate..

    Go Benjy Go.. Benjy and the Bows.. hope they give you a Chance..
    I really do, if not.. man real sad.. and UH mbb have to start all over again.. sheeesh~

  87. And if Matlin is on the ball, that getting MBB for UH in place before Final Four game, it means, must be, he is helping Benjy lock up the SG deluxe, the Big Man, and Maybe that super SF scorer, so the can commit and sign in April.. seems like that is what he is doing. .. since he must know Que and Benjy working hard to recruit for UH to add to the 13 guys coming back !!
    That would be good. pono.. hope so.. Matlin, do one for WI MBB fan nation.. the new and old fans who fell in love with Benjy Ball !!

  88. My guess is Matllin wants to know who the applicants are in advance of the Final Four so he can conduct interviews there should there be any prospective candidates attending the tournament … something most coaching staffs do.

  89. And Benjy Taylor will be there too, collecting his National Hugh Durham Coach of Mid Year award !
    Good for him…Key.. if Benjy can get another Big, a JC to commit, not knowing whether Benjy coach or not.. HUGE positive for Benjy. Matlin has to take that into consideration, if he is smart , has 13 returnees, top 7 scorers, rebounders, steals, assists leader, along with 3 possible Bigs committed before the Championship game..HUGE>.

    Matlin.. do the right thing, otherwise, MBB go down hill for sure.. Hire Benjy pono thing to do.
    If not, going to be like hiring BN late, Mack rush and fire, Dana T. political push by Mufi, Fred Von Appen, Hugh Yo. biggest mistake, and Frank A. big mistake.. for Once Matlin get it right, then with your connections.. Benjy can start to upgrade some of the home SOS SSC home game schedules to build up RPI. Pomeroy.. if not.. they go with Theus,.. even if he wins 18 games, I won’t watch, give up. same old same.. dont’ reward, small people.. Benjy should appeal, get help from the 3 Huge lobby strong national groups..

  90. I would think Matlin has time to do his UH AD job before he officially starts it. He has to tie up loose ends with his current job, but he can’t have that much to do all year for the two events – DHC and Hawaii Bowl in December ?

    That job must be a breeze compared to the UH athletic directors job. Unless someone knows what he does all year, maybe it is a busy job. Sponsorships, funding, contacting and selecting the DHC teams, scheduling, planning transportation, hotels, hosts, events, media relations, ticketing, anything else ?

  91. wasn’t he part of Linda Lingle’s political team? I think so. Maybe at 50, he can get if done. Appears, he is man of action. don’t wait get it done… that UH MBB coach in place, can lock in 2 or 3 or 4 great additions to MBB team that should challenge for BWC regular season title crown. He just might see, this spring, MVB possibly win a national title, maybe the Women’s Water Polo and Women’s SandBows team win national titles.

    And the 2014-15 story of the year. espn the magazine written article by Andy Katz, ” a plain ole country boy, not perfect, taking hits from left and right, got his Bows to fight, and won games. 22 wins.. and now he IS the permanent HC of MBB for the University of Hawaii”
    I would nominate that story for Sports story of the year

    Go Benjy and the Bows.. Benjy , your friendship and demeanor, and working to make sure odds and ends okay, nothing negative they can attack you with.. show your vision and plan, and have 3 JC recruits ready to sign in few weeks.. you got the job..
    we shall see.. Do Not Want Jackson No action, associate professor of linguistics.. that would be ha, ha, haaaa ~!

  92. Pono Pono pono. Benjy Benjy Benjy

  93. Whoever becomes a candidate I hope he has head coaching experience and can recruit. It’s a big gamble to hire someone with no HC experience. Because being assistant and HC are 2 different animals. And UH does not have a good track record with hiring assistants with no HC experience. Correct me if I’m wrong but VonAppen, Chow and Nash had no HC experience. Not to say that they can’t be successful down the road (Nash doing well in Japan). But we need someone that can step right in and be a HC and not have to learn as you go. So most of the guys mentioned are not qualified and should not be considered.

    I’m hoping that one day Anthony Carter will have HC experience and can come back to UH as HC. But then again the NBA might nab him first. But for now we got a good one in BT and we need to continue riding with him cause next year is our break out year. We are one big away from top 25. If we don’t get any new shooters that’s still ok. NWC, Valdes, Jankovic, and Flemming know what they need to work on over the summer. Plus don’t forget free throws. Next year we will beat Wichita State and whatever marquee team we face. That’s the kind of win that will put us on the map. Like when AC’s team beat #2 Kansas.

  94. Top 25? Really? Same team, same guys, same system and voila, top 25. Wow! You guys are definitely drinking the kool aid. 8-8 maybe 10-6. Still can’ beat Irvine or UCSB. Delusional.

  95. If Coach K says that one of his assistants would be a good Head Coach at Hawaii I would jump on it right now. Once upon a time an assistant coach here would have made a great coach here. One Rick Pitino. Even back then, you knew he could coach. Filling in for Bruce O’Neill, Pitino had the team playing hard and very competitive. I don’t mind getting a new Head Coach who was an Assistant. If you’re good, you’re good. Marlin needs to the man to take that risk. High risk, high reward. Just like buying stocks. You have to do your homework.

  96. Frequent viewer had to leave input, wish comments were less about what if movie scenarios. At least not in ten paragraph form, love reading comments but makes it hard ay

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