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Recruit on the Radar: Jamaal King

Jamaal King is the kind of player who can do a lot of things. At the top of that list is winning.

King, a 5-foot-10 guard, recently helped lead DC Premier to the championship of the elite Fab 48 AAU tournament in Las Vegas. Many of the nation’s top AAU programs participated in the tournament, and King scored a team-high nine points in the championship game.


“Heart of a lion,” is how DC Premier coach Corey McCray described King. “Plays extremely hard, works hard, takes and makes big shots. Toughest kid I’ve ever coached, hands down.”

(King is No. 2 in the white jersey in the video above)

It is probably a big reason why the University of Hawai’i basketball team would like King to become a future Warrior. King is about to start his senior year at Bishop O’Connell High School in Virginia.

He said he would like to take an official visit to Hawai’i sometime before the early signing period in November.

“Hawai’i started talking to me after we played in a tournament in Atlanta (last month),” King said. “They said they were interested and wanted me to visit. Hawai’i sounded good to me.”

King said other schools on his list include Southern Mississippi, St. Francis, Robert Morris and Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.

He undoubtedly raised his profile this summer, and should have more eyes on him during the upcoming high school season.

“Playing on the (AAU) circuit for one of the top teams in the country, it helped a lot,” he said. “We played against some great players who are going to (Top 25) D-1 schools, and I feel like I showed what I can do. I feel like I’m ready for that big stage of D-1.”

His coach, McCray, said college coaches should not be turned away by King’s size. “We have some phenomenal players on our team, and at the end of a game, I want the ball in Jamaal’s hands.” McCray said. “On defense, he’s a pest because he can get under guys, and he’s fearless. Absolutely fearless.”

As far as academics, King said: “I had a good school year last year, so I just have to keep working. I need to take my SAT and ACT coming up, but other than that, I want to take this summer I had and keep it going into the high school year and win another championship.”

— — — — — — —



A pair of blowouts and a silent night for University of Hawai’i players was the story at the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League on Saturday night at Manoa Valley Recreation Center gym.

Chosen Few clinched a bye in the first round of next week’s playoffs with a 109-87 victory over National Fire Protection Co. Chosen Few is currently in first place at 7-2 with one regular-season game remaining.

In Saturday’s other game, Solar Universe moved into third place with a 112-82 win over Wealth Strategy Partners.

Only one current UH player saw action on Saturday: Dyrbe Enos did not score, but had four assists, four rebounds and three steals for Solar Universe.

Former UH point guard Jace Tavita helped lead Chosen Few to its victory with 18 points, six rebounds and three assists. Tavita, who last played at UH in 2013, is training in Honolulu this summer in preparation for a spot on a professional team in the Philippines. (See video below)

Chosen Few had a 33-point lead at halftime, and seven players of the eight players in uniform ended up scoring in double-figures, led by Kaipo Pale with 22.

James Davis led National Fire Protection with 19 points. UH sophomore forward Mike Thomas was a no-show for National Fire because he is resting a back injury suffered in his previous game.

In the other game, Derrick Low led Solar Universe with 24 points, and Drew Viena added 21. Wealth Strategy was led by Waly Coulibaly’s 31 points.

The final regular-season games are set for Tuesday at Manoa Valley, and the playoffs begin Thursday at Maryknoll School.

Current standings
Chosen Few 7-2
Clark Hatch Fitness 6-3
Solar Universe 5-4
Wealth Strategy Partners 5-5
Grantco Pacific 3-6
National Fire Protection Co. 2-8

(Summer League photo courtesy Matt Osumi)


  1. Mahalo, Dayton, and The Schmidts

    Great Series on Prospective Recruits…


    Worthwhile Idea?
    WI.com ‘could’ sponsor a March Anaheim Tourney ‘Travel Package’
    As a Good Deal and wi Fundraiser

  2. gibisgood!

    Eagle, either yourself, myself, warriorhaw, Tavs, tako, and others early risers or late sleepers, catch the great reports from WI !

    That bodes well, GibisGood!, if he signs guard early Nov 2014, that shows that future recruits have confidence in MBB program. Gib must be upfront, Senque and Benjy too, with the No Clue At All, entity situation….must be more of a minor hit. So they can offer ones to official visit. If not, they wouldn’t offer anyone, if UH shutdown..GibisGood!

    Eagle, still holding out hope, for a possible late get by Gib and staff, we shall see, probably be a surprise announcement coming up very soon! If not, Gib will announce hold that extra scholarship and go to war this year with 12(including a late entry Sammis, hang in there bro. it is coming)scholarship guys , and 4 walkons, all of whom will have a lot of playing time, practice, and real time game situation!

    Go Gib, go get em, hook em up, and reel em in!
    Go Bows, Warriors, Rainbows and the MIGHTY TALL BLACK(Name of the New Zealand National team MBB team) Warriors!

  3. I wish Mr. King the best this coming bb season.

    Go Get Em Gib, Hook Em Up and Reel Em In!

  4. We definitely need another Big for the frontline…I think have enough guards for now.

  5. Obviously no one really good will sign until NCAA probe is complete. Hopefully soon. Then new coach we just hired will go to work.

  6. this recruit doesn’t make any sense…at 5’10 unless he’s a top 100 player

  7. Jamaal would have a Year Under-Studying Q and Bobbitt…

    Similar to the Bobbitt-Spearman “Contract Extension”
    (since we Don’t Do that for Coaches)
    Need An ALL-Around Threat to Replace Senior Garrett Nevels…

    But So Far only Two Available scholarships for Next Recruiting Season…

  8. He’s visiting in Aug and he’s a DMV Elite Top 60 player… Only reason he’s under recruited IMO is because his HS offense ran though Melo Trimble. Teams don’t know if he can run the point. If he proves he can this year he’s gonna blow up.

  9. Another Brocke Stepteau ?

  10. I think Dayton doing a great job. Since he was, or is up there in Vegas. All the guys that UH interested in. So, Dayton does the interviews, what are their plans, how do they feel about Hawaii, what do they need to improve. Must be serious, if Gib willing to use one of the OV to bring Jamaal King out here? Could be another Brocke? He kind of looks like Keith Shamburger, the similar build and height.

    Interesting the interview went from, a PF 6’6″ to a PG 5’10”, just joking, going smaller, shrinking, maybe the next, a 7’1″ guy from Sudan!

    Go get em Gib.
    GibISGood, reel em in, right Pocho!
    all in UH MBB die hard fan FUN!

  11. Yea, I agree wit islandman. 1st thing i thought was Stepteau #2. I thought we were trending to taller guards. Not that there isn’t a place for the shorter guys, but seems we have our share. Even for next year. Wonder if a scholie type guy. Am sure Gib and staff seen him live enough to be impressed.

  12. Sorry islandman and warriorhaw, read the writeup without looking at his video, man he looks smaller than 5’10”, that video is older. You notice the team they are playing? They have #44, that is Quadree Smith, on the Dark Jersey color team, the 6’*8′ 250-270 lb big that UH recently offered.

    Maybe, King, has friends, a big, that wants to come to Hawaii too? You never know, their must be some recruiting coordinating going on. Still would like to see a Big on a OV visit. That would be nice too. Maybe Gib going for the best available athletes they see. In that AAU title game, King must have really stood out. They , UH, seem to be targeting recruits past this season.

    Still hoping Gib surprises us with a late PF get for this year, more depth for frontcourt is possible, then is say, Gib You Done Good,!!


    Brocke Stepteau, very cool headed young man, PG mentality, .. pass the ball, movement, hit the open man, play as a team.. You have 12 guys with that attitude, UH wins a lot of games!

  13. playhoopsa

    I believe Gib is really starting to get his groove on as far as recruiting. His recruiting is getting better and better. So, I have a certain amount of faith with him. Hopefully the situation is as you say.

    And if nothing else happens the way of recruiting, I still very excited about the new guys coming in paired with the returnees and the hard work put in by all.

    Any news as far as how training has been for Aaron?

  14. warriorhaw:

    You know truthfully, I am just trying to stay super Positive. I don’t know everything. However, it must mean something, that for this year. Recruiting, Senque, and Benjy working as hard on the road, AAU circuit, Peach Jam in Atlanta and (UH still going full bore recruiting)

    the Big ONE, the Las Vegas showcase, the AAU teams elite going at it, Interesting that at these tournament showcases, still have some freshmen JC guys, just completed their JC freshman year and are eligible to play as DI incoming sophomores, so that is possibility too. That late JC soph. with 3 to play find.

    No, I am not Gib’s Uncle or Father, ha, ha, joke… however to get official word on state of UH MBB team this upcoming season, and where that final scholarship still available for this 2014-15 season, if offered, or Gib holds it for next season, or mid term get, transfer, probably Dayton will have video interview or writeup, or BM, that Gib is concentrating on next season and season after that.

    Actually the FINAL SAY on what’s up with UH MBB would come from Gib Arnold himself. I am just, speculating a lot. Wish I knew everything, however, I still see the UH MBB program going forward, which is Good!

    warriorhaw, with the diehard fans here, they want ME to stay Positive, that is why I always look for the bright side of Gib and UH MBB situation. School approaching, when all the returnees, except for Fotu, who will arrive a little late, since playing in the FIBA BB world championships in Spain, that is a good thing.

    warriorhaw: Aaron is fun loving young guy social, he mentioned, open gym, work out, don’t know if he played summer league in Cali, however he is such an athlete, if he is working with a trainer or training partner, he could be awesome. The sky, pun intended is the limit for Aaron. That is all I know, he looking forward to returning , Negus can’t wait, etc, that is the good of Program, the new and returnees are ready to start school and get to work for upcoming season!


  15. I don’t think we should panic and worry about the player we look at so early. Gib mentioned in the past(I’m sure other coaches do this too) that he offers up to 20 kids and the give the scholies to the one who either fit best during their recruiting visits or give scholies to fill needs on the team.

    Right now the coaches just putting names on their clipboard to track. Some will fall out due to various reasons while others will continue to be pursued.

    As for this young man’s height……have you guys forgotten Miah Ostrowski? If he has pg skills then his height should not be a major factor. If he was a 5-10 Sg then it a legit concern. What we need to look at is his handles…..his quickness……his decision making…..and his leadership skills. Gib like his pgs to be pass first type. That’s why Gib like the Hiram Thompsons…….the Jace Tavitas ……and the Miah Ostrowskis of the world.

    King will fit in fine if he prove to have good leadership skills.

  16. kahuna:

    Good points on recruiting, how most HC’s will look at a lot of prospects, however does not mean those are the guys Gib will close with.

    PG, very important a good one. Playmaker of past(didn’t call PG at that time)Jerome Freeman, what 5’10” maybe, Troy Bowe maybe 5’10”, Victor Tiny Kelly 5’6″, super quick, etc.

    PG mentality, pass and run team O first, score when need to, take big shots and make, AC Carter, even , I liked him a lot, should have shot more, excellent passer, got steals, great handles, super quick at his size, and was actually a great FT shooter and 3 ball shooter reluctant,
    6’4″ Mark Campbell, who is coaching in college now, I think?

    That is why, This period past, all July viewing and contact with potential recruits, a Big one, so Dayton is doing due diligence and write-ups on guys UH offered or interested in.
    Really it all boils down to, will the guys they eventually sign, help team to win, and advance in Post Season.

  17. Gotta say I’m a little worried about Mike Thomas. Burns are painful and sometimes leave scars but at least they fully heal. Back injuries though can become a nagging problem and even debilitating. Hopefully he just bruised or strained a back muscle and will be fine.

  18. HawaiiMongoose:

    That is always concern for all sports, good health and injury free. The back problems, worse case was Caleb Dressler, he tried to shake it off, however was pretty bad required surgery.
    Hope that Mike is okay, back injuries can linger throughout life. Hopefully just a strain, he has to take care, and even rehab it too. Young, guy Mike, take care!

  19. that’s why gib should be recruiting heavily for the 3-5 spots and not guards

  20. hawaiifan09: Agreed

    wonder if that is the next go round of write-ups, the Bigs, SF-C…
    you are right, and that was Gib’s mantra for the last scholarship, get that right fit big, help frontcourt… and the mantra, or thought of Nevels, Smith, wanted team to recruit Bigs, since they had a lot of guards. Know that Gib trying to get good athletes…well Bigs that can be developed, from 3, 4 and 5 spot is okay, RS or if ready, play them.
    otherwise this year. MT, hurt back hope he is okay 6’8″, Isaac Fotu 6’8″ will be good we know, Stefan Jovanovich 6’10” hope he is bigger and better, Jankovich have to wait 6’11” till mid December…. Awaiting to see is Sammis, a real key, gets waiver and can get into UH MBB this year 6’6″ and muscle guy, good athlete though.. Otherwise, Aaron Valdes 6’6″ about and Negus 6’7″ have to help down low too.

    Gib have to get a Big, then Gib is Good to Go!
    We wait for next writeup from BB coverage guys, and the great video interviews from Dayton!

  21. when you think about it, the wing/SF’s and PF/C’s are very young.
    Isaac Fotu, veteran Junior
    Mike Thomas soph.
    Stefan Jovanovich soph.
    Stefan Jankovich soph.

    If Sammis in, he is true Freshman.

    Negus Webster-Chan soph,.
    Aaron Valdes soph.

    very young guys 3, 4 and 5 spots.. could be around for 3 years at least?
    still that One 6’8″ to 6’9″ defensive guy, in the paint game, could help if they find one..never know.. we wait.. patiently, though school around the corner.
    Hope the best!

  22. he looka about 5ft 8. ,was getting passed by on defense, idk about this one. We need height and speed, athleticism , scoring ,all rolled up in one.

  23. Maybe Q can Hook one Big for UH

  24. I don’t see how this guy can take us to the next level. I’d pass.

  25. BM trying to catch up with DM?

    Dayton, your insider news and interviews, and all the tireless video work you have done going on 5 years, really no media guy, working full time could match. Loyal following for WI around the globe and USA/808.

    WI UH MBB a truly special and unique site that we die hard fans, really appreciate! Mahalo plenty, and fellow fans, echo the sentiments, Thankyou to the fan contributors, the sponsors, the Schmidt Ohana, Wes Nakama, and HC and UH MBB team and their family and friends.

    As Dayton, blogged from time to time….a lot of young people check out our posts, so we keep positive, non combative, and clean!

    Mahalo Plenty Dayton, and WI MBB forum!
    Eagle, al, joy, Derek, servante—Clyde some of the originals with hundreds of others, and dozens of other regular posts by die hard UH MBB fans!
    Go Bows! Warriors to the Max. Golden Rainbow Warriors!

  26. Pocho: Gib has done it before, go get em, hook em up and reel em in… to the start of school, who knows, what PF/SF Que, Benjy or Gib can close with, for this year.. instead of a great 5’9″ guy maybe a 6’9″ guy , can play down low, and help UH MBB go far this year.. we NEED THE DEPTH.. sorry Pono, and Brokenhearted, have to keep flame of UH MBB going, so it does not die!


    Go Gib, Get that Big, Go Gib, Get that Big!
    Just cheering on, stay Positive, and like an older guy, Go Bows!

  27. Coaches Gib and Q

    Don’t know if you have looked at this kid or not, but seems like a jewel in the rough that is ripe for picking.

    He is a 3 star center ranked #26 in his position coming out of HS, coached by Mugsy Bogues. He is a 7′, 230# rim protector that has played in the Team Africa Tournament and played for the Indiana Elite team. He has two seasons of eligibility left after getting his release from Indiana University two months ago due to wanting more playing time.

    He was an Academic All Big Ten scholar from Sudan who is seemingly not on anyone’s radar due to some medical reasons in this first two seasons with the Hoosiers.

    My thoughts are that IF you have an extra scholarship, this kid could be observed for this upcoming season as a redshirt given that the scouts are no longer banging down his door and the fact that Hawaii may be a good fit for someone so far from home. He could only help your GPA and if groomed properly could be that big defender for the following two years.

    I think the place to start is with Mugsy or his AAU coach, Mark Adams, to find out the real scoop.

    http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/indiana/2014/06/28/peter-jurkin-indiana-hoosiers-basketball/11632861/. Good Luck.


  28. Read like he has a leg problem since hs and going into his supposed Junior year in college it’s doesn’t sound like it’s gotten any better but possibly worse. I’d be weary giving him a scholarship and it seems he wants playing time to but how are you gonna give him playing time when he’s injured like that. Thinking like that both coach and player would be frustrated.


    Really appreciate how you are actually trying to help with UH MBB recruiting!
    Like Pocho, I read that article. Did google search like yourself online. For transfers, or bigs available and ran across that 7 footer from Sudan. As Pocho said, his health been an issue since his first year at IU. I think other issues as well. Would Gib and staff take a chance? I don’t know.

    I looked at another site, they listed the top 200 available for this year from HS to JC. Surprising , there still were, a couple 6’9″ type that decomitted, or they had signed earlier in year, and both came to agreement, the HC/school and athlete that those guys move on. Question, would Gib be willing to take a chance, would not doubt, if Que being the recruiting coordinator, is working really close with Benjy and Gib, putting their minds together to see who would fit…Still wonder what happened to the international, France, Toronto, South America, Eastern Europe recruiting, it must be the paperwork , and difficulty getting those players into USA. ahh,we just have to wait and see, I think very soon we shall find out, if last scholarship filled with a PF or SF…that can defend.

    Hey Backbeat and Pocho… let us, and all UH MBB fans, hope that MAYBE Gib and staff pull off a last minute get of a good Big, just in case Sammis has problem getting into UH, he is still awaiting appeal from NCAA, I hope it works out for him and UH, and the fans!

  30. I probably am way behind the game on this guy, dannyp, or BackBeat have probably searched this guy …long time ago, however, if you really look, some SF/PF/C types have been released or decommitted, changed mind on going to MBB program this fall, and STILL might be out there, waiting for an offer.. Wild, Recruiting , what a sport in itself, can make programs, or not..

    Obie Oleka: 6’7″ 220 soph.
    Was expected to enroll this summer and Texas. JC transfer was released from his LOI per mutual agreement this past Jan 2014 by coach Barnes of University of Texas.

    Some links , doesn’t go into too much detail, however, cannot find anywhere online if he is committed to any other school at this late date. Would be another scramble and gamble , AS a building MBB program, getting the right guys, DO you take a chance? One I can think of Colt Brennan, and Davonne Bess for FB Sugar bowl team.




  31. Links:http://verbalcommits.com/players/obinna-oleka



    Guy signed with Texas, then by mutual agreement was released from LOI in Jan of this year 2014. Think he is still available, however do not know full story.?
    Does Gib or other HC’s take a chance? Seems like Pocho, Backbeat, dannyp, there ARE some out there Bigs, that are still unsigned going into This Year. Guys decommitted, or not decided. That is challenge to find and locate and close those good ones..

  32. APOLOGIES TO WI FAN NATION AND DAYTON: I guess auto moderation.. I thought my original post was frozen, so kept clicking on submit… I am very sorry for THREE similar link posts..
    One would have been sufficient. Since same links on same Basketball guy.. Sorry about that!

  33. Hoping soon Senque finds place to live, and gradually brings his family out here. Big adjustment.
    Benjy and Gib, Akana? Were at that Las Vegas AAU elite showcase, a lot of talent for 2015 and beyond , plus a few, that are available, 2014 HS seniors unsigned, and JC freshmen ready to go to NCAA D1 school to play 3 years. Same with the Peach Jam AAU elite showcase, same type of athletes.

    Speaking of which…..Link:http://verbalcommits.com/players/jordan-tribble

    Jordan Tribble 6’9″ Center Prepatory School grad 2014?
    was target of Hawaii, very long and good timing shot blocker , seems on videos, all he did was rebound, dunk the ball, tip ins and block shots, which is not bad.. another one to develop.,..Wonder what happened to him on UH’s radar?

    Status Undecided
    Class of 2014
    Position Center
    Height 6-9
    Weight 210
    Hometown Georgetown, KY
    High School Quakerdale Preparatory School
    AAU Team Team Florida

  34. Maybe these guys committed already? Don’t know, some of the undecided PF,C and SF from verbalcommitts.. Do not know if that site is up to date, however, really development type of athletes right,? Paul Campbell, 6’10”.. might have flourished in Gib;s uptempo offense, and protect rim defender, Paul Campbell a Nash recruit from, was it Toronoto? could leap, however was not too strong, and was in the Flex motion offense. He might have done well in Gib’s O and D.?





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