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Bobbitt commits to join UH Warriors

The University of Hawai’i secured its first commitment for the upcoming signing period for new recruits, and it’s a steal.

Roderick Bobbitt, the junior college national leader in steals, said he is committed to joining the Warriors for the 2014-15 season. He is a 6-foot-3, 200-pound combo guard who will be a junior next season.


“I liked the coaches, and I really liked the campus a lot,” said Bobbitt, who made an official visit to Hawai’i last weekend. “I got the real college feel here when I walked around the campus, and being in Hawai’i helped, too. I just feel like it’s the best decision for me. I feel like I’ll be able to succeed in a lot of ways.”

He has already experienced success on the junior college level. As a sophomore last season at Indian Hills Community College (Iowa), Bobbitt averaged 15.9 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5.3 assists per game. The Warriors – yes, Warriors – were the top-ranked team in the national junior college rankings for most of the season, and they eventually finished runner-up at the national tournament.

His 3.7 steals per game ranked first in the JUCO national statistics, and he also shot 47.2 percent from the field, 35.9 percent from 3-point range, and 77.1 percent on free throws.

“I feel like I’m an all-around player,” he said. “Offensively, defensively, I bring energy on both sides. If my shots not falling, I’ll get it on the defensive end.”

Brandon Spearman, who just completed his senior season at UH, was a teammate of Bobbitt at Indian Hills during the 2011-12 season. Bobbitt was also a redshirt player at City College of San Francisco (Calif.) in 2012-13, when current UH guard Quincy Smith was at CCSF.

“I talked to Brandon months ago about Hawaii, and I had a chance to hang out with him, and Quincy, too,” Bobbitt said. “They both recommended it.”

Bobbitt sat out the final three games of the JUCO national tournament with a broken left arm, and he said the injury is still healing. “I still have to do some therapy, but I’ll be good,” he said.

Bobbitt also said he expects to receive his associate’s degree from Indian Hills by next month, and thus be eligible for NCAA Division I status. “I already have all the credits I need, basically,” he said. “That’s not going to be a problem.”

Bobbitt said he also made an official visit to Saint Mary’s, and was also being recruited by Missouri and Oklahoma.

The signing period for new recruits begins on Wednesday, April 16. Bobbitt is expected to sign an official letter of intent this week. The UH coaches cannot comment on new recruits until the letter of intent is signed and approved.


  1. Aloha and Welcome to the real Warrior Nation Roderick…been expecting you. You have some big shoes to fill with Spearman leaving, but with the right work ethic and mindset, your career here can be very rewarding. We wish you all the very best and look forward to your play.

  2. At 6’3 and 200lbs to lead JUCCO in steals tells me he that Bobbit is one of those pick pocket specialists. Tom Henderson was good at it. Matter of fact, Henderson was that size too—not the quickest guard but very cleaver with tremendous hands. On the other hand, Bobbit appears to have the whole package—like he says. The key however with all athletic players is can he pop from the outside with consistency. Then that will open up the inside game for him and teammates. I’d like to watch the scrimmages when practice starts in October? Talk about players having to elevate their games. This upcoming season is going to be a dog-fight for playing time among the back court. But that’s what good competition does. Welcome to Hawaii Mr. Bobbit.

  3. His offensive game is similar to Spearman, but he appears to be a little more consistent shooter. He’s at his best slashing to the hoop, but he can hit the open jumpers on the catch and shoot.

    Like I said in previous post, will be interesting how Bobbitt fits into the rotation. Initially, I pencilled in NWC for Spearman’s starting spot, but Bobbitt looks like an immediate contributor.

    Maybe Gib goes really small with Fotu at the “5”, NWC at the “4”, with Bobbitt, Nevels and Sham filling the other spots. The obvious problem is size with that rotation.

    Maybe Jovanovic advances enough to start at the 5, moving Fotu to his more natural 4, NWC at 3, Nevels and Sham at the 2&1. I liked what I saw from Jovanovic in his limited playing time. He’s got good size and is pretty athletic. Defensively, I think this is a better lineup, but that’s only if Jovanovic is ready.

    The biggest question mark besides figuring out the guard rotation is on the defensive end. Fotu is still a little raw on defense, NWC and Nevels are known for offense, Sham plays pretty solid D but is just small.

    Mike Thomas and Aaron Valdes need to step up this year otherwise they may never crack the rotation other than spot duty. Hopefully Valdes doesn’t get lost in the shuffle with NWC becoming active and Bobbitt and Flemings coming onboard. Quincy Smith will really need to have a good training camp to keep his minutes with Bobbitt and Flemings are both combo guard that can play both guard positions.

    Jawato, Harper, Enos, Filipovic likely won’t see any playing time unless they show serious improvements. Won’t be surprised if we see a few guys transfer out for playing time purposes.

  4. Ooh a shiny new toy. Any better than the old guys? Or is he just shinier, newer?

    36% on threes, and he seems to prefer the catch-and-shoot transition shooting, instead of shooting with a man on him. 36% is no improvement over Spearman, and our very own Aaron Valdes shot 40% himself. I’m going to make the point that we shouldn’t ignore the guys we already have (Valdes, Jovanovic).
    Bobbitt doesn’t seem quick, not slow either, but not quick so I wonder about his steals. And I wonder about his driving/scoring, because those vids look like a 6’4″ and under park league.

    Where does Bobbitt fit into the rotation? He’ll be a leader on the second teamers, providing some backup long-distance. (inside joke: Gib doesn’t play a second team, there’s no second team to lead).

    Valdes is 6’5″, and a NCAA talent from the start. But instead we’re going to put our heart into believing in the promise of this juco guy, because he’s new.

  5. Looks like we got our starting PG for next year…..

    Wish Keith the best. Do you know where Keith is transferring to yet DM?

  6. Where the hell is everyone coming up with Spearman replacement and back up??? This guy is the starting PG… He is one of the top PG in the country coming out of JC. Averaged almost 6 assists per game…

  7. Here’s something to consider. So far, most JC transfers seem to struggle their first year, adjusting to D1 ball, (Ruffin and Spearman). Both had better second years. And, transfers from D1 schools adjust faster and offer more consistent play from get go, (Christian and Sham).

    As a consequence, believe we’ll likely see immediate contributions from Negus and Jankovic than a JC transfer.

    As they say, ” if you want to be the man, put it on the line everyday and pave the way. If you wanna know where you stand, allow two players to choose the band – are you chosen first or last?”

  8. by the way, Sham is gone, and Bobbit will almost undoubtedly play the point.

    Negus is still the 3, i dont think thats in any danger of changing.

  9. Tako, Spearman did not struggle in his first year. he played similar minutes, scored a little less (but also shot a little less, because we were leaning on Vander offensively and ran stuff through Hauns as well) shot the same from three shot significantly better free throws, and rebounded less because he was playing the 2 and not the three.

    spearman played very well his first year.

  10. xer 21: good points. Spearman, his jr. year transfer from JC, he was so key, the steady guy, one that Gib could trust, did a little of everything well, when he went down with high ankle sprain, UH went into that 5 game tailspin at end of BWC season. If Spearman were healthy, and he made a miraculous combeback for AFA CIT game, UH would have won 20+ games, and maybe been in championship game of BWC tournament, that is how good Spearman was as Jr…Also, he had that killer game against Illinois, 20 pts, rebounds, a putback slam, he was playing with the Illini head to head, and helping team stay even. Spearman, we are going to miss. Remember he started his freshman year on roster of a D1 school, Dayton, who had the great NCAA run this year!

    Nevels, I think, his Jr. transfer from JC year, had good , very good year. Now he knows, he has to get stronger physically, finish at the rim and one, as well as lockdown defender, Nevels, is a gym and weight room(hopefully )rat, he will work hard to be better too.
    So , Nevels, Bobbitt, Smith, Fleming, Filipovich, that is a great core of guards to build from Defensive side of ball, and transfer their games to offense too.

    Xer21, shame about Shamburger, however, most important he will graduate, just not choose to use last year of BB eligibility at UH, he should consider over seas, Asia as turning pro if that is what he wants. Or euro, USA development, or similar leagues ..

  11. Still in need of a solid athletic shot blocker , rebounder , a enforcer in the paint. Waiting for judgement day , hope we get one.

  12. cousins 6’10” or Bol 6’11”?

  13. Best part of the story:

    Bobbitt also said he expects to receive his associate’s degree from Indian Hills by next month, and thus be eligible for NCAA Division I status. “I already have all the credits I need, basically,” he said. “That’s not going to be a problem.”

    Thanks for doing the due diligence, Dayton. It’s a factor often overlooked when an athlete makes a commitment, or even signs a letter of intent. Can’t help the team if an athlete can’t get into school.

  14. Wait, is Shamburger really gone?? Roderick seems like an awesome get, however I’d like to see other roles filled where the actual need exists, i.e. big lockdown defenders in the paint.

  15. SA reporting that Shamburger is requesting a release. Plans to earn degree over summer so he can play immediately on another D1 team.

  16. You know how coaching staff sit down with each player after season discuss what need to do over summer…maybe Keith had to work on Defense…same as everyone else. So, for me, a bit of a head scratcher, hmmm?
    Sure Bobbitt, recovering from injury, rehabbing, is good, or can be good, however, Shamburger still with his experience in system, would have head start on PG position. He and Quincy Smith. With Bobbitt , Nevels, Fleming in rotation, good to have 5 quality guards for BWC play.

    UH MBB still had one or two more to offer that big or deserving guy on team roster already.
    Now, if Shamburger is released, that opens up another spot. So Gib, will still have to fill those open scholies with the athletic shot blockers.

    Question WI fans: This will be third NCAA D1 school that Shamburger will be trying to hook up with, where do you think he will land? I am guessing west coast school, San Jose, St Mary’s?
    Or does Shamburger go pro?

    Once Bobbitt signed, then Shamburger wanted out. Best that he get his degree, however, does he need to finish the final credits at UH this summer, would be a little strange, however, It has happened in past, where guy left, released from team, and still was going to school at Manoa.

    Wish UH MBB and rest of team sticking it out, to keep on getting better and look forward to next season. Cannot let one guy, stop the momentum. It must have taken the rest of team by surprise, or not(?) when Shamburger, wanted out.
    Stay tuned!

  17. D. Sears 6’5″ JC SF? Cousins 6’10” JC Center…? That would complete the package for next season if they join UH MBB team…however still one more, for a deserving guy…Wow, must be sprint time , April May for NCAA D1 teams..

  18. Do you think that Keith is good enough to go pro? Don’t believe he’s going to San Jose, isn’t that where he came from? For Keith, it is, what it is, down the roads he’s going to have to man up to his decision. Next season would have been a “great” opportunity for him. Wish him luck.

    Think Q has a leg up to start next season at PG. Think NWC will be one of the guards since he has the length to impose his presence both on D and O. See Nevels and Bobbitt neck and neck for the SG position. Flemming backing up Q. The dark horses at PG and SG would be Niko and Harville respectively. Visualizing the team starting 3 guards, quicker, faster and run, run…..

    Regarding the Bigs, Fotu,Thomas and the two Stefans have a head start. If either of the Stefans ever develop the relentlessness and strength to play D that answers and fills a big void.

    On everyone’s wish list is another big. Hoping that Valdes develops into a M. Jordan type player over the summer.

    Not forgetting that we may have a few surprises from the other players, maybe there’s a Vince Papale or Rich Miano character out there, or two. Any takers?

  19. If he transfers he might end up at Northridge. Their point guard was a senior and Reggie Theus knows Shamburger. They still have Hicks and Maxwell returning so they should be pretty good. He’s going to stay in California. That”s my opinion.

  20. Do not see Shamburger going to another big west school, nope.

  21. so who’s the starting point?…nevels, bobbit, quincy or flem?…Bobbitt did’t play the point last season…only one that played point is q but all three are combo’s

  22. Russ Smith, Sean Kilpatrick, and Shabazz Napier are Combo guards… Who cares.. Roderick Bobbitt is going to run the team…. He can dish it and score… You don’t need a pure point guard… Just like Long Beach has Caffey

  23. If you average over 5 assists per game, you are basically a point guard!!

  24. It seems every year under this regime someone for whatever reason leaves.

  25. Dude get used to it, every school has someone leave every year, that’s just how division one basketball is!!

  26. Yeah whatever, every year someone leaves the women’s volleyball, baseball, football, women’s basketball, mens volleyball team too, so what??

  27. yeah whatever. so I disagree with you, so what??

  28. dude get used to it, every school has someone who doesn’t agree with the regime

  29. Agree with J.. Think Bobbitt will get the nod at PG next year. No knock on Quincy but Bobbitt brings more scoring to the position.

  30. We need a point that can turn it on or off whatever the situation dictates. Quincy needs to work on his shooting if he wants to be a starter. Some games the point needs to take over the game. We haven’t had that type of player since Anthony Carter. Bobbit seems like the type of player who can turn it on if he chooses or be a pure point to set up others. Now a days the point is the most critical piece because he handles the ball more than anyone else and has many good looks at the basket. But you gotta be able to step up and drain em or be unafraid to take it strong to the hoop. And of course play defense.

  31. What if as with Shoji and Jane Croson, Gib does not grant release for Shamburger? He could do that, however Gib won’t, if the guys want out, because of clash with coach, other players ,in Shamburger’s case, not PT, he had the ball in his hands in money situations. That Irvine game on the road, was one of the UH MBB classic wins with Sham having big part.

    Still think, we love the guy, he stuck through that RS year, which is rough for competitor, loss of relative, injuries, and now Sham wants to finish final year of eligibility at another NCAA school, who knows, he might have offers to go DII or DII, or NAIA,…

    Puzzles me still, however, if that is what Shamburger wants, Gib will help him get academics in order to graduate, which is the best case scenario for UH and NCAA academics, this summer, then see if Sham can hook up with a school…

    Keith, at 22 or so, has to mature, it is a rough world out there, post graduate life, and not everything will be perfect, Shamburger had a lot of fans, if he could have been a 40% 3 pt shooter, UH would have been blowing teams out. Still think if he desires, overseas pro tryout, at his size, he has to play waaaay better defense.

    Well WI fans, should be , according to my calculation, with Bobbitt locking up one scholie for next season, and Standhardinger’s, Rozitis, and Dressler’s scholies available , that would leave 3 to offer for next season, or maybe 2, with 1 going to a preferred maybe..

    Never a dull moment with highly competitive NCAA DI MBB programs, from ACC, SEC, Pac12, Big Ten, all have movement every year, UH benefitted from DI transfers, Standhardinger, Rozitis, Jankovich, and Negus Webster-Chan.
    Q and Nevels, Filipovich, should be on a MISSION now, grab the reins, of leadership, and be the good ball handler that Sham was, however, better from FG shooter, and 3 ball launcher..

    Wait until Gib comes back , should be interestin…Gib go and lock up a SF great scoring defender, a Big shot blocker, and maybe another great Athletic BBaller, from anywhere, I think Mike Thomas, will be excellent student academically and stick it out till graduate, player, first one, Probably Aaron Valdes too, Two, great guys, Also Jawato..if they stick it out, in a few years , UH will be in NCAA’s consecutively..for sure..

    Stay tuned, as the UH MBB world turns!!

  32. Of course Fotu, our main guy, loves Hawaii, hope he stays the course, that is what he says, and I believe him. Key, his family wants him to get his 4 year degree. Isaac, the sky is the limit, and with greater, D and fierce rebounding, shot blocking, and 3 ball threat, breakdown defender moves, and coast to coast flush, Isaac, could be a possible NBA type player, all up to Isaac, the NBA awaits, hard, hard work, however , Isaac Fotu ,is a class guy!

  33. Bobbitt will definitely compete for time at PG, I wouldn’t say that it’s anywhere near a lock that he gets the nod. I think the real issue is that if Gib does not recruit a legit center Fotu may consider leaving. Playing the 5 will not help Fotu develop for the next level. He is a SF or a stretch 4 if he is considering the next level. Playing the 5 will not help him and that would be a major concern. As for Shamburger it would have been his job to lose if he returned. It’s always a concern when starters leave the team vs a bench guy that is not getting a lot of PT. I know that all teams experience some type of turnover but I think we have seen more than usual. There’s something about Gib that makes believe he’s not a genuine person but more of a used car salesman.

  34. Of course best of luck to Keith. But I’m really scratching my head as to why he wants the release.

    He’s one of the best players, a fan favorite, and part of a successful team that will undoubtedly be better next year.

    I doubt he’ll play for another Big West team. That would be so insulting and I hope for his sake he has more decency than that.

    Maybe he wants to be closer to home? I know the loss of his aunt was a devastating blow to him.

    Maybe he’s going pro somewhere? Or was given a job offer somewhere?

    Maybe he was told his place in the starting five wasn’t guaranteed? When you have competition from players like Nevels, Smith, Valdes, Fleming, Bobbit, and Filipovich then it’s only right that no one’s place is secure. I’m looking forward to seeing Filipovich play, but really can’t wait to see a bigger and faster Valdes. He was definitely one of the more fun players to watch. Still smiling thinking he’ll only be a sophomore next season!

    I just hope Keith isn’t making an impulsive decision.

  35. SHAMBURGER: Keith was at his best when UH was playing up tempo. In that first Irvine game, remember that was a 90-86 game. His problem, and what I’m believing will be Bobbitt’s problem, is when the tempo slows down. Keith is not a good point guard. Yes he’s small and plays basketball, but that doesn’t make him a point. Yes he shoots good free throws and doesn’t make turnovers, but that doesn’t make him a good point. Because what Keith would do is either 1) decide he is going to shoot, in which case he was chucking up 3s in the first 5 seconds, or 2) decide he is not going to shoot, in which case he just stood around and passed the ball around. Do you remember much of him driving and kicking? He played with Fotu, he should have had a ton of assists.

    ASSISTS: One thing we can learn, is that anyone can get 5 assists just passing the ball around the perimeter, when you have a hot shooter like Nevels. The guy who made the last pass is statistically credited with the assist, even though he does nothing to create the shot. Sure, Shamburger had some nice assists when he was playing uptempo, but what about playing downtempo?

    Sham was not a ball hog, in fact he gave up shots to play on last year’s team. He did not put himself above the team. I understand why he feels betrayed by Gib, who always talks about wanting to play uptempo, which is the style that suits Sham. But he was no help to the team in the half court. We’ll miss him in the uptempo games next year.

  36. realistically, this is where AD , Mr Ben Jay comes in, sit down with coach Gib, what is the thing with guys transferring out, if Ben is okay with it, the guys leaving academics in order, NCAA investigation good to go, then it is what is happening in NCAA D1 MBB today, all over the country.

    Very, strange, this time, a starter, who would have the position his for the taking, if…he worked on getting better, shooting from field, get stronger, defend better, and manage the half court sets…One thing, we talk about uptempo, look at the Final Four, not too many if any games were 90-85, usually in the 60’s or 50’s scored, reason? Defense stepped up, and teams, had to run half court sets.

    So to say, UH would play 32-36 games full speed, any top 25 team, has the ability to go half court, AC Carter, could do both, run and was very good in half court managing team. Same with Tom Henderson, even Mark Campbell, Troy Bowe, they were not running all the time. Even Jace Tavita, though he was not a shooter, ran the half court sets well, and UH was always in the game.

    I think it takes maturity on everyone’s part of UH MBB program, from Gib to the 16th guy on the roster. Remember, Gib telling Shamburger, ” you made a mistake” on going to SJSU, then finally, Shamburger making decision to come to Hawaii, he liked the prospect of playing for winning program, and having bigs like Christian and Fotu to dish ball to,…One glaring observation about Shamburger’s decision making, and it might have been Gib’s call too, to let his PG make last shot decisions, especially the last game in BWC tournament, Shamburger, still could have dished off ball to Standhardinger of Fotu, however, credit Shamburger for keeping UH in game, and having chance to hit shot, however, Sham, is smaller, and hard to finish at the rim,..Great foul shooter, and from all accounts, pretty decent young man.,

    Hope the best for UH MBB, Gib, and Shamburger….As I always say, If AD, and it used to be Jim Donovan, remember,? is going with Gib, despite the movement, and now we are talking about a starter, then what can we do? Gib is Ben’s UH MBB coach, so we hope for the best..
    Fotu, I hope he comes back, no indication that he is going , …Isaac could use at least one more year, to develop game, 2 more to get his degree…We love Isaac Fotu, and he likes Hawaii..It will be interesting to see how UH MBB banquet goes, remember last year with NO SHOW Vander, Gib took high road, and said all remember Good Things that Vander did, and left it at that, I am sure he will mention same about Sham.

    Man, I believe there are NOW 3 scholarships available, Gib get the best athletes available, especially guys that can defend, a couple of bigs would be great, and SF shooters to 3 line and can create own shots..

  37. If Harville is the 3 point expert and proves it in camp, give him a scholarship at the first available opening. And I think Quincy Smith will do just fine. He’s going to improve immensely. Like he said, he’s excited and he sees it was a great opportunity. Remember, at CC at San Francisco, Smith led his team to an undefeated season, 30-0 before they lost in the JC playoffs, a playoff won by Mt. SAC led by Garrett Nevels. Q can lead a team.

  38. couple of things here i noticed.

    A) Nevels is not a point guard. EVER. can we PLEASE stop bringing his name up when talking about point guards?

    B) Fotu is not an SF. he’s a 4, period. his game is mostly based around posting up and mid range jumpers. cmon guys, stop it.

    and he’s only “playing the 5” defensively. offensively, he’s on the block, where he should be, as a PF.

  39. I would certainly not be in such a hurry to bury Keith based off of social media information. Keith is an emotional person who sometimes acts before he thinks things through. If I hear correctly, he still has not even had a chance to sit down with Coach yet and address these issues. Given time, he will make up his mind, but as a prospective leader, each of these acts of selfishness do not play out well. It is something he is going to figure out in time for the rest of his life.

    Division I Ball is so business driven these days that it is incumbent upon the Coach to strive for always improving the product. In the past two years we have had to settle for the middle of the pack in the conference and how else do we improve without getting players that can help us beat the teams ahead of us. Irvine has everyone back except McNealy which means they will be that much better next year with everyone a year older. Santa Barbara only loses one starter and it is not Williams. Long Beach has two redshirts waiting to activate this year and only loses Jennings. Those are the teams that we have to beat next year and least we forget that Reggie Theus has 6 redshirts being activated next year.

    I would rather have a Coach that can recruit talent than one than can coach mediocre players. Our Coach is an excellent Recruiter and he has his biggest challenge going on right now to find an upgrade for Christian…Bigs are always at a premium, but I am sure he is busting his butt right now while all this drama is going on to do just that.

    Exciting times right now to see what next year’s Team will look like.


  40. Harville is going to be a poor man’s Bo Barnes. When was the last time you saw an effective shooter at 5’10 with little athleticism. He may be able to shoot it but at 5’10 he’s going to have major issues getting his shot off period. He’s a walk on for a reason.

  41. People think Bobbitt will be the starting PG based on what? JC numbers?

    What does Bobbitt give us that UH needs? I watched his vids. He doesn’t bring improved quickness, nor FG shooting over what Spearman gave us (and we remember how last season ended in the Big West tourney). Maybe it’s his defense. But offensively, it looks like he needs to have wide open space. He will see lanes to the basket are not as open even in the Big West (giants and explosive leapers guarding the basket).

    At the least, defense is something that UH needs. But UH also needs some outside shooting.

  42. Wow. So Shamburger decides to leave. Not ideal but not earth shattering. And who knows what Q, Bobbit, Nevels, Negus, et all will do next year. Everone, including coaches, need to work on their games over the summer so that they can finally get over the hump and beat the top of the conference consistently. Hoist a few hundred shots a day, be a gym rat. And who knows what Harville can do? Anyone who can catch and shoot would be an improvement. And the 5’10” thing doesn’t mean a thing if he can get shot off. Jason Gardner at Arizona seemed to do all right for a guy 5″10″ and I am sure there are a load of others around the country. Gib needs a strong finish to this recruiting period and then we can wait until the fall to see who has progressed and by how much. The ability to beat Irvine, LBSU, and UC Santa Barbara starts now.

  43. Bobbitt was one of the top JC point guards/combo guards in the entire country. He is one of the best on ball defenders. He will be the starting PG this year.. Anyone who argues other wise is clueless as to how recruiting works. This guy turned down scholarships to Oklahoma, Missouri, and St Marys… to START.. Not come off the bench…

    Hawaii upgraded a position they were average at… You don’t only have to upgrade weaknesses. Sometimes you upgrade mediocre areas. Or when you’re really good, you upgrade strengths.

  44. Harville is 6’0″ now. The film they have posted is 2 years old. Trust me. You don’t hit 125 threes in NEPSAC PREP LEAGUE if u have trouble getting shot off. BTW that was a single season record for that league. Plus he would have received offers from a few of the schools in the east. He committed early to Hawaii because he loves Hawaii and coach Fisher. He thinks he will earn the scholarship by year 2. If you l I keep Marshall Henderson you will like Harville. If you don’t like Marshall Henderson u probably won’t like Harville. He will launch from very deep and hit consistently. He will play on summer league as well. Time will tell.

  45. Every one is entitled to their opinion but I seriously think people are nuts if you are comparing Harville to Marshall Henderson and Jason Gardner. Let’s look at facts: Jason Gardner was Mr Basketball coming out of the state of Indiana. Marshall Henderson was offered scholies to Notre Dame, Stanford, Utah, etc coming out of high school. Harville did not receive a scholarship. You are comparing apples and oranges. Harville will be lucky to see the floor. He’s a shorter Jawato.

  46. Henderson was never ever offered anything from Stanford or Notre Dame. He couldn’t even spell either of them. You have very bad information. If you have some proof of your statement please show it. Again, Harville decided to accept Hawaii walk on early in the year. He would have for sure received several offers on the east coast. Quinnipiac, Hartford, Manhatten, New Hampshire and Vermont still call. and may eventually get him if Hawaii doesn’t end up giving him a scholarship. I know for a fact Creighton still wants him to walk on with a promise for a scholarship in year 2. You apparently don’t know much about NEPSAC or making 125 threes in one year against that competition. Ask Jalen Adams (going to Kansas) who Tyler torched for 28. Adams said “white boy has quickest release I have ever seen and I luved how he talked sh.. to me the whole time”

  47. 125 in XX Games VERSUS 177 by the Whole UH Team in 31 Games… X 200+ Minutes Per Game…

    High School is Max 32 Minutes Per Game +3 per O.T.)

    Is There Perspective in the Numbers?

  48. Jake, he actually WAS offered by those schools.



    not going either way in the argument, but the fact is, he WAS offered by those schools.

  49. XER21. My apologies. I stand corrected. I thought it was only Utah and Gonzaga. Anyway, if Harville is 1/2 as good we will have a nice player.

  50. Eagle. Harville made 125 in 29 games. Prep school teams in NEPSAC all have at least 2 D1 recruited players (usually 3 or 4) and they usually guard each other but of course it is still hard to compare directly to any D1 stats. Still means u can shoot the rock.

  51. Eagle. Also prep schools usually play 2 18 minute halves. So 36 minutes.

  52. Jake, Hope his Defense is good enough to allow Extended floor time to get into the flow of the system, and get enough shots up to Affect the game, maybe like Jawato in previous season…but i also think a potential ‘shut down’ defender like Bobbitt might allow longer stays by shooter role players (Harville, Hackman, Harper or Enos)

    East Coast to Hawai’i is a long way from family, even with improved internet connectivity,…Hope it Works Out for Tyler And he stays, too…

    NEED Power Three Shooting, with game-breaking consistency…

    Anybody? East Coast Updates on Shaq?

  53. Hartville is actually from Lexington, KY. Led the state in 3 pointers made 2 years ago. Then played last year in Vermont in prep league. So he will be well traveled and already use to being away from home

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