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Quincy Smith really did sign with Hawai’i


Quincy Smith has patience. It is one of his virtues as a point guard. It is also why he is not worried that his paperwork has apparently yet to be cleared by the University of Hawai’i.

“Everything’s good,” he said. “I’ll be out there in a couple months.”

Smith committed to play for the Hawai’i basketball team a week ago, and even signed a National Letter of Intent during his recruiting visit (the proof is in the photograph at right). However, it has not yet been approved for official release.

“The coaches said I had to fill out an application for the school, so I think that was the last thing,” Smith said.

The 6-foot-1 point guard is no stranger to waiting. He sat out his entire senior season of high school due to a controversial transfer ruling. In an effort to make up for that lost season, he enrolled at La Jolla Prep for the 2011-12 season, but had that season cut short due to an ankle injury.

Current Warrior Aaron Valdes was a member of that 2011-12 La Jolla Prep team.

“I talked to Aaron a couple of times before going out there for my visit, and of course that helped,” Smith said. “But it was really about liking the coaches and the school and the program. It was all a good fit.”

Smith rebounded from his early setbacks with an all-star season in 2012-13 at City College of San Francisco. With Smith as the starting point guard, the Rams went undefeated during the regular season and advanced to the final four the state tournament.


“It’s been a long journey for me,” Smith said. “Everybody who knows me and what I went through to get to this point, they’ve all been saying how happy and proud they are for me.”

Interestingly enough, Smith and one of his younger brothers, Kendall Smith, both signed NCAA Division I letters of intent during this current signing period. Kendall, who is a senior at Deer Valley High (Calif.), committed to UNLV in January and signed with the Rebels on April 17.

“We talked about maybe playing each other sometime in the next few years because I know UNLV played Hawai’i last year,” Quincy said. “But we never really talked about going to the same school or anything like that. He had his thing and I had mine. We’re happy for each other.”

Quincy and Kendall will get a couple of months to train together, though.

“After school ends in May, I’m going back home so we can workout together,” Quincy said. “At least two times a day.”

They have two younger brothers who are also expected to be coveted recruits in future years.

(Photos courtesy Smith family)

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No recruits are expected to visit Hawaii in the coming days, although the coaches still appear to be searching for prospects for the 2013-14 season. Head coach Gib Arnold was on the road for the past several days, and supposedly took his passport with him to cross international borders.


  1. Thanks Dayton for update with Quincy Smith! I think he is a key get for Gib. A true PG. Will help Keith Shamburger, create depth at that position. SG should be well stocked too.

    Mahalo Dayton for article!

    Aloha and Welcome aboard as a Warrior Quincy! A little more patience and UH will get the paper work processed. That is one thing about Hawaii, wait…and …well, they will get it done!!

    Good to have your athleticism added to team!!!


  2. nothing better than to have a current player on the team with an up-in-coming younger brother, relative or cousin to think about playing in hawaii

  3. hawaiifan09:

    Agree with you! Imagine the athletic genetics in the Smith family! Two, brothers sign DI scholarships on same day. Plus, they have younger brothers that will be highly recruited. I guess, that is were that developing early relationships with families comes into play in Gib’s recruiting vision. Recruit entire families, from parents, to older siblings and younger ones. Could be a Smith pipeline of athletes to MBB for several years to come , hopefully.

    Quincy, seems like another really nice young man. A little more mature, than your average JC freshman transfer. Will be a sophomore coming to UH with 3 years to play. Great addition to the team!!


  4. …pretty sure QS needed to clear NCAA Reviews to enroll and be eligible to play JC…

    if the Junior/Senior Season High Schools weren’t working well together (“controversial transfer ruling”) paper/records may be difficult to trace cleanly…

    …and we also had some difficulty with paper coming through or from La Jolla Prep (presumably part of what held up AV’s clearance)…

    …but at least Aaron got ‘Full Credit’ and eligibility once that all cleared…

    …and so should Quincy… once we ‘hear’ from Upper Campus/NCAA…

    Keep the Faith…


    NEED the paper to move on Jamie Smith, too …
    For the Best of The Students…

  5. Eagle:

    I hope UH can get it cleared up by this Spring. Quincy is a dedicated guy who went through adversity. Would be awesome addition to PG. Don’t want Q. Smith to have to wait like Aaron Valdes did. That is why UH is being sure, everything in order, and Quincy can become a Warrior.

    Look forward to the addition of Quincy and Gib possibly getting the best athlete available for next season 2013-14, to complete recruiting class.

  6. From not having a really true point guard. To now having 2 quality true point guards next season, who can penetrate, and dish. Things are looking up for the BasketBows.

  7. AGREE — To Be Potentially Hyper-Critical,
    “shoulda done this Last Year”…
    but The Senior pg and his understudies still scratched out a “Winning” Season
    …and Improved Enough that they were not the Weak Links when the season ended —
    To Their Credit…

    I Would Say it Was a “Tough Year” when your returning “First-Team All-Conference Player”
    becomes your largest disappointment…

    Got a Good Feeling that this coming season’s returning All-BW Selections will improve versus drop-off;
    i “BET” Both Christian & Isaac will be more effective with guards who can score (and open up the key)
    and penetrate and dish……

    Incoming…Depth & Talent at All Positions….

    A Prime-Time Ready Power/ Shooting Forward with size and athleticism would be a Perfect Cap…
    One almost or a half-season away from getting there would be a Good Second…

  8. UH Spring Semester classes end May 1, then study for finals. May 6-10, final exams. May 11, Spring commencement, hopefully we see Davis getting his diploma!!

    Come on UH MBB, team study hard and finish well this Spring Semester 2013! Then it will be good for returnees and future program.

    Qunicy Smith , is a good student too!


  9. Will we have a go-to guy who can hit 3’s down the stretch?

    The view of Waikiki surf doesn’t hurt when it comes to signing.

  10. THREE …Somes…

    Jawato, Spearman, Shamburger & Nevels should all be able to hit 30% or Better,
    maybe 40% over the Season, plus Harper & Dyrbe …

    Christian, Dressler & Isaac all can hit threes, but rarely more than none or two per game…

  11. UPDATE From Coach GIB Via BC Radio Show 4/30/2013:

    Recruiting: We have ONLY ONE Scholarship Left to Award; there’s a couple of guys we’re looking at; we may wait and see, hold off if we don’t need… We like what we got coming back and the four new guys coming in; Two freshmen in the early period and two JC Guards — Quincy Smith from CCSF with three years eligibility, as a true pg; and Garrett Nevels, MVP of the Cal JC Tourney — Two Really Good Athletic Ones.

    Our style of play should be more versatile, more interchangeable, we should be able to Up and Press a little bit more. The Big West versus WAC has a lot of three guard offenses, you can get by more often with a small forward. The Big West is no mystery to Our Team; with Vander we slowed the offense and defense a little bit; we should be a faster team that’s gonna be able to do more things… more hybrid of a team; when we have three guards, the one taking the rebound will function more as the point with the other guards running the team; we’re gonna have quicker players; i have No Problem with Christian and Isaac taking the rebound, turning and heading down court.

    Keith Shamburger can score; 15 points per game in WAC; quick, take you off the dribble and Shoot with Range; #2 in WAC in assists, behind Miah, smart at seeing the open man; he’s as good as any guard in The Big West and not necessarily designated as Point Guard; it was a little hard last year watching him every day in practice and not able to use him.

    Isaac is really talented and can be one of the Best Players to ever play here…he’s raw, ultra-talented, coachable, teachable and he loves it here; he admits he hasn’t been as aggressive as he should have been, deferring to Vander; with Vander gone, he’s got to be The Man — i think you’re gonna see him blossom into one of the Best Big Men in the Country, Not Just The West, IF he’s Not one of the best before he leaves, we haven’t done our jobs… Isaac can take over games; late in the year, the coaches called his number and he came through every time — he’s also had a lot of money thrown at him, but he brought the paperwork and told the coaches i don’t want this stuff — our internationals get a a lot of money thrown at them every year… he’s a gym rat, hard worker; he hasn’t missed a day weightlifting or taking shots in the gym since the Air Force game…

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