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Stokes visiting Hawaii

Shaquille Stokes, a coveted point guard recruit from New York City, is in Honolulu for two days on an official visit with the Hawaii basketball team.

Dwayne “Tiny” Morton, Stokes’ coach at Lincoln High, confirmed that Stokes was scheduled to be in Hawaii on Friday and Saturday.

Stokes previously visited Colorado State, and Hawaii is his second official visit. Two other programs — TCU and Western Kentucky — are still in the mix, according to Stokes.

“Hawaii is the second visit, so we’ll see what happens after that,” Morton said. “He’s still talking to those four schools, so we’re waiting to see if there will be any other visits. I don’t think there will be any kind of decision right away.”

Stokes averaged around 18 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists per game as a senior, and was one of four finalists for the New York Mr. Basketball award. He was named the All-Brooklyn Player of the Year, and was ranked among the top 10 seniors in New York City by NYChoops.net.

He led Lincoln to a 29-3 record and a runner-up finish in the prestigious New York public school championship tournament.

Stokes was a late qualifier for NCAA eligibility, so only a handful of schools were recruiting him earlier. However, with the signing period set to end in two weeks, Morton said several other programs have been showing late interest in Stokes.

“People are calling every day,” Morton said. “But I think he’s going to stick to these four and decide from there.”


  1. I hope Coach Gib puts the full court press on Stokes. I think he would be the perfect fit and last piece to this years recruiting class. I know Hawaii is a long ways from NY but I’m pretty sure if Shaq chose to become a Warrior he could instantly make and impact and could be a 4yr. starter. I would love to see this guy in a Warrior uniform tearing it up on the court. Hopefully this recruiting class will have a few names on Coach Gib’s Wall of Fame with their jersey’s framed from making it big. I think between Stokes, Blakes, Biggs, and Stevens all four of these guys have that potential to be something special. That would be a solid core group to have for the next 4 years. Good luck to the Coaches and to Stokes on his decision…

  2. well the weather here probably is worst than any other place he’ll visit….i wonder how much that will make a difference in his choice

  3. It’s cold in Colorado,nothing to see in Texas .Stokes can get valuable playing time by coming here, in July, and going on the trip to China and Taiwan. This would be a great lifetime experience for him.

  4. With tcu & western Kentucky signing pgs during this period I got to think it’s down to us and csu

  5. Shaquille, if you’re reading this post, I can say to you that although the weather outside is not the best right now, it is nice rain and it isn’t cold. The sun will shine soon and everything will be warm and dry again. That’s what the state of Hawaii is “In green Manoa Valley”. But, you can see the Sheriff and play some hoops inside and get the flavor of what the potential for our team can be. Have a great visit and we hope you will be join our ohana (family) soon.

  6. hopefully he picks hawaii.

    what would we call him?
    sugar shaq
    small shaq
    baby shaq
    shaq attack
    or something more local, little grass shaq?

  7. so i wonder if dayton’s tracking skills are on it today. perhaps some video later on?

  8. The sun is coming out !

  9. I doubt there will be any video of his visit. (he isn’t signed to UH)

  10. Al, I kinda like Shaq Bait, like in Oh, da Shaq Bait, Pearly white…etc, etc. Ha, Ha, Ha!

  11. Shaq looks like a true point that we need.Having a point of his caliber will sure help next season.Although we need to remember he is only a freshman.Only time will tell how good he could be.Shaq hope to see you in a UH Warrior uniform next season.

  12. It would be just great if Stokes signs with UH. Talk about putting the icing on the cake…..this would do it for this year’s recruiting class. I can’t believe Hawaii is getting all this exposure. When was the last time this happened.

  13. comon Mr Sun, just come out little bit today at Waikiki ,the kid gotta go surfing!

  14. how’s about,( Shaq-ka bra).

  15. Shaq Stokes is down to either UH or Colorado State. This, according to Parsing the WAC, who posted a twitter message from Alex Kline. Kline said that the “2011 Lincoln (NY) PG Shaq Stokes will make his college choice this week between Hawaii & Colorado State.”

    Parsing the WAC: http://parsingthewac.blogspot.com/2011/05/shaq-stokes-down-to-two.html

    Alex Kline twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/TheRecruitScoop

    Come on Shaq. Be a Warrior!

  16. Wow?! Hugh kuddos if we get this one… Sounds like he made his decision already?!? *crossing fingers*

  17. Shaq, here’s the reasons you come here:

    1) Very little competition for starting gig. Gib says Blakes will play the PG, but I could see both of them in the backcourt together at the same time. Miles no factor.
    2) Lots of playing time
    3) Paradise
    4) Experience of playing in a place like no other.
    5) Asia trip
    6) Chance to get your NBA jersey in Gib’s office 🙂

  18. Shaq has an amazing opportunity to compete for instant playing time. I hope the distance isn’t a factor and he goes with the best opportunity for his basketball and academic career.

  19. sometimes students like the distance away from home and only take it as a learning/growing up experience….he will still be doing something that he loves doing in paradise

  20. It was kinda bugging me that Stokes reminds me of someone but I couldn’t figure it out. Now it just hit me that he looks a little like Rajon Rondo.

  21. I read somewhere he’ll decide as soon as tomorrow, hopefully his coach talked to our coach and everything falls into place….

    @Derek – yeah, an RR double…

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