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Here is the official release from the University of Hawai’i on the signing of new recruit Roderick Bobbitt, and the departure of Keith Shamburger:

HONOLULU – University of Hawai`i men’s basketball coach Gib Arnold announced the addition of a talented combo guard on the first day of the spring signing period as well as the departure of a Rainbow Warrior. Roderick Bobbitt, a transfer from Indian Hills Community College, signed with Hawai’i, while junior Keith Shamburger has decided to leave the program.


Bobbitt, a 6-3 guard and native of Oakland, Calif., played two seasons at Indian Hills Community College in Iowa and will have two years of eligibility for the Rainbow Warriors. As a sophomore this past season, he averaged 15.9 ppg, 5.5 rprg and 5.3 apg for an Indian Hills team that went 34-3 and reached the NJCAA national championship game. Bobbitt shot 47.2 percent from the field, 35.9 percent on 3-pointers and 77.1 percent at the free-throw line.

He proved a force on both ends of the court. He tallied a pair of 30-point performances and nailed seven three-pointers in one contest. He also averaged 3.7 steals per game, tops in the junior college ranks. He registered 10 steals in one game alone—to go along with 17 points and 10 assists. It was one of three triple-doubles on the year for Bobbitt, who garnered all-region second-team honors.

Bobbitt follows the footsteps of Brandon Spearman, who just completed a successful two-year career at UH. The pair were teammates at Indian Hills during the 2011-12 season.

“We are thrilled to have Roderick join our team,” Arnold said. “He was the best player on the best junior college team in the country and is a true leader and winner. He’s big guard who can play multiple positions, but what I like most about him is he’s a lock-down defender and player who at the end of games always had the ball in his hands to make the right play.”

Bobbitt joins early period signee Isaac Fleming in this year’s recruiting class.

Meanwhile, Shamburger will not return for his senior season at UH after assuming starting point guard duties during the 2013-14 season.

“Keith informed me of his decision to transfer and finish his playing career closer to home,” Arnold said. “I am grateful for all that Keith has done to help build this program. He was a big part of our 20-win season and we all wish him continued success.”

Shamburger started in all but one of the team’s 31 games this past year. He averaged 9.3 ppg and led the Big West at 5.4 apg.

2014-15 Recruiting Class
Roderick Bobbitt, 6-3, 205, G, Jr., Oakland, Calif., Indian Hills Community College
Isaac Fleming, 6-4, 190, G, Fr., New Castle, Del., Massanutten (Va.) Military Academy


  1. Old news. HAHA. Social media and forums are so on it nowadays. This is great news. LOI is important. Now where the big guy?

    Welcome Roderick.

  2. Yup, all we need now is a defensive big that can control the paint and grab offensive rebounds too. If Fotu goes to 4 we need someone around 6’10, long arms, tenacious—a Dennis Rodman minus atttitude.

    I wish Keith success but wished he stayed. Might have been his year to shine. Tough to start over again with a new team.

    Bobbitt has to be good. And to be the JUCCO leader in steals means this guy can press you and then pick your pockets. That’s defensive intensity. Why you think St. Mary’s, Missouri, and Oklahoma want him so bad? They go after the well-rounded players, not only highlight reel ones.

  3. Yes. knew that Gib Arnold, the coach and man he is, would take the high road on Keith’s departure. Gib emotional, wants to help UH MBB reach highest level, win games, post season and run to championships. Keith emotional guy, who really did help UH lock down wins with his FT shooting and that monster game against Irvine on the road, one of the greatest road wins in Conference by any UH MBB team in long time, wish the best for Keith, he lost a very close relative, and he has his

    mom and family back home in Cali. Keith on track to graduate, team loves him, and many fans too, I appreciated that he finally brought and excellent ball handler, good on the break, and FT shooter, to the PG position after 4 years, He was, really the guy who got UH going in the uptempo offense.

    As Gib says, as well as WI MBB nation,: Aloha, Mahalo, and thankyou Keith Shamburger, …take care of your mom and family, and graduate with honors. Hope you have a great career either in pro ball or business, after school and college pau!

    Now Gib, get those 3 vacated scholarships filled, get the big athletic,shot blockers, and a SF shooter defender, with athleticism, LOCKDOWN defenders all , who can score, and win that BWC regular season-NIT auto bid, and the BWC tournament-NCAA invite, I tell you fans, with return of Fotu, Nevels, Thomas, Valdes, Jovanovich, Smith, healthy Jawato, Negus, Jankovich, Bobbitt and Fleming so far.. on board for next season…prepare to , high level rock and roll, as Gib stated, and

    he knew for past year, it all starts with DEFENSE, shut teams down in prime time, go to line and close out wins, that is how you win championships and go DANCING IN MARCH…Gib said he would always be uprgrading, and taking UH MBB to next level, and he is doing it..
    Movement in NCAA D1 , no lie, ESPN did many write-ups about it, it is a fact of life for UCLA, UConn, Mich. St, North Carolina, or Hawaii…

    Gib, hit that recruiting trail, sign a 6’11”, 6’9″ couple of big rim protectors, and that SF shooter, you will have WI nation, drooling , in anticipation for next season!
    I getting, excited already, for the 2014-15 season, rock and roll the BWC !

  4. So how many scholarships actually available? 3 more left with Shamburger departure? So Harper, Enos, Filipovich, Hackman, and Harville will all be walk ons? That seems a lot of walk ons and UH not cheap for out of state students. And I gotta love playhoopsa enthusiasm. All Gib needs to get is an above the rim, athletic, glass cleaning center (6’11” plus), a small forward that is athletic, plays lock down defense, and can drain the three. I am sure UH would love to get that along with every other D1 school. But, hey, this is the time for people to dream big. I am hopeful Gib finds a good fit with other players on team and someone who is capable of more than matador defense.

  5. Great final comments, time to move on. No matter the transfers, Coach Gib has been able to recruit able and capable replacements. Each time the team betters itself.

    Would like to see one of the walk-ons get one of the three available scholies, some time prior to the start of the season to evaluate everyone. Seems a perfect opportunity to do it.

  6. i was really hoping that gib signed one more player by today, this the first day for nli.

  7. Benjy Taylor on radio this afternoon: One scholarship remaining, and they’re looking for a big (“inside guy” were his words), and are hopeful of landing one in the near future. Also, Kentucky game won’t happen this year, but they’re hopeful they can book one in the future. He hinted that the time Kentucky wanted to come is difficult to find rooms in Waikiki, and joked that Kentucky doesn’t travel like UH. I’m guessing he meant there are no 2 or 3 players in a room when Kentucky travels. The Pitt game will happen; didn’t say when but obviously before or after the Maui Invitational. They want to get another BCS team here, possibly BYU, but nothing worked out.

  8. thanks Clyde!

  9. I then assume, Cousins ain’t signing on with The Gibper

  10. Nevels, Smith, Fotu, Jawato, Jovanovich, , Thomas…2013-14 +
    Negus, Jankovic, Fleming, Bobbitt-newbies for 2014-15=10 scholarships.

    Correct, if UH has one more to give…2 are for preferred..and well deserved!!

    Have to get that one athletic protect the paint big ..soon..

  11. Hey fellow die hard UH MBB fans..as Dayton would say “keep on posting!” tremendous interest in men’s hoops!!

  12. you forgot valdes.

  13. I’m surprised playhoopsa hasn’t shared this, but heard on radio at lunch time (and repeated on TV tonight) that Fotu tweeted that he is returning to UH next season, and that he’s committed to the team and state. Apparently, he just wanted to put an end to all the un-sourced speculation that he might be inclined to take a pro contract offer in New Zealand. Anyway, good to hear it directly from the source.

    Interesting comment from Jackson Wheeler (and I’m not saying there is ANY validity to it): Cousins was supposed to visit last week, but he never showed up. Hopefully, an honest mixup, otherwise … next!

  14. al…valdes..coming back..he might be one …I don’t know…just remember who signed LOI and scholarship agreements..
    Aaron will probably have great sophomore season..families of some huge kudos to send sons here with opportunity. ! Hope so al..Airon is good!!

    Clyde, thanks for getting real source info..so much speculation don’t know what to believe!! Main thing those freshmen Thomas, Valdes, Jovanovich stick it out for deep NCAA runs through senior year!!

  15. Yes read Isaac Fotu’s tweet..he is hawaii ohana poke boy..we love him..great potential to play in NBA!!
    So happy Isaac put the rumors, to rest..some just want to sell papers or draw attention to their blogs..hurts the athletes and families. ? Love all guys..even some that have left..tough to play 2600 mi fro mainland ..kudos to guys and families!!

  16. 1 scholarship left? It does not add up

    Webster- Chan

    That’s only 11 scholarship guys, so they should have two left, unless they have a commit we don’t know about.

  17. Clyde..weird…BM..stated he was informed UH hosted cousins..first week of april..before bobbitt..however..could
    Maybe he never showed? That is why taylor said they are after a big..they have lot of work to do ..good bigs hard to come by late..huge execption? Bill Amis..a late get and endedup being very good great weakside help shotbocker..gib has to find a gem…maybe france..senegal!!

  18. Josh..I think one guy on your list is a preferred walkon with hope of by soph year earning scholie..if taylor says only 1 scholie left.must be 2 given to walkons current..key to check site on who committs sign loi or scholarship agreement..they should have a transparency rule ..list exactly who is or is not on scholie..
    I feel same way ..sure with dressler and sham leaving at least 2 available even with one given to preferred guy walkon..

  19. Josh: That’s what Benjy said; whether it’s accurate or not (roster seems fluid during this coaching regime), I don’t know. Maybe he forgot to count Shamburger’s. I’m not even sure if Valdes is on a scholarship, but he certainly deserves to be.

    playhoopsa: I’m not discounting what Brian wrote because who knows if Jackson’s information is solid, it’s just what he said and I found it interesting. Just gonna have to wait and see.

  20. Josh..sure as heck hope gib and UH mbb team has all 13 scholies to give!!
    maybe dayton can have recruiting update video with coach or assistants so we know exactly how many uh has to give after sham leaves!!

  21. Filipovich on scholy, perhaps?

  22. Josh and clyde we have to wait for official word from gib ..this is spring uh bb..so..gets confusing ..let’s wait for verification. ?

  23. a good big will pop up…young kids will change their mind or some will be ineligible for top programs…that’s why always good to have 1 scholie in the pocket because it seems most time the best come late

  24. late transfer as well

  25. Possible he and hi flyin wing…tip slam hilte guy!!

  26. Hfan…that is how they spotted amis…nash years
    senegal..jc or eligible late like jankovic transfers been sittin out year or the injured jc bigs teams backed off..must b alot of those types..this is where coach and always recruiting mode kicks in. A taller ahmet gueye would b awsome!!

  27. Look to Australia, Canada, Israel, Camaroon, Nigeria, Senagal, Puerto Rico, or South America.

  28. That is what Gib does right Derek? Actually have till May of this spring to sign late LOI commits. However even through summer, they could sign to scholarship agreement, up till date of enrollment for UH fall session. Make sure everything okay.

    It is a challenge, and I am sure that Gib and staff are up to the task. Too bad, one was recruiting coordinator, however, staff did a great job on getting Bobbitt..

    Any Ahmet Gueyes 6’8″, Troy Ostlers 6’10”, Tony Maroneys 7’1″, Melton Werts 6’9 1/2″, out there. or Erin Galloways 6’8″ with 46 inch vertical ?
    6’8″ to 6’10” guys who have great timing and can block 2 shots, and alter more per game. Every top level team has some of those guys.
    Funny, how recruiting changes, constantly, Gib upgrade SG/PG slot, check, wing, check, PF check, now 5 spot, big that can guard the paint,….still awaiting!

    Love the recruiting aspect, funny how NCAA D1 ball is becoming like free agency! Well, whatever, is best for guys and their families.

    Hey GIB….go get that big…a good shot blocker, athletic, long, and can rebound, put back dunks, bonus, can shoot FT 70%, a man among boys, beast…Go for it Gib…
    Lock up that final slot, the big shot blocker, and whomever , best athlete…up until day of Aug fall semester, hopefully sooner!

  29. Dayton, are Spearman and Rozitis playing in the Portsmouth Va. Invitational? Where all the euro and NBA scouts check out the seniors?
    Thought I saw online, when I googled, Spearman and Portsmouth, there was Davis and Brandon Spearman’s pictures and vital stats.

  30. yes, Davis and Spearman playing in the eurobasket Portsmouth invitational with Miami Heat senior college team. They both scored in double figures first two days, and their Miami Heat squad won both games. Fianl game on Thursday April 17 2014…way to go Davis and Spearman!!

    We kind of forget Christian, Davis and Spearman, they are representing well in senior showcase events for euro basketball and NBA scouts…Davis, getting assists, rebounds and steals, as well as Spearman, scoring double digits steals and rebounds, same as at UH!!

  31. Per Brian M. SA article today Thursday April 17 2014 about signing of Bobbitt and departure of Shamburger:
    “With Shamburger’s departure, UH is believed to have three scholarships available to award to new players or returning walk-ons for next season. Acquisition of another big man is considered a top priority.” quoted article..

    So that is correct, we were on right track…THREE Scholarships to still offer, with priority on a Big!

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