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Pearl Harbor tour provides “humbling experience”

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The University of Hawai’i basketball team may be on a break from classes this week, but that doesn’t mean the Warriors have to take a break from learning.

A recent visit to Pearl Harbor served as an enlightening and humbling experience for the UH players who are currently on O’ahu for the break before the start of the fall semester. The visit was organized by Tom Ishii, president of UH Men’s Basketball Booster Club, and several members of the club also attended.

“It was a humble experience,” senior guard Brandon Spearman said. “So far, I’ve learned a lot down here in Hawai’i and this just added on more.”

The educational tour included a documentary film with historical footage of the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, and a boat ride to the Arizona Memorial. Daniel Martinez, Chief Historian for the USS Arizona Memorial, led the UH group on the tour.

“This is a special place,” he reminded the group. “It’s a place of remembrance, it’s a place of sacrifice, and it is hallowed ground.”

Michael Harper was another UH player on the tour. Upon hearing that Harper was from Australia, Martinez noted that Australia became an important ally to the United States during World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

“It was a very humbling experience and I’m glad I got to share it with my UH teammates, about a war that unifies Australia and America,” Harper said.


  1. Mahalo, Dayton

    IF You Can, (UHFans & Supporters), especially If You Haven’t Been,
    A very special place to visit, honor & learn
    About Ultimate Sacrifice: Giving Up Something of Great Value for something even more Important
    The Most Visited Place in Hawai’i…
    USS Arizona, The Beginning (for USA) of the World’s ‘Greatest’ War…
    Along with USS Missouri where The War ended with the signing of The Peace Treaty
    and Now a Place of Healing for Peace


    Student Body Moving in to Dorms this week …
    Roommate/Partner Assignments?
    Are those generally maintained on road trips?

  2. Eagle: Yes have been on that tour a few times. Relatives worked at Pearl Harbor, before, during and after WWII. Very sobering, and reminder that ALL wars that hurt people, and kill humans, whichever side they are on, Not A Good Thing. A peaceful way, and a better way awaits, mankind very soon.

    You are correct, Hey UH fans, first day of Fall Semester:

    August 26 Monday
    First day of Fall 2013 instruction

    Wow, academic and athletic year here very soon. Hope for a great season for all UH sports, including the new look UH MBB Rainbow Warriors!!


  3. Dayton,

    Very humbling and poignant writeup and video. Appreciated how Stefan, Aaron, Brandon Spearman, and Michael Harper were interviewed and their hones perspective. Hope they are never part of a Global war. That would be terrible. However, all the young guys, and Benjy Taylor had a lot of respect for memorial and the guide!

    Dayton: Side question-was referenced by others(n2joy?), With all of the international athletes, from Australia, Latvia, Germany, Serbia, Canada, New Zealand, it must be more of a challenge getting proper Visas to stay in USA for schooling. Hopefully ALL, including guys that went home for 10 day break have their paperwork in order!

    Will you let us know, as soon as Christian Standhardinger and Davis Rozitis, as well as potential added and admitted to UH for fall, walkons, return and enroll in Fall UH semester.

    We , UH faithful, sure would like to see Christian and Davis, and how they have improved for their senior campaign. They are Key along with Spearman, Seniors, Showing the Way to the Promised Day, Hopefully Selection Day(NCAA’s!)


  4. I went there last December with Mr. Aussie Mum – horrific events occured in your home and yet you are still such warm and loving people.
    It is such a sacred place – I am glad that all the UH players get to experience these things – it can put everything in perspective for them.

    Thanks Dayton for the coverage

  5. We are glad that Aaron got to experience Pearl Harbor and the Memorial. We had a chance to visit the Memorial last year and unfortunately Aaron was unable to go with us. It’s amazing that almost 3/4 of a century has passed and we still feel the sorrow, pride, respect and love for those that gave their lives for us so long ago. I’m glad that Michael and Stephan experienced something that is so dear and intimate to many Americans.

  6. Mahalo & Blessings Upon Blessings to All

    Great to See All the Respect and Positive Effect the Arizona Memorial can raise in rememberance and discovery…

    The Lessons We Still (As a Nation or World) Seem to Need to Learn, based on our Continuous State of War…
    Yet Another Generation and Families from Many States and Nations get to learn of this…
    So perhaps we Do Not have to Repeat the Lessons…


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