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Preview: Warriors train with the Marines

Early on a Saturday morning, Hawaii basketball head coach Gib Arnold had a surprise for his players in the form of camouflage pants.

The Warriors should have known then what they were in for. After a quick breakfast, Arnold and his coaching staff took the team to Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe.

What ensued was a two-hour dose of discipline and military training – both physical and mental – with the United States Marines.

The above video features the intense greeting the Warriors received from the Marines that morning. WarriorInsider.com will have more video of the training session in the days to come.


  1. Oh, man. Great stuff. Reminds me of ROTC days in high school when we absolutely hated the platoon leaders. It’ll be interesting to watch how the team responds. You can’t help but pick up your game when a Marine is demanding that you do so. Thanks Dayton.

  2. I love it, sleep over at the Gibsters, mama Gibster taking care of all her adopted sons, great bonding for the team. Great idea by the coach.

  3. Haha…brings me back to my days in the Marine Corps. Although he’s taking it easy on the boys, because if it was real time and they weren’t getting loud after the first few commands I guarantee somebody would get their head ripped off. I’m glad these guys could experience a little tough love and see the kind of discipline the Marines have. I hope they can take that back with them as they prepare for the season and have the type of discipline to work hard and go hard every time they hit the books or the basketball court! Coach Gib seems to be doing all the right things in getting our boys and the program on the right track. These guys have been able to experience what few ever will and the season hasn’t even started yet…

  4. that marine was my drill instructor

  5. That Marine right there was my Senior Drill Instructor. Great man, great teacher. OORAH SSGT!

  6. Oh man, this is funny. Reminds me of my, yes sargeant/no sargeant days. Good for focusing on the task at hand.

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