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Warriors win again

Overcoming an arduous travel schedule and a hostile crowd environment, the Hawaii basketball team scored an improbable 89-70 victory over the Shenyang Panpan Dinosaurs on Monday night (China time).

The exhibition game was played before a crowd of around 3,000 at Heishan, China.

Freshman point guard Shaquille Stokes put on another dazzling display, finishing with a game-high 29 points, including five 3-pointers.

Davis Rozitis, who was battling food poisoning prior to the game, added 17 points, and Trevor Wiseman scored 13.

The Warriors won another game on Sunday night, then departed the city of Qingdao on Monday morning. After a two-hour flight and a three-hour bus ride, the team had about two hours of rest at a nearby hotel before heading to the game.

The arena was already filled to its capacity when the Warriors walked in around an hour before tip-off.

Hawaii raced to a 14-3 lead to open the game and never looked back.

Other Warriors who scored were Joston Thomas with 10, Zane Johnson with eight, Bobby Miles with five, Brandon Jawato with three, and Hauns Brereton and Pi’i Minns with two each.

There was an anxious moment in the third quarter, when the teams exchanged pushes and shoves after a hard foul. Players and coaches from both benches came onto the court, although no punches appeared to be thrown.

The Warriors are scheduled to play the same Shenyang team again on Tuesday night. The Dinosaurs are considered one of the better teams in the China Basketball Association.

Video highlights and interviews from this game will be posted later.


  1. How come hauns only scored two?

  2. wins look good for recruiting but not fighting with them

  3. It just sounds like it got a little feisty. Nothing wrong with that. In fact it might be good for the team. Could make them closer.

  4. Sounds like Shaquille put on quite a show. Can’t wait to see how everybody does when the team’s chemistry is down pat. Go Warriors

  5. Our guys are not dirty players, they play hard and physical under the basket, there’s two sides of the story.

  6. Thanks, Dayton !

    …Sounds like …

    1) Developing a “System” for dealing with Chinese Basketball (using greater all-around speed and athleticism/skills, and defense, targeting/focusing on the “players” or stars versus Hawai’i’s All-Around Team Skills and quickness…)

    2) Learning to “Finish” and play More Consistently: “ALL the Time” Playing Harder AND Smarter to minimize “lapses” [= Developing Focus & Maturity];

    3) Learning to Give it All They Got while they’re in the game, and counting on their depth, their teammates to spell them and pick it up rather than cruising or pacing themselves …

    4) Good Hard All-Around Defense — ALWAYS Works … but being learned by the “New” guys as well as improving by the ‘ol timers (Joston)

    5) Good ‘ol fashioned “beat’ em down the court” and (eventually) the corollary ‘out-hustle ’em always’, win all the 50-50 loose balls and rebounds, etc.

    6) Learning AND Displaying that basketball is a Passing Game so you hustle more and get to easier/ higher percentage shots because your teammates can find you and get the ball to you ……

    7) SURE beats learning some of these lessons NOW ‘off-the-W-L Clock’ versus in-season Losses

    8) Learning to Play AND WIN on the Road AND Negating/Ignoring “All the Reasons & Excuses” for Not Winning Any Way …

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