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Shopping for deals in China

One of the off-court highlights for the Hawaii basketball team during its “Warriors to Asia” tour was the shopping.

In China, many vendors are willing to negotiate prices with customers, and the Warriors relished the opportunity to stretch their limited yuan. One shopping center in Beijing is called the Silk Mall, and it features hundreds of stores with vendors willing to negotiate.

“Name brand” electronics, clothes, jewelry and other accessories can all be found at the Silk Mall for bargain prices.

Imagine this: a “Rolex” watch for $20; “Louis Vuitton” wallets for $15; “Tommy Bahama” dress shirts for $12.

How is it possible? Apparently copyright infringement laws are lax in China, and virtually all the items at the Silk Mall are imitations. Thus, it truly is a buyer-beware market – some of the watches purchased during the first week of the trip were broken by the second week.

In the above video, assistant coach Benjy Taylor shows how the process works at a shop selling imitation Hello Kitty items.


  1. Very good bb-site; I keep hoping that the “roster” would be updated with current players and continue to see last years roster????

  2. Hmmm, sounds like Coach Benjy really got a bargain?!? I would think back home those items would easily cost you over 100 bucks.

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