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InZane Video: Final episode from Asia

InZane Video was everything we thought it would be when the “Warriors to Asia” tour started on August 5.

Quirky, comical, and informative.

Senior guard Zane Johnson combined all those aspects in his behind-the-scenes footage of the Hawaii basketball team during its trip to China and Japan. He found a couple of video sidekicks in Davis Rozitis and Tyler Brown, but also managed to get every one of his teammates into the videos as well.

In this final episode from Asia, Johnson and Brown give a tour of the luxurious St. Regis Hotel in Osaka, Japan. The Warriors spent their final two nights of the tour in that hotel, which included a walk-in closet, a television in the bathroom, remote-controlled curtains, and heated toilet seats.

And in the video below, Johnson shares his final thoughts on the trip.

WarriorInsider.com sends a domo arigato and xie xie to Johnson, and we plan to continue the InZane Video series when the Warriors embark on road trips during the basketball season.


  1. Right on, Zane. Are you having someone accompany you on your videos? You know, like how you and Amis did it last year. Looking forward to seeing your videos on this web site. Go Warriors!

  2. Thanks for the videos Dayton. Any idea why Walter Roese isn’t coming back?

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