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Spearman enjoyed rookie success in Germany

From Chicago to Honolulu to Hamburg, Brandon Spearman is still doing what he does best: working hard and helping his basketball team win games.

After two memorable seasons with the University of Hawai’i basketball team, Spearman played his rookie season of professional basketball for SC Rist Wedel in Germany during the 2014-15 season.

Spearman, a 6-foot-3 guard, averaged 17.1 points, 4.9 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game while helping lead SC Rist Wedel to a runner-up finish in Germany’s Pro B League. He was one of five players named to the league’s All-Defensive Team, and also received Honorable Mention for the All-League Team.


“It’s something definitely you have to adapt to, very fast,” Spearman said. “I think playing here in Hawai’i, and playing with European players got me ready for the next level and I’m real excited for the next step, next season.”

Spearman is in Honolulu this month to train on his own and take the final courses he needs to officially complete his undergraduate degree.

“I’m here to train, actually, but I’m also here to finish up school to finish my degree in Sociology,” he said. “But in my plans, I’m always planning on coming back to Hawai’i and spending some time for a month or so. I’m planning on doing that for the years to come.”

He is also assisting at the Rainbow Warrior Basketball Camp, which is currently in its second session on the UH-Manoa campus.

“I was once in their position before and I know how they feel, looking up to somebody that you see playing on the court,” Spearman said. “I’m just here to give back to the kids and make sure they come out to the games this year.”

Spearman’s team was based in Hamburg, and he said it took him awhile to get used to the German culture. “The culture was very shocking to me,” said Spearman, who is originally from Chicago. “I had to get very used to it; I wasn’t aware of it.”

Spearman played in Germany’s second division; Christian Standhardinger, Spearman’s teammate at Hawai’i from 2012-14, played in Germany’s first division. Standhardinger averaged 10.2 points and 4.7 rebounds per game for Mitteldeutscher BC Weissenfels.

“I didn’t meet up with any of the (UH) guys, but I do stay in contact with Christian and I plan on seeing him next season when I come over in August,” Spearman said.


  1. Good man Brandon, getting used to the German culture, doing well in the pro league, finishing up his degree and helping out with the camp.

    Pono mentioned Gib’s reply to the NCAA will apparently be pointing fingers at two other UH programs. One for academic improprieties and another for an illegal tryout.
    He claims varying standards in dealing with different teams in reporting potential NCAA violations.
    (F Lewis column, SA 6-9-15)

  2. islandman:

    yes.. thought so.. There is Much more than just pointing fingers at GIB..he and counsel, would come out swinging..UH in for a battle.. it is sad..
    Hope things get resolved. for we UH sports fans, and Here , UH MBB fans..you have to have good Leadership, and compliance, and UH.. I don’t know.. it is frustrating..

    This will go down to wire, and we see how plays, out.. I think NOW with Ferd’s column, we On this WI site, and others involved.. we are going, NOW WHAT?
    Hope things get fixed. Eran era, I knew, it would be tough, wish him well,..

  3. Spearman, great pro rookie year, great guy !

  4. Brandon Spearman = Ultimate Warrior!

    This guy is a example for all future UH basketball. He’s not the greatest talent but out hustles and out works everybody and fearless. Man, he averaged 17 points a game and All-Defensive Team. That is great accomplishments.

    Mahalo for representing UH basketball Brandon Spearman!

  5. Spearman was a true leader by his actions and heart. This kid will succeed at anything he puts his mind and body towards. Good luck always and mahalo nui loa for your time here as a Warrior.

    One of the first things you learn in college if you took business is that “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.” Here is an article about the NCAA CEO who rules over College Athletics.


  6. this column is referencing our Ultimate Warrior Brandon Spearman , lets keep to the subject and leave out the unnecessary comments on a newspaper column. Congrats to Brandon .

  7. Spearman doesn’t have to assist with the camp but I love it when they do give back its just awesome

  8. Hope Spear gets a shot to compete at the top level with Christian. A career in Europe can be more lucrative than one in the US except for the NBA.

  9. Always loved Spearman’s effort and heart, a lot like Garrett Nevels.. that is why that Fotu, Christian, Garrett, Spearman, Shamburger five, when On, they were awesome..

    Good job Spearman..

    jjay, hey, islandman, IS big time stats and info on UH sports. which includes MBB.. so he reports.. Not me.. he reports on All Forums.. how he does it , I don’t know.. he must have twelve hands, and 10 PC monitiors, and networks.. ..

    good job islandman..

    Spearman, yes, I hope gets to highest level, of Euro ball, join, Fotu, Davis, Christian,.. that would be awesome, maybe joined by NWC and Garrett Nevels too, eventually.. those young guys deserve the best.. THEY GAVE UH THEIR BEST !!

  10. Spearman has earned everything that’s come his way, and success will continue to follow him because of his work ethic. Good to see that Hawaii is embedded in his heart.

    For what it’s worth: Brad Autry lands an assistant’s job at Southern Illinois.

  11. clyde…Happy to hear about Brad Autry ! That Benjy staff did good job !

  12. Glad to hear that Brad Autry got a job…It just too bad that the Gibb fall-out has affected so many people’s lives.

    Good to hear that Spearman did well in Germany…Spearman was a good leader and showed alot of effort on the court. I believe Nevels will experience the same success wherever he decides to play.

  13. I’ve said this so many times before and I’ll say it again: Spearman is by far my favorite UH player of the last decade. So much heart, hustle, power and skill – all in one. Nevels and Spearman future UH coaches? That’d be awesome! Best of luck to you Brandon!

  14. Another rule change :

    “On the women’s side, games will now be structured in four, 10-minute quarters, and arenas will be allowed to play music in deadball situations.”


  15. As stated in today’s SA article…UH has denied Arnold’s legal team a chance to interview Amanda Paterson…that sounds fair to me….NOT! What do they have to hide? Why has she retained the former Attorney General?

  16. We shall see..
    Hope things get fixed.. Indianapolis, July,,
    or even sooner..

  17. read scout, compliance post, unreal…

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