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Amis aims to help Hawai’i youths this summer

When Bill Amis departed the University of Hawai’i in 2011 after a standout career, he vowed to return as often as possible. He has been true to his word.

Amis is once again spending his summer months on O’ahu after a season of professional basketball in Europe. The 6-foot-9 forward played for Keravnos Strovolou in the Cyprus Division A league last season.


He averaged 10.2 points and 7.4 rebounds per game, and ranked second in the league with 2.4 blocked shots per game. “It was a fun year, I got to travel, great set of teammates,” he said. “We lost in the semifinals after being up 2-0. We lost in a five-game series, lost three games in a row, so that was a tough way to go out.”

Amis said he will likely not return to the Cyprus league next season, and his agent is seeking other options in Europe.

He arrived in Honolulu earlier this month, and recently served as a “coach” at the UH basketball camp for youth players.

Next month, Amis and former UH teammate Miah Ostrowski will host their own summer basketball camp for youth players. The Bill Amis & Miah Ostrowski Basketball Skills Camp is scheduled for July 17-19 (8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. each day) at the McKinley High School gym.

“We’re both really excited about it … it’s just $100 for three days,” Amis said. “We’re going to have a lot of fun with the kids, and hopefully the kids will learn something as well.”

Here is the basic information for the camp:

When: July 17-19, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. each day
Where: McKinley High School Gym
Who: Open to boys and girls ages 6 to 15, all skill levels
Entry fee: $100 per child
Information: CLICK HERE to view the Facebook page, or send an e-mail to billamiscamp@gmail.com


  1. Bill on of my all time favorites..workbethic, gt betterveach year and now playing pro ball.he comevto hawaii..hisbhome..bill would be alongbwithbsensley ..good assistant coachesvor doba..

  2. Jake:

    what you all heard from east coast sources, pretty accurate, AD, said NCAA told him their findings of allegations, will be forthcoming in next 2 to 3 three weeks, of course we hope sooner.
    Interesting, according to article, the NCAA, says it is quite common that Colleges have incidents and they report. Some schools, quite a bit. Others not as many, this investigator, said the ones that don’t report too many, file a few a year. it makes him wonder(source Star Advertiser June 18 2014 article sports section)

    So for UH MBB program, they self reported, a Good Thing, they are fully compliant and working with NCAA, a Good Thing, NCAA as Eagle and Servante state, doing a full audit, checking all possible allegations, even work with staff, and compliance people to make sure they are up to date and educated. Some, in past has been handled, restitution, loss of recruiting period, etc..

    The Good Thing, NCAA doing their due diligence, some schools, do not report, many if any possible violations, Hawaii did, in not only BB ,but other sports as well…a sign of institutional control, so UH is definitely running clean program, maybe made error, or whatever might be, however, it seems like a positive, that UH came, forth, they could have sat on it, however they reported, and per NCAA protocol, they do a further check going back a few years.

    You are right Jake, Eagle, Servante, Horsssse, etc….in stead of the sky falling down, I am 100% sure , that it is minor infractions, UH BB program, compliance person, and School, will have to be up to date, educated, compensate, maybe loss of recruiting days, or other things. However not the Death Blow, that is why UH HC Gib and Akana, Benjy, and staff..running their summer camps, awaiting, the new guys, telling them about summer league, getting them into summer school, and ongoing recruitment of final athlete for this upcoming season..

    Jake, maybe that is that 2 -3 week window, you heard of, June 23 2014, where NCAA will announce their findings, they have enjoyed a 3 month stay in Hawaii, back and forth from mainland, so they should be very relaxed and tan, the people up at UH AD dept, and coaches, very willing to be uprfront and make corrections. When findings come out, very sure minor, things, then UH can go out and win some championships next season!

  3. Glad to see that Bill is still playing ball professionally. I though a couple years back he said he was hanging it up to start his working career. He definitely has a lot of game left.

    Interesting article this morning about all of the self reported violations from the Athletic Dept over the past 3 years. 11 of the 29 (40%) of the infractions were from the Men’s Basketball program. It’s concerning given the fact that Football only had 5 violations despite a roster with 10x players and 5x coaches. It also seems like many of the violations should not have occurred if the coaches paid attention. They’ve been in the recruiting game for a long time and broke rules that haven’t changed for a while. It’s disappointing that they broke so many rules consistently over a period of time. Even though none of them seem major it does seem like a pattern which may all add up to a harsher penalty. As a UH fan I want a successful team by doing things the right way.

  4. Pono: I know, and we all know, the UH MBB fans, that UH MBB does things pono…

    However, did you listen to Bobby Currans, final address about Ferd Lewis’ column, it was the best I have heard so far about the investigation., since Ferd’s column actually listed the Athletic depts. violations over past couple of years, and the resolution. True, his concern, was that of the reported 29 violations, half involved UH MBB, that is something that has to be resolved, too many mistakes there..

    However, Pono, remember, Bobby Curran is very, very close to UH, being a representative media guy for Football and Basketball over radio..He has great points about, altered document, that document, the error was found by compliance, and the form was caught, NEVER submitted to Feds. So , self reported, etc. NCAA should have told compliance dept, good job, and teaching moment and move on. Because was reported to NCAA, ncaa use as a AHA we gotch now, moment, and they come in and look over everything past couple of years. According to Bobby, since Ferd’s column, hilites the actual things ncaa is investigating with UH MBB program, HE Can SEE NOTHING that would incur death penalty. Sure cause for concern with ncaa and their hunt, for things, however, with the document thing, if UH was to take ncaa to court of law, ncaa would lose big time….I am glad that Ferd came out with that article, now we fans, know exactly what ncaa is looking at…I bet…and UH must have legal counsel, that it is teachable things, maybe restitution, or loss of practice time, etc, however NO DEATH Blow, , NO firing of Coach

    PONO, why else would all the 5 new guys be anxious to come to Hawaii for summer session, Why would Dyrbe, Mike Thomas and Jawato be in summer school, helping at UH camp..THEY KNOW< the infractions, are NOT MAJOR…something correctable, and UH will be okay, small kine discipline

    the ncaa getting too big, with the power conferences going out on their own, ncaa will be a thing of past, when that happens

    I am 1000% confident, UH MBB , no Death Blow Sanctions..if any questions, UH will take ncaa to court, tie it up their for years, and win…Complete confidence minor infractions, and can be corrected..Pono, keep the faith, if you talk to Benjy, Gib, and Akana, they all saying UH MBB will be alright and headed for BWC championship game to NCAA tournament, YOu can take that to the bankc

  5. playhoopsa: I agree with you that there is nothing major here.

    I think the reason MBB has more incidents reported is that these are SELF REPORTED violations. Because of what GIb went thru with USC (Gib was exonerated BTW), he is more diligent about self reporting than would be normally. Hats off to Gib. Of course this does not excuse the violations. Just shows that Gib wants to correct wrongs as he sees them, quickly. Wonder how many violations the football team would have if they took the same approach?

    And like the article alludes to, a super clean program, UH as a whole, would raise red flags.

  6. I’m not worried about the death penalty. I’m worried about loss of scholies, reduced practice, etc. We are already at a disadvantage and don’t need any more mountains to climb.

    It’s hard to believe Bobby C. because his views are very slanted. He said that the Akana situation was nothing but UH suspended him and a NCAA investigation was launched. Hardly nothing in my book. I’m just hoping they don’t find more while the NCAA was in town. The only people who know the real truth is the NCAA. There may be violations that the coaches don’t even know about.

  7. IF the HSA List is Complete thru Early April…
    (Doesn’t Look like Includes Any Post-March/April NCAA Finding(s))

    That might Look like a “Low-Reporting” Organization;
    BC Morning Show referred to ‘Recent’ UHADept Memo
    that called for More Self-Monitoring to Better ID Violations/Improvements Needed
    (Implied that UH was ‘Below Median’ in Reporting

    IF SO, Might have ‘Left’ Easy Low-Hanging “Fruit” for NCAA
    to pick up on their (Boondoggle? Manini? Hope So…) Visits…

  8. As much as Laura Beeman is a person, who could kick some butt, she can handle stuff, I am surprised that according to the list of violations, the WBB program had a few. I guess, as Curran, said, the book is so thick on regulations, violations, what is or is not? Would take rocket scientist to figure out, OR that compliance person NCAA for UH, has to up his or her game, and really let the coaches and programs, know beforehand, or soon as, what is good or not. That is why, of those 29 violations, a lot have been resolved, some ongoing, however no Hell Death Bent punishment.. I am confident, if Gib is confident, Benjy, Brandyn, the new and returning athletes, BYU and Pitt to schedule games with UH this year, another athlete to sign to complete this year’s roster, Two Preferred walkon freshmen, Tyler Harville and Brocke Stepteau, who both had or will have family checking out UH before their sons enter UH summer session and summer league. …it leads me to a conclusion…this is not the Penn St situation, which was horrible, or U Conn with Apr, or Alabama, even the heralded UCLA program that got hit,….these are things compliance person, coaches, fans, staff, doba, trainers, basketball secretaries, AD, have to all be aware of…then UH MBB and Gib and Jay can tighten up the ship..Interesting, how Ncaa says that is highly unusual for any University Athletics program to NOT report violations or problems each year…usually several , then they correct..the programs that hardly list any per year, those are the ones you have to watch..

    Out of all of this servante, I agree, finally 1000%, UH will come out with corrections, still be able to play post season for BWC championships, and NIT , NCAA invites. Once that Ncaa report comes out. Bet, a million tacos that UH will have the best attorneys there to defend UH MBB, if UH gets hit with unfair rendering. Very confident UH will get slapped some, however will come out stronger and more compliant , and can take that to Manoa Rainbow Warrior…Fandom!

  9. Just heard Tyler Harville will play for Grantco Pacific in summer league. Same team as Bobbitt

  10. Jake…watched video on Tyler..he gets his shot off very quickly and accurately…not to much elevation..looks like his range is out to 30 feet..wonder what was his free throw shooting percentages..since he will get fouled on 3 pointers at times..does he use screen ..picks..know gib is trying to work with nevels to come off screens..nevels very accurate..also can you ask tyler how tall and heavy is he currently..first time in never we are excited to see stepteau and harville..might have been under radar however the ability to hit 3 ball consistently so critical..

    Who knows maybe gib looking for good big set picks!

  11. Jake…bobbitt if he can distribut will love having 3 ball shooter he can dish to..!

  12. Playhoopsa. I know Vermont Academy listed him at 6′ 170lbs. I really don’t know if that is exaggerated and if so by how much. Size is the only real weakness i see in his game. He is very, very good at setting up screens and exploding to 3 point line at the right time, etc….very good on fake drive and step back 3.

    I know two years ago in Kentucky when he led the state in 3s he was 5th in state in FT % at 88%. As a sophomore he once made 38 in a row that set a regional record. Not sure of exact percentage of VA but I know he always shot the technical fouls and is about as automatic at the line as u get.

  13. Jake..whatvreally broke those 3 nba championship games open…the ability of san antonio ability to hit 3 ball..stepteau..nevels..jawato..negus..harville bobbitt..fleming ability to hit 3 ball..also forwards fotu..valdes..thomas..reyes..jankovich..

  14. Agreed. Little Pattie Mills broke the will of Heat in final game with 3 point onslaught. Harville says he will not be there for game on 28th but for sure July 3rd and 5th while family is there. Looks forward to it. He asked if a lot of girls show up at the summer games… ha….typical 20 year old kid….priorities still an issue….:)….or maybe not.

  15. I am older guy..however uh alumnus..as far back as I can remember UH always had some of the most beautiful co-eds in the world..a lot from all 50 states and the world..the beach..the healthy beautiful women..as a dad..tell tyler concentrate on summer school first..then bb and get bigger then..the girl..a good nice one!!

  16. Listen to pm kkea espn gary dickman…he as curran am kkea espn talk show..same thing..the three things UH being investigated for and needing resolution..gary echoed thought none of three alleged violations real serious..gary says would amount to slap on wrist..good that UH self report and work cooperate with ncaa who are trying to enforce hundreds of rules..

    1-document thing
    2-view practice run
    4-athlete accomodated on way to scrimmage..thing

    JMO….does equate to North Carolina thing….Penn St..Alabama ..or U CONN..APR thing..

    cannot wait until uh gets letter from ncaa..and findings..the way gib recruiting final athlete..running 3 full summer camps..enos, and jawato helping with summer camp..reyes. harville..stepteau..bobbitt..fleming..and thomas soon here for summer school and summer league..uh mbb running strong and will fix errors and move on to fight for ncaa bid!!


  18. Education on rules
    Reminders posted as help om rules

    None of allegations listed seem death penalty at all…

    Let us start to watch sammis, tyler, brocke, isaac, roderick, dyrbe , thomas…rip up that summer league!!

  19. The NCAA regulations is a plethora of utter nonsense. It’s so silly that you need to watch what kind of sport drink you are holding because they might say that you are marketing the product. Or in the case of Fotu he made t-shirts that said Fear the Fro and that was interpreted as marketing a t-shirt. Nuts. It seems the NCAA got nothing better to do with their time than to pursue trivial matters. IRS can shake hands with them.

  20. servante.

    .curran on tonite’s leahy and leahy echo your thoughts .endless rules..bylaws..like “big brother” watch every move schools make..if they cannot be there ncaa say school record not self report enoug under median..servante ncaa investigators must be paid well..and 3 months in hawaii..wow!!..you self report thet investigate..gib seen before..when he took hc job..rest assure not criminal violations..really what the uhadept memo release to media..a lot of the violations really small kine stuff..I am glad that memo came out and we could see what the need resolution things are..I agree with you..eagle and a lot of SA bloggers..small correctable things and uh mbb move on rock ssc!!

  21. Believe that Bill Amis played in Europe pro ball, Julian Sensley too. Phil Martin played in Europe pro ball as well.
    Different era UH MBB athletes, some of the best that played at UH.

    Bill Amis 6’9″ 235
    Julian Sensley 6’9″ 235
    Phil Martin 6’8″ 230

    That is a pretty solid front line, with Phil and Bill at 4 or 5 and Julian playing the 3 at SF.

  22. AND …

    Fotu – Jankovic – Negus – Thomas – Reyes – Valdes – Jovanovic –
    COULD Be even Better
    6-8, 6-11, 6-7, 6-8, 6-7, 6-5, 6-10….

    PLUS Awesome Depth and Some Talent in Backcourt…

    Let’s Get it STARTED!

  23. Excellent interview curran with tony selitto uh bb tv analyst from new jersey..former hs and hpu bb and ad at hpu..one of my favorite coaches…good comments..says gib doing great job.. tony said small things fixable..curran. does not like current ncaa format of self reporting..from what ncaa looking at curran notice not a huge concern..ncaa will come out just more due diligence..says gib doing good job..recruiting and coaching wise..also adressed 50% of kids in mbb transfer every spring..

    otherwise..curran..sellito..dickman..since uh addept me0m0o release of ncaa investigation..servante and warriorhaw..eagle..horsse etc,, ncaa report..reminders to do things right..minor slap..and uh mbb start getting ready for most exciting season in maybe 12 years!!

    The more info comes out about the three violations..the more confident..minor..fixable..we await..harville, stepteau..reyes..fleming and bobbitt..

    thanks dayton for letting me do editorial..pretty sure couple of hundred fans who don’t post comments feel same..wish ncaa in next 2 weeks finalize findings and uh mbb move on..uh mbb will be good to go ..I am 199% sure..bet you all 1299 rice balls or musubi’s!!

  24. Jake…does tyler havd frinds or relatives living here..or is this first tim0e for he and fam0ily to see hawaii..tyler another like isaac fleming prep school grad..20 yearvolds..who are more mature than a 17 or 18 year old hs grad..more like a jc soph..tyler..stepteau..flming have to get bigger stronger for rigors of d1 ball..they willing to gring..they will contribute ossibly right away..can always use 3 ball shooters..however havevto defend get stops
    to clse out games..difference between 20 wins and 25..26 win season..jmo..

    cannot wait for two freshmen stepteau and harville to come out bombing threes that is what manoa college summer league is about..run and gun until playoffs..

  25. Jake: don’t know if you of Iolani bb classic sometimes top 10 hs teams compete in that holiday tourney..good for hawaii bb guys to compete against best..like..durant..stackhouse..dennis scott..guys who ended up in nba..also hawaii has the summer like aau teams of select hs bb guys who would travel to vegas for tourney..sometimes hbb really did well unless ran into bigger and more athletic teams..some good d1 type guards came out of hbb hs..since don’t have prep schools..

  26. Always Great to see Bill Amis…a real Warrior Standout on and off the court.

    Just caught an update on Verbal Commits: They state that our Aussie, Michael Harper, is transferring closer to home to get some playing time at Simon Frasier University. Michael has always been a great teammate and student and his presence will be missed. All the very best to him and his family.


    thanks for that info! Michael Harper , Aussie Mum’s pride and joy. Michael a real team player and excellent student, fan favorite, all around nice young man. Did well in school, …now can be closer to home and have significant playing time. Maybe he might be an Australian national team member or Australian Pro Basketball player, or overseas pro..Thankyou, Michael Harper, The Thunder from Down Under! Good friends with Fotu, Enos, the whole team. Thanks to Aussie Mum and Ohana in Australia too. Great family, wonderful student athlete!

    Mahalo to the Harper Family, and best wishes on future endeavors, Michael Harper, throw down some thunder down Under!

  28. Hey Backbeat, that is a real time current site, noticed that Michael Harper transferring, Shamburger gone, going to grad and move on, same with Dressler, and past guys…However interesting to note, I just wonder if a late qualifier, and very long athlete, whose specialty is blocking shots and rebounding, with some post game, however has to gain about 30 pounds, RIAK BOL, is on that list as possible PF..would be great to lock him up and have him as that rim protector.
    Who knows, from the Sudan, that is where they have those 7′ to 7’8″ athletes..

    RIAK BOL, if qualify , finalize grades, JMO, I wonder if that is the guy Gib close to signing? we await..would be a real surprise, online I cannot see anywhere , where he committed..so maybe he had to take late classes to get academics in order.

    Once again speculation, My Opinion, I don’t know if it is Riak Bol, 6’10” maybe 6’11” plus by now, JC transfer from Nebraska area!

  29. I believe Coach has had his eye on him for sometime now along with others from all over the globe, but this kid played on a team that went to the National Semi-Finals…is an extremely quick blocker and in the JC ranks they keep stats that translate to IF he played a full 40 minute game. On that stat he averaged over 65 pts per game. Don’t know if he is related to Manute or not.

  30. Gib, very consistent, said HE WOULD BE A RECRUITING COACH…always trying to find right fit, best student athletes and young men. He is doing it. Lot of ones, do not understand dynamics of 21st century recruiting, coaches, college programs, try to look for outstanding guys from freshman , soph,. in HS..some commit, or want to by Jr. year, …That is what Gib, Benjy, Akana, have done, that pipeline and contacts in USA and around the world, Gib in past video updates, talked about going to Paris…why Paris? Think of the Sudanese immigrants, since Sudan was a French colony so a lot of Sudanese moved to Paris , France or there abouts for school or work…maybe that 7 foot, rim rocking, shot blocking, under radar, guy, who really would fit in well with UH MBB team, a good attitude, not the ball never comes out, like Vander…a guy who would fit the role of protect the rim, rebound, kick out to shooters, run floor, deflect alter shots, and once in awhile fly high, grab lob 2 feet above rim and dunk over Mamadou, or block Mamadou’s dunks…the SSC would go nuts, completely bananas….oh…the excitement is building..

    Cannot wait for final signing, whomever the Big or best athlete is, because of Gib’s global connections, and late JC qualifiers, he knows about…plus the 6 new guys, Buscher, Harville, Fleming, Bobbitt, and Reyes, and Stepteau, averaging 20 to 30 ppg in the summer league, and do not , I repeat, guys, hydrated, stretch, eat well, sleep well, tape well, and DO NOT GET HURT..stay safe my young friends..
    Go Rainbow Warriors…Basketball Jones!

  31. A team’s weakness is what other teams exploit. Not so much pre-season as they don’t have enough film to study you in depth. But in conference play they will sniff it out. This year’s team we got shooters and ball handlers. The big question mark is do we have the personnel currently to take care of the front court? It looks a bit thin especially on the defensive end. We are one good big away from flexing our muscles and really having our way with some teams. If we don’t get a big we will still be competitive but the West Coast teams will find our weakness and it’s probably in the trenches.

  32. Dunno about you guys but I am more concerned about our guard play. Two primary concerns are turnovers and stopping dribble penetration by the other team.

    Many will disagree but I think we have enough depth in the 3, 4 and 5 positions. Banking the equalizer will be our quickness and speed to guard the rack. One of the BIG keys is “what” Stefan will step up and fill the space eater/stopper role. If both show up…we’ll be tougher. The SMALLer key is how effective will both Negus and Reyes be. The LOCK will be Fotu, he has demonstrated improvement from day one and has a high upside.

    I am rooting for Valdes, hope he incorporates physicality into his game; gotta be tougher and meaner.

    JMO: We got the numbers at guard, however, only two take the court at a time. Believe we need high quality players that produce, if they want to reach post season play. Really liked the previous highlights of San Antonio Spurs and lo and behold they won the championship. So at the end of the day, a great TEAM role model to follow. Are they going to buy in and fulfill their goals?


  33. Great comments by all ….regarding guard play..believe if nevels step up the 1 and 2 will be solid..both team guys..know they have to improve on offense and defense…negus such a talent at 6’7″ he can play one and two ..grest passer and floor vision…has to defend too..bobbitt and fleming big tall scoring combo guards..enos can do it too..handle and shoot..harville and stepteau young shooters..without question..gib has to have 4 man rotation at guard..protect ball and defend..if these guys old and new by into team san antonio role concept and hit good percentage of threes plus gib get the shot blockig big..uh mbb will challenge for ncaa bid I have no doubt..if guys by into team first win first mindset..

  34. Sorry add to above post if Q gets really better on both sides of bsll ..pg will be good with bobbitt..Q has speed quickness bb smarts and athleticism..

  35. I really truly believe 1000% that Garrett Nevels, Quincy Smith, Dyrbe Enos, Nikola Filopovich, Negus Webster-Chan, Stefan Jovanovich, Stefan Janks Jankovich, Brandon Jawato, Isaac Fotu, have a lot to prove to NCAA, hey, UH MBB runs a clean and compliant program, will fix errors, and they athletically will be back stronger, know Gib’s system, be bigger, stronger, faster, and for Nevels, Smith, Enos, Jawato, Jovanovich, Fotu, Thomas, and Valdes having at least one year or two in system, will be BB IQ better.

    Lookit here:

    PG: Quincy Smith, Roderick Bobbitt, Nikola Filopovich
    SG: Garrett Nevels, Isaac Fleming(combo 20 year old freshman), Tyler Harville-preferred walkon 3 point specialist with quick release, Brocke Stepteau-Texas 3 ball gunner, and floor runner another preferred walkon., Zach Buscher-Iolani School , 808 second local boy out to be a contributor.
    SF: Negus Webster-Chan, Aaron Valdes, Sammis Reyes
    PF: Isaac Fotu, Michael Thomas
    C: Stefan Jovanovich, Stefan Janks Jankovich, and maybe Riak Bol, or another Sudanese surprise! big shot blocker.

    That is a load, with that additional frontline shotblocker rebounding, role playing rim protecting hidden, late qualifying gem, …
    The guards will be good if they listen to coach, and coach learn to have system in place from first 5 min. till last 5 min., and Nevels, Smith, Negus, Bobbitt, Fotu, can finish games for 25-26 wins

    Starters first game November 2014(JMO)based on the fact all these five guys had PT in system most last year.

    PG: Quincy Smith
    SG: Garrett Nevels
    SF: Aaron Valdes
    PF: Isaac Fotu
    C: Stefan Jovanovich

    second unit to give first 5 a blow:
    PG: Roderick Bobbitt
    SG: Isaac Fleming
    SF: Negus Webster-Chan
    PF: Mike Thomas
    C: Sammis Reyes

    rotation of the bench
    PG: Nikola Filopovich, Zach Buscher, Dyrbe Enos
    SG: Tyler Harville, Brocke Stepteau
    PF/C: eligible mid December Stefan Janks Jankovich
    PF/C: Riak Bol or similar guy.
    really Gib has so many options….who listens, has proper attitude, plays defense, takes care of ball, roles, defenders all, assists, pass to open man, good passes, run half court offense and defense to perfection. know how to inbound ball under pressure, press break, leaders., win and team before PT and stats. Gib has to have 10-12 guys playing well, really well balls to the walls, and healthy, proper mindset, and UH with, sorry tako, that outstanding shotblocking Big or shot blocking defending scoring SF ..late get..UH will , can go to NCAA’s I just know, team buys into TEAM ,, they will be in March Madness. all up to the young student athletes…man …have to prep school freshmen coming in that are 20 years old! Isaac Fleming and Tyler Harville, so they are more mature then 17 or 18 year old freshmen.

    Go Rainbow Warriors..I is getting excited, come on first week of July! We want to see Harville, Stepteau, Bobbitt, Fleming, Reyes, Buscher, Enos, and Thomas in summer league tearing it up!
    strictly my fantasy BB starters..whomever playing in practice, and can handle 8 minutes or 38 minutes of outstanding Rainbow Warrior Basketball and help team win 26 games, NIT or NCAA bid..let em play..go get em Gib!
    Stand and Fight for Right!

  36. tako: look at what Gib has to work with this year..

    PG: Quincy Smith, Nikola Filopovich, Roderick Bobbitt, Brocke Stepteau
    SG: Garrett Nevels, Isaac Fleming, Zach Buscher., Dyrbe Enos
    SF: Negus Webster-Chan, Aaron Valdes, Sammis Reyes, wing-Brandon Jawato
    PF: Isaac Fotu, Mike Thomas
    C: Stefan Jovanovich, Stefan Janks Jankovich
    16 guys, including 3 preferred walkons , one invited walkon, and 8 guys that had BWC PT experience last year.
    The PG’s cherish the ball, I believe, out of those PG’s , they have some excellent ball handlers. Bobbitt and Smith, can be real ball hawks get a lot of steals, Nevels too, if they have that rim protector..

    That is why, I think that late qualifying athlete Gib waiting on is a Big, maybe Riak Bol type, so the front line has depth to defend, and play hard defense knowing they have depth,

    The consistency at the 3 point and FT shooting spot as well as guards take care of the ball, become a trademark, along with shutdown halfcourt defense, let NO ONE go to the rim for dunk or easy layin and one..UH will go to NCAA’s, no question! JMO..however, I believe if team works hard, stays together, win and team before personal PT minutes and stats,the team will go far in post season..that is what I hope…the team will be exciting..several 2 star, and at least three 3 star rated athletes, which is very good for low mid major team!
    Go Rainbow Warriors! I is getting excited for the 6 new guys to be in July second session summer school and tear up that crazy Manoa College summer league!

  37. Thanks Playhoopsa, love the number and depth at guard, but still have this concern, as it has been a bane in the past.

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