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UPDATED: Wiseman reinstated with Warriors

It took Trevor Wiseman all of one missed game to realize how much he missed being with the Hawai’i basketball team.

Wiseman’s “indefinite suspension” was lifted after one game, as he was reinstated to the team on Friday afternoon. He missed a week of practices and was not with the team during its 88-79 home loss to Nevada on Thursday night.

He practiced with the rest of the Warriors on Friday afternoon, and will be in uniform on Saturday, when they host Fresno State in a Western Athletic Conference game at the Stan Sheriff Center.

“I’m glad to be back on the team,” Wiseman said. I love this team, I love these coaches and I like the state of Hawaii they treat me well. I’m sorrry for what happened.”

His teammates obviously welcomed him back, as they joked with him after practice and shrieked “Trevor’s back!” while Wiseman was being interviewed.

Wiseman was suspended after the Warriors’ road victory at San Jose State last Saturday for violating team rules.

Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold said he received a call from Wiseman on Thursday night, and they arranged a meeting for Friday morning.

“He came in with our coaching staff and we had a good talk, heart to heart,” Arnold said. “After meeting with him, I felt comfortable, obviously, with reinstating him. He’s a good guy and I’m more than happy to give him a second chance and support him.”

Wiseman said he worked out on his own during his suspension and sat in the stands during the team’s loss to Nevada on Thursday.

Wiseman, a 6-foot-7 forward, is averaging 6.4 points and 5.4 rebounds per game, and is valued as one of the team’s best defenders.

Here is the official announcement released from the UH media relations department:

University of Hawai‘i men’s basketball head coach Gib Arnold announced that sophomore forward has been reinstated to the team. Wiseman was indefinitely suspended on Monday and missed UH’s game versus Nevada on Thursday night. The following are statements from both Arnold and Wiseman. There will be no further comments on the subject.

Coach Arnold statement:
“I am a big believer that you must discipline yourself so others won’t have to. As a coach there are times when disciplining a player is necessary even if it may cost you a game or two. In the long run your program will be stronger, your players will become men of greater character and the wins will be more abundant. Trevor made some mistakes. He came to me and the team and apologized. I hope he has learned from this and I believe his further actions now give him an opportunity to grow and become a better player and person. Trevor is a good kid and deserves a second chance. At this time he is reinstated on the team and we are glad to have him back.”

Trevor Wiseman statement:
“I’m grateful that Coach Arnold is allowing me to rejoin the team. I take full responsibility for what happened and have learned a great deal from it. I’m sorry for letting down Coach Arnold, my teammates and the University of Hawai‘i. I believe in what we are doing and I look forward to moving on and putting that incident behind us.”


  1. Good news! Now, let’s play ball and take care of business. We have a big game tomorrow night.
    Go Warriors!

  2. Very happy to hear that Trevor is back! Only a fool would throw away an athletic scholarship that provides a free education and all the fantastic experiences & friendships that come with it. These are the times that will be missed and cherished long past graduation & reminisced during one’s lifetime. Every guy on the team should never forget that they part of a select few out of the 15000 plus on campus who get to experience what many others will never experience in their lifetimes.

  3. Heard this not long ago: ” Nice words are free…. use as many as you like.
    Rudeness is a weak man’s imitation of strength.”
    Great News Trevor. Good luck tomorrow night!
    Go Warriors!

  4. OK Let’s all move on, this is a critical time of the season, we need to start winning every game from NOW!!!! Warriors do not allow your opponents to beat you at your HOUSE!!!!!!!! I want to see effort on the boards Vander, JT , Trevor, Hauns, as for you Zane hit your shots!! You need to make them to give your team a chance to win, you were MIA last night!!!

  5. Way to go Wiseman. Best news of the week.

  6. I’m glad that Trevor realized that he needs the team as much as it needs him. And it’s interesting to note that he first reached out to Gib and the meeting with the coaches was arranged BEFORE Thursday’s loss to Nevada. From the way he plays the game, there’s no quit in Wiseman. I’m sure he’ll learn from this experience and become a better person, a better player and a better teammate. Welcome back. (And thanks for the interview, Dayton).

  7. Come on Warriors, must WIN tonight , protect your HOUSE!!! Fans come to the tailgate buy a ticket to support the BB program!!

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