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InZane Video: Post practice interviews

After most practices, Hawaii basketball head coach Gib Arnold gives the players about 15 minutes to cool off or continue shooting baskets.

In this latest episode of InZane Video, Zane Johnson chats with several teammates and coaches in the moments after a recent practice in Dongguan, China.


  1. Dayton ~ Many thanks + kudos to you and Zane Johnson for the stellar coverage of the Asia trip.

    If you have a chance, could you please tell Coach Taylor that if he doesn’t find what he’s looking for in China, Tokyo is the center of the Hello Kitty universe, and Akihabara is one of the best (and liveliest) places in the world to shop for discount electronics? Mahalo.

  2. Thank you Kapanui.

    I will pass along the message to Coach Taylor.

  3. yeah coach you’d look good with a man hello kitty purse. looks like wiseman finally started his california tattoo

  4. Hauns has really really white teeth lol

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