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Webster is listed in the Transfer Portal

A challenging season for the University of Hawai’i basketball team will be followed by a challenging offseason in search of replacements.

Sophomore Justin Webster – a team co-captain during the just completed 2020-21 season – has entered his name into the NCAA Transfer Portal. Verbalcommits.com, a website that tracks NCAA transfers, listed Webster’s name on Monday afternoon.

Webster, a 6-foot-3 shooting guard, led the Rainbow Warriors in scoring this past season with 12.3 points per game and 34 3-pointers in 20 games played. He also averaged 3.6 rebounds per game and led the team with a .776 free throw percentage.

Webster was an honorable mention pick for the All-Big West Conference Team. He scored four points and went 0 for 6 from the field in Hawai’i’s season-ending 62-52 loss to UC Riverside last week in the Big West Conference Championship Tournament at Las Vegas. The Warriors completed the COVID-shortened season with an 11-10 record.

As a freshman during the 2019-20 season, Webster averaged 8.8 points and 1.9 rebounds per game and played a key reserve role for most of the season.

Webster is one of two Hawai’i players currently listed in the NCAA Transfer Portal. Junior forward Manel Ayol left the team and entered the portal in January.

Also, senior starters Cason Jardine and James Jean Marie are not expected to return next season, even though they are both eligible to come back under the NCAA’s revised rules for the COVID-impacted season.


  1. Have been in Ganot corner since his hire. But now having doubts about his ability to recruit and keep players. Also wonder why he could not adapt offense to use Webster more. Who is next…daSilva? Something not right in Manoa

  2. What da heck is going on?

  3. This would be a serious loss. If Avea or daSilva don’t return for next season that’s the final straw in my mind. I know Ganot’s had some difficult situations to deal with during his coaching career, but at some point we need to go beyond a “rebuilding season”. I don’t think our team can afford to continue striving for middle of the pack. We need a coach who is capable of more.

  4. After reading Justin’s comments about things brewing for a couple of months I wonder if it is time fo AD to have a confidential sit down with him to understand his reasoning for transferring. There is definitely smoke there and Dave needs to see if there is a fire in the program. Time to get involved in order to understand what is happening in the basketball program. There is a beautiful arena that volleyball fills up and needs to be filled up for basketball. Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results..etc, etc.

  5. This not a good sign. Matlin should always be interviewing the student athletes every year after the season for evaluation of the coaching staff. More so, players who leave would have a more honest opinion to share with Matlin vs returning players who may be hesitant to say anything negative about the program. This staff has a problem recruiting players of equal athleticism as the top schools in this lower mid rated conference. We have the best facilities, with that said, their must be something about the coach and his coaching philosophy, in game decision making, and personality that is steering the recruits to other schools like UC Santa Barbara, Irvine, Riverside, Davis, now Cal St Bakersfield for crying out loud!! Cant take 5 years of this continual Krap as a season ticket holder since SSC opened.

  6. What does it say about a program when others are seeking the Assistant coaches and not the head coach to add to their staff?

    @jjay @treyman – I have to agree. Maybe Matlin should sit down with the players and see what is really going on. Many people that I talk to say the same thing. Talk with them and find out the truth.

    It will be a long 3 years of pain and mediocre basketball for the fans of Hawaii. Attendance will be limited to the band and the booster club. We won’t even be able to give away tickets.

    UH is in a pickle. For what they pay a head coach, Ganot is all we can afford. If the program is staying out of trouble and kids are graduating, UH is getting what they are paying for. A winning program is not in the cards for this salary. This is why they need to stack the games early on so they win and have a chance at a winning record.

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