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Highlights from Green & White Scrimmage

2015 UH Men's Basketball Green and White Scrimmage at the Stan Sheriff Center, Honolulu, HI on October 24 2015. Photo: Brandon Flores.

As previously mentioned, rosters were mixed and matched for each of three 10-minute periods of the University of Hawai’i basketball team’s Green & White Scrimmage on Saturday at the Stan Sheriff Center.

Head coach Eran Ganot said he wanted to view different lineups and see how players performed with and against certain teammates.

With that in mind, here are some of the combined statistics from the three 10-minute periods.

#0 Isaac Fleming 14 points, 5-10 FGs, 3-6 3-point FGs

#3 Niko Filipovich 0 points, 1 rebound

#4 Jack Purchase 0 points, 0 rebounds

#5 Roderick Bobbitt 15 points, 1 rebound, 6-8 FGs, 3-4 3-point FGs

2015 UH Men's Basketball Green and White Scrimmage at the Stan Sheriff Center, Honolulu, HI on October 24 2015. Photo: Brandon Flores.

#10 Dyrbe Enos 0 points, 0 rebounds

#11 Quincy Smith 9 points, 5 rebounds, 4-11 FGs

#12 Sai Tummala 9 points, 1 rebound, 3-8 FGs

#13 Jakob Cornelissen 0 points, 0 rebounds

#15 Stefan Jovanovic 4 points, 5 rebounds, 2-3 FGs

#21 Brocke Stepteau 0 points, 2 rebounds

#22 Sheriff Drammeh 0 points, 2 rebounds

#24 Zach Buscher 0 points, 1 rebound

#25 Mike Thomas 7 points, 3 rebounds, 3-7 FGs

#32 Aaron Valdes 12 points, 3 rebounds, 6-8 FGs

#33 Stefan Jankovic 24 points, 8 rebounds, 11-16 FGs, 1-4 3-point FGs

(Photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)


  1. All the shots went in in his video. Someone was right, the stats are off, Zach made two in the video, looked like Stef Jovanovic made more than two shots.

  2. Thanks for the video, Dayton. Nice to see around 1,000 fans showed up. Impressed with Q making those drives. Little less impressed that his free throw skills. Bobbitt, Fleming, Valdes, and Janks looked awesome. Buscher looks pretty composed. The team really needs to step it up though. It’s fine that Ganot is implementing his plays and ethics, but I hope he keeps it simple, not overly complicated. It’s his first season as a Head Coach and his first season working with this group of players, so I’m not expecting to be BWC champs or making it to the NCAA tourney. I just hope we see good basketball and a compact team that steadily improves each game. It’s his year to lay down the foundations of a winning program. Very nice gesture on part of the players to mingle with the crowd after the game.

  3. New Team, New HC, New System, will take time…

    The old guys, are going to be good.
    hope Sai, Sheriff can contribute.
    Zach definitely looks like about 180 at least.. he worked on weights. even looks taller than Isaac Fleming. so Zach could be actually closer to 6’4″
    Thought he was one of the better HS BB athletes out of Iolani his senior year.. great vision and could score.. did it all.
    You, know Zach, grind.. and you will get PT , I bet Eran will play the guys who are ALL in.. no matter walkon or other.. go get it Zach..
    And Dyrbe.. Brocke.. just join the other guys..and have FUN !!

  4. I have to disagree with the New Coach, New System and low expectations. The nucleus from last year’s team is back. We have talent and the expectation should be to get to the Big West Tournament Championship Game, period. The NCAA Tournament is always based on circumstances, so we can always hope, but everything has to fall into place for that to happen. Ganot needs to use his offense scheme and keep this team up-tempo. That is this team’s strength. Ganot does not get a free pass or three years to make something happen. The time is now.

  5. islandman: You’re right, Dayton’s video doesn’t lie. Buscher hit two 3’s in the highlights. There are 10 missing points, according to the official stats on the UH web site, which, I presume is where Dayton got the numbers. We know six of those points should be credited to Zach. Hey, even the stats crew is in preseason form.

  6. Manoa Baller:

    we know you are a Real Deal Baller.. know your basketball..
    I know that is why Benjy went uptempo last year.. he really did great with that pressure, get steals, and up and down.. that helped team win 20 plus games.. they shot a little better from 3 line, several guys, and Garrett did not get hurt or Aaron sick in BWC tourney title game. who knows.. I bet UH would have made the dance..
    no matter what we were hearing, or not.. about the other things surrounding program. last year team, the heart , the effort.. and that pedal to the metal.. terrific athletes. flying around.. Bobbitt, Quincy, Fleming, Valdes. Thomas, fun to watch.. what could have and should have been a 9-26 season turned out to be 22-13 and almost the NCAA dance.. I believe. Ganot.. UH is under scrutiny.. and he wants that fundamental, toe the line team.. heck I would take a LITTLE kolohe team that would get up and down.. that walk the ball up. .. and start the pass at the wing to run offense in half court… IT does remind me of Riley/ Majerus, flex motion offense.. however.. to be successful.. have to shoot ball extremely well.. Does UH have the knock down automatic shooters from 3? I don’t know.. great equalizer, with UH talent and not having physical, bigs and inside presence.. ? pressure, D up, get steals, turn other teams over and score quick in transition.. AND have good offensive half court sets.. proabably what he is trying to do.. FIRST.. I know the team wants to run up and down.. however. have to D up, get the missed shot.. or steal.. then go !

  7. We been saying it for past going on 6th year: THIS IS THE PAYOFF YEAR for UH MBB I hope so.
    Eran, Manoa Baller, has instant MBB team, 8 deep rotation had PT last year, Rod, Q, Isaac, Mike, Stef, Janks, Aaron and Niko.. so just those guys plus maybe Sai, or probably Sai.. only other big guy. and Sheriff.
    UH admin IS GIVING Eran a pass. however We MBB fans.. hey UH admin, revamped the whole staff, with their New system, and attitude. WE JUST WANT WINS.. a lot.. and NIT OR NCAA bids, which UH has not seen in almost 11 years I think this spring 2016..

    You are right Manoa Baller, why DO WE FANS have to settle for High Character, good grade, community oriented. which they ARE already from last few years.. to a low ceiling group?
    maybe UH will surprise.. I think guys stay healthy.. and eran, give them green light to go on D and go hard on O.. they can win a lot of games.. schedule not that hard.. BWC winnable.

    not winning the regular or BWC tournament titles.. THIS YEAR.. HUGE disappointment. not us giving Eran a pass.. it is the UH admin.. letting THEIR guy they put in over Benjy Taylor.. giving him a pass for an UNSIGNED 3 year ride..what up with dat?

  8. ]Clyde, Islandman: You Already got it “Right”

    Some Stats ARE Missing; (and Scoreboard Crew seemed to be in ‘Training’ Mode)

    JUST As UNOFFICIAL But Without watching The Partial Video –[Thanks, Dayton & Company!]
    DISCLAIMER: I also could easily “Miss” a Foot touching a Three-Point Line, OR Credit the Wrong Player, etc. BUT The Announcer AND Refs were signaling the shots (RE: The Whole Scrimmage IS Unofficial)

    i Had:
    – Buscher hitting 2 of 3 Threes
    – Isaac 3 of 5/6 Threes (did not see a ‘signaled’ “3” on one miss);
    – Roderick 4 of 5 (versus reported 3 of 4, Both Real Good) RE: They ‘Announced’ and Signaled the shots)
    – Jankovic Hitting 2 of 3/4 Threes
    – Jovanovic – FOUR fgs, 2-3 fts

    PLENTY More Observations BUT It’s Still Very Early in Pre-Season
    AND The Validity of ANY Observations WILL Show Up in the Season

    ONE STRONG Objection: Jovanovic IS Better than some here are Crediting him;
    MOST of His Misses (including several blocks) were AGAINST Jankovic (His Serbian brother) Who KNOWS his game Intimately Inside-Out; Jankovic was shutting down Both Isaac Fleming And Jovanovic Inside — BOTH hit those shots at high percentage against less-prepared opposition; AND Jovanovic was much more effective when on the same team as Jankovic (Third Period, “Twin Towers”)

    The Disciplined Offense seems to simplify Decision Points for Both Bobbitt And Jankovic (who ‘Always’ have many options);
    Example: NOW Jankovic KNOWS where passes are coming from, What Options Open Next AND he’ already set and ready before the pass arrives — Much Less Hesitation — That Alone should “UP” his field goal percentage — he said last year was the worst shooting year of his life…

  9. We may be in for a very long season passing the ball around the horn. You all asked for it and may get it. Ganot may be a Chow ram rodding his offense down our throats for the future.

    We’ll see

  10. Hope Ganot makes me eat my words

  11. I appoint eagle and Clyde for statisticians. Jovanovic doubters, take that and read eagle. Pocho, they won’t be passing too much around the horn, the shot clock lost 5 seconds this year and i saw them pushing the ball up court.
    What happened to the fist video and thread ?

  12. islandman,

    that was a setup for the naysayers like myself, lol. Pushing the ball upcourt is fine but setting up the o passing the ball as in the 1st video that got taken down does not fit this ball club.

  13. By division, UH should easily overrun Chaminade.

    If this scrimmage was an indicator of how bad our shooting percentage is then,
    we might not be running as smoothly as the little brother counters well!

    It’s good to have a plan B. What would you say that we ask Bobbitt to take charge as a player-coach, repeating last season’s good games?

    As a second opportunity for answer(s)!

  14. Pocho……I think you no need worry about this being a “Riley Wallace” type offense. The Riley Flex Motion offense was very structure and stiff. He was very hell bent on players being here and there at a certain time thus making the players think too much about where the need to be and thus players not seeing open lane to drive.

    I see a lot of chance in this offense for players to use their talent to dribble drive and stuff. The passing is to get the defense moving and thus give shooters a cleaner look and shot at the basket. It does not look like a Riley offense.

    Having a structured offense is a good thing. Having player freelance and do their own thing is not always good team basketball.

  15. Chaminade has 5-10 Dantley Walker, transfer from UNLV, who had a terrific highlight video when in high school.

  16. Agreed with eagle & kahuna 100% Go bows!

  17. Early prediction personal pending whatever from ncaa:

    I like the returning guys. so far, very coachable. Even Eran and staff, a lot of teaching going on. And looks like they will strive for more disciplined half court sets. By BWC play hopefully running on all cylinders.

    Pre Conference Record: 8-4
    BWC regular season Record:9-7
    Going into BWC tournament overall record : 17-11

    BWC tournament: ? REMEMBER LAST YEAR? Anyone including UH can win it.

    Last year I think I predicted even with the turmoil, that UH had shot at 20 plus wins…they got 22..
    Hope my prediction is wrong, and UH wins maybe 6 or 7 more games and is in NIT or NCAA, why not. those guys.. or UH.. as Janks said over 1 1/2 year ago when first transferred to Hawaii..? remember he said.. Aim Goals HIGH.. not just winning record.. go for National championship.. and work at it

    Looks like Janks.. still concerned about strength.. although looks like he could definitely play highest level of Euro ball, and if he blows up this year.. all NCAA type honors.. and national recognition.. have Good shot to make an NBA roster. just the stamina and strength..a 3 or 4 in Pro ball, for Janks. he has the skillset.. and better yet.. the maturity now.. very impressed by Janks.. very caring person as are THE WHOLE TEAM.. and I love hearing Coach Acker in background.. shouting out instructions, Q !!, Rod, MIke, Janks, Stef.. get up .. go.. move it.. !! That is coaching on court too.. Eran more quiet type.. very happy, Chris Acker the voice out there.. too.. as well as well as the whole staff.. WE ALL WANT THIS TEAM TO BLOW up.. as long as stay HEALTHY and together..

    Go Bows.. ! Hey WI nation.. really, or realistically NOT too many die hards for MBB on this site or others.. sort of wait and see. if UH going into 2nd week of BWC play is 4-0 and overall, 14-2… then, maybe more jump on bandwagon.
    Me? old fuddy duddy,.. ole man.. I love the UH MBB.. gals.. well Laura has great team good coach.. However.. the Big excitement during hoops season in Hawaii? The Men’s team.. HOPING THIS IS THE PAYOFF YEAR.. we all been waiting several years now. last Year , BT.. great run.. now guys.. finish or get one for Papa Bear !!

  18. Really MBB AND WBB both end up in NCAA tournament.. and win some games.. Hawaii will be like Sugar Bowl pre game 2008 January mode.. even non BB people will be talking about team..

    And remember.. just like dreaming or playing NBA 2K.. . just a dream, or What if.. ? UH could do this , or that.

    Starters: ideally you want TWO deep at every position..however can go 8 or 9 rotation..

    PG: Rod….
    SG: Isaac
    SF: Aaron
    PF: Mike
    C: Janks

    just based off of last year PT minutes experience. and the top returning scorers

    bench/ starters too.. if they are definitely in the mix.

    PG: Quincy
    SG: Brocke
    SF: Zach
    PF: Sai
    C: Jovanovich

    PG: Sheriff/
    PG: Niko
    SG: Jakob
    SG: Dyrbe

    Hey basketball season here.. just having Fun !!
    Go Bows !!

  19. Janks will be our go-to guy this year. He can do it all. His undoing will be foul trouble if not careful.

  20. Kahuna,

    I Ganot’s got the shooters that offense may work to perfection but if they can’t hit it consistenly or having a dead eye shooter from long range the opposing d will just sag into the middle. It’d be nice though if it works or if Ganot recruited a long range bomber to make it work. Maybe in the future with Ganot’s recruits but as what he’s got on the roster now, he needs to coach the game with the players he has to play. We all know what kind of game the returnees have

    We’ll see

  21. Here’s motivation for the team, they are picked 4th by College Basketball Talk. However, Roderick was picked to their pre-season All-Big West 1st team. There are a couple of teams that might surprise too. Also, Cal Poly returns their five top scorers including Brian Bennett who gave us fits last year, i think.


  22. Yes.. love that top nine, Rod, Isaac, Quincy, Mike, Aaron, Stef, Janks , and Niko.. plus Dyrbe has to shoot it well too..he a wing..
    Plus side,.. Zach and Brocke.. bring BBIQ too.. smart guys..

    Zach and Brocke been through 2nd year now with team.. I bet they contribute greatly too, especially if top guards wings in foul trouble. could go.. Sai, Mike, Aaron… in the middle at the 5 spot.. hmmm.. just like last year,,.. with 4 other smalls.. out shoot, out hustle.. and THIS year.. FINISH.games..

    True servante until the THING gets resolved.. we look Always to the Positive.. unless otherwise..

    On the break.. with those lobs to Aaron.. even Quincy can get up there.. Looks like Sai Tummala, such a smart young guy.. and some physicality with ability to Shoot the ball.. looks like can win 8 or 9 games pre BWC games…then BWC play.. just stay healthy and out of foul trouble for Rod, Isaac Quincy. Aaron Mike and probably the Key.. maybe the leading score, shot blocker, rebounder.. and hopefully ALL the team.. every single guy sees PT.. make it personal and Team goal.. every single guy.. hits for better than 70 percent from FT line.. plus do what GA and BT teams did.. which was great.. try to average 12 or fewer turnovers per game.. UH can win …such a fine line.. however. veteran team.. the cores

    go Bows.. hey FB.. downer.. NOW UH MBB time go Warriors !

  23. probably the Key.. maybe the leading score, shot blocker, rebounder..JANKS.. great guy, and student..good family guy. was his brother to enroll at Maryknoll this year? anybody know.. I would think wow.. if his brother were another Janks at 6’11” with that skillset.. he would kill, blow up in ILH. be high get for UH MBB team !!

    Stef Jovanovich.. Mike, Niko.. Rod, Isaac, Q, you all have family members younger who want to come to UH MBB. ? that would be fantastic..

  24. Janks IS our go-to guy! For whoever was at the scrimmage it was obvious that he has improved so much especially strength wise since last year. You just see him driving to the basket.. seeing the open lanes.. making it happen and going for it! Really good passing too.. if he sees he doesn’t have it, he passes it to a teammate he sees that does have the shot! That’s teamwork!! He’s got his eyes on the prize… NIT, NCAA tourney’s here we come !

  25. Come to think of it I saw a younger looking Janks at the game. Sure look like him.

  26. servante :

    yes.. I believe Janks was saying his brother was going to enroll at Maryknoll I think this year.. if he from Serbia? of Canada.. maybe. the footing of tuition.. that international student exchange?

    Imagine.. if he is 6’11” or near 7 foot with that skillset at freshman or soph age.. wow !
    islandman.. you might know? Janks I think said back in spring, his brother was coming over to Hawaii HS to play ball get education.. might be wrong?

  27. Wasn’t able to make the scrimmage so really appreciate being able to see the video highlights. Thanks for posting!

  28. rip, I wasn’t there either. Appreciate Dayton’s posts and video.

    only the “good” highlites are up. He took down the LowLights of the scrimmage. Maybe for good reason

  29. I want to see the low highlights with know disrespect. I didn’t see Isaac play pg at know time sacrificing for the team in the BWC run last yr that was the difference.

  30. good call kahuna i agree i just wish the nay sayers and those who cant get past last year would move on stop undermining the new coaches and players new year – new beginning for all of the boys these guys range from 18-23 and need our support not criticsm they will have good days and bad days with our encouragement they are more likely to succeed go bows

  31. bigdaddy:

    yes, recognition to Last Year Warrior Team, above poster said to forget that past.. however. ..last year run, and you saw Isaac in BWC tournament.. he was a real spark for team, we loved him, incredible drives and finishes…Yes, although we know he IS a PG.. Eran is classifying him as Wing. or even a SF.. he with the ball in his hands.. makes things happen.. with a great pass, and going to the hoop causing harm.
    Don’t worry. for those that APPRECIATED all the guys from last year. and Benjy at the helm
    I hope, Isaac gets to play some PG too..a scoring, all around PG or just a great guard..

    and to the FORGET last year team, 22 wins NEVER will be vacated.. that is showing NO respect for last year team, what they and Benjy accomplished.. Am I the only one who appreciated. a team that even Gib was not able to get to the BWC championship game? shame on those that forget last year guys and coach.. they are the MAIN guys THIS year who can help team go to NIT or NCAA dance

  32. bigdaddy

    : I see what you mean.. Dayton pulled down the first video low lights.. when Isaac did not score a point..next day, he put up the hilites with team, and Isaac scoring..
    want to SEE the whole picture.. how your son is doing.. Hey, bigdaddy, get in Eran’s ear.. tell him..Isaac can play BOTH guard positions.. however.. when he was playing PG. with Rod in foul trouble.. and Quincy playing off guard, or SG.. they were pretty good.. very good.

  33. never suggested FORGET but did say move on how can anyone move forwrad when all they do is focus on the past sure it was a great year and with the right support and attitute we can help THIS team be the same or maybe surpass last years achievements if all we do is continue to talk about what was we will never move forward to what could be

  34. only time will tell the outcome of how Ganot uses his players, ram rodding his offense down our throats aka Norm Chow then when things gets bad change things up.

    A good coach will make adjustments for the players he has, maybe his offense works or maybe does not. We’ll see, I’m not jumping on a bandwagon just yet

  35. Uhf1, Eran signed his contract. As far player position classifications,Brian M said yesterday on the radio that he asked Sai where he wanted to be put and Sai said as a big. So i’m wondering if he was only one that was asked ? The new coach has recognized what the team did last year several times in his interviews. One poster with apparent inside knowledge on a forum claims that a few players would have left, though, if the former coach was retained.
    Pocho, Eran has said several times he’s going to adjust his blueprint to the players’ strengths.

  36. I’d doubt starters would leave if the former coach was still coach. Think about it, the only young recruit I’d be worry bout leaving back then would have been Fleming and we kinda know now he was recruited by the former. I’d have to think the walk-ons may have left

    Janks(he’s burned his rs and nearing graduation)
    Valdes(he’s burned his rs)
    maybe possible:

    but both know is someone’s injured they’d be next to be called upon.

    Just for arguments sake. lol

  37. Hoopstalk on Wednesday at 7 pm epsn1420. Guess Jeff can come out of hiding now. He did say that the team is moving from the free wheeling style to more disciplined one. That the refs called more hand checking fouls in the scrimmage and, like several have said, the outside shooting is a question mark.

  38. From the start Ganot mentioned wanting that perimeter game but he possibly doesn’t have the player(s) to shoot it. Who knows? but it is a reason why I hope Ganot will change to the personnel he has to play with and not a Norm Chow.

  39. Hey BigDaddy, your son is one of my favorite players. When we fans yell his name “let’s go Isaac” it’s for encouragement. To let him know that there are people here in the stands here for him and that we care. I am glad that he stayed and know that he will be an integral part of this teams success.

  40. Ramming this offense down the team’s throat? They have to play SOME KIND of offense. Last year, we had no offensive scheme and just relied on talent. All of the players were told to work on their outside shooting since Ganot was hired.

  41. Here’s another Preseason All-Conference team. Roderick is on the 2nd team, Valdes on the 3rd and Thomas on the 4th team. UCIrvine has three on the 1st team.

    Does Mamadou play enough to warrant being player of the year ? Maybe he will play more this year, but he averaged playing 19.9 minutes per game.


  42. As BM stated: could be Really good offense, IF UH , all 5 spots hitting their shots , especially the 3 pointers.. If UH MBB team misses a lot.. off nights.. could be interesting. in NOT a good way.

    Sure go to the rim first.. transition, inside to bigs.. some flow to the basket closer.. then, if hoop protected , move ball, and hit the open man..

    I don’t know if UH has 8 or 9 guys that are 38 to 45 percent 3 point shooters, as were Nevels and NWC..

    I still think Eran, is team is down, or wants to ramp up UH, will have them pressure, and get up and down.
    THEN have their offensive sets.. wired. to close out games.
    Last Year, Benjy almost NO chance.. such last minute in place as HC, and he assembled staff. with new guys.. and a lot of egos.. had to do what he had to do.. and UH ALMOST MADE NCAA dance ?
    Wow.. good job Benjy and the last year athletes.. This year.. hit your shots. can win.. the 3 pointers not dropping. or UH not good 3 point shooting team.. could be a LOOONNG long year..

    Go Bows Warriors. do your best !

  43. The great thing about Warrior Insider is that all of us Hawaii Basketball fans can voice our opinions, although some of us voice theirs more than others. These are the same opinions that were voiced since the incepton of this website. I notice there have been quite a few flip flops in comments, old offense vs new offense, like the prior regime, like the new regime. We all want UH to have a successful basketball program, we just all have our own ideas about how that should happen. My opinion is that we need to keep the run and gun offense, within Coach Ganot’s structure. With passing and screens, there should be a lot of openings to the basket where we can get easy buckets and dunks by our high flyers as well as three’s when players get hot. To say this offense will only work if we have shooters, probably means this is not the best offense to run at this time, unless that is the plan to buy Ganot extra time. Boo hoo, we would have won games if we had a 50% shooter from three. We have the horses, adapt the offense to work to their strenghts. I believe that Coach Ganot and his staff will do this. At least I am hopeful that this is what will happen. We will see on November 5th…..

  44. Manoa Baller:

    always appreciate your comments.. real basketball insight..just hope guys have good season.. and after all said and done Pau.. they HAVE fun and graduate..
    don’t know if they will make NIT or NCAA.. at least that is goal. make the Big or little dance !

  45. I believe Isaac will be asking for his release by the end of the week.

  46. bigdaddy: That would be unfortunate, but if he’s not happy and committed to the new staff, he’s got to do what he feels is right for him.

    Hopefully, he’ll stay on. I’m sure all the fans feel the same.

  47. It’s not a commitment factor just look at all the coaches interviews he never was mention as apart of the team. The intersquad scrim mage speaks volumes is he on green or white.

  48. Isaac is loyal to people who are loyal to him.He has been judged by a staff who really don’t want him their for what reason they have none hes were he supposed to be doing what’s asked of him but being treated like a outsider looking in wow.

  49. Always enjoy watching Issac. He played well at the recent scrimmage. Basketball is a team game if you watch top teams like Duke , they have discipline and an offense with great ball movement. This should be a great year for Warrior Basketball Everybody on the same page as one team and one goal.

  50. Well, let’s hope here Ganot catches wind of what’s being said here and can have a good talk with Issac. Guess Fleming doesn’t fit Ganot’s mold of the players he wants. He basically is not a Ganot recruit and if none will bend, oh well.

    You can’t always have it your way, live and learn. Have a Good talk with Coach Ganot, he’s supposedly up and up, then make your decision.

  51. Bigdaddy we all like Issac and want the best for him. When one sits with him and talks to him he is a real great kid and respectful. What I noticed about him is that like and freshman and now sophomore he needs to understand that playing for a D1 program is a privilege not a right. Gaining your teammates and coaches respect is a two way street and a leader leads by example on and off the court and not because he feels he is a good/great player. Since you are going public with comments allow me to interject. As a person close to last years program I think the coaches, players and fans have treated your son better than any other program would of. Some of his off the court antics like missing practice, calling teammates out for weird reasons, and so forth, any program would’ve sent him packing. His teammates have forgiven him and forgotten about some of the crap he put them through. To be a player for the University of Hawaii takes a special king of person. One with the maturity to know you represent not a school, a city or a state. You represent a people who are supportive of their teams and players and call them their own.
    Issac needs to mature a little more and listen and do what is asked of him. He hasn’t proven anything yet, he hasn’t coached a D1 team and he’s not the only player on this team that can play. He is a talented player that we love to watch but if he doesn’t want to be here that is cool and we wish him the best. Please hear me out as a person close to last years program. The blame is not only on the coaches and he needs to share in the blame and take responsibility for his actions. The coaches have gone out of their way to help Issac and the players have too. If it’s true what you say I wish him only the best. I only hope that if he decides to leave he thinks long and hard so that can have an easier time at the new school. They will expect him to report at every practice at whatever school he goes to.

  52. ^^^^ What? WoW! is he breaking team rules under Ganot too? This is all news to me.

  53. I think Isaac was mentioned by the coach or McInnis on the Curran radio show the other day as one of the players he was working with on his shot in answer to Bobby’s questions along with Janks name, etc. Also, Isaac mentioned in a newspaper article on Saturday that the coach was working with him on his shot all summer and he was excited about the season. Valdes was also quoted.

  54. ManoaBaller,

    well said about the run and gun offense but then again if having to run the game within Ganot’s passing the ball around the horn and screens my guess it’d slow down the run and gun. Gotta go for the gusto, the steals, the quick score, why are we going back to the Riley Wallace era of plays?

    The game played at a fast pace is exciting, the set plays not so. It’s like Norms smash ball but now he’s trying to change things passing it. Two years lost trying to ram rod a game that doesn’t fit with personnel he had.

    I understand what your saying but… .

  55. It is good to see that the majority of posts support the coach and boys That is what they need from fans. They are young and have a whole season to prove themselves as they deveop and grow Lets stick with them As for saying players want to leave, they need to follow their heart As Baller4life says, its a team game and Ganot has said he is trying to create a team If someone isnt happy then they need to find happiness elsewhere. There are plenty of players that do and dont get mentioned in any interview, if players are looking for continuous praise and promotion individually then perhaps take up an individual sport. Go bows

  56. The emperor is saying that the prince is not getting his royal treatment.

    Too bad the Hawaiian kingdom was overthrown!

  57. Not meaning to be disrespectful here, but a decision as big as changing schools shouldn’t be based on how often a player’s name is getting mentioned in interviews, or whether the player is being asked to change jerseys in a scrimmage where multiple players are being switched between sides so the coaches can evaluate different lineups. What matters is whether the coaching staff is genuinely committed to helping that player improve, not only on the court but in the classroom and in their lives. Every report I’ve seen suggests that Eran and his staff are working hard to help all of the UH players identify and overcome their basketball weaknesses through appropriate skills instruction and drills, as well as keeping an eye on their academics, their work habits and their treatment of one another. That’s the kind of commitment that matters. Loyalty isn’t shown through talk, it’s shown through actions. I believe that if Isaac and his teammates keep a positive attitude, stick with the program and work hard to master what their coaches are teaching, they will finish this season as better players and better men.

  58. Bigdaddy,

    Just to be clear, other players were switched between the green and white teams.

    If you’re concerned about Isaac after this scrimmage, I wouldn’t be. It seems like all the other players struggled, as evidenced by the ‘lowlights’ that Dayton removed a couple days ago. Also worth noting is that the team held a practice before the scrimmage, which undoubtedly influenced the players’ performance.

    Isaac is a phenomenal player and I’m sure he’s an integral part of the team. Ganot rarely mentions players by name in the few interviews he’s had with Warrior Insider.

  59. Pocho, I understand your points and agree with you. Big Daddy, it will be a sad day if your son leaves the program, but, I do not disagree with his decision. Coach Ganot has not orovided any indication thusfar of his ability to get your son or other players to the next level…..

  60. Think Ganot is a good Coach but I may or may not like his game and like to see if he can morph a bit with the personnel he has to play with. Having a new coach and new offense to learn it takes time to get used to. I just feel UHbb loses time learning to do it another way, but hopefully this new builds on it’s old.

    it was an exciting brand of bb being built by Gib.

  61. We have not even seen one game yet, just a controlled scrimmage. Let’s give the coach some time before we pass judgement on his “system”. Bigdaddy sorry to hear about Isaac but this probably isn’t the best forum to break news about his possible departure. Should be between the coach and the family.

  62. Also, I’m wary that bigdaddy is an impersonator of the real bigdaddy. Wasn’t bigdaddy’s original name bigdaddy94?

  63. Pono,

    you may be on to something, just like the poster who’s name I forgot pumping up a supposed great walk-on recruit that came for a couple of summer days and left.

  64. Someone who knows said likely several players would have left, if Benjy was retained. How would you like them apples, if true ?

  65. What amaze me about this site is you can belittle a individual but not the program.

    Baller4life thanks for the compliment we all know Isaac is fearless and not afraid to speak whats on his mine some folks are intimidated by that trait and dont know how to respond accordingly without getting in detail.

    n2o4joy your last post had me lmao ….. But a decision has to be made sooner rather than later i dont want him to mist his blessings nor lose any elgibility during this transition.

  66. PONO i must of logged on without the 94 my fault fella.

  67. Just wasn’t sure if there was an impersonator. Anything is possible on the internet.

  68. Aloha bigdaddy94, I read the comments last night and was hoping and praying it was a emotional reaction and things would change today. I still holding on to hope that Isaac stay here at UH. He is a superstar in the making and this team needs him. I want everything to work out the best way for all involved.

  69. #1 — ALL CHANGE Is Stressful
    #2 — NOBODY “Comes In With A FULL SKILL SET” Ready To Roll With their Next Position/Promotion
    NOT Norm, Not Ganot, Not BT, Not Gib [NOT Lassner, Bley-Vroman, Amanda, BJ, …]

    I HAD TO GROW With Every CHANGE/Promotion, STEP UP

    ISAAC Has An Opportunity To Learn In a DIFFERENT Environment
    BUT A Good, Supportive, Technically Sound One
    JC Coaches set up their teams within 1-2 years (Probably Every Year is a “RESET” when you Only get Guys a MAXIMUM One or Two Seasons) THIS IS Similar to What ISAAC IS Dealng With NOW…

    NO WAY IS IT EASY For ALL The Players —
    THREE Years, Three Coaches — NOT MUCH Similar in Personalities, Styles, Even Types of People

    BUT It’s a Great PLACE — ISAAC IS Loved Here — I could See and Hear HIS Support In the Arena
    This Staff CAN/Will Contribute To His Growth
    BUT It Will/May be Uncomfortable, Because it Probably WILL Be Different

    Often The More Different, The More You Learn
    The Teammates ARE Probably Tough on each Other Because They Have High Expectations (Good)
    BUT They Also Perform And Support

    YOU And Isaac Will Find Loyal Support Here However You Choose…
    Big Daddy — I Hope Isaac Stays and Fights Through
    Some of MY Biggest Growth Occurred In The Toughest Situations
    AND WE KNOW He IS The REAL Deal…

  70. Ballerforlife that statement you maid was all lies to be honest my son is on the team and I asked him about what you said and he said that it is not true so who are you reveal your self.

  71. bigdaddy94:

    yes, the majority of MBB fans, we understand Isaac and his fire and desire to do well and win.. Big part of UH success last season.. and he worked well with Benjy and the team.. matured as well.
    Thing is even with Negus, he had NO defined role this year, so said Aloha, chasing pro hoops dream
    As for Isaac, I hope he makes decision too.. sooner the better as you say.
    Either way, stay, or move on.
    Definitely we don’t want this site like some others. TO attack the athletes OR their great families..
    the Administration and the coaching staff, they are the leaders. and direct the program..They are the ones should be held accountable.

    you probably don’t think much about what I post, however, I respect Isaac, he stuck it out as long as he could .. and I realize, and Isaac does too, HE HAS great family and support back east.. IF he decides to move on.. WE WISH him the best..
    Do what is best for Isaac so he is happy.. many DI teams, or even pro, would love to have him.. he is growing up.. soon even this UH staff will be held accountable..

  72. I get emotional & don’t bite my tongue when it comes to my little brother I want only the best 4 him & he’s not being used to his full capacity to help this team win I watched him shut down dukes Tyus Jones in AAU also he embarrassed Isaiah whitehead another 5 star guard but he’s for some reason never bringing the ball up the court im now starting to wish he never Commited to Hawaii but was happy when he did because he made it past some of the mistakes that I made I just want him To be happy and I know that he’s not he’s so call competing for a starting spot right now but I don’t see how at all Ijs I done seen it all I damn sure don’t wanna see my lil bro shafted I rather him get his release much love to warrior fans I feel the love when watching the games on the Internet but not with this new coach good luck to Yall this year with or without my lil bro my first nd last comment….

  73. Dayton,

    everyone has opinions, and we thank you for letting us post…however you should let families, post their thoughts.. and if ones are in agreement.. if this is freedom, without abusive speech, or statements.. vulgar.. that is freedom of expression.
    Thanks to Warrior insider. for letting me post.. maybe too wordy I think, that is why the moderation, unless UH gag order..
    We support, I do.. the MBB program, however.. sometimes we opinion of status of UH too.. we are the supporters of that institution and its coaches.. and athletes..
    Go Bows
    And from an initial fan, and comment regular from near 6 years ago, I say thanks for freedom to express !
    Mahalo Dayton.. you do great job, even letting Davis post his letter, updates on Gib and Benjy, as well as goings on with UH and MBB program.

  74. And bigdaddy..

    you tell Isaac , the Real MBB fans.. we support him, love him.. and want him to be happy..even if he decides to transfer.. think we saw you and family, at BWC tourney in the stands.. that is great, great support for your son. Isaac, who is a fun loving guy, great dude !

  75. Bill it’s only fair if Baller4lyfe reveals himself then you should also reveal your true identity.

  76. ahh,

    it was Jake1210?

  77. Issac keep you options open till the end of this semester you have already practiced with the team, and would loose this semester anyways. Make your decision early December, you will need to redshirt a year if you are going to d-1 anyways. I hope that the coaches and you will figure out what is best for you as well as the program. If Issac goes I believe that Hawaii will end up in the lower half of the BigWest and will be out in the first or second round of the BW tournament.

  78. Isaac kinda reminds me a little of little Mike Gibson who also had his share of dramas but peservered, succeeded, and never regretted staying in Hawaii. Nice ending story. http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2008/Mar/05/sp/hawaii803050436.html

  79. Is he coming, is he going?

    Issac is one hellava ball player and I wish him well regardless.

    But the decision needs to be made already so this program and Issac can move on if he chooses for that to happen. Season is almost upon them.

  80. Fleming IS one hellava of a ball player. Who am I to judge him but going to say, maybe he’s all basketball it’s his love and it’s all he thinks about, always trying to be the Best of the Bestest on the floor never backing down on a challenge wanting to be better than anyone else on the floor. It’s probably why he’s pretty good ball player, he’s driven or been taught to be that driven to be the best he can be. Maybe why he comes off a certain way. He’s always up for the challenge, never backs down, etc. That even shows in his tweets

    Just needs to mature a bit mentality

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