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Catching up with Isaac Fleming

If this summer is any indication, Isaac Fleming will be a bigger player for the University of Hawai’i basketball team this season.

Fleming has added more than 15 pounds of muscle to his 6-foot-4 frame over the summer. The sophomore guard now weighs 195 pounds, and said he would like to add a few more before the start of the upcoming 2015-16 season.


“My whole body is changing, and it’s still growing,” he said. “Definitely got stronger … I came in like 179 (pounds) and now I’m 195.”

Fleming was already considered a key returnee after contributing 9.5 points, 3.1 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game as a freshman last season. There are several other contributors returning from last season’s 22-13 team, but the coaching staff is new.

“It’s going to be a lot of the same guys, and honestly, I think we’re going to be the same team but better,” he said. “The vibes are different. Everybody’s getting along … we’re really like a big family now.”

Fleming has been participating in conditioning drills and individual workouts with the rest of his team since classes started two weeks ago. “It’s good because (the coaches) are big on structure and they’re big on technique, and they don’t let you get away with little things. As soon as you make a mistake, they’re on you to help you. You just have to be coachable and as long as you’re coachable, it’ll all work out for you.”

There was an issue with technical fouls last season, but Fleming said that is now history.

“People see us this year, they’ll know we’re a whole new, different team and they’ll know I’m a whole new, different player,” he said. “People won’t see me get any techs, at all. Just mouth shut, let my game do the talking, kick butt.”


  1. Hi, I recently read an article about Dyrbe Enos and Roderick Bobbitt both suffering broken jaws requiring surgery in an “off the court” incident in the Star Advertiser. Does anyone know the length of time they’re expected to miss and/ or the situation it happened? All the paper said was it was a “wrong place, wrong time” incident, and that neither of the warriors were the instigators. I hope they weren’t injured too badly, but broken jaws seem to indicate they were beaten pretty badly and may have been caught up in a rumble. I am not trying to instigate anything, just read that and never saw anything posted about their condition here. I hope the perpetrators are brought to justice, but the article said that no charges were being pressed. Please share any info you may have on the incident, what they went through sounds horrible.

  2. I hope Isaac stays as quick as ever. Am I reading that right, that after being 6’3″ all last year he is now 6’4″? Great ! Arguably our best one on one player last year.

    Another good reflection on the coaching. That is a good sign. All good on the nucleus of the family. (In other words, don’t worry about the blogs and the spin and any of this stuff.) And again, ‘won’t let you get away with the little things’. All good on the coaching.

    As far as Dyrbe and Rod getting in a tussell, I think they will be able to play ball fine this year. Haven’t broken NCAA rules. Healing fine. And again, Bobbitt came back from an injury last year and led the nation. Not that you would want something like this every year. Yikes. But it can be overcome, and these guys have proved that. Not to worry.

    Go Bows !

  3. Grew-upped physically as well as mentally.

    Worked hard and totally coachable…

    Rating-wise: A bona-fide 3.5-starred starter.

    Hawaii loved you for your talent!

    Now we see a next-level draftee in the making!

  4. I like Isaac’s attitude and the hard work that he’s put in during the summer. 6’4 200lbs of muscle seems like a tough matchup for anyone. Looking for Isaac to dominate this year.

  5. Gotta luv your mental attitude to the new season & coaching staff. Make Big Daddy proud this year! No techs, more points, & more wins. Hoping the rest of the team has the same attitude. Zip da lip & kick butt!

  6. Isaac:

    That is the way to Grind ! Got bigger, stronger, and more mature ! Yes, the coaching staff, get the fundamentals down, from shooting form, to footwork,.. you all will go to Next Level !

    Hope, the Two Stefs got bigger , stronger faster as well.

    Yes, that makes me happy, the Nucleus is Still The Same guys,
    Rod, Isaac, Q, Aaron, Mike , Janks, Stef, Dyrbe, Niko, Brocke, and Zach,
    With help from Sheriff, Sai, and Jakob.

    Bows Warriors, just play for the state of Hawaii, the fans, your families.. Things will be good.
    I hope you all have great season !

    Getting that Basketball feeling again .. Just Win Guys, and Graduate !

    Go Bows !

  7. I guess no Open gym videos? That is okay, just want to see team win a bunch of games when season starts !
    Thanks for keeping us up to date, with past, present and even possible future WI MBB .. the die hard faithfull .We love it !
    Mahalo Plenty Dayton and the Schmidt Ohana !

  8. Good to see Issac on the right track with teammates and coaches. Sky’s the limit. Go Warriors. !

  9. Fleming and Bobbit best backcourt in the west maybe

  10. i think fleming is too concerned about putting on muscle/adding weight….sometimes all of that changes quickness, shooting form and leads to injuries…every body frame handles weight differently so we’ll see how he reacts to the change

  11. For all the guys, that strength, good weight muscle, and maintain or improve quickness speed, Fleming so explosive to basket, except when he challenges a Big Guy to hoop, hopefully with added hops and muscle can drive into Big chest draw foul and finish…Plus, if Isaac can go right…AND he Whole Team must shoot light’s out from FT line to 3 line,.. I give them chance to win a lot of games,..

    A guy that was strong, big , muscular and an all American, first round pick NBA. about same height as Fleming? Tom Henderson, .. that guy weighed as high as maybe 210, 6’3 1/2″ tall, then went down to about 195..played in NBA at about 190.. super quick and strong to basket..could dunk.. however, real tough old school. and Perhaps the Best UH MBB athlete ever.. Olympian, HS star out of NYC, and JC all American..

  12. Isaac is a special guy. Don’t know how you could dislike him, great smile, great attitude, great… .

    Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  13. Don’t have to have too much muscle to play basketball very well. Examples, Nate Archibald. 6-1, 150 lbs. or Stephen Curry in college.

  14. islandman: True, however Nate Archibald, type of ball player in college and NBA , he could drop 40 or 50 points, with 17 assists, 10 rebounds, at anytime.. The guy was a super star.. Elite BB player in his time.. out of Texas El Paso.
    Steph Curry out of Davidson, another clutch performer under radar, however NBA draftee, and each year, he has gotten better and better, the bruddah can shoot the rock and dish.. Elite athlete BB player..

    Don’t think Isaac , Rod , Q, Niko, Dyrbe at that level YET.. maybe this year?

    Remember Alan Iverson? bruddah stay 6’1″ probably shorter, and about 165 or less.. strong and as tough as they come, and could drop 50 points.. 17 assists.. etc.. however, the guy, would drive on 7 footers, rebound, defend, shoot it, and run all day.. ELITE athlete..

    So You Can be Thin.. however, You gotta be TOUGH and Strong.. some of the BB athletes in college, they are skilled however not TOUGH and strong with ball, .. a lithe muscle man.

    Isaac fleming. pretty sure that is what Eran was telling Aaron, Mike , Stef, Janks, Rod, Q, Dyrbe, Zach, Brocke, Niko and Fleming.. get stronger, faster, better during summer.

    Fleming, can be a Great one, he has the tools. 6’4″ and 195 , of strong BB muscle, and Toughness. that is the key.. long season.. will the guys, survive.
    What is spooky.. IF one of two Key guys, the Core, get injured or sick during BWC play. This team cannot afford to Lose anyone. that is why team Stay Strong.. get better, If it means having some more healthy weight, without losing quickness. then Aurite !

    islandman, You Ever saw Tom Henderson play at Klum, or HIC arena? The buggah, was Big, tough .. and quick to the hoop.. with that about 200 pounds of weight, though he did slim down to around 190 his senior year.

  15. Steph Curry: listed at 6’3″ 190 pounds.

  16. The ultimate artistic basketball forms are:

    Toughened body with stamina for each entire game.

    Finesse – manipulate moves without losing possession.

    Drive – in scoring finished with or without drawing foul.

    Passes to the designated shooter always accurate and receivable.

    Short or long shots are always in good release forms and rarely block-able.

    Strong stopping defensive moves and steals avoiding foul.

    Who wants to be on a BWC First-Team ?

  17. Issac realizes that d1 basketball in our league is a grind, you need to be strong and resilient to last an entire season and post season. From a freshman to a sophmore his body is maturing and getting stronger much like how Valdez increase size , strength without losing quickness.

  18. I think it is everyone’s goal to get bigger, stronger, faster, etc. That’s what the off-season is all about. It’s a time to load the weights, put in the miles, tweak your moves, and experiment a little. The guy that does hardly anything will find himself falling behind others when the season starts. I commend Isaac for the weight training that he undertook during the summer and hope that it will pay dividends in the months to come. In this world you gotta pay the price if you want to achieve success.

  19. Ike – The hard work, effort, and commitment has the ingredients of a great year and career at UH. It is nice to hear that the summer work outs worked well, got in some extra school work, and ate some good meals. haha

    We are all glad that all players from last year have returned and are responding to a new coaching staff.

    This team has potential!

    Go Bows!

    UHF1 – Glad to hear that you are getting the feeling again. Didn’t think that was in you.

  20. DaBoyz808:

    Ever since Red Rocha started coaching guys like Fred Smith, an NBA draftee, waaay, back when I was younger, liked Basketball.. also, local TV used to show 1 week delay NBA games of Boston Bill Russell vs Wilt Chamberlain Philadelphia Warriors, for a little bit… especially when Russell was player coach..
    Then the local guys that played for Red, Dennis Sallas, Tim DeSilva, Howie Dunham.. Think Red has the 1968-69 team that went 16-9 or something like that. that spurred the interest..
    Always baseball , Mickey Mantle, first, then Football, Bart Starr, Paul Hourning , Johnny Unitas.. NFL,
    then Basketball.
    The Fab Five got Us All hooked, now look.. the young ones in elementary, are now in their early fifties, and some still surviving, and mentally cognitive, fans who were middle aged are now late eighties to nineties.. Fab Five with Red at the helm, got me hooked .. Rainbow Basketball ! Through the glory years, and the GORY years !
    Hey.. once a fan, always a fan.. really doesn’t matter , the next coaching regime.. just hope team Stays healthy, and Coach Eran can Bond with team… Just hope he has an assistant that gets the team pumped..
    Yes, if team was made up of 12 local HS products and 2 ex military ballers, I would still cheer on UH MBB.. Basketball jones.. infects even the old timers !!

    Go Warriors ! Go Bows !!
    Get ready for a good season, I think the Guys want it, that NCAA bid !

  21. Definitely looks like he put on quite a bit of muscle. Also seems more mature. If he’s stronger, faster, and more mature than last year, then our opponents have a lot to worry about. If it weren’t for all the technicals he got, I’m sure he would have beaten Gabe Vincent for the BWC Freshman of the Year award.

  22. Interesting.. I counted, without the opening Exhibition game against Chaminade, 12 non conference games before BWC play..
    Then the 16 games in conference..
    That is really spreading out the season. less games.. total 28 before the BWC tourney.

    Last year, UH MBB played, including BWC tourney championship game, a total of 35 games, that is a lot.. if they made a run into post season, they could have ended up playing close to 40 games..

    I guess, makes sense,,..don’t have to wear out and play 32 – 33 games before Post Season bids come out.. just to save wear and tear..

    Hey, MBB team if you read. and I know sometimes you guys do Check Out WI .. blog/ posts,/ comments.

    KEEP GETTING STRONGER… even Sheriff, and Jakob.. Even now.. work in that weight room.. for the stretch run.. that is what it is all about.. stay healthy strong, and deep.. going into BWC tournament.

    Isaac Agent Zero, or maybe not, Just Isaac Fleming, Warrior Rainbow.. keep setting lead, and getting strong and better.. you can help lead team to NIT or NCAA tournaments !!

  23. They have a tentative game with Hilo on Dec. 19. That would bring the schedule to 29 games, the same as Gib’s first season in 2010. Gib’s other seasons had around 30 games, i think.

    Dec. 19 — Hawaii Hilo (tentative, at Kona)


  24. “It takes a little something special to be a great player. Push yourself to be great.”
    quote from Urban Meyer, national champion FB coach. Warriors will respond to all the critics and naysayers this off season and season and aspire to win a championship.

  25. thanks islandman: metrics stats real time supreme tactician !

    Back in the day, UH MBB had some 24 or 25 game schedules.
    Before WAC and BWC affiliation.

    I still think it makes, sense.. probably All the weak areas, though tremendously disputed by former Interim HC.. make sure guys don’t miss class. because, Keep that APR good, other wise, real mess.

    Plus.. don’t need to 35 games, before NIT NCAA tournaments begin.. about 30 is fine.

    Still, as much as I want team to do well, Still worries me like heck.. the depth.. Wonder if that guy Summers ever enrolled, know that, he would inform, WI or BM about it.. Or, Eran would have to wait until Oct 15, when official practices begin.. whether, Summers walk on.

    You know, Eran, wanted to use a lot of Guards? check this out: Aaron Valdes, or swing SF, Quincy, Rod, Isaac, Dyrbe, Brocke, Zach, Sheriff, Jakob, Niko, .. that is 10 guard or guard types.

    So Sai, Mike, … have to play like 6’10” guys, getting all the rebounds, D and O.. or the guards have to rebound help team rebound by committee,.. basically same like last year..
    And the two Stefs at 6’11” good height.. however. those are the two.. should Not be only 235, 230.. they should be about 242 and 255.. They are THE BIGS.. hoping they stay healthy..

    3 point shot , great equalizer.. make 3 , 4 , 5 or 6 in a row,.. can catch up, take a lead, or really blow open game.. on other hand.. 3 not dropping can go other way.. That is why the Mantra.. need, balanced team… 7 guard/ wing type.. and 7 SF to PF/C types.. If they all can shoot 3 AND score inside. great. ! Think this season.. Eran given a pass.. if somehow.. UH does. go .500. say 16-16 with No Post Season. that is okay.. However.. we die hards. want 20 wins AND NIT or NCAA at least for the the returnees. the CORE.. the Warriors..

  26. With the soft schedule and 7 of the core players returning I’d say we should get 20 wins this year. It would be a good first year for Eran and company. That would make it 3 years in a row 20 or more wins. If that don’t raise some new players eyebrows nothing will. Ganot inherited a gold mine. But now it’s up to him to figure out how to mine it—get the most out of the players and discovering new talent.

  27. servante : hmmm, I never thought of it that way before.. if UH MBB gets 20 or 20 plus win season and can win BWC regular or BWC tourney title.. then NCAA or NIT here they come..

    You ae correct sir.. it would be the Core of Dyrbe, Niko, Stef, Mike, Quincy, Aaron, .. I think that is Six guys who have been or Can be Part of a Team, that went 20 or 20 plus wins in a season for UH MBB. that would be record.. However, that infamous vacating the previous 2 year 36 wins with the other guys that left..however We know the deal.. With 3 Different Coaches mind you.,. to Go 20 wins, that is historic. and really, PROOF that those Core guys, no matter what, with support of their families, and a lot of good fans, and Hawaii. .. no matter what happened.. they Still Are winners.. . That is Awesome. hope they Do it servante.. 20 wins.. and Post Season bid..

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