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Warriors make an immediate impact at Summer League

The Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League officially started on June 20, but the true action got underway on July 7. That’s when the current players from the University of Hawai’i basketball team returned from summer break and started to appear in the Summer League.

The Warriors made an immediate impact in both games on Tuesday night at Manoa Valley District Park Gym.


Sophomore guard Isaac Fleming scored 26 points, and junior forward Aaron Valdes added 18 to help lead Clark Hatch Fitness to a 114-107 victory over Grantco Pacific in the first game of the doubleheader.

Both Warriors arrived late for the game and thus did not start, but they had a legitimate excuse. They came directly from workouts with the rest of their teammates at UH earlier in the day.

“It was a lot of fun out there,” Valdes said. “We’re just easing into things with workouts and lifting … this is the first of many wins for our team.”

Fleming scored most of his points on a variety of drives to the basket. In the second half, after Clark Hatch Fitness established the lead, Fleming was able to throw several alley-oop passes to Valdes.

“It’s fun playing with Aaron,” Fleming said. “We have a great chemistry – Lob City.”

Summer League veterans Kaunaoa McGee (Kaiser High) and Leon Ballard (Chaminade) scored 27 and 24 points, respectively, for Clark Hatch Fitness. Former UH forward Phil Martin added 11.

UH redshirt freshman Brocke Stepteau scored 17 points for Grantco Pacific. Altrekia Christmas (Chaminade) and former UH guard Pi’i Minns (Kamehameha) led Grantco Pacific with 20 and 19 points, respectively.

In the second game, senior guard Quincy Smith scored 20 points and junior forward Mike Thomas scored 12 to help lead National Fire Protection to a 112-110 victory over Wealth Strategy Partners.

Former Chaminade forward DeAndre Haskins led National Fire Protection with 42 points, and Chris Summers added 29. Summers is looking to join the UH team as a walk-on.

Quincy Smith scored on a driving shot in the lane with three seconds remaining for what proved to be the winning basket. He got fouled on the play and made the ensuing free throw to give National Fire Protection a 112-107 lead. Wealth Strategy’s Rashaun Broadus hit a long 3-pointer at the buzzer to make the final 112-110.

UH junior center Stefan Jovanovic scored 14 points, and sophomore guard Niko Filipovich scored four for Wealth Strategy. Former UH standout Julian Sensley led Wealth Strategy with 23 points.

More of the current UH players are expected to appear on Thursday, when two more games will be played at Manoa Valley District Park Gym.

Valdes and Fleming noted that each team in the Summer League has two current UH players, and that has already created some interesting banter amongst UH teammates.

“Who’s the best duo?” Valdes said. “Every (team) has two players out there, so we’ll see who’s the best duo.”

CLICK HERE to view more video coverage of the games

Tuesday’s results
Clark Hatch Fitness 114, Grantco Pacific 107. Top scorers: CHF—
Kaunaoa McGee 27, Isaac Fleming 26, Leon Ballard 24, Aaron Valdes 18, Phil Martin 11. GP—Altrekia Christmas 20, Pi’i Minns 19, Brocke Stepteau 17, Kaleb Gilmore 15, Jacob McEnroe 13, Kelsey Lewis 13, Geremy Robinson 12.

National Fire Protection 112, Wealth Strategy Partners 110. Top scorers: NFP—DeAndre Haskins 42, Chris Summers 29, Quincy Smith 20, Mike Thomas 12. WSP—Julian Sensley 23, Rashaun Broadus 20, William Broadus 19, Stefan Jovanovic 14, Derrick Gordon 14.

Thursday’s games
6 p.m. – Grantco Pacific vs. Electricians Hawaii
7:30 p.m. – Clark Hatch Fitness vs. Chosen Few


  1. There’s a lot of talent out there !
    Go Bows !!

  2. Eran Ganot should look into recruiting local boys Samuta Avea and Justice Sueing Jr. They’re both extremely talented right now, and have potential to be solid Division I players/athletes. Both are fundamentally sound. Both are wing players, with Avea 6-4, and Sueing 6-5. Also, both might be moving to the mainland for good to go against better competition. It would be easier to sway them since Ganot and the two have those aina roots. In addition, Sueing Jr. is the son of former Bow Justice Sueing Sr., so that’s another plus.

    You can check them out here; tell me what you think!:




  3. Avea visited UH and Ganot around May 30.

  4. Danny…correct sir !

    . I tell you, no matter what former UH coach, when local HS stars got into game or major contributors, what happens, ? extra support, Those Are Our boys.Eran shoud focus, relationships on those two, plus the younger generation at camps here, to have the 24/7 focused on basketball, with the kids now getting TALLER, and more skilled, would not be surprised to see 6’8″ to 6’10” DI ready Hawaii HS, or prep school talent , from Hawaii, Eran gets a couple of those as Scholaship , starters.. SSC will be rocking !

  5. Julian Sensley, Derrick Low, Alika Smith, Bobby Nash, Kalia McGee, Jarin Akana, David Hallums, Howie Dunham, could play with the DI guys, and they were all products of local HS’s!
    Brad Pineau, Craig Bell a 6’10” and 6’11” bigs from St Louis Schools and University High.

  6. Are the UH boys too good for this league? In the video it looks like Fleming and Quincy could dribble drive down the middle when ever they wanted. At around the 3:20 mark Jovanovic looks like he is being guarded by a kid and he just drives right by.

    This is the only league like this on the island so they got no choice but we all have to remember that the competition in this league is kind of low. Anybody remember how NWC got all our hopes up when he was hitting shots from all over in this league?

  7. Well theres no defense in this league until maybe the playoffs. Everyone is trying to polish their offensive skills. Reminds me of the NBA. A lot of standing around until youre given the ball. But still nice to see the guys return to action.

  8. Hey I actually Like that Eran and staff are discipline , toe the line, don’t swag type of coaches, a type of milder Drill Sargent Riley Wallace 2015 version, that discipline, and team first, not getting too emotional, or getting too uninterested, not good, good talent can be wasted and they could lose games.

    Riley, he loved his guys, did the hard slap to okole, when sending guys back in, nobody challenged or disrespected him, good guy to talk to, many a time, loves Hawaii , hope Eran has that in him

    I tell you.. greatest coaching accomplishment, for Erani in next few months , shaping a run and gun, and have fun, not good shooters, D minded team, Frenzy ball, much to Benjy’s credit, they dug deep and Won a lot of games.. if Eran can bond them , and if they don’t listen, I bet , Eran WILL like Riley, dismiss or suspend them from team active.. or get them to transfer.. Sounds like Eran has that in him, quiet yet NO NONSENSE.. can only help guys.
    Honestly fans, UH MBB fan at heart, no matter the staff, getting excited again!!
    Go Bows..only bummer, the hearings.. well enjoy while can, hope for the best
    Way to go Warriors, and Zach, Dyrbe and especially Brocke? wow, his family has some dough, monies to send him as preferred walkon for 2nd year, know he is quick , super quick and can score facilitate.

  9. Actually I believe out of state, example preferred walkons, develop Hawaii residency? I think they qualify for lower tuition, and there are financial aid loans available.. Brocke, he is a lover of Hawaii, Hey, if you are 18-20 and have opportunity, actually wanted by coaching staff to play here, despite the cost and distance,,The Team , all 11 so far with Canda and Sai to join late August, they love opportunity to play, in highest priced place to live and make a living.. Hawaii, I lived here so long, travelled the world, things getting crazy in Hawaii too, just sign of the times..however, still love living here rather than another place,..hard to travel, too, old and legs shot.

  10. Who is No. 20 on Clark Hatch team ? He doesn’t look like Smalley.

  11. Hit the weight room Warriors. Got a good three months to get some muscle on the bones. Upper body and legs need a bit more weight and muscle to handle a long season of physical D1 basketball. Agent 0 and Valdes lead the way to the weight room

  12. right…. Remember Riley Wallace team with Reggie Cross, 2nd round NBA draft pick of Phil 76ers, 1989? He went to weight room, led by example, his senior year, he was about 6’8″, maybe 6’7 1/2″ and 243 pounds of solid muscle, real tough rebounder and turn around jump shooter, Vincent Smalls, 6’5″ about and 230, Cliff Beabrun about 6’7″ 229, Andrew McQuire, 6’9″ and about 249, Terry Houston about 6’7″ and 230 ? that group, was TOUGH and strong, battled Illinois, in RBC tooth and nail, loved that Wallace team, They were defenders , strong rebounders, and could get up and run some, solid in the post..

    Hope that Valdes , Fleming, Thomas, Bobbitt, Quincy, They ALL get stronger, have to, to last season, and make run for BWC titles..
    Cannot be the same after 2 or 3 years, have to get better physical too.

  13. Chris summers looks good and should be invited to the team. He can be a walk on. He probably has gi bill to help pay. Went through the second game of the night on Tuesday and he looked good.

  14. No need muscle bound basketball players. One or two okay. Need the lithe ones like Curry and Golden State.

  15. @ChuckCheese: even “premier” summer leagues on the mainland look unimpressive. There’s just no comparison with well-coached regular basketball. These summer leagues are for fun/glory, and university players are more in shape. Negus actually did carry over his shooting to the regular season. He just never had the mental necessity for greatness. He had to learn to take over games, let his talent loose. Never going to forget his personal best game last year, when he didn’t score for the last 10 minutes and UH lost on the road. He was supposed to lead, but left it to lesser players to do the job. Imagine Jordan letting Luc Longley and BJ Armstrong try to win games, LOL. Jordan made sure he got his shots.

    Muscle is good. But quickness is essential in basketball. Quick, even if shorter, better than tall and slow. The game of basketball is changing now, to where even a muscular forward would be a second stringer unless he can play in open space. Need someone at UH who can give good guidance for building muscle but maintaining quickness.

  16. muscle sounds good but is overrated

  17. … you can’t teach height
    how you gonna beat Mamadou !?
    how you gonna beat the Anteaters !?
    Did you forget ?
    Go Bows !!

  18. skill > muscle. But it would be better if they had both.

  19. Bigger faster stronger. This is not the Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding classic. It’s about getter a strong core , strengthening total body for the rigors of the season.

  20. Sports Animals said yesterday Janks will be trying out for “the national team”. So he won’t be playing in the summer league, for now. Does anyone know which team that is ? Canadian ?

    Also, Matlin will be on today at about 3:20 pm, i think.

  21. islandman , Pono, akuhead2 , Hawaiifan, .. No, just commenting on THE WORK ETHIC of Reggie Cross and that 1988-89 team. They left that spring, lean and mean, they came back focused and strong,
    Reggie Miller, Allen Iverson, Isaiah Thomas(Indiana All American Detroit Pistons World champ), Tiny Archibald, Calvin Murphy, of that Steph Curry mode, however, Curry , just watch the videos of his workout regimen, even if lithe, they are strong, quick, and mean as anything.
    UH guys, lean, lithe, can jump, HAVE TO HAVE THE BEAST in them, even if lean..
    That THEY DON’T have yet, I kind of Wish, Eran hold closed practices, and he goes all Riley Wallace on their okoles,.. even this summer.. THEN they know who the boss, get into shape, like Reggie Cross, Vincent Smalls, Chris Gaines, Troy Bowe, Cliff Beabrun.. that team from 26 years ago, in a heartbeat, 40 minute game would kick this year’s okole, all over the place, disciplined, by Drill sargent with teddy bear heart Riley, and the guys were Rainbows.. warrior like..

    If Eran, now, hey.. I am cheering for him to go ballistic like Gib, Benjy, and Riley, to get attention of guys this summer, work out, get better, muscle good type, jump higher.. and most important ISLANDMAN.. shoot the ball much, much better.. they can win 18 or 19 games end of BWC season and have chance to win BWC tournament..

    REGGIE CROSS led by example, not the swag shake head you can’t guard me, and he got drafted by the NBA 76ers in 2nd round 1989 draft, had a cup of coffee, had some bonus signing money, did not make roster, however, huge commodity overseas, made good living , raised a family , did very well for years in Europe.

    WHY, he busted his okole.. Hey Eran if you read our posts.. ride them Ponies, hard.. turn the Rainbows, into Warriors of the Rainbows.. shoot the ball, see the basket, make the basket.. Free throws.. one thing, process, UH MBB wins 18 or so , or 19, fantastic season anything more, great !
    Still see how Bryce, trying to make the grade get AS degree, sounds familiar? and Sai, still in Indian, playing for junior team? those two, what they bring? hope best for this years team

    AND MAJOR, MAJOR, person got 11 guys to stay come back? BENJY TAYLOR.. would not be surprised if he and his sons and daughter have season tickets to MBB season at SSC, that is ALOHA and love for his guys and program.. Love Benjy, I really do, we all imperfect, he lived and learned, Kamaaina at heart, and better than most of us local Hawaii people

  22. Did anyone pay off the small claims hotel bill of $2,123 ? Bad for UH credit rating.

  23. Yeah…I think Janks is trying out for the Canadian National team. I heard Artie Wilson on the Sports Animal talking about the summer league draft and Artie stated that he took a risk in picking Janks for his team because he was too good to pass up but had to risk the possibility of him not playing at all if he made the Canadian National team.

    Would be good experience for Janks. He will be back with valuable international experience and should be able to pick up his game.

  24. islandman: Just show the dysfunctional, and possible non communication, ole boy ole gal, doings at UH.. Amanda, Bley, Jay, Matlin, Lassner, or dispersal office? Why bring up that now? Should have made major issue few years ago..

    I like Gib/ Bickerton statement, ONE STEP Ahead of UH Manoa, and that craziness…If I OR my assistants owe that bill, let us know and we would, / or would’ve paid it, if Amanda and Compliance on same page with Gib..NOW he has some cajones, and I believe he will win MORE than he loses, AND he and Bickerton , specialty NCAA lawyer know, it.. just getting ready to battle crazy UH admin and Powers..

    He, Gib, says: well if I owe that 2 thousand dollar bill, you know what ? UH can take it out of the 1. 4 million that they owe me, that is HUGE CAJONES, backed by a Trump card , 4 aces that Gib and counsel have to battle UH till the end with..

    Hope Gib is happy, when settled, and Eran can SIGN a contract, or Next HC up, and UH I hope they can make NIT of NCAA over next 3 years.

  25. Carl English is mentioned as a possible player off the bench for the Canadian team which could have several NBA players such as Wiggins,Tristan Thompson, Bennett, Olynyk.

  26. Danny: Samuta Avea has an offer from UH for 2017, per McInnis blog.

  27. Did Eran complete his coaching staff? If not I think Alika Smith could be a good pick-up. He’s proven that he knows how to win championships. And he’s got the local connection. Hawaii is not a hot bed for talent. But once in awhile talent surfaces like Smith, Sensley, Low.

  28. The workouts are mainly to keep them lean and in shape for all the running that they will do.

    UHF1 – Nice to see a little more of a positive attitude about Coach Eran and the team. Providing we come out of the NCAA meetings in September with our pants on, the season will be an exciting one.

    How do we beat UCI and Mamadou – they have some big shoes to fill after last season and Mountain Dew is only good for a couple of trips up and down the floor. We beat him with speed, quickness, and marathon trips up and down and quickly send him to the bench.

    The boys are doing their part for an exciting season. We still need to do ours.

    1. https://www.crowdrise.com/MensBasketball Only $221 left to get the $7,606 Gun 8000 for our boys. Coupled with their workouts, this will greatly improve their shooting.

    2. Time to start planning. Before introductions of the visiting team, fans stand up and turn their backs to the court and after each player is announced, we (the crowd) should yell “so what”. After announcing the head coach, we (the crowd) should yell “who cares”.

    Let’s do this all season long and have some fun

    Go Bows!

  29. Raising the money? Good !
    No Aloha for the other team ? Bad !!!!
    There are great fans many basketball teams, and I am very impressed by those fans that demonstrate Aloha for all the players. Some teams have bad fans. But UH comes in close to the top with great fans. Let’s stay with the Aloha. Eh?

  30. True Dat!

    UH has WA-A-A-A-Y More CLASS Than The Beach …

    TOP of The BWC / MWC / MPSF Chart for TEAM AND FANS Sportsmanship

    (Actually ‘SOME’ of the UH Coaches Have Asked for The Fans to Give the Opposition a Harder Time)
    Opponents ARE Enjoying the Hawai’i Trip “Too Much”


    UNLESS There are Mitigating Circumstances,
    I Would be Concerned About Character Flaws for a Coach

    PAY The Bills, EXCEL On and Off the COURT…
    HOW Can a FAT Coach Tell HIS guyz to Work Out?
    (Maybe By being there Side-by-Side And Doing ALL the Workouts with The Team)
    AND Making ALL THE SHOTS (Like THIS Staff)
    They ‘Reportedly’ Check ALL the Boxes…’

  31. Leaders gotta walk the walk.
    Talk the talk.
    Generally no body better than basketball coaches.
    On the whole.

    Go Bows !

  32. Being good fans and showing the ALOHA is good. But there is nothing wrong with a little bantering of our opponents. This is the college atmosphere and its all in the fun. Maybe we should do away with the Manoa Maniacs then? Gib’s idea was to have more students at the games because they would gladly give the opponents a difficult time.

    Otherwise, we might as well sit on our hands and tape our mouths so we don’t BOO the other team or even think about heckling them.

    Were you folks at the Big West tournament this past year? You should’ve saw how the other fans were trash talking our team and players. Saying chants and directing them to the Hawaii fans and players. We can’t allow this to happen. A few of us were actually throwing their cheer right back at them. Nothing wrong with this nor was it a display of lack of ALOHA.

    Change is good and constant. There is a change that we should make. Get a little more rowdy and on the teams that visit. Throw them off of their game.

    Sorry guys, have to disagree with you folks on this one.

    Go Bows!

  33. YUP! Daboyz808 – Gib n BT always gettin da crowd into it. I’m all for it! I’m one Maniac n will get others involved.

    Thanks to them….. More room for us.

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