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Canda is quietly adjusting to Hawai’i

Schoolwork and teamwork are taking priority for Bryce Canda this month.

The incoming junior for the University of Hawai’i basketball team has been enrolled in two summer classes since early-July, and has also spent the last few weeks working out with and getting to know his teammates.

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“Just waking up every morning, working out, getting in the gym, hanging with the guys and just getting to know the Hawai’i culture,” he said.

The 6-foot-4 guard is transferring from Central Wyoming College to UH. He is the first of three signed recruits to arrive in Honolulu (Sai Tummala and Jack Purchase are scheduled to arrive next month).

Canda said he is quiet by nature, and it took him about a week or two to get adjusted to everything in Hawai’i, so he is glad that he arrived early.

“When I first got here, I didn’t really hang out with any of them,” he said. “But … I’ve been really getting close to the guys and hanging out with them, talking to them more.”

Canda said he was not aware of the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League prior to arriving, so he did not register in time to get placed on a roster.

“I don’t know if I was supposed to sign up or what,” he said. “When I got here, they told me about it but I just wanted to finish up all my school stuff and get that out of the way without having anything to distract me.”

Canda’s hometown is Portland, Oregon, and temperatures there were in the 90s this summer, so it prepared him for the Hawaiian heat.

“Before I left home in Portland, the whole time I was there it was in the 90s and even 100, but it wasn’t humid, it was just heat,” he said. “It kind of adjusted me to get ready for this weather, but the humidity is still getting to me. I’ll get used to it, though.”


  1. Seems like a good, hard working guy. Welcome to Hawaii, brah!

  2. Wow two geography classes. Maybe a geography major?

  3. Anybody else not getting sound to the above video about Bryce from about 33 seconds ?

  4. When all the guys are here in August would be sweet if the Insider can get video of the new guys in open gym.

  5. Video works fine for me. Canda sounds like a nice and humble kid but it is too bad that he did not sign up for a summer league team because it could of been nice to see him in action for a couple of games. We really need him to step up and be the guy to replace Nevels or NWC.

  6. Thanks ChuckCheese. When i use the vimeo on the lower right side, i can see and hear the whole video okay. Bryce sounds like a straightforward person. Hope Zach or someone can show him some places.

  7. All the guys, including Canda, went to the beach together over the weekend.

  8. Too bad Purchase could not play THIS YEAR.. team would be

    PG: Rod Bobbitt 6’2 1/2″, Quincy 6’1″ , Brocke Stepteam 5’9″

    SG: Isaac Fleming 6’4″, Bryce Canda 6’4″, Summers 6’3″ the beef guy enforcer, mature.. military vet.. tough brother

    wing shooters: Dyrbe Enos, 5’10”, Zach Buscher 6’4″

    SF: Aaron Valdes 6’6″, Jack Purchase 6’9″

    PF: Sai Tummala 6’7″, Mike Thomas 6’9″ he says doctors say he will peak in height around 6’9″

    Center: Stef Jovanovich 6’11 1/2″, Stefan Jankovich 7’0″ assuming they have grown

    Heard, Eran installing very complex flex , pick and pop, motion, Riley Ball, Eran/ Bennett ball with some Denfensive attack schemes.. working very hard with WHOLE team of returnees to shoot the darn ball way better from FT line to mid range, layups, dunks. hook shots, bankers and especially 3 point shot…Up to the guys Eran cannot shoot for them

  9. UHF1 sure has the inside scoops. He knows what sets they are running and even has prognosis on height predictions from MT’s doctor’s. Thanks for the scoops.

  10. Nice, the boyz are getting in better shape, working on their academics, and eating healthy.

    Lets hope that things continue in the direction that they are and we will have a marvelous fun season!

    Anyone have any scoops on the season schedule?

    UHF1 – Nice to read that you are taking a bit more of a positive approach. And thank you for providing the some insights.

    Go Bows!

  11. PONO: off season, just doing the , IF only they would grow , growth spurts and put on good weight.
    would be ideal.
    Know that Eran was under Riley , Bob Nash and Randy Bennett, plus he loves the San Antonio Offensive scheme, so .. I just surmise, he might mix and match.. He is right though.. If UH has 5 guys that can play together smartly, run his stuff, and shoot very good percentage form rim to FT to 3 line.. UH will have good team.
    I don’t know where they will finish.. if they make it to the title game. would be awesome.. win it. Eran coach of the year..

    However, that other sidebar. or Concrete Block, the Albatross hanging on UH’s neck the Elephant in the room.hearings.. that is the spooky one.. what will happen in Oct at hearings and post that.
    IT CAN and will affect possibly MBB and a lot of other programs domino affect, hope not.

    If only UH, admin, compliance, powers.. just kept things In house, make peace, work together.. amd have a continued great MBB program on the rise.. too much high maka maka..

    Go Bows.. PONO…. WE Want some OPEN GYM VIDEO if okay with Dayton and Eran !!

  12. sorry fans about my above post last few sentences, the hearing I wish it never came to this, what a mess. and things were worked out from first year of GA.. then have success for going on 6th year with great talent.. Football? man if Norm and a much better team can win 6 games. I vote for him mid major coach of the year.. He cannot, just cannot go 5-8 again, and be high character..
    sure president, chancellor, AD, wants high character, HOWEVER for FANS>.and students. WE WANT that , however More importantly.. WE WANT WINNERS>. Costas and the 2001 MVB national champions.. the 4 time WVB national champs.. the Colt led 2008 Sugar Bowl Team ranked going in at number 10.. loved it.. wasn’t AD Jim Donovan?

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