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A post-season interview with Benjy Taylor

Unless someone tells him otherwise, Benjy Taylor is still the head coach of the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

As such, Taylor is going about business as usual. At this time of the year, it means making sure the current players are catching up on class work and maintaining off-season workouts. It also means shuttling back and forth between Hawai’i and the mainland to find potential future Warriors.


“We had a special season, but it takes a lot more to have a special program, and we’re close,” Taylor said. “Had a lot of fun and looking forward to the future now – try to make sure we hit the books and guys get healthy and guys are in good shape academically. We’re ready to move forward and get in the gym and get better for next year.”

Taylor guided the Warriors to a 22-13 record as acting head coach of the Warriors during the 2015-16 season, and was one win away from taking the team to the NCAA Championship Tournament. That he did it under arduous conditions has already been well documented.

Yet, Taylor finds himself having to submit an application and resume for “Position Number: 0080810,” also listed as UH Head Basketball Coach (Men).

“Of course, this is where I want to be,” he said. “This is a great situation, a great job. I’m Hawai’i all the way and looking forward to it.”

David Matlin was named the new Athletics Director for the University of Hawai’i on Wednesday, and the job listing for head basketball coach was posted the same day. Matlin is the executive director of the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic, so he is familiar with Taylor’s body of work this season.

“I think it was a great hire,” Taylor said of Matlin. “He’s a great guy. He’s sincere, he’s honest and he’s a hard worker. Since I’ve been here, I think the Diamond Head Classic has gotten better and better every year. The teams that come in here and play, they talk about more than just on the floor. They talk about how they’re treated in general, and the set-up, how everything is going.”

Taylor’s comments came during a recent interview with WarriorInsider.com. The above video is the first of three parts. Parts II and III will be posted in the next few days.

Also sprinkled within each video are photographs from the season. WarriorInsider.com contributing photographers Brandon Flores, Matt Osumi and Warren Haraki volunteered their time to provide photos throughout the season.


  1. Hire Benjy , best man for the job!
    Mahalo Benjy Taylor, go get a good big and SF!!
    Warriors will be ready this season with you at the helm!!

  2. Mahalo Dayton hope excellent warrior insider sitr continues. If need to turn into secured paid subscription site, I am in.
    Thankyou to photographers and writers too. Your staff does excellent job!
    I feel, if everything fair, and going above and beyond call of duty to save and put out great mbb product despite adversity, very soon
    Benjy Taylor will be named Permanent head coach .
    other applicants know that too, and AD, chancellor, Benjy and Bows fantastic season!!

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    MAHALO, Dayton & Co.
    The Schmidts, Sponsors, Cntributors
    Staff, Team And Family
    Shout Out to The Whole Team
    BUT ESpecial to the Webster-Chans who Bring in a Janks
    OR Valde’s, Quincy, Mike for Pulling In Austin Pope…
    Bring in More, even More Talented Friends and Family

    Go ‘BOWS!

  4. Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!
    Go Get Em Q! Hook Em Up and Reel Em In!

  5. let’s hear about his recruiting trips and possible visits and if he’ll be able to recruit 4 and 5 star players

  6. Benjy! Benjy! Benjy! He deserves the opportunity to continue to show what he can do in recruiting new players and guiding this team to the next level, e.g, winning the conference and getting to NCAA or NIT. The last thing we need right now is a loss of continuity for the sake of the players and the program. I’m confident that Matlin will do the right thing.

  7. I am a longtime BOWZ fan and season ticket holder.

    This program has a great nucleus of young players that just demonstrated an incredible winning season throughout all the turmoil going on and national recognition to their Coach.

    To risk losing any of these players and start all over again with a coach that is willing to get paid as little as UH is offering…well that would speak loudly that the Admin does not care about this program.

    I see no harm and yet so much positive in retaining Benjy, (even for only two years), to insure the growth of this group of young players. Give him and this group of Bowz that opportunity. In my lifetime, I have yet to see so many young talented players on this floor who actually like each other. Don’t think for a minute that given a new coach, they would not only have the opportunity to change schools, but are currently being offered to do so from so many coaches..

    Does anyone here really think that they would not do better next year having one more year or two of maturity “IF THEY ALL STAYED?”

    How long have we waited as fans to have a 22 game winning season and were knocking on the door of an NCAA bid?

    Keep this Ohana together.


  8. A new coach hired at this time must be really something special with a big name who don’t need the money and wants to help make UH big time. If “no can” find such an animal than “no can”. Hire BT for the product is known and continuity will be more likely due to the players staying to play for him and the school. You will know by the end of the 3 year how good a recruiter he is because at the end of 2 years all his sophomores will be done playing. You would know the recruits potential who are brought in during the next 2 years.

    If he does not continue the success with the new recruits the results will show in the middle of the 3rd season, than at that point a change of direction can be made. If he is successful in that 3rd year make sure the extension is made to keep him for a long time and made before the season’s end. Thus a 3 year contract with renewal being made before the end of the 3rd season. There has been many coaches at UH that had to coach with a contract expiring or expired. Just need to be sure that a plan is in place to keep him if he leads us to the promise land.

    More time and money will be saved hiring him now.

  9. 22 wins against one of the weakest schedules going. If number of wins is only thing that matters then keep scheduling the Pine Bluffs, Bakersfields,prairie Views. You wil have your 20 wins, finish 5th in Conference and hope for a hot hand at tourney. If not, then. Sitting at home watching. But hey, we will have our 20 wins! Woo hoo!

  10. Good thoughts comments from True UH MBB supporters.. Dave Matlin , chancellor, it would just make sense, Akamai, to retain and offer Benjy the job. Yes, go ahead do the mandatory search and 4 interviews. However, the body of work, right now, Benjy is a great commodity to any MBB program, first and foremost, Benjy is one who would want to Finish his career coaching at the University of Hawaii, other young up and coming assistants, this is a stepping stone, AND super challenging..Credit to Benjy , his staff and the Bows !

  11. There is no guarantee that next year or the following year will be any better than this year. Things happen, all the time. It could be worse for all we know. Life is a crap shoot. Stop talking about the NCAA or NIT next year or the following year. It’s meaningless right now. Let the AD do his job. Stop politicking for Benjy because you are not the person who is going to make the decision anyway. If he’s chosen, good luck. If he’s not, good luck to him wherever he goes. If it’s a different person, good luck to him. Just keep supporting the program whoever it is. Good God!

    And the players and staff. Whatever they do, wherever they go, good luck to them too. We wish everybody well. Life goes on and the sun will rise each day. Enjoy it. At this point, we have to trust that Dave Matlin is a smart person and will hire a good coach, whoever it is. Let’s have some patience. and whoever it is, I want winning with integrity and class. Winning without the other 2 is not worth it.

  12. Wins is a part of why I watch UHbb but It’s a combination of things and the one thing that really stood out in my mind was a fast paced game and the athleticism of players. Then you add in the D which contributed to the win column. It’s not only about W’s but I realize it is what it is to bring more fans to the Stan. Think Bobbit’s defensive style, ball hawking and watnots got the team d sold to all the players. He is the catalyst in my mind, it starts with Bobbit

  13. PLUS as reported by BM.. for the April BB banquet, guest special? NBA all star, all defensive wizard, “The Glove”, steals leader , Gary Payton Sr., retired from the Seattle Supersonics, he apparently became a Fan of UH MBB because of their defense. Awesome..so Nationally, this Benjy and the Bows team, and Majority of Comments on this forum , we know it.. this team special, backs against the wall, limited post game, so Benjy adjusts , team adjusts, they Play D, the pressure, get steals type..the exciting type, and They almost make it to NCAA’s, something that GA did not do in 4 years.. So credit to Benjy and the Special Bows ? Yesssir !

    And Gary Payton Sr,. somehow getting him to April BB banquet… he can tell the world.. the UH MBB team under the helm of Benjy Taylor, or as Artie W. likes to say “Mr. Taylor”.. we salute you and the team !!

  14. For the record, here’s Benjy Taylor’s record as a Head Coach.

    North Central College in Illinois (3) years 28-46
    Chicago State (3) years 39-53
    Hawaii 22-13

    Total 89-112

    For the record, under Taylor the teams he coached never finished higher than 5th.

    You can look it up yourself on the internet. 2 seasons of winning record, including 1 at Chicago State and here at Hawaii (with Gib’s recruits). Last year at Chicago State when he got fired their record was 9-23. So, you want Benjy Taylor. Okie Dokie!!!! I’m just saying these are the facts. I agree the UH team played a style I enjoy to watch. To say that they had a “special” season or “special” team is one’s opinion. Me, it was a good season, a good team, period. Who are we kidding here. We are in a weaker conference relative to the national landscape and our record speaks for itself, 8-8 in the conference. We should be the bully of the Big West Conference, but we are not. Why, we don’t have enough pieces to get over the hump and we don’t have the coach, yet, to get us over the top. The hardest thing to do is to win the big game. UH didn’t get it done against UC Irvine. Close, but no cigar doesn’t do it. That’s why to me, it was a good season, not a great or special season. Yes, it was a successful season and kudos to everyone. Up to Matlin? Either way, we roll it into next season.

  15. Pupule:

    BT did not make this year’s schedule. GA was going to get a raise and extension based on last year’s performance. Don’t you think BT deserves credit and the job for:

    1. Keeping everyone from transferring except the flip flop forward who never played..
    2. Playing without their best player Fotu
    3. Getting 22 wins with injuries to 5 players Nevels. Jawato, Fleming, Thomas, Webster Chan
    4. Increasing attendance
    5. Being named National Mid level Coach of the Year (!st half of trhe season).

    Give him credit when it is due.

  16. This is the culmination of 5 years of recruiting, like him or not, by Gib. This group is YOUNG and this group is SPECIAL.

    Why upset the applecart with this kind of talent. A coach makes very little difference compared to the talent he has. We have the TALENT…don’t mess with success.

    The bottom line with all athletic programs is money. This group has fans waiting for next year and will build on its success. Lose or go backwards and you will have the same people staying home just like the football program.

    We have already seen what Benjy is capable of doing under extreme duress…let’s see what he does with this group next year. If he fails, then bring in a new coach…but you don’t mess with success! Why would you want to?


  17. Here we go again. The pessimists are in full force. We didn’t have a chance against Pittsburgh and Wichita State. We were supposed to lose our first game against Long Beach State and would surely lose to UC Davis. Now they’re saying we had a weak schedule to begin with and BT don’t have a good record as head coach. If anyone forgot we came that close going to the Dance with a new coach, with barely any time to plan, and NCAA sanctions looming. We were right in there with UC Irvine and they barely loss to a team in the elite eight and possible final four team in Louisville. It’s like no matter what this team does there will always be the doubting Thomas.

  18. well pupule .. point counter point, PTI , opinion… when Benjy having Heavy National recognition, not just for Himself, or personal agenda, if you are in Delaware, or New Hampshire, Maine, NYC and looking at Hawaii play on ESPN.. and what they have done, plus the exciting ball.. plus Derek, really, what has Benjy done in 4 months, mind you ONLY 120 days. to accomplish what some coaches could not do in 14 years. or another coach 4 years.
    For Austin Pope 24th best JC athlete BB in the nation to verbal commit because he likes the style of play And Benjy as a Coach, that speaks volumes,
    Really I always to a for or against count on this forum, always runs about 97 out of a hundred, or overwhelming support for Benjy and the Bows.. What happened at Chicago St., that is in the past. Incredible job with UH Manoa BB . if Benjy did not keep team together, or Riley took over, got sick, and Jackson took over, UH would have finished 9 wins only,.like Jackson said they would.

    I am so happy for Coach Taylor. just a few minutes away from NCAA tournament.. the record in ONLY 4 months, and the National Pundits, to a man or woman, giving credit to Benjy and the Bows. that is the proof, What Did Benjy do on This 4 month Audition? He did Very Very Well.. no one can take that away from him.people will try.. however the 22 wins in modern day era for first year acting coach, a UH MBB record.. for now..

    Derek, pono, pupule, Not.. give Benjy and Que a chance to recruit.. over one two years. and that third year payoff. Austin Pope is a good one, to start !

    Go Benjy and the Bows.. they can’t take this great season away from you.. stay positive.. stay pono, and Imua Hawaii Basketball !!

  19. As for weak schedules, UC Davis had a weak SOS, weaker than UH’s this past season. However, they went 25-7, 14-2 and won the regular season crown. They lost to UH in the semi-finals, but went to the NIT, losing to Stanford in the first round.

    UC Davis’ RPI ended up at 75, UH’s at 152. CBSSports had UC Davis SOS rank at 282, UH at 166.
    Gonzaga has at least four players from foreign countries such as Ontario,Lithuania,Poland and British Columbia including the 7-1, 288 lb. center, the starting point guard, and freshman 6-10 forward who plays quite a lot.

    Hawaii has two, but how did we get the ones we had before such as Savo, English,
    Burneika, Puida, Shimonovich, Martin ? Any through J Wheeler ? Hawaii should get a big man from Poland, Lithuania, etc.

  20. I found one item that Savo was recruited by Jackson W at a Los Angeles camp. Give Jackson credit.

  21. Shimonovich was recruited by Rigot.

  22. UH has i think three from outside the United States currently, including the two tallest players.

  23. islandman:

    yes, at one time out of St Louis University, Jackson was known as a good recruiter. I have met him several times, sad his life what happened, got fresh start in Hawaii, now associate professor at UH, has great family and loves Hawaii, ..remember after Hawaii started the pipeline, getting the foreign good student athletes. there was a change with ncaa or visa admittance, around the time of I think MVB national title vacated with Costas T. , Then Riley and Jackosn , Bob had to recruit whatever they could find in USA. good ones, were Micah Kroeger, Alika Smith , Julian Sensley and of course AC Carter.. It is a challenge the Big Boy schools with the facilities, and monies, and future more stipends, will get theirs.. I LIKE QUE’s Mantra, he is Going after the Same guys as the Big Conferences, might not get them, however, be in the mix, there are every year at least top 150 great BB talent, just get one or two of them. wow.. UH will be up there.. confusing about LBSU and Monson. he gets great transfers and top in Nation recruiting classes, yet still hard to make NCAA tournament and advance… that is why, what Benjy and Que doing on really, hands tied behind back, limited resources.. is Fantastic, credit to Gib too, this bunch of guys great athletes. and of course point man for Isaac Fleming I believe was Benjy !

  24. And Vander, Janks , NWC not bad at all , international players..Isaac Fotu too. 42 !!
    That is why GA was going to Serbia, Lithuania, etc, they have some good Tall Bigs, now some are USA style, banging more, yet can hit 3 pointers !
    Good if Janks can bulk up muscle to 250.. with same skillset, he can bang and go mid and 3 range !
    Same with Jovanovich, has to muscle bulk up, he will only get better, get better lateral movement on D, he get up to 255-260.. just pound inside.. UH HAS two Good, with high ceiling international 6’11” types already.. One More, Athletic 6’10” 255 banger vert, lateral,and can finish, defend would be perfect. UH will be dangerous.. of Course if can add a Deadly Knock down, no scared em 3 ball shooter, in half court, or off the bounce, or just launch like Trevor Ruffin and Tes Whitlock, Michael Kuebler, a good good one, was Matt Lojeski, very athletic with 3 ball range.

  25. Maybe Jackson Wheeler should apply? Breaking news, Rick Barnes is available too! What a country. Everybody apply! May Matlin choose the right one.

  26. You talk like Benjy fell out of the sky and landed here in October. He did good job, team played hard but the hype here is out of hand. He knew the players and all the noise about keeping everyone here? C’mon. he did what he was paid to do and that is coach. Familiar with players so not like he was some stranger to them. Never said he did bad job and never said he is best thing since sliced bread like Runbows says. The guy didn’t cure cancer so enough with the over the top hype. I hope Matlin takes time and makes hire that will be here a while

  27. Derek….yeah.. I hope Dave just chooses the best for UH MBB program.. first time on job.. big hire..wish you the Best Dave !
    Next, the football coach? If Norm wins 6 games, or even 5? does he get to finish 5th year of contract? we shall see.. the football team, the athletes and the new assistants, even Norm, are very good people.. however, it is people, human beings, lives AND their families affected.. Hope the best for UH and student athletes all the students.. and Hawaii..

  28. Jackson also recruited Lojeski. Say what you will the guy could recruit

  29. Because of our unique location we should be able to recruit players from Australia, New Zealand, and China, Taiwan, Canada, South America, and Europe. It’s all about contacts. The question is, what coach has the good connections.

  30. that’s right, it’s all about a Coach being able to recruit the best players. Gib was known as a relentless recruiter and basically UH got these athletes under Gib’s watch. You cannot deny that. Benjy’s supposedly the contact man for Fleming and Pope but it’s to be seen of Pope’s play in Div. 1 ball.

    I’ve read the article on Senque’s hire that he was just as relentless in recruiting as in the likes of Gib.
    Go Get Em Q! Hooke Em Up and Reel Em In!

  31. Interesting story in the paper this morning. Matlin says they’ve received 40-50 applications. Besides Benjy, some of the names being floated though not confirmed: former UH assistants Eran Ganot (Saint Mary’s) and Scott Rigot (Marshall); former UH player Phil Handy (Cavaliers); Chaminade coach Eric Bovaird and Kyle Smith (Columbia HC), who was said to be the second choice of the job that went to Gib. Only Boivard went on the record, expressing his strong interest.

    Benjy has earned the right to be the front-runner, but he shouldn’t automatically step into the position. Let’s see how this plays out. It’ll be interesting, and, thankfully, it appears UH will have a coach sooner than expected.

  32. Pocho:

    I just wonder how the team feels about the Coaching search? I know several have said Benjy did good job. We know that Gib was the Closer, other assistants could search for recruits, then Gib goes to family home, or when the come on visits he closes the deal , and they signed. One thing Gib and staff, did, they really showed the recruits Hawaii, the culture, and majority of guys they loved it, willing to come from far away and play in paradise.

    This Search speeded up, and the same names or types are popping up, Ganot, Rigot, Smith, etc, and a former UH athlete and player development for NBA and assistant, wonder if they can sell Hawaii and being a student athlete here, like the former staff did. Maybe a key, I think so, if I were currently on the team, if I were truly tight and comfortable with team, staff, the school, etc. Should be interesting. Key I think , Benjy has good Real Time Up to Date, what he did for UH MBB This Year, so I would say advantage Benjy, administrative or discipline things, that is something that can be addressed or worked on, or has been worked on. The guys do that 2.7 or better in class this spring will help too. Austin Pope and a Big to commit, before , during or shortly after Benjy’s interview, will help Benjy too. It still makes me scratch my bald head, why for expediency sake, did chancellor and Jay not offer Benjy a 2 year deal in January? By now, Benjy and Senque could have locked up at least 2 commits by now. and we know he is smart on holding another 2 to see what possible self imposed sanctions are, maybe limit practice times, recruiting window and loss of a scholarship or two, SURE sounds similar to St Marys sanctions. yet they still play post season , which, UH MBB program and fans would gladly accept if comes down to that.

    I just hope Benjy has great interview, he says he has other things, His vision, what he wants to do, I think for him, he will have to be sure he can handle the administrative things, and oversight of 13 young student athletes., He did great job, all 14 guys who chose to stay after Sammis left, they stayed the course.. Wish the Best for Benjy and The Bows… Continuity sake, would make sense, however seems like Matlin wants to put HIS stamp on program. You know one thing? GA with BT, over past 5 years, they have combined for 94 wins which translates to average of nearly 19 wins per season not. bad. just have to shore up the SOS and RPI, get better.

    Too, bad not like Reality real time TV, American Idol, or The Voice, where, we can text or phone in calls, to vote or have input for next HC.. will be really down to the wire, have an acting HC, whom the majority of fans really like and want him to get job, there is more of a minority that want another coach, and another base that doesn’t really care.. They should let the two UH captains of UH MBB sit in on coach interviews, that would be fair..

    Wish Benjy the best. You, Mr Taylor did a great job. and I hope UH will recognize and reward you and the team for great season, after the Football Season, and Baseball and Softball struggles., MBB was a Real Bright Spot for thousands of UH fans !
    Mahalo Benjy.. I hope Matlin and chancellor give you a chance.. at least one year.. maybe more !

  33. Applications still coming in, but about 40 or 50 so far, head coaches and solid assistants in the pool, per Matlin. Moved the closing date to April 2 due to signing period start date of April 15 and not losing out on prospective candidates to other programs.

    Reply to NCAA is due April 30, Matlin officially starts as AD on April 27.
    Those said to have strong interest in the UH HC job, per McInnis article today:

    Eran Ganot, St. Mary’s assistant
    Kyle Smith, Columbia head coach
    Scott Rigot,Marshall assistant

    Phil Handy, player development coach with Cavaliers
    Eric Bovaird, Chaminade coach

  34. runbows, beat me by 1 minute.

  35. clyde, too

  36. Another thing… it might go down this way… Matlin looking to put HIS STAMP on hire, does, the perfunctory interview with Benjy, however his man or woman, is another. Another guy is hired, not bad credentials. .Next thing if okay with Benjy , how about Benjy and Que retained? at least for year or two? For recruiting and continuity.?

    No Warrior Insider fans who want Benjy to be HC, I want him too, because we All lived the MBB story this year,. overcame Adversity.. he deserves a shot a permanent coach.. Sort of like how Nash was over 30 year period, grad assistant,, PT assistant, FT assistant, then Associate Head Coach…In other words. if Matlin goes another coach hire, New coach wise to keep Benjy and Senque on board, since they know the players and they have the recruiting base for next several years , contacts already.. good athletes.. ?
    Just thinking out loud.. that is definite possibility..
    Would want Benjy have shot at HC permanent best case.. however just a thought…IF NEW guy hired and .. it would be wise. to retain, if they wanted, Benjy associate and Que as key recruiting assistant..since they just came off a great UH MBB season, one win shy of NCAA’s.

    However, the Body of work, and how , what Benjy’s vision, for MBB program I am sure, very, very good, what other things, to address, Benjy will be prepared.. Wish you the best brother Benjy, I admire what you did as Acting head coach, I want you to get job for sure ! Just have great interview, and I hope the AD gives you that shot at permanent !

  37. Matlin was nominated by Ben for the AD job . “If we’re going to take a look at local people who have the contacts on the mainland and knowledge of NCAA relationships with ADs and conference commissioners, knowledge of TV and how important that is for visibility, David has all of that,” Jay said. “That’s the reason I nominated him. There’s no one else here who has that. He’s run an athletic organization. He has the connections. He also understands NCAA rules. You never want to do something that might affect student-athlete eligibility.”
    “Whoever ends up with that job — or any coaching position while he is AD — will have to prove to Matlin he or she is a practitioner of “winning with integrity,” which was a major theme of his public comments Wednesday. He expounded on them Saturday.

    “That’s the whole ball of wax,” he said. “These are student-athletes. They’re here to get degrees and make progress toward degrees. It’s imperative. It’s very important what we do both on and off the court. We’re talking in general for all 21 programs.” (Reardon column today)

  38. ahhhhhh…. clyde and islandman, quick on the typing keys!
    Kind of exciting , yes agree clyde, would think Benjy has a frontrunner shot at HC, he can just point to the season they just had, and the trials, whatever came up, how handled.. he seems calm and confident like always.. just hope, he given a chance..
    know that he would have tons of referrals from around the country, the sports pundits, Sport Network commentators, local media people, the team, the families, the SSC regular attendees of home games,

    One thing , I believe him.. Benjy wants This to be the long haul Head coaching job.. some others, it is a stepping stone.. they stay here.. if have success.. if the Power Conferences come calling, they will go.. without a doubt.. however, Benjy is Kamaaina, that is selling point , and adopted son of Hawaii.
    One thing this new AD, hit the ground running.. and getting things done.. man, if only, Benjy gets a Big to commit this week. would really help, however Austin Pope’s early commit , huge for Benjy !!
    Go Benjy and the Bows.,. hope Matlin will keep you guys together for next 3 years !!

  39. I hope that in his interviewing process, Matlin takes the time to interview the current players…and please, let’s not kid ourselves…the final decision will be made by Captain Bley.

  40. Applicants pouring in. How bout that, Riunbows? Thought you said there would be no interest. Let process play out. Not up to players to decide. It is Matlin’s decision and I doubt he wants 14 twenty year olds making it for him. Maybe we all know in a couple of weeks. Whoever named I would expect all “true fans” as RunBows says to get behind him


    True, he basically IS THE POWER. .. now we know for sure.. weird thing BackBeat? Bley is ONLY an Interim Chancellor himself!
    Only at UH Manoa.
    Yes, I wish, I think they do, or should, the AD has that end of year sit down exit poll with the student athletes, how did they do, how did coach do, etc. They should get input.

    The article says 40 or 50 , Head Coaches, assistants, However question? Are these guys ones that have just been terminated, or unhappy at current job and looking to move to Hawaii? Are they really vested in Long Time Lifetime goal of last Coaching job in Hawaii, if they have success? Do they like the sun and the beaches? How about their mates? Do they like the cost of living the heat and humidity , the schools, the crazy drivers. ? The diverse culture, Da Pidgin English,.. I remember after Larry Little, the search, he had HUGE pedigree despite even a local favorite son,not being hired, F. Arnold.. just did not fit..This narrows down to Ganot, Handy, Bovaird, I would think Matlin, expedite this, and maybe, must, be, any candidate, really a NEW candidate, is handcuffed, unless they have 3 guys locked in, as commits wherever he go or she goes..Benjy, am sure discussed, with AD or maybe not, they know the Austin Pope Committ, and Benjy has mentioned a big or two, waiting on job situation…so expedite.. maybe Fair Labor Act.. give ones a chance… I mention a she, you know why? It is Possible, a successful Women Basketball coach or assistant, why not, to coach in paradise, apply.. equal opportunity.

    Chancellor making the call, the POWER> as we all know. .. Benjy , it is just like going against Kentucky, you and this year’s UH MBB team made incredible run, and now in title game against Big Blue, the Wildcats. .. David vs Goliath..?

  42. Kyle Smith had a good record in 2013-14, 21-13, 8-6, 3rd in Ivy League. They won two games in the CIT. But not that good this past season, 13-15, 5-9. Two overall season records close to .500, two losing seasons, one 21 win season; four losing conference records.

    Columbia rpi was 196, UH’s 152 this year. Tied for 5th in Ivy League out of 8 teams. Don’t know the circumstances. He was responsible for running the offense at St. Mary’s, where he was for ten years.

  43. islandman:

    We all do the stats/metrics now..

    Phil Handy-UH alumni NBA coaching experience, player development worked with some of best. administrative with NCAA DI or any level? Know Phil is hard worker, Or his working with academics with collegiate athletes? That is what I would ask, the collegiate aspect, and Would HE WANT to stay in Hawaii for long time?

    Kyle Smith-for IVY league, though they had some good teams..his record not that impressive, I don’t think IVY league is top 8 in RPI rated leagues? Think BWC ranked PRI league 13 and 14 for SOS. Ivy League. . 15 overall and 16 SOS.. so Gib/BT did better in a little stronger RPI league.

    Eran Ganot-part of staff that went 20-9, RPI overall of league 9..SOS 9, pretty good. However, were the 13-5 WCC record attributed to Randy Bennett or Eran? Did he have to act for 22 games as interim coach for Randy and got them 22 wins as temp coach these past years. ? Good questions. What about, the ncaa sanctions, and was he part of that too? 4 year probation they came out of, was he part of that out of window recruiting in Australia, text, calls. etc which led to very mild sanctions from ncaa.?
    Good Questions, however, HIS RESUME not Stellar like Larry Brown, now that old guy carries huge resume, ups and downs, however, NCAA MBB championship coach, and NBA coaching legend. Or,
    A Recent Head Coach who won over the past 5 years, no ncaa problems, kids like him, went to any type of post season danced over the past 5 years. Loves the humidity and heat of Hawaii. and the high cost of living. does he like the long flights for his arthritic legs, and lack of sleep, hard on his enlarged heart? seems, silly however valide questions, if Older, 50 and older HC’s that got fired or retired from team they don’t like and want to make life changing and health challenging move.
    Eric Boivard-good guy, can he coach at DI level, how many championships, and ability to recruit Big Bigs, and guards like Fleming and Bobbitt, and Pope, really high level DI guards. and bigs like Janks, and hopefully another big aircraft carrier from Utah JC..Good questions.. what is his vision.. and it seems like Chaminade has more money to spend then UH in a lot of areas..

    And The Most Logical and Best Choice and for expediency since he has some recruits ready to sign
    Mr. Papa Bear Benjy Taylor, from North Carolina, just an old country boy, part of a sweet sixteen team as PG, NCAA tournament, when you were young… you were an indepedent at Chicago St,. what was situation with recruiting and winning there.. well my staff and I, very limited resources, we were going after the Northwestern, Illinois, Illinois St, St Louis, guys not even a blip on their screens, low ymca, aau, club, jc, community colleges. limited budget, challenges, and we were unusual one of the Only schools in NCAA that were independent.. Only real accomplishment, one year we went 19-13, led the nation in steals, and one of tops in nation in scoring.. that was fun team we won by DEFENSE.. of course, some other stops.. Really depends on resources too, Chicago st. a lot of body bag games, maybe 10 out or 30 games were played in our old home gym seats 1500.. very limited.. we tried.. that is why at UH, more facilities and support, we could and did sell UH and Hawaii to freshmen and transfers.. Oh, and yes, with that 19-13 team, which I really enjoyed. I won the Independent Coach of the Year award.. that was for what we accomplished. And this year the 2014 Hugh Durham Mid Major Coach of Mid Season Award.. very big one, for the Team the Warriors.

    You all know the deal… Even I was thinking of leaving after Gib left, however, have things to take care of, and I though about the guys..they would be stuck. so they had my back , I had theirs, I assured them if Team stuck together.. I would not know how many wins, however, with effort every game, we would put out exciting product and we did 22 wins, if not for 3 key injuries to 3 main guys start of BWC regular season, we could have won the league..just happens. however, finished a huge win here with only 6 players. including Dyrbe playing PF..! I love it here, I want to retire here, I love local food, my kids attend local schools, they love Hawaii, the student athletes, what Gib started and I am hoping to continued the Culture, the new love and calling back to Alumnus of MBB the Alumni game, so nice the support of the Fab Five, and Henderson trying to come back next year, and dozens of more trying to get into shape to come back. That is why, sincerely.. 22 wins, with a team that had to endure so much distraction and negative things, I kept them insulated best I could., I love these men like my sons, they responded with a season that almost provided UH MBB with their 5th NCAA appearance, If Chancellor and AD, you give me the chance for few years to complete the mission. to get to NIT then deep run in NCAA’s. we have the staff, the desire, the athletes, and recruits coming in to do it.. Remember, even if I leave, this past 5 years, GA and then me, UH MBB won 94 games overall, almost 19 games won per year. not happened to UH MBB in decades.
    I would be a very good choice, since I have been here, seen everything there is to see, working on guys to finish strong in school, keeping guys together, contacting parents, constantly throughout the entire season, and they have been supportive. I am so very grateful and thankful to the Administration fo opportunity to be the acting HC for this great season. And I would like the opportunity to take this program to the Next Level…and WE ARE ALMOST THERE..

    Thank you. I appreciated your support, the fans, and the state of Hawaii, This is a season I will never forget


    a lot of the records and awards and quotes are public already.

    He loves Hawaii, this is where he wants to coach, does not want to go anywhere else, has awesome returnees, if can lock up at least a Big and a shooter/Athlete this spring., UH will be up there One or Two preseason, and really with goal to win BWC regular season title.=NIT guaranteed key every season.. then get hot shoot well, defend and execute, go to NCAA’s !!

    That would be fair assessment, even Benjy’s vision on SOS, getting RPI higher,.recruiting vision and how to deal with coming if any, self imposed, or imposed things from ncaa.

    Yes, UHadmin, go ahead intervied, Smith, Ganot, Rigot, Boivard, and Handy, I think , since HE DID IT ALREADY.. 22 wins, and guided UH to historic BWC game, only being on job as Interim for 4 months.. and he will have HUGE number of references pouring in in support of Benjy. he is the logical and Best Choice for MBB coach.. John Wooden cloned.. working for 250k a year, bringing in Lew Alcindor, Bill Walton, Keith Wilkes, Marques Johnson, Gail Goodrich, that would be another story, however, none of those 70 or so candidates have those credentials, they would never come to Hawaii.

  45. Okay Pocho, eagle, servante , clyde, BACKBEAT, ChuckCheese, jjaj, we play the contingency game.

    I think most on forums, and in media polls, SSC season ticket holders, man and woman on the street , youth that wait for an hour to sign autographs even after UH loses support for Benjy and the Bows. Why? exciting ball. and they won 22 games, slam dunks, fast breaks, havoc..Fun.

    Well, We Know the National Search, UH admin wants to open up to get best Candidate.

    You know how I stand, all the hard ship, would give me a stroke, if I had to take helm of rudderless MBB program when Gib fired. Benjy did it, and even though ups and downs, 22 wins, and almost had chance to dance by winning BWC championship game. so that from my Heart, and seeing his Body of Work.. Give Benjy 3 year contract, let him continue the ride, onward and uprward trajectory of MBB.. perfect world right?

    Well, sadly, UH Manoa, not perfect, agenda driven, power play, so many calling the shots, an Academic driven, and rightfully so institution, supported heavily by our taxes…and Athletics the Front Porch of the University, Success in all the Sports.. more attractive to student enrollees. and makes Hawaii and the world feel better. ,.. what do you think. so far so good.

    Now the Reality.. you know IT MIGHT TURN OUT THIS WAY.. 4 final candidates, Ganot, Rigot, Handy and Benjy.
    UH chancellor pulling the strings of puppet AD Matlin..his choice, because of excellence working with athletes Kobe Bryant and LeBron James at the highest level, and player development, plus assistant coach in the NBA, maybe I don’t know coach for Lakers or Cavaliers Summer league teams..

    Chancellor goes, well he is well dressed , speaks well, NBA connected, drives a nice car, big connections, however, Matlin, and Pres. and Movers how can we do something for the Benjy supporters to make this work, and for the team that came forward, very honest they loved what Benjy did, however they accept whatever decision we make? And the old time and new season and game to game ticket holders, inundating us with poll numbers, emails, petitions, calls for support from ESPN, Fox Sports, Local Media, and Foreign, Coaches Allegiance Union etc..what would be the best Middle ground for all IF WE Choose Phil Handy, the pedigree seems the highest?

    Suggestion, from student representative, Water Polo women team, input from fellow athlete, we All wanted Benjy chancellor BV.. however you are going with Phil Handy, very nice man and NBA pedigree. Our suggestion, the fellow student athletes.

    1)Phil Handy-HC 3 year deal
    2)Benjy Taylor-Associate HC 3 year deal(reward with bump in pay for what he did this year)
    reason: For continuity, and parents of guys Know Benjy, he Was their Papa, friend and mentor to them through all of the storm. Plus he has the recruiting contacts out to 2017 in line waiting
    3)Senque Carey-Assistant Coach… Key.. let him go for the Big boys, battle for the best wherever they might be, the next AC Carter,Trevor Ruffin, Predrag Savovic, Chis Gaines, Reggie Cross, Bob Nash, Tommy Barker, Reggie Carter, Tom Henderson, Rob Bobbitt, Isaac Fleming, NWC, Janks, stef, AV, MT, Paul George !
    4)Jamie Smith-Performance Analyst, on his own dime back and forth from Hawaii to England, because, not because of Gib or Benjy negligence, the office or administrative slow down, his Visa was good. and he comes back for last month of last 2 years season. Great generator of fanbase.
    5)Brad and Brandon great assistants, had to make life changes to take on huge job, and they helped UH do very well , 22 wins.. very good..
    6)a Scott Fisher, Tommy Barker, Bill Amis, Bill Walton type assistant to work with Big men.

    Phil Handy can be Face of program, Benjy is the Heart of program, Senque, future of program, and other great staff KNOW what to do alresdy in place.

    IF…. Chancellor chooses Phil Handy.. know he would like to keep at least Benjy and Que on staff. me I would want entire, staff plus a Big man coach. on sfaff, since Phil never coached at NCAA collegiate level.. He great NBA coach and developmental, so could help the guys games tremendously, and if they want to get to next level, Euro high leagues which is very good pay, and longevity or very hard to do, maybe.. just maybe the League, the NBA !!

    That would be my choice, If they are not going to make Benjy HC.. Hire Phil Handy, NBA pedigree, successful in developing working to get best out of the best, albeit those ARE the best players on the planet…. Phil had a lunch with Goldern St Warriors too, Phil from Bay area, so connection with some of the Bay area Nor Cal, or Cali MBB players. .maybe.

    First Choice of Course my Man Benjy Taylor

    Secnond Choice , Phil Handy, with Benjy and Que retained on staff for continuity if they would stay. I think they migfht.

    However.. Benjy you have great Interview. and call for your references.. your body of work should land you the job.

    Just figuring a way to keep you on board and your family here for a long time. we love your dedicatrion..


    Second Phil Handy with BT and SC as major assistants.


    UHadmin and power brokers listen to fans,.. Benjy will be the HC !!

  46. Adendum to Above post? seems crazy right, I was Gib super supporter until he was fired.. now what Benjy accomplished I support him.

    If Chancellor hears of blogs, and I am all over the place, gets into his ear.. hey now this Fan, real fanatic. Wants Handy or Rigot, Ganot, ? What..I will who him. next Saturday before Final Four game, we went over a lot of applications, it came down to 4 very qualified candidates My, uh ummm, I mean, AD Matlin’s choice for , you better say it Dave, go, go I said go to the Podium NOw !! sheesh! just joking, not.. thanks BV, DM now sweat beading down his forehead, the new MBB coach, wow, the evelope please.. is.. is… is…. Benjy Taylor?

    Yes, fans, Reverse Psychology, promote the other 4 candidates and Benjy gets the job…since we know in the real behind the scenes.. it is a David vs Goliath, no matter what the record.. if it is another coach, seek to retain Benjy and Que, and other assistants, will make transition smoother..look at Bob Nash, assistant for some 30 years, with Little, Arnold, Wallace…then he got the job.. that was sad, given job so late and hamstrung.. Bob doing okay, such a mellow and nice man, great kamaaina who became very good coach in Japan Pro leagues..

  47. Yep. Five applicants RunBows. Forget about the fact that no one knows the names of the other 45. And I am sure AD is checking daily to see what Poorboy/Runbows has to say. I will say it again….time for ur nap. Nitey nite

  48. man as we speak, UH soooooo slooooow in either retain early Benjy or get search going in January, even on Sunday when March Madness, the final 2 for final four playing, Coaches are being hired and fired.
    UH should not take a fired assistant or HC…
    or retired.
    Basically, what UH will end up… and I think Benjy’s RESUME.. and his presentation and sitting down with chancellor/AD Matlin, will have more Power,

    The so called Plenty Kine, great get coaches, who have been fired, hired or retired, or just too old, too young or too good.. by Thursday, majority all in place, with new teams already,

    Looks like can be a 3 or 4 man race with Benjy AT the TOP TOP.. just has to present the vision, and stability, and how to handle program better, heck he was ONLY acting, so lot of things happen, yet ,dang, they still win 22 games and 3 minutes and getting lead from going to NCAA,.,. Russell Turner, just about signed deal with his next school.. moved fast..

    Matlin don’t act fast in hiring Benjy… what if, what if.. shoots, Irvine hires Benjy?
    Matlin sign Benjy fast, fast, fast.. .. not honu time !!

  49. Hurry hurry hurry. No hire some fired HC!!! UH, wait a minute, wasn’t Benjy a fired HC? Lol. Better get the emt’s ready for Runbiws if someone else hired. Hurry up and interview, review and hire by Thursday. According to Runbows that’s plenty of time….3 whole days. Delusional

  50. And Turner not going anywhere. Talked to Cal but that is all. Unless you have pipeline to Cal AD about Turner’s new contract. Lotta blowing smoke

  51. all these threads are getting a bit too long on and redundant, there are a lot of candidates and Matlin will do his due diligence , the smart ones don’t bother with our rants and raves on the blogs. Lets just see what happens , no matter what come November, its Warrior Time !

  52. if Turner applied we’d have known about it by now. I like to dream though and have Dave call on Turner. Other than that I’d want Taylor to keep the momentum going into next season. The problems UHAD monetarily and with the NCAA’s, UHbb has enough problems to deal with and feel there’s no need and rush for a new coach other than Taylor.

    Dave has to go thru the process and I think and feel Dave knows he can’t be giving hints that Taylor got the job, that’d be real low class. Come on now every new applicant knows they’re up against Taylor. May the best ideal Coach win!

  53. jj, I guess it’s time for a new article for Warrior Insider, heh?

  54. By the time April 2nd coming around, they’ll be probably at least 60-70 total applicants. Of that total maybe 25 might be head coaches of Division I, II, or JC Head Coaches. The rest are assistant coaches or just coaching players in some capacity. There will probably be some surprising names on the list, but many will not be named unless they are in the final selection. I don’t have a favorite candidate, but I know there will be a lot of good candidates and a number of coaches will do a very good job here. I would be interested in knowing the following for any interviewed candidates.

    1) Work ethic and why the University of Hawaii.
    2) Coaching and Life Philosophy
    3) Game Management, strategy, and Adjustments
    4) Winning records of team that he worked at
    5) Recruiting resume and recruiting pipelines
    6) Player development (on court and off court), developing a team concept.
    7) Graduation rates
    8) Integrity and Community Involvement to increase fan base and attendance.
    9) Personal and Team Goals
    10) Assistant Coaches he looks for.
    11) Personal – family, children, parents, extended family, etc.
    12) Notable achievements

    In the final analysis, Dave Matlin must choose the 1 person to be our next Head Basketball Coach who will demonstrate a winning formula, committed to long term success of the program with integrity, be an engaging person and with thoughtfulness to generate and increase the fan base to increase attendance, and recruit excellent student athletes for basketball prowess and academic achievement.
    I hope we can find one that gets me excited for the future. With that many applicants there’s at least one that fill the bill. Yeah, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.
    I’m not going to promote anyone, it’s no sense anyway. Whoever is chosen, I will still cheer our Rainbow Warriors. It’s a tough job to take over a program that might have some NCAA sanctions coming down the pipe.

  55. Matlin jumping into the hot seat or whatever you call it. April 27 is his first official day, April 30 is the due date for the reply to the NCAA allegations. Gib has to respond too.

    And Matlin is supposed to help select a new basketball coach by April ___? Bob Nash had many of what you Derek posted above plus the Hawaii connection. But he didn’t win enough.

  56. I believe, Benjy has nothing more to Prove, the 22 wins, when majority where saying his team would be fortunate to win 9.. man only 9 games Jackson W. He and team adjusted, Defense, they won some huge early season games, got attention of Jamie Dixon and Pitt, he went back to ACC and told those teams, UH is legit, they can play with anyone and BEAT them.

    UH goes on that killer 3 game Florida Gulf Coast Tournament, 4000 plus miles, if they were not leg and body weary, they should have beaten a USF team that was fresh. Remember, for discipline , Benjy benched Isaac for last 2 games against Marist and E. Carolina, UH went 2-1, quite remarkable.

    DHC… Nobody expecting UH to do anything.. They Beat a much bigger Nebraska Team, take, top ranked and part of March Madness regular participant Wichita St to the wire, one box out by a SF, and secure or knock away that Offensive rebound by Wichita St big, sneaking in, UH HAS upset of the year. They finish with great Christmas Day win against Physical Colorado team. Ankle, injuries, concussions, bulging discs in back, rib injuries, and 3 guys get ankle injuries in same week. Just at the start of BWC play. Sets them back, however, team with Benjy at the helm, still in every game, should have, if they could play steady. solid perfect execution Half Court O and D. and have 2 guys every game shooting in 40 percentile range from 3 line, UH goes 12-4 for sure. Remember all this being competitive, super, without sammis, withour fotu, and ncaa allegation letter and negative nan cies hanging around, even on this forum.

    That is why Benjy is so calm , cool and collected, like how he wanted his team to be. Nothing more to prove, absolutely Nothing, pupule, pono, Horssse, jjay, gi…, Derek, Nothing.. Benjy Taylor, proved beyond a doubt, and Dave Matlin would be ABSOLUTE FOOL.. or color blind, pun intended to not see the Miracle in Manoa, I am going to submit short story to espn the magazine, see if they take it up, ” A Season of Redemption-Benjy Taylor and the UH MBB team overcame Adversity with class and They are Forever winners”.. turn it into a movie.. Only ones, that have never played NCAA DI , DII, DIII, NAIA, international High level MBB, would know, how hard it is, especially when your Coach that recruited signed you, plus key assistant, fired, and Top Recruit and arguably the Best PF/hybrid in the country, western USA ncaa. leaves. Benjy ain’t got to prove No Mo.. Nada.
    He is great Man, above and beyond the call.. 9 wins negative nancies, and GA haters by extension BT haters, they just were fuming, absolutely sick when Benjy and Bows, were getting national attention, and almost made it to the NCAA dance.. and You Know with the dumb, super Political, Power trippers, upper admin, whatever whomever those people up in Manoa are that jerk around the lives of young guys and great coaching staff, that gave their all in only Four Dang Months,. ONLY FOUR DANG MONTHS>. and they win 22 games, with only 2 guys out of 14 man roster, not coming back.. That is THE BEST NCAA STORY OF THE YEAR 2014-2015 season hands down.

    Kentucky, Duke, Wisconsin, Michigan St., sure great, will make millions, and more millions, however, put those teams into a situation where half of there squad gets mono to start the season, then next third gets season ending staph infections.. How would they do? Similar to UH situation, they get hammered verbally on social media,. by local pundits, BOR, hoopstalk supposed to be supporters. and Dang they win 22 games.. if the won 9,.sure, tell team and coach take a hike, however, Strength Through Adversity, and I bet Gib is drinking a rootbeer and having some boiled peanuts and saying I told you so.. Team , talent built in 5 years. these guys are good. and He is stoked that Benjy took them this far.. I bet, he hopes, well doesn’t get hopes up too high that UH will hire Benjy as permanent coach, that would spoil Admin, reputation. They can change it in an instant, and have this whole city rock and rolling, instead of going through THIS DANG NATIONAL SEARCH SHIABAI. and just look at Body of work, see Benjy’s Vision, make sure, everything in order. and Give him the Permanent job until he is like Riley’s age, remember he signed that crazy contract… automatic, he HAD to retire at 60, he still could have coached few more years, then we would have had Jackson going Hahhhh!

    BENJY YOUR APPICATION SITS ON THE AD’s DESK, the FIRST INTERVIEW.. to honor what you have done, should be you.. and if Dave Matlin has the Cajones, he will go through the motions with the other 3 finalists, and get a Good, since they Fired the old counsel, well written guaranteed well compensated contract for 3 years with incentives, then you, or we UH MBB fans, will see some Greatness, out of UH MBB for 3, 4 or even 6 years and more down the line. FINSH STRONG Benjy. You Did.. mission accomplished.. now up to Matlin , prove he is a MAN.. and sgin you up.,,.You did the HEAVY lifting, and NO Coach, applying had to endure the turmoil that this program and you, hey you have dozens of more gray hairs because of the stress like Obama.. YOU ARE THE NEXT HC for MBB for 3 years, and hopefully 23 more years of exciting basketball

    You Proved You are and Excellent coach, mentor, a teacher, and a MAN.. Now, Matlin, or Chancellor, the ball is in you hands,.. your shot,.. you make the right one.,.
    Or else this season is a BUST..

  57. You know if Dick Tomey or Riley Wallace were 10 years younger and in great shape, they have the cajones to be great AD’, they reward hard work, love the grinders, they see MBB or Benjy needing to crack the whip ,or discipline they would be real men, and sit down with Benjy and team, Benjy knows it, so does Senque, Brad and Brandon, they ain’t fools, many a time I have seen Brad and Brandon, getting attention of team sitting on bench if they were not into game, gave Benjy and Que chance to Focus on coaching the game. I coming years. .. Benjy getting Good Banger Bigs and great shooters period.. MBB will be top 40 or better program, the MBB culture, and not us old fuddy duddy fans, the new generation of fans like the fast paced, defensive steals, slam dunks, raining threes, etc. tempered by good Half court ball

    Three Cheers for Jamie Smith, what a great guy , 2 years in a row, admin fault,not his VISA,that took so long for him to get started as Performance Analyst .

    That is another thing admin.. UH power that be, they can Find the problems, just have to Know how to Fix them and do it well.., I know, used to work for them for decades,.. auwe..

  58. Yes, Jamie finally listed as Sports Performance Analyst on Hawaii Athletics website:

    ” serves as the head video coordinator for the Rainbow Warrior basketball team. Smith’s primary responsibilities include video breakdown, production of scouting, personnel, highlight and motivational edits, and directing film exchange. Smith is also charged with marketing and campus outreach—including enhancing the student experience at home games—while also managing the team’s social media.”

  59. Omg. Too bad the seasons over Not much to talk about except coach search. How about spring football starting with storming Norman Chow 😉

  60. heard matlin is going to the final four to meet with potential applicants for the head coach job. not sure if that’s true but that’s what an acquaintance told me today.

  61. That is true and he should be there Thursday or earlier.

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