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Warriors run away from Arkansas-Pine Bluff


Aaron Valdes had a game-high 28 points and nine rebounds, and Negus Webster-Chan added 16 points and eight rebounds tonight as the University of Hawai’i men’s basketball team opened its 2014-15 season with a 85-57 victory over Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

An appreciative crowd of 5,875 at the Stan Sheriff Center also watched newcomer Roderick Bobbitt add 11 points, four rebounds and seven assists, and senior co-captain Garrett Nevels contribute 11 points and four rebounds.

After clinging to a 33-32 lead at halftime, the Rainbow Warriors opened the second half with an 8-0 run after 3-pointers by Valdes and Webster-Chan. Hawai’i appeared to be in foul trouble when post players Michael Thomas and Stefan Jovanovic each had four fouls with 10:21 remaining and the score 55-48, but the Rainbow Warriors later used a 21-0 run to put the game away, leading 80-51 after Webster-Chan’s layup with 2:50 left.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.

(Game photo courtesy Matt Osumi)


  1. A little ragged, but it showed there is talent on the team.

  2. Negus looks like a vet out there…super poised and looks like wasnt even trying and just chillin

  3. Did u get to watch the game.i’m just
    Happy they won.i hope they make to
    The big dance.

  4. A nice feel-good win. The program needed it, and the players should be proud of their efforts. Liked how Benjy elected to go with the zone and a four-guard lineup midway through the second half. I was surprised when he subbed out Thomas for Fleming, but the small lineup ignited that 21-0 run. Not sure how such a lineup would fare against a bigger team, but loved how the team rebounded by committee. That being said, Thomas and Jovanovich need to stay out of foul trouble … at least until Reyes works his way back into the rotation and Jankovich gains eligibility. All in all, a nice start to the season.

  5. team win. Valdes on the rise 😜

  6. Great win. What a second half. Too many turnovers, but they played with desire and lots of energy.
    Go Warriors!

  7. Yes !!
    Allll Riiigggghhhttt !!

  8. Valdes on the rise, indeed. Now the confidence matches his athleticism. He’ll be fun to watch, as will Negus.

  9. We got the cruise brothers. Valdes showing he has an all around game. First game of the year and he has a break out game. If you look at his scoring it came from all over the floor. He will be tough to stop if he keeps playing like this. His perimeter shooting is vastly improved. And NWC is the real deal. What I notice about him is he doesn’t get flustered but is always under control. To think that these two are only sophs.

  10. Hey 15Champs + Coach-Staff,

    Enjoyed how you put those lions away for good in the 2nd half!

    If 15C wasn.t over hypered in the begining… 100+pts could be a possibility for the 1st game!

    1 more rebound would give Airon his consecutive double-double; When will you hit the trible-double?

    Congrats for a job well done.

  11. Imagine if G Money was hitting 40% or better of his three’s? And Mike Thomas had his 13 pts and 8 rebounds, 2 blocks.. must be the hand bothered him and Garrett just has to do what he did, rebound and defend, just by example, even if not hitting good percentage , he is a big Part.. So is Q, when he came into game, and that second half, he and Bobbitt , Fleming.. remember the teams that hurt UH MBB in the past, you got it, those teams had 4 guard/wings and one post about 6’7″ who was active, and gave Hawaii all types of problems, .. well as of now Benjy Ball is that.. If Jovanovich and Thomas keep their fouls to 3 a piece per game, hey , they still didn’t foul out.. and Negus was playing the Center spot !! And that block, was clean..

    Team, in first half, sort of a ooooohhh noooo moment.. in second half, they were not me.. but THE REAL RUN-BOWS.. True Warriors.

    And fans, the calvary as Eagle likes to say, is still coming, Reyes from scratch work his way back to TEAM.. , will help big time,, then Jawato when healthy, 3 ball deluxe, AND Jankovich, Stretch 4/5 … postgame radio show, Benjy, said, and I believe him, ones like Bobbitt, Fleming, Q, Thomas, even Valdes, NWC, have not even reached their potential…. Hey.. they have 31 more games before BWC tournament, can they get a bunch of wins close to 19+ , I think so, just stay healthy, game by game get better AS TEAM, and some young guys have to control emotions, otherwise they could get Technicals.. NWC, G and Q will calm them down..

    This win, Fans, Was For Hawaii UH MBB fans, the real deal ones, who have suffered over past few weeks, and about 7 months. this Win was for the UH MBB team, the , now 15 who have chosen to battle through adverstiy, This Win was for Coach Taylor, who stayed, to keep the guys going in class and represent on the court.. Now they have video on game, can break down, and go to work.. Good thing, this RBC is the perfect setting for NEW UH MBB TEAM..

    And Papa and Mama Valdes’, how much more prouder can you be for Aaron, Airon, AirCuba! Wow…However, I know you all would say this win is for Hawaii, the University, the fans, and This Special Team.. as above post comments, and fanof15C , thanks for coming out in full Support of this team, a real positive outlook, thanks, not that negative stuff..

    This Team, can be , and is already very, very special

    Yes,agreed, they are champions already, for fighting through trials, and in the end will be Champions, ..!!

    Go Bows!!
    Warriors all the Way!!
    Now, I get all teary eyed again…

  12. Michael Thomas – playing hurt – will be back and will surprise.

  13. Good WIN…Better Second Half…
    Benjy 1-0
    Super Sophs
    Flashy Freshman (Later +1)

    CSU-Bakersfield Will Be a Significant Step-Up in Challenge
    They “shoulda” Beat a Good High Point Team
    CSUB’s 4-2 woulda been Tough Challenge even IF WE still had a 4-2

    Should Have a Decent “Home” Gauging of This Team’s Fight By Tuesday…

    Step Up, ‘Bows!
    Keep Improvin’


    Na Wahine WIN ON ROAD @ High Elevation Against a (MWC) Top-Pick Team CSU, OUTSTANDING!

  14. Valdes, Chen and Bobbitt very impressive and always good to see coach make some nice necessary adjustments in the 2nd half. Next.

  15. A good game for the Bows after all the turmoil. Finally Valdes gets to show the BowFans the the type of player he is, very athletic, very exciting. Like many of you on this site, I questioned the limited use of Valdes by Arnold. Now we get to enjoy the energy his presence brings to the team and arena. As stated earlier by Hawaiifan09, NWC is just a smooth player, very composed, supremely confident in his game. Yes this is just one game against a weak team but what if Nevels and Thomas had played as expected? What if the Bows had more time to practice, to jell without all the distractions?
    As for Coach Taylor and his staff I liked what I saw. Coach Taylor’s cool demeanor on the bench, during timeouts throughout the game was a sharp contrast to Arnold snarling, in your face style. Coach Taylor’s nurturing style is more suited for this young team. Again it’s just one game but at least we are excited about the possibilities .

  16. Valdes! Awesome! Although ragged, the team seems to have some semblance of coaching this year. They seem to be learning and better able to apply it to games. I know he’s not going to have it every game, but Valdes seems to be high on the intangibles, along with his amazing athleticism and his much improved shot and leadership.

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