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Carey maintaining the recruiting trail

Nobody said the job was going to be easy, and Senque Carey is finding that out pretty quick.

Carey was hired as an assistant coach and lead recruiter for the University of Hawai’i basketball team just four months ago. A lot has changed within the program since then.

Benjy Taylor is now the acting head coach and the findings of an NCAA investigation have not been announced. Carey is now Taylor’s top assistant, and continues to be the recruiting coordinator.

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It is not exactly an ideal situation, but Carey is steadfast with the recruiting philosophies that brought him here in the first place.

“I think this university has a great something to sell,” he said. “We have a great arena, we have a great education system. All we need is some good players to come in who are hungry enough to try to get our program over the hump in a difficult situation.”

The early signing period for basketball recruits runs from November 12 to 19, but Carey said he is focusing on the 2015 spring signing period due to the recent changes in the program.

“We won’t have any early signings,” Carey said. “I can tell you we will have some late signings … We’re just focusing right now on getting our team staying together, focused, and winning some games.”

One potential recruit – 6-foot-10 high school center Gligorije Rakocevic – had Hawai’i at the top of his list three weeks ago. This week, he committed to Oregon State. Still, Carey said he is staying in contact with many of the recruits that he has been targeting since he first got hired at UH.

“I think that’s what my job is right now, is just to keep the kids warm and try to overachieve and steal a couple,” Carey said. “Right now, it’s difficult because Coach Taylor is on an interim basis, but there’s kids that’s committed to us, we have relationships with. We’re just trying to establish and keep the relationships warm and it’s going to be an opportunity for some student-athlete.”

Carey came to Hawai’i with a reputation as a relentless recruiter, and it is something he aims to maintain under any circumstances.

“I’m still aggressive, still beating the phone lines,” he said. “We’re still at tournaments, we’re still at the places we need to be and still trying to find that one player or two players or three players that can come in here and change the program for the good.”

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Former University of Hawai’i standout forward Isaac Fotu will be playing professional basketball in Spain this season.

The 6-foot-8 forward has signed a three-year deal with CAI Zaragoza, which is one of 18 teams in Spain’s top-level pro league. He withdrew from UH this month shortly after head coach Gib Arnold and assistant coach Brandyn Akana were dismissed.

Fotu is from New Zealand. CLICK HERE TO READ AN ARTICLE ON FOTU from New Zealand media. It notes that the Spanish league is regarded as one of the best in the world, and likely offered more money than a New Zealand team could.


  1. Hey coach Carey, the Que, great that you haven’t given up, Just keep searching for those good athletes.. You will be rewarded as will all the staff, the team and their families and We Solid Fans, for your endurance.. Must be tough however we backing you all up ! All the way Bows!!

    Getting super excited, fans, just 3 more days and Boooooom.. First game is here !!

    Go Bows!!

  2. Coach Carey is focused with a plan. He provides steady and clear leadership.
    Our recruiting has been affected, however there is a strategy in place.
    Too early to talk about specific players. Clearly we probably need some height, but getting an athletic big that can run with our current players would be nice.
    But I have got to say, I like the players we have, and would like to see them get as much playing time as we can manage. So perhaps, just one big guy would be enough for the upcoming year.
    I like our guys. Do the best you can. I would say, “here, this playing time is for you.”
    Perhaps just one big guy would be enough for this next year. There is opportunity there.

  3. akukead2:

    agree 100% , I am super impressed by Coach Carey, Coach Taylor, Brandon Loyd, the administrative assistants, and the student managers. The team, the 14, just very focused now, no matter past few weeks events.
    You are right, Senque what focus, and for him to say, there Will Be signings, this Spring.. what to sell, the UH as a great educational institution, which is true, the state of Hawaii, exceptional place to live and play hoops, and the overall experience of college life and The SSC the best BB venue, bar none in the BWC. Team will just come out stronger, and more united.. Just one game and one win at a time..

    And akuhead, with departure of 2 UH MBB athletes. .. and Nevels graduating, I think that leaves 3 spots open.. so we shall see.
    Hey, all the way from down under or overseas, man, you are a great fan of UH MBB !!
    Keep the flames of UH MBB burning the only and best NCAA D1 MBB program in the Pacific..
    I think team will do alright!!

    Go Bows. Go Warriors!!

  4. Tonganator:

    From the WI MBB nation, the real deal and die hard, and live well fans, the hard core, bleed Green and white, and support the UH MBB team. Best wishes to Isaac , and send our aloha to Daniel , Ella and your ohana.
    Hope to see Isaac have great Pro career, and hopefully enjoy Poke Bowls in Hawaii on vacation again, I am sure he will be back one day, as well as you and your family

    Go The Mighty Fotus !


  5. SenQue Knows How to Sell.. Hawai’i, The Program, The Place, The Teammates, The People…

    FAIR…DON’T Sign ‘Til NCAA and UH Admin PRODUCE Something of (Diminished, Maybe Ridiculous) VALUE…

    BUT RE-Set The Floor, And The BUILDERS, The ONES Who Actually Produce Something — NOT Boo-Birds —

    Can Get Back to RE-Elevating and Re-Building UP The Propgram….

    Isaac Fotu, Tonganator & Family…
    Congratulations on a Good to Great Start ON Isaac’s PRO Career!
    I’m Guessing 3-400 Large, There’s Only a Few Things Better
    AND 4-2’s Already Movin’ In That Direction

    GO ‘BOWS!
    GO Warriors!

    HOW MANY WINS in The First Tourney?

  6. Runbows, Eagle, Clyde and all die hard fans.

    You are the ones that keep the fire burning..It means a lot to the players and their ohana. I will continue to support the team, and hope they have a great season. I am sure one day we will be back in the Island.


  7. Breaking News: Just got word that MBB player Michael Thomas was injured in a moped accident around midnight near 7-11 on wilder. Sustained injuries to both hands, wrists, legs and shoulders. Declined 911 but very visibly shaken up. You heard it here first before anywhere else so stay tuned and hope he will be ok to play, he will be a vital part of our success.

  8. Whoever may be the future hc @ The UofH I hope he’s willing to keep Carey onboard. Sounds like a really nice coach that could recruit just as well as Gib, that’s their forte so to say.

  9. HoopDhoop,

    yeah, I read it here 1st. What are these kids doing riding mopeds like that?

  10. Carey has to continue to drum up interest in the program, but it’s a very tough sell to something that is uncertain. As you can see, many players come to a University for a large part due to the coaching staff. With an interim tag and one year contracts for assistants it’s going to be tough to get kids to sign on the dotted line. We know that this won’t be sorted out anytime soon since they will launch a national search after the season.

  11. Yeah, Jay needs to deal with the situation NOW either having Taylor for some years or start looking for a new coach like Yesterday. It doesn’t have to be publicly known he’s doing so but he has to be thinking it’s in the best interest of the bb program.

    Kids sign here to play as soon as possible, they don’t come because of the school curriculum or scenery as their 1st choices. I’m referring to athletes that are being recruited by other big schools

  12. I’m pretty sure UH does not want to extend any more scholarship offers until the NCAA letter is released. The could face a reduction in scholarships and they will only have two open next year.

  13. Any updates on Mike Thomas? Is this even true that he was in a moped accident? I been wondering since I read the comment from HoopDHoop this morning but havent seen any updates anywhere. HoopDHoop whats the latest as it seems like you know Mike or maybe other players.

  14. ChuckCheese, my information is 100% accurate I only release info that is true absolutely will not give false info. Like I stated earlier he declined 911 to even be called. if they were called its possible that it would have been made public by now. My sources are accurate have Dayton find out more info from either coach Benjy or mike thomas himself you will know what I post ends up being true. In due time it will get released, not because it’s not public knowledge yet or no one hears about it that it is not true. Maybe by Thursday or Friday they will say he is unavailable for the game, but let’s hope that is not the case. Thank me later

  15. I guess I will have to take your word for it but I don’t know if thank you is the best words I would express to you for this kind of news. Maybe would of been better to keep to yourself since it is obvious that no one else witnessed this?

    If Mike really cant play this weekend, maybe the opponent teams already got a head start on planning if they read this. Maybe they do maybe dont but just the fact that its out there when it didnt really have to be? Ahhh, I don’t know I’m just thinking out loud and I guess it would of come out anyway. Just hope Mike is fine and only minor bumps and bruises.

  16. I agree 100% next time I should keep my accurate info from accurate sources to myself, don’t wanna prematurely let people know accurate facts. Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t with this kinda things. people jump all over information and are skeptical when people have information that other don’t. I don’t blame you though for thinking that way you your honest opinion. and as for letting the other teams get information on this then oh well you know, as a die hard warrior fan I feel we should know the details as we support the program no matter what they go through. so everybody can form there own opinions but I stand fully by my facts as I get them before I post it. if I wanted to post anything false to mislead the fans then I would rather post stories for tmz or other gossip sites.

  17. and also I did not mean thank you for what happened to mike never would I take credit for that, what I meant was thank you for posting accurate information on letting people know what really happened and keeping everyone in the loop and that I have my sources as well that can get the news first.

  18. Mike will play. His name is not Derek Rose

  19. Sucks to hear about MT. HoopDHoop is credible in my book until something he says does not come true. That is the nice part of having a message board, to receive inside info like this. Hopefully the next bit of inside info will be good news on a recruit or a transfer.

  20. if I am offending anyone on this site with my information that is true please forgive me there is no malice or bad intent towards it. I will continue to post facts and only facts that are 100% true never will I misinterpret or give anyone bad info. I thought that was the reason for this site is to get insider information, news on the program, comments and opinions of everyone that follows UH athletics. sooner or later the news will get out and why not let us know when it actually happens instead of days later when it is old news. no harm intended to anyone and you obviously cannot please everyone, so whoever is a skeptic with any of my information that is fine, just don’t bother me or respond with what you believe or what not, he said, she said or its not true cause it wasn’t reported to us by some other CREDIBLE source whatevers, I know who my sources are and I back it 100%

  21. Well..if you want good news, then here it is….on warriorworld.com BM said he spoke with coach Taylor and Mike suffered scrapes but is ready to go and Is supposed to be at practice today.

  22. Thank you PONO and kahuna. I don’t want to be known as someone who lies on this site. We are all here as an Ohana to gain knowledge together and share. I’m also glad that he will be playing. Good luck team.

  23. The timing of the NCAA findings coming out after the early signing period. Is that good or bad?

  24. Not expert. I think that is bad. Makes it much harder for kids/parents to make informed decision. Really good players simply will not commit without knowing.

  25. Easy HoopDHoop. When you right you right. Stick with your guns, thats how! No sense get all huhu when I only was looking for more information and confirmation on the subject that seemed to be kind of sensitive.

    I don’t know if you check this site every day but there have been some false comments being posted by troublemakers in the past couple days. Please no get all defensive again but I don’t remember your name from the comments of way back when so just wanted to make sure info was good to go.

    We’re all good over here HoopDHoop and glad you can be a part of our conversations. You get my respect. Like I said, sounds like you are close to Mike and some of the players so keep up your information. Either that or you work the 7-11 by UH? Thats all good too!

  26. all is good Chuckcheese never meant to get defensive but you know how that goes lol. don’t come on here much but when I do it’s to give facts. ill try and be more involved with the daily progress of the site and program. don’t know mike an definitely don’t work at 711. I know people that’s all, have a wonderful day!

  27. Doesn’t sound near as serious as reported or he is just a real tough kid…..

  28. kahuna this is in response to a comment you posted on hawaiiwarriorworld after a posting relating to the mike Thomas moped accident situation

    I was the one stated about the injuries mike sustained. first hand account of what happened and what was seen was relayed “Sustained injuries to both hands, wrists, legs and shoulders. Declined 911 but very visibly shaken up. obviously if he declined medical assistance it is his feeling and his choice that he can go without being evaluated and also when you see him in person or on tv maybe you can make your assumptions then about what your definition is about a pretty bad accident, if it was a bad accident then obviously an ambulance would be called and he transported to a hospital and it being on the news right? also if you ever was in a moped accident and had his injuries you would know how he felt or not. so don’t try and give some sly remark about what I posted brah cause like I been saying everyone entitled to their own opinions but know the truth first before responding to something you know absolutely nothing about. people tend to rely on BM for their news but so far I have been correct with my sources and in the things I post before BM or anyone else knows. have a good night!!!

  29. He may not look it, but Mike Thomas must be a tough kid … probably with a high-pain tolerance. During the summer he suffered burns to his hands in a cooking accident, I believe, and missed some summer league games. I thought he was gonna shut it down, and no one would have faulted him. Instead, he came back to play.

    In one game, he fell to the floor and obviously re-injured the palm of his hand. I thought for sure he was done for the night. Instead, he taped his hand at halftime and was back on the court for the second half. I think the injury bothered him the rest of the way, but he finished league play.

    Hopefully, he’ll be back on Friday and silence a certain former UH assistant coach, who inferred on a radio show tonight that Thomas would never again lead the team in scoring as he did in the HPU exhibition. He could be right, but I didn’t appreciate the comment. I’ve always held Thomas in high regard; he’s the kind of kid you’d want in your program.

    Nuff said.

  30. I agree Clyde mike Thomas is a tough dude. Expecting awesome things from the team this year.

  31. Mike will be Iron Man Mike this season, he looks stronger, keep lifting and drinking Muscle Milk bruddah Mike. We need a strong rebounder in you playing the 4 spot.

  32. Yes. I did not hear anything about Mike Thomas. However those mopeds, really dangerous, had some football athletes and VB, MBB, guys hurt before . One slip, really man against machine.
    Mike T. MT, Muscle Milk Man, as jjay says, He is ready to go.. One telling thing, even though hoopstalk announcer on Animal , say he is thin, or Jankovich is thin, Both those guys , are now the physical bangers.. They are probably the most strongest two on the team

    Agree, with jjay, Iron Mike , he been waiting tooooo long for this RBC tournament, and AV, and the rest, to sit out.. If it were that bad, he would be hospitalized. however not.

    Just want the guys, all 14, to stay healthy.. and as Benjy says, that Jawato, take his time, concussions are really serious and affect ones’ health for long time. Still, as I have posted, he is just short of 6’5″ and around 215, with that BWC 3 ball game, and be able to do more, that is the 3rd guy we have been waiting to explode..

    Mike T., Aaron V. and Brandon J.. they be ready..!!

    And WI MBB fans,, shoots,.. only 2 days away.. then BASKETBALL HOOPS !!

    Go Bows Go Warriors!!

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