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Excerpts from Call the Coach

University of Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold participated in his first “Call the Coach” show on ESPN radio (1420 AM) on Tuesday night.

The one-hour program was hosted by radio play-by-play man Bobby Curran, and was held at the Rumours Nightclub in the Ala Moana Hotel.


Arnold covered numerous topics, including:

* Injuries – sophomore Negus Webster-Chan (ribs) is the latest player to be sidelined, joining Isaac Fotu (back), Brandon Jawato (ankle), Stefan Jankovic (leg) and Sammis Reyes (toe).

* Point guards – Arnold said the three leading candidates are Quincy Smith, Roderick Bobbitt and Niko Filipovich, and each brings a different look to the position.

* Scholarships and recruiting – Arnold said he has the maximum 13 players on scholarship, but emphasized that he treats non-scholarship players equally and does not reveal to the public which players are on scholarship.

Arnold also noted that he was taking a quick trip to Los Angeles this week to make an official visit with a recruit.


  1. yes…coach arnold and team.win bwc!!

  2. HoopsTalk:

    Jeff P hinted something may come out of the investigation by mid November. Jackson W said it is / could be pretty serious.

    This season, they said the Big West is better than last and some teams could be in the 70 or 80 rpi range. The projected top four teams have four starters returning and (also two other teams have that, per Gary D).

    Blue Ribbon Basketball picked UH as 7th out of 9 teams in the Big West. Following grades: Backcourt C; Bench D; Frontcourt C+; Intangibles C.

    Jeff/ Jackson pick UH as 6th, but say they can maybe be 5th.

    They say hopefully UH can overachieve and do good things this season, and be competitive and great.

    UC Irvine coach thinks Irvine can possibly be considered for an at-large berth this year, if they don’t get the automatic and if they do well in non-conference vs, teams like Arizona,St Mary’s, Oregon.

  3. Wow 6th is rather low. I’m not a kool aid drinker and I was thinking 4th. Did they say who the teams they predict below UH?

  4. Pono,

    Jeff / Jackson’s picks:

    1. UC Irvine ( heavy favorite with lots of talent)
    2. UCSB ( Al Williams)
    3. Long Beach St. ( Caffey, Lamb; a new defensive stopper)
    4. CSUN ( two all conference players)
    5. Cal Poly
    6. UH
    7. UC Davis ( Corey Hawkins)
    8. Fullerton
    9. Riverside

  5. Hoops talk? How credible are those two..a guy who has to make statments with disclaimer. .because..he is a BOR..?.. don’t trust what he says…wheeler still don’ t like gib and his program

    Hoops talk? Really speculative balkers..

    If as jw says “major”..we WI MBB fan forum members entitled to opinion too right?
    If jw says major thing coming out mid November. .bad for uh mbb ..I go out on limb snd say
    Gib will resign before November and uh mbb will have BenjyTaylor will be interim coach for rest of year..

    I always knew…99.9% knew correction..settlment to be made with legal..try to lessen of blow..key..BOR or media guys don’ t leak..otherwise ncaa come down harder
    GOOD if ncaa finalizes and counsel for coach and team do their jobs ..let rainbow warriors blow up bwc,, and go ncaa

    Hoops talk..more..rumor balk!!
    even Dayton too much journalistic integrity to even hint at what is going down..otherwise that might compromise investigation.
    Keep true updates coming when official Dayton..not hinting at..the truth..we can handle it!!
    Go Bows!!

  6. Still… man enough to say… for sake of the student athletes, HC and powers that be, reap what you sow… those that suffer the consequences of if/any violations., let justice be served. That is why HC has his own personal counsel, and UH has their legal counsel and outside, (if still be retained) to lessen if/ any penalties.

    Major concern the wonderful sixteen guys who did well in school, worked their okoles(bottoms)off this past pre season, to do really well for UH MBB, it brings tears to my eyes as long time UH MBB fan since 1965… however… better that ncaa finalizes, if true, this mid Nov.. UH corrects mistakes, and still(here is where legal can help)get to work towards NIT or NCAA championships this year. would be GOOD FOR THE TEAM.. the adults, or whomever compliance, they accept, the doled out rulings. I am fine with that. UH MBB makes adjustments, corrections… and Then after NCAA pau , done with their findings, and UH counters, and they both reach common ground settlement for best of UH and NCAA , and the students and their families… then the Good Part? If UH still allowed to go after that Gem that Gib has been trying to recruit or still keep tabs on for several years, he must be a good one. Go get em Gib.

    The finalizing, and not death blow, no post season, would open up the recruiting trail probably for 2016-17 and beyond.

    Hoping for the best.. if it were Death Penalty..well, Gib was one of the most exciting coaches ever for UH MBB, he brought a lot of interest to program… I really like his energy… wish him a good settlement, and He and Team can chase the NCAA tournament bid this year.!!

    Go The Mighty Warriors!\
    Last few seconds…4…3….2….1…0….bzzzzzzz….Gib Arnold hits the winning 3 pointer from 45 feet out to win back UH MBB team hearts and fans, good job Gib for going on 5 years.. LIVE, correction and learn, and Win!

  7. WELL…


    Finishing 4th, 5th, Then NOT Retaining their Available Starters
    Versus Teams who Return Four or More…
    Chemistry in Basketball Counts for A Lot…
    RETURNING Experience Able to Win On The Road Counts for More…

    When Have this many new players, however talented, maybe better?
    WILL Have to Prove They CAN Function and WIN @ A High Level
    WHEN They do, RESPECT WILL Follow…

    GET Healthy
    Get Deadly
    Win, Win, Win Again…
    GO ‘Bows!

    [Mahalo for Awesome Coverage, Dayton!]

  8. If I’m not mistaken I think last year they predicted UH to finish 7th also. Now everyone knows that this year’s team is better than last. The only reason they give UH 7th is because we lost 3 starters and last year’s conference record was not good. The low ranking is expected from them since they haven’t a clue as to what we got. All the more fuel for UH MBB to prove them wrong. Then they will look at us and say, “Who that team?” Then I’ll say, “The Big West’s worse nightmare.”

  9. okay, UH MBB team has 32 game schedule including BWC play. 16 games pre conference, and 16 in conference for BWC regular season champion.

    Gib is right, and this a HUGE key for UH success, the PG’s that can play O and D, take care of ball and outstanding dfense with speed and smarts. He has SG’s, Nevels, , Enos, Fleming…I put Jawato, he has good size, when he is healthy… at SF along with NWC and Valdes.

    PF: Isaac Fotu, Mike Thomas and Sammis Reyes./

    C: Stefan Jovanovich, Stefan Jankovich..
    Gib could see it in preseason conditioning and small goups of working with guys.. hey, legit, Fotu at 6’8″ and Stefan Jankofich 6’11” shooting out to three line as well as his guards.

    His 3 men, NWC, Valdes, Sammis 4/5…shooting at least open gym and in scrimmages and practices, Fifteen out of the Sixteen are legit 3 ball shooters..

    He could have this UNIT A:

    PG: Quincy, SG, Nevels, SF, NWC, PF, Isaac Fotu, PF, MThomas..All can hit the three ball, and all athletic.

    UNIT B: PG: Roderick Bobbitt, SG: NWC, SF: Brandon Jawato, PF: Sammis Reyes, C; Stefan Jankovich

    All 3 ball launchers..

    UNIT C: PG: Nikola Filopovich, SG: Dyrbe Enos, SF: Aaron Valdes, PF: Mike Thomas , C: Stefan Jankovich…

    UNIT C: PG: Isaac Fleming, SG: Brocke Steptea/Zach Buscher, SF: Sammis Reyes, PF: Isaac Fotu, C: Stefan Jankovich..

    All trifecta shooters, and hopefully all sixteen guys hit close to 38% or better form 3 line, 80% or better form FT line, and 50% or better from Field, with 16 assists and 10 turnovers per game, and 40-18 outrebounding teams… .. yes, let the BWC look down on UH, they are young but hungry a very cali, east coast, international hungry 3 ball jacking dunking team..

    They going to beat Mama here at SSC and at Irvine again.. advantage UH..

    Still my predictions. I will stick with it, pre NIT / NCAA selection show March 2015, UH 12-4 pre bwc season…. 12-4 BWC play and regular season champs. NIT guaranteed. UH wins the BWC tournament, and ends up 27-8 and seeded 13 seed and upset St Mary’s in the first round, and move on to second round, they win the second round and they are in the Sweet Sixteen and boooom, they headed for the elite eight, and etc,etc, booom to the top.. NWC and Janks say, WHY NOT UH MBB TEAM>>>shock the world!

  10. GIB On his overall team outlook:

    “I think the fans are just going to absolutely love this team. I can’t tell you how excited I am. … It’s going to be a fun, exciting young group. … We’ve got a lot of guys who can score it, a lot of guys who can shoot it….

    On the defensive side, we’ll have to figure it out. But offensively, we’ll be pretty good.”

    I THINK MANY OF US Feel Something Like that …

  11. Doesn’t matter what we all think. Or what predictors think. This is the year that team needs to step up. UH cannot be an also ran year after year in the BWC. We need to be the big dog starting this year. No more “wait ’til next year”. Will be an interesting season. Can’t wait for first tip so we can see how they perform. Speculation is all any of us can do right now and it is fun to do. No more speculating please. Let’s just get this party started!

  12. Hoosiers, it is what it is at this point… agree with you , let’s get started , first action against someone other than themselves. The HPU exhibition game on Nov 6 2014 at SSC 700pm. Should be great game., to see the guys in game like conditions. Then about a week later the real thing against Arkasas Pine Bluff, .. With the injuries, not unlike NBA teams, during the season, they do weights, run, stretching, ice , heat baths, rehab and take care of their bodies. They don’t put in 3 hr. heavy practices. Maybe Gib might have to go that philosophy this year, scout teams well, then walk through, and work on what they do well,.. and be mentally ready for teams, to avoid further injuries.

    From PG to C… UH , agree with Gib, his best collection of Sixteen Basketball student athletes in 5 years.. very deep team, hopefully make a deep run into post season!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Go The Mighty Warriors

    Tonganator, hope that Isaac’s Back is good to go for Season opener!
    Take care, and shout out to Fotu Ohana, and Mama Fotu!

  13. I love the speculation but when the lights come on we will see who is who by the 3rd game.

    [remember pressure bust pipes]

  14. I have a serious question about Hoops Talk and one Jeff Portnoy for some of you who might know more about this kind of stuff. How is he allowed to be on the UH Board of Regents and still host a radio show and throw out negative and insinuating comments about a UH program?

    I understand that he always throws out his disclaimer about his views not representing the Board but still. Would another Regent be allowed to host a radio show about the Shidler Business School and make such insinuating comments, whether true or not? Same for the Burns School of Medicine, or Richardson Law School. I’m sure there are regents who might have interests in these programs and could share “juicy” information with the public but should they be allowed to do that?

    Maybe it is just me, but it bothers me that a Regent is allowed to do this. Do the other Board members even know or care about what Portnoy is saying and doing? I think it just leads to more public perception that UH is being led by a bunch of buffoons with self serving intentions.

    If any of you know a Regent or know how to get answers about this please share.

  15. bigdaddy: you are right, until the REAL GAME, and the spot lights are on, and in Real Game situation, the guys ready to play will come to the fore… just know that the whole team, at all spots are working hard for PT, and to help UH MBB win.

    bigdaddy, guard line, PG and SG,is the deepest for UH MBB in years, look for good things from freshmen to senior Nevels. should be fun..

    And you are right, this is the fun part, just the scenarios, just guessing.. speculating, when season couple games in , we shall see the athletes come to the fore..

  16. RunBows.

    Just catching up with all the comments. Getting close to show time. Isaac’s back is good to go. He has really trying to catch up on school work and he is getting on top of things. He is in good shape and hungry to get going again.

    Shout out to bigdaddy and ohana. Hopefully catch up in Hawaii if you are there for the DHC.


  17. ChuckCheese….from day One when Portnoy said he would still host Hoops Balk er….Talk…I thought conflict of interest. A BOR member, critic of team and program, part of color commentary on radio for MBB team, and Now a wikileaker on NCAA findings according to Gib anti guy , JWheeler.. just does not make sense! However sadly a lot of these things with UH and higher powers that be, it IS POLITICAL(just voicing my opinion JP and JW, as you do)…I would rather have even Lori Santi doing color for MBB or Hoops talk with Geremey Robinson and Al Davis. They played ball at UH and know whats going on.

    Yes, WI MBB fans, are skirting that issue, the leak on the NCAA findings, well ChuckCheese, that is supposed to be an official release by Ben Jay and ADept, .. not a Hoop Balk, I mean Talk Show..

    It detracts from build up and interest in team.. Still , Gib has guys on track in school, rehab and getting ready for season, MBB program still full steam ahead, when letter is given to UH AD, then they will counter, appeal, or accept and with legal work out settlement, without have to go to hearings.. That would be best case scenario… for Jackson, to say “It Looks pretty Bad”, the infractions. How the Heck does He know? He was terminated by the UH years ago as an assistant coach… Consdier , Chuck…The Sourse, a conflicting commentator JP and a former UH coach with a gripe…JMO…

    It makes me upset, however, not at Gib and the team or Tonganator and the other MBB families Ohana.
    Fight Stand and Fight…Finish Strong, take corrections and move on!
    Go The Mighty Rainbow Warriors!

    Any comments from other WI forum members? Is it pono, for JP and JW to leak information that ncaa , even if true is coming out with severity of punishment,… HOW DO THEY KNOW?
    some kind of leak, and I don’t mean , shi shi, leak!

  18. And BM the beat writer, he is awaiting that too. he says he heard the Hoops Balk show, and said BOR JP, …said findings coming out mid November, fine… Maybe JP is a part of UH Upper campus, that is in on the findings, and settlement to come.. HOW THE HECK is JW, that anti Gib ex UH coach, a part of that Leak to the public? What a ….? what kine guy that, says he supports team? Well wait unitil the official… if Ben Jay, says, yes, by Nov 16, we shall receive a letter from ncaa, then that IS OFFICIAL,.. then Counsel they read it, and go to work, to help soften any penalties, or work along, some of the penalties, or sanction might, be all the compliance person, AD, the whole MBB staff, go to NCAA protocol, rules, and compliance classes..

    We await Chuck Cheese, You are right , and several thousand fell the worst Hoops Balk Show, is with JP and JW…they like Hawaii, not necessarily the HC’s or the team members.. I hope not.. If Gib takes his team to NCAA tournament and makes it to the sweet sixteen, they will say.. GREAT JOB… what a bunch of guys! JMO.

  19. Radio guy are not reporters so as all talk show hosts do they speculate which prompts reaction and conversation to drive the show. You have an option to listen to them or not. I can’t stand Booby Curran so I choose not to listen to any of his garbage. Anyways we need our guys to heal up as it will already be a tough battle getting into the top 3 in the BWC with a full squad. It’s good to hear that Isaac’s back is fine and they are just being cautious with him.

  20. Anyone hear of something called “freedom of speech”? JP and JW are entitled to their opinions just as much as everyone here. It is one thing to tell posters here to be positive or do not post. It is another when someone on another medium gets blasted for voicing his own opinion. Refer to my earlier post. Talking time is pau. Prove the naysayers wrong and bring it on the floor. I do not know where they will finish but will be at every game hoping that they dominate at home and steal some on the road. I know that JP wants the team to succeed as much as anyone. It is a good thing to have a regent who is a strong supporter of the entire sthletic program. No excuses this year. I can hear the big dog growling…….

  21. Tonganator everything goes well i should be in Hawaii Dec 20th to meet the faithfuls.

  22. Servante, UH was picked 6th last year by the media poll. At least one other poll had them at 4th, which is where they did finish.

  23. Attention Jeff :

    ESPN Projection

    1. UCI
    2. UCSB
    3. LBSU
    4. Hawaii
    5. UCD
    6. CSUN
    7. Cal Poly
    8. UCR
    9. CSUF

    Some commenters on this said UH too high, Poly too low, etc.

  24. Let’s look at last season’s conference RPI’s. I know things change but this is just for relativity. If we truly want to get to a real post season tourney (NIT or NCAA) we have to do better than 3rd or 4th in the 22nd ranked conference.

    1 Big 12 Conference 98 26 0.7903 0.5819 1 0.5812
    2 Big Ten Conference 120 32 0.7895 0.5712 2 0.5737
    3 Pacific 12 Conference 115 32 0.7823 0.5655 3 0.5695
    4 Big East Conference 94 31 0.7520 0.5602 4 0.5645
    5 Atlantic Coast Conference 137 53 0.7211 0.5555 5 0.5573
    6 Atlantic 10 Conference 127 54 0.7017 0.5528 6 0.5565
    7 Southeastern Conference 123 52 0.7029 0.5447 7 0.5494
    8 American Athletic Conference 88 35 0.7154 0.5331 8 0.5449
    9 West Coast Conference 71 41 0.6339 0.5293 9 0.5330
    10 Mountain West Conference 76 46 0.6230 0.5209 10 0.5266
    11 Missouri Valley Conference 64 49 0.5664 0.5108 11 0.5129
    12 Mid American Conference 72 59 0.5496 0.5053 12 0.5085
    13 Conference USA 105 97 0.5198 0.4914 17 0.4974
    14 Horizon League 51 60 0.4595 0.4976 14 0.4936
    15 Colonial Athletic Assn 53 70 0.4309 0.5006 13 0.4901
    16 Metro Atlantic Athletic Conf 48 61 0.4404 0.4876 18 0.4884
    17 Summit League 44 59 0.4272 0.4957 15 0.4867
    18 Ivy League 53 56 0.4862 0.4766 19 0.4817
    19 Sun Belt Conference 40 61 0.3960 0.4942 16 0.4815
    20 Patriot League 48 62 0.4364 0.4741 20 0.4757
    21 Western Athletic Conference 43 70 0.3805 0.4640 22 0.4676
    22 Big West Conference 44 69 0.3894 0.4712 21 0.4676
    23 Atlantic Sun 38 71 0.3486 0.4619 23 0.4626
    24 Ohio Valley Conference 53 95 0.3581 0.4580 25 0.4593
    25 Big Sky Conference 23 62 0.2706 0.4480 27 0.4549
    26 Northeast Conference 45 88 0.3383 0.4555 26 0.4538
    27 Southland Conference 33 84 0.2821 0.4590 24 0.4497
    28 Big South Conference 38 94 0.2879 0.4433 30 0.4442
    29 America East Conference 32 80 0.2857 0.4433 29 0.4401
    30 Southern Conference 34 91 0.2720 0.4447 28 0.4382
    31 Mid Eastern Athletic Conference 31 126 0.1975 0.4334 31 0.4253
    32 Southwestern Athletic Conference 14 82 0.1458 0.4298 32 0.4249
    33 Independents 9 16 0.3600 0.4139 33 0.4139

  25. How many on this blog can name 3 teams off the top of their head in the Summit League, Metro Atlantic Athletic Conf or the Colonial Athletic Conf. All these leagues had higher RPI’s than the BWC. That just shows how lowly regarded the BWC is nationally.

  26. Keeping on track with my original question and I apologize because it looks like the wrong part of the question being emphasized with some of your responses. I get the freedom of speech rights and that radio announcers can talk about anything they want.

    The point of the question is should a member of the UH Board of Regents be hosting a show about a UH department?

    Go back to some of the other examples and think of it this way: what if another board member hosted a show about law schools and started speculating about UH professors and potential candidates to the UH law school and the performances of the UH law students. That is freedom of speech to talk about it but is it proper for a UH BOARD MEMBER to talk about it?

    To me it does not reflect well on UH and especially the Board of Regents when a person with this power shares his personal feelings about a UH department in such a public manner. It could work for him in a future board meeting but could also backfire in a big way. My opinion.

  27. Hey cheese thrower I agree in some ways. we have a right to say what every we want but that does not mean that our employers should keep us on the books. I like gib Arnold, and was not a fan of the choice when first hired but I can see the passion within him and he actually does seem to know the X’s and O’s of basketball. Has actually used offense defense towards the end of a game, sets up plays for 2 for 1’s. loves the state and the people. Hires local coach in Akana. We have had a lot to f prior head coaches as assistant coaches as well. With all this said why do we not win like the big boys? i don’t have a good answer but will changing the coach make the difference, I’m not sure but I doubt it. I really do like the talent on this team and will enjoy making noise and yelling at the referees all season long.

  28. Gib is a polarizing figure because of his attitude and salesman personality. Some people are sold and some people feel like he is pulling the rug from under their feet. I think Gib would make a stellar lead assistant at a big time school where he could recruit all day long with a big budget and leave the coaching to the other guys on staff. I think he lacks sorely in the X’s and O’s part and since he’s on the road so much recruiting he doesn’t spend as much time on player development as other head coaches across the country. Most head coaches are the closers not the ones making all the trips all the time. Hopefully the hiring of Carey will take care of this or shift more responsibility. Gib is also really good at hyping up player but the only all conference players we’ve had in his tenure is Zane Johnson who was a carryover from Nash and Fotu, Vander and Standhardinger. That’s one all league player per year on average which doesn’t overwhelm me. Coupled with middle of the pack finishes in conference if our recruiting and talent level of players is so much higher than we are lacking in some other department that his not translating to more conference wins. As Al Davis said “Just Win Baby”. I haven’t seen it yet in conference play but hopefully this will be the breakthrough year.

  29. ChuckCheese: You are spot on regarding the conflict of interest with Jeff P. being a color guy for MBB for years, then appointed to BOR.. the heavy hitters for the University, the Power that be? Can he be objective, I guess so.. he always has a criticism, however, what a position to place himself in, and for BC and KKEA to let him do it.. Would rather have Tim Shepherd, Geremey Robinson, Al Davis, Dwight Holiday do the color for radio Broadcasts. They are not part of BOR.NO conflict. And BOR powers to actually guide the hiring and firing of BB coach? How the heck..

    It might seem, archaic and here we go again.. You know why things are the way they are in The State Of Hawaii, because, that is the Way It is, from Politics, the Governor on down to an HGEA clerk in one of the public schools, it might not make sense, however, in State Government and way things done since Hawaii became a state, That is The Way it Is Done.. Love Hawaii, great mixed culture, and not like a lot of cities around the world, still that Aloha, and love..

    I think it is that Hannity and Colbmes, or Rush Limbaugh, PTI, type of thing… WI forum, the super fans, go through good and bad support the MBB program… Dayton Da Man Morinaga, having very, very close interviews and videos of MBB athletes and coaches, he has a great relationship with Gib. JP and JW… Gib will challenge them to two on two, Senque and Gib vs JP and JW, first to 7 baskets, half court with officials 20 minute, running time, and called fouls. Who do you think would win. Gib and Que would kick their……all over Practice gym two..Just in fun.

    Actually got to talk to JP and JW, one on one, they have the public persona and the Private one.. they are both very nice guys and support UH.. ONLY IN HAWAII

    One good thing Chuck, even if JP leaked , the release of NCAA findings, and let’s say he gets called up on it by ncaa, oh, oh.. if he can do it, being a BOR ,..committee member, THE GOOD RESULT< the investigation will be settled soon.. I bet one million coconuts, that NO DEATH PENALTY, UH can play for Post Season NIT or NCAA , maybe some sit out game, or coach whatever, however 16 guys still intact to play for NCAA championship!

    Go Bows..Go The Mighty Warriors!
    And Jeff and Jackson, support the team, would all of us, from 4 forums, hoops talk, Wi, and BM blogs, love Hawaii MBB and WBB both go to NCAA's this year!

    Love the Hoop Heaven, only in Aloha State

    Be safe Jeff, Jackson, Gib, team , and all the guys.

  30. bigdaddy,

    great you made communication with Tonganator, (see him at DHC in December)very sure, boys from Cali, can see their boys play when BWC road swings, you might be able to go to Florida? For Gulf Coast showcase tournament to see Isaac Fleming? Know that Negus’ parents and friends are flying down to Florida to watch Negus… Same with friends of Sammis Reyes I assume, watch, Sammis in Florida in that tournament..

    HEY.. after ncaa, thing.. PEOPLE>.. UH and Gib and team, just focus on winning BWC, NIT and NCAA championships, and get that RECRUITING pipeline for 2016 and beyond going!

    Go Mighty Warriors. Go Bows!!

  31. All the negative talk about Gib will go away when he starts winning again, especially conference games. Last year the bench, because of their lack of playing time during the season, was little used in the conference tournament. This year we should not have this burn out factor from the starting five as this year’s bench will make a difference. It may have taken awhile for this program to come around but remember where we live and how difficult it is to recruit. But I think Gib has recruited a sharp group of players for this year and we shall see as the season unfolds how they mix and come together. Question: What do you get when you mix sulphur with the right chemicals? Dynamite. What do you get when you mix sulphur with the wrong chemicals? One rotten egg.fart.

  32. servante : True, Gib has never had a losing season…just has to finish strong when it counts, BWC play and BWC tournament time, He wins those titles..All smiles, and the negative nancies, go off into the sunset. Winning cures a lot of ills…. That is why they get the pay..Gib a kamaaina, a native son, Punahou grad, surfer, family man, loves Hawaii, he gets the culture and he sells it. This group, that top 15 or so.. great young guys, All think they can bring championships to UH MBB again… Gib has to set that Mantra on the Table, the ONE OHANA… wins, and Team above self and staff. the safe good assist , instead of the sexy pass, that goes out of bounds.. etc.. Just good ole, Fab Five, or Savo led BB smart team.. Gib, servante..eagle, hoosier, warriorhaw, Chuck, Pono, jjay, Josh, anderpops, akuhead2, BigFan, Tonganator, bigdaddy, RobT, and all WI MBB fans, all we want is team to win as much as possible, and always, be challenging and winning BWC and the BWC tournament.. Exciting, ncaa thing notwithstanding.. think , I still think Gib, and Ben Jay, and legal eagles, are ready to settle, they KNOW the extent or have an idea, best case and worse case scenario for UH MBB and whatever penalties if any,… They are ONE STEP ahead of us..

    UH fans and media and team, Coach, just concentrate on Winning Games and have fun doing it.
    Then, servante…we all going say, not Fart is the Hart.. we going say…What A Dream .. this Fantastic Team!

    Go Rainbow Warriors… and Tonganator and bigdaddy, you have good athletic, and academic young ones!

  33. Here is my question for all ranting about JP “conflict of interest”. If he was predicting first place finish and what a great team we had would anyone be bringing this up? C’mon now, be honest. Most likely there would not be a peep. Let it go folks. In the scheme of things it is just an opinion. He is a regent because of an illustrious legal career and notbecausehe was a color radio guy. Give it up and move on. Hate to see this turn into another Tuler Harville rant.

  34. Hoosier, true… Let HC and team prove it on court, know that they are so anxious to show that they are competitive team. If they are HEALTHY.. that is the bugaboo, as I say… you have all 16 guys healthy, together, and playing as one, team can compete for BWC title and NCAA bid no question. very young team.

    Jeff and Jackson wish them the best, once again in person, two very nice guys and they love UH hoops too!

    At this point, Dayton will turn the page, and move on to another post..
    that other stuff about ncaa findings revealed in November, when it comes it comes, and we let counsel handle that.

    Just Go Rainbow Warriors … Have a great season, and thanks for your comments too, Hoosier!

  35. Jeff / Jackson’s pick of UH 6th is a joke.

    Northridge was a fluke that got hot at the end of the season
    Cal Poly was horrible outside their home court (which wasn’t as iron clad as before).
    LBSU is a wild card as they were scrambling with all their off-court issues from last year

    UCSB is a contender solely because of Alan Williams, otherwise they are very average.

    Irvine is everybody’s pick to win the BWC, but it’s mainly from their size. Size is always tough to deal with, but from what I saw last year, they don’t have dynamic athletes and overall talent is so-so. They were beaten my most of the BWC contenders last season (beaten badly by some) so they are by no means a big favorite to win the BWC this season.

  36. Back to main focus. GO BOWS!!!!!!

  37. Irvine was 12-3 in conference last year. Lost to UH, UCSB & CSUN. The only blowout loss was to UCSB. Besides Mamadou, they have Will Davis, Alex Young and Luke Nelson who is supposed to be a standout player ? Yah, they have 5 players 6′ 10″ or taller .

  38. interested if gib is taking that visit for a big this season and this team is young so i think we won’t be very good and consistent but good enough to make a run in the BW tournament and win it

  39. Go Get Em Gib! Hook Em Up! and Reel Em In!

  40. I’d like to know who Gib’s been following the past 3 years

    Go Get Em Gib! Hook Em Up! and Reel Em In!

  41. Dayton:

    AWESOME JOB ON THE REAL TIME VIDEO INTERVIEW CALL THE COACH WITH GIB…Not enough kudos and props to what Dayton does, labor of love, hard work, late nite work the write-ups the editing, the video presentation, the fine sponsorship of the Schmidt Ohana. This is the site , where real , true blood, green and white, die hard, hard core, faithful UH MBB fans, unite.
    Mahalo Plenty Dayton and Warrior Insider going into your Fifth Year, same as Gib, .. Awesome and thankyou again.

    Personally, I think this might be the most exciting MBB year in a decade or so. Guys will be ready,. And things will be steadied, I am confident..For UH MBB team and families, friends, potential recruits, any that look at the posts on this forum.. UH MBB fans are passionate, and want the MBB program to succeed.. If You are a potential Big or SF , PF looking to help UH next season or two down the road, come to Hawaii, the culture, the beaches, the beauty, and a full Stan Sheriff rocking arena, the ONLY NCAA D1 MBB team in the state, will love you and support your effort on the court, in the community and in the classroom!

    Go Bows. Go The Mighty Rainbow Warriors!

    And All 16 of the 2014-15 MBB roster, the Team , the One Ohana, Finish Strong, You guys are going to have an Awesome, unreal, and incredible season. get healthy, stay strong, Focused, and win that BWC regular and Tourney Titles!

  42. Big daddy
    We will be in the Island on 14th December. The Valdes ohana will be there as well, hopefully we can all catch up.


  43. Good to see players’ family here for DHC. I know the feeling of pride seeing your children succeed and work hard. Hawaii fans truly welcomes your sons and wishes them success on and off the court. We realize these are young people a long way from home and family. They deserve all the support we can give them. I hope the team does well this year but also am sure that each team member will go on to be positive, productive adults in whatever field they choose. Mahalo to all the fillies for sharing their young men with us for a few years.

  44. Hoosier, I agree with you about keeping the focus on the team and especially so since no one seems to know the answer to my original question. With all respect to you I want to respond to your earlier comment by saying my original question had nothing to do with the words Portnoy says but the fact that he is hosting a show while holding a title with Board of Regents.

    Others offered their opinions which led to your response. I think even if Portnoy were to pick UH first and rave about the recruits, etc., people on this site would not say anything because there are too many homers here including me I admit it! But it sounds like you follow these things close enough to know if that were the case that other forums and sites would then chime in about Portnoy being a homer and how he shouldn’t be hosting a show, etc. The bottom line and point being that it draws unnecessary criticism to the Board of Regents no matter which way he speaks and I don’t see that as being a good thing given the current public perception of mistrust and foolishness at UH.

    Enough from me on this. Sorry Dayton and others for rambling on so much about this.

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