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Enos representing Warriors in summer league

The University of Hawai’i basketball players are spending time in their respective hometowns this summer. Dyrbe Enos is no exception.

As such, Enos is the only returning player from the 2013-14 UH roster who is currently participating in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League.


The 5-foot-10 guard hit five 3-pointers and scored 15 points, though it came in a losing effort for Solar Universe. Clark Hatch Fitness defeated Solar Universe, 110-90, in the first of two games on Tuesday night at Manoa Valley Recreation gym.

Enos, a Kamehameha Schools graduate, said the absence of his UH teammates this summer has prompted him to do most of his training off the UH campus.

“I’m trying to work out on my own,” he said. “Some of my friends that come back (to Hawai’i), they play for D-II or D-III, so I work out with them. I try to do some drills at the YMCA, try to find an open court.”

Through the first two nights of the Hawai’i Summer League, Enos is the only current UH player to make an appearance thus far. A few other players are expected to trickle in over the next week.

“I’m kind of out of shape right now, so I’m trying to get back into it,” Enos said. “(Summer league) should help me at least stay in shape.”

Summer league veterans Kaunaoa McGee (Kaiser High/Assumption College) and Leon Ballard (Chaminade) scored 29 and 28 points, respectively, to lead Clark Hatch Fitness to the victory over Enos and Solar Universe. Derrick Low (‘Iolani/Washington State) led Solar Universe with 22 points.

The second game was a thriller, with Wealth Strategy Partners defeating National Fire Protection Co., 100-99, in overtime. Joe Buck (USC) hit one of two free throws with 2.7 seconds remaining for the winning point. Moments earlier, DeAndre Haskins (Chaminade) drained a 3 that tied the score at 99.

The next games are scheduled for Thursday at Manoa Valley.

Tuesday’s results
Clark Hatch Fitness 110, Solar Universe 90. Top scorers: CHF–
Kaunaoa McGee 29, Leon Ballard 28, John Avila 12, Scott Kato 10. SU–Derrick Low 22, Dyrbe Enos 15, Kona Makaula 13, Antonio Washington 13.

Wealth Strategy Partners 100, National Fire Protection Co. 99 (OT). Top scorers: WSP–Joe Buck 24, William Broadus 22, Waly Coulibaly 21, Dean Viena 13, Miah Ostrowski 10. NFP–Jeff Greer 28, DeAndre Haskins 26, Gerald Wright 11.


  1. Dyrbe — First Up off of the Bench for the Three-Brigade

    Like throwin’ Fuel on the Fire

    Finally… The Hawai’i Reign of Threes

    Next Up? Harville and Stepteau…

    IMUA Kamehameha E!

  2. Agreed:

    Enos having some quality PT as Fr. Rs last year, was huge. He knows system, can shoot 3 three ball, has more confidence, he will part of a brigade as you say Eagle of almost interchangeable..
    Enos 808 represent, and Zach Buscher too, they do well, it can draw another couple of hundred if not more to SSC if team doing well and they winning,…Eagle look for really exciting and fast paced lock down, 3 ball shooting team this year. Will be fun..Just get unfinished business finished, Hawaii will be okay.. Come out stronger, all , HC to ball boy, trainer, compliance person, secretary, and athletes, team will be focused and ready to win.

    Go Dyrbe Enos, Imua!

  3. Jake: You have a lot of UH MBB fans anxious to watch Tyler Harville play. Sounds like he is a gym rat, or wherever a court, on the beach , in the mall, at the school yard. Enos, very similar height, maybe Tyler taller, however, Dyrbe Enos is a preferred walkon, worked it hard in practice, running offense, and shooting deep three ball, Tyler will have fun, with Brocke, Bobbitt, Fleming and bonding with Zach Bushcer, Mike Thomas, and Brandon Jawato who are here for summer. Hopefully is miracle, Sammis be here late July or by August.

    Thursday, will be fun and exciting for Tyler, hope he continues to have great Hawaii vacation with family, and has a good time in summer league. Watch the hilites video of games at the Manoa College Summer league that you have copy and pasted as a favorite. That site is really good, whoever does the video, it is very current, the day after or so, the videos are up, divided into first and second halved…so you can watch, basically an edited highlight presentation. Will notice, HS, DI, DII, DIII , active and retired overseas, former UH MBB athletes, usually the bigs, should be fun. and the older guys help younger guys like Tyler, ..hope coach, and team he is on, lets Brocke, Bobbitt and Tyler have good PT minutes…should be great.

    I will be cheering Tyler on…in the past these games were in what is known as the old Armed Services league, with Army, Navy, SubPac, Hickman, Schofield etc, and Jolly Roger, that had military and college players, waaay back over 40 years ago..this league for HS grads, and college experienced guys, every game, seems to be in nineties to 100 points and over, so …Tyler and shooters…get your stroke down..everyone has chance to score..

    Tyler Brocke, Isaac, Zach, Mike Thomas, Dyrbe Enos, have fun!

  4. Tyler and Brocke are listed on the Grantco Pacific roster now.

  5. Interesting fans. On Manoa College Summer league site, true Tyler Harville and Brocke Stepteau are listed on roster for Grantco Pacific. On home page 2014 roster list, it includes Roderick Bobbitt, however on the “TEAM ROSTER” list, I guess the latest update, Roderick is no where to be found, hope he gets into town for summer session and summer league or is he another one who will come in late august. Maybe play in his home town summer leagues and open gym? Maybe we just have to wait, for that Webmaster of Manoa League, he has all those teams with 12 active athletes per team, and one alternate.

    Curious, Jake….on the Grantco Pacific roster, they list Brocke Stepteau at 6’0″ , he was listed on the sports Hawaii recruiting commit list as 5’9″ 155, he could have grown, in 6 months, maybe?
    And for Tyler Harville, they list him as 6’3″ , so he grew 3 inches over past several months, maybe, young ones do have growth spurts. Would be cool in Brocke and Tyler were both 6 feet , and 6 foot plus, that is a bonus, the height, and their shooting ability!

    We shall find out soon, either Brian Mcinnis column blogs, or Dayton WI UH MBB site, the situation with Roderick Bobbitt, it might just be typo error, or the rosters, having 12 with one alternate for a total of 13 athletes, that for summer league teams is pretty large! Wonder that the league did not take two guys from the 6 teams and create a 7 team league, …or even eight teams..I think interest was so high this year, even some might have been turned away , my guess, some old timers and maybe HS, or DII and JC guys.

    Jake we await, Tyler and Brocke, if Brocke is here, maybe not, well at least with Tyler on Grantco Pacific team, catch the video hilites on the Manoa College Summer league site, great quality or Dayton’s WI UH MBB recap, on Friday, should be exciting. Just hope Tyler can hit a couple of beautiful threes, all Basketball fans, they love the dunks, however this league not the above the rim guys, those UH MBB athletes are at home, resting, working out, and ready to grind come August!
    Tyler, Brocke, and hopefully Bobbitt, Buscher, Thomas, Enos, have great, fun summer league, the playoffs in August will be intense Jake, a lot of battles!

  6. Playhoopsa. I haven’t seen Tyler in a couple of months but 6’3″ is for sure a typo. He was listed in Vermont at 6′ but you know how that goes. Probably 5’11” or 5’10”. I personally never worry about that alot. Can he create space and get his shot off against tall athletic players. Some 5’8″ guys can and some 6’4″ guys cant.

    It will be interesting to see if he plays tonight. Haven’t heard anything from his friend in last 2 days since I heard more about St. Mary being more and more interested. Hopefully the family is being contacted by Gib and/or Akana as well. I would prefer to see him in Hawaii. At the end of the day all players need to go where they are most wanted. I really hope Bobbitt stays committed. He is a really good one.

  7. Jake: I agree with you Jake, about where a young guy will end up. Also, it might just be typo, or the summer league is putting Bobbitt on another team hopefully. Will hear from Beat Writer Brian Mcinnis or Dayton, if Bobbitt does not come soon, it might be a delay, he is one of the better all around JC guards in the nation.

    You are correct about, height, remember that guard, I forget his name, about 5’11” played for Dallas Mavericks when they won their championship, was it Barrea? He could get to space, and hit those dagger threes when his team needed it. Same with that guy from Boston College, Dana Barros, 5’11” 165 lbs, same size like Barrea, one of the all time great NBA 3 point shooters. A guy that UH had for two years, before a previous ncaa situation, Henry Hollingsworth, was 5’11” about 175, great defender, however his specialy the deep, deep, almost out of bounds corner shots, which 38 years ago would have been money three balls.

    I am not worried about height, just that Gib is the type, whether you are 7 foot tall or 5’9″ tall like Miah Ostrowski(another Punahou HS product, who helped UH at PG after his UH FB season over), he wanted D first, that was how , UH lost at least half a dozen games, they could not get stops in final minutes, even though ahead with a lead, and lost..so D first, and the guys offensive talents are there already. that is why he is going after more talent and depth at all 5 spots, use 10 or 12 guys, if they play intense D, they need to be fresh for March Post season run, usually they run out of gas with 7 man rotation all season. Harville, Stepteau, play, reasonable, give effort D, and still hit the threes, wherever they play UH, and I have searched, some have read social ,that Brocke and Harville on their sites, have University of Hawaii Basketball players, with Brocke 2014 graduate of UH, so they must like Hawaii, Tyler and family, without question, they are in discussion with Gib, what course loads, possible major, what part of team , or role, what he has to do, same discussion any DI coach, including Bennett would have with Tyler..I really hope Tyler will stick it out , at least for couple of weeks playing summer league ball, instead of with 18 or 19 year olds, it will be with older 20 to even near 40 year old wily veterans, some , euro, or very good former college ballers, they love this league, it is their semi pro, just a pun, intended league,..that is why so many guys wanted to get in, and league director limited, or, not enough sponsors probably to 6 teams, nice if they had even eight.

    Height not that important, toughness, effort, D up, and Team up, …those made the great Boston Celtic teams, and many other NBA and NCAA champs.

    Hope Tyler plays tonite, and Bobbitt makes it in by this weekend or next, we shall here shortly, it would be huge blow, and I don’t know, so I am NOT STARTING rumour…am assuming, league site, just error, they forgot to reassign Bobbitt, they could not have 3 new UH guys on one team I believe, I think 2 new guys and one ex UH MBB grad would be okay..

    Tyler , that is the thing Jake, who knows what is going through his heart and mind, ..if he thinks, cool, I will take my shot in Hawaii as walkon and hopefully earn, by showing what I can bring, earn that coveted scholarship like Valdes, I will stick it out in Hawaii, maybe he likes the beautiful people, lot of them, in Hawaii,the weather, and laid back style. Either way, he being here with his family support, he will make a good choice, Interesting, you mentioned, or maybe I read wrong, that St Mary’s no scholarship to offer, so walkon invite, same as UH, and next season maybe 6 spots open up?

    Well Tyler, hope you become a Rainbow Warrior, if not, maybe in a year or two, UH and St Mary’s can end up in NCAA regional finals!
    Hope for the best Jake and thanks…we all , the fans, anxious to see Tyler put up at least a couple of three shots, I am sure he will, he is quite focused, one line of thought, and determined, those make really good ball players, winners!

  8. Wheres, Tyler

  9. jjay:

    I know you go to games regular at SSC during season, super fan, if you can head out to tonite’s Manoa League Summer Collegiate game, believe Tyler’s team Grantco Pacific playing tonite, , the team with Standhardinger, Harville and Stepteau.

    jake , I think Harvilles were going to catch the Pearl Harbor experience and the Fireworks on the fourth tomorrow? Would it not be something if Tyler and Stepteau and Standhardinger put up 125 pts, for Grantco Pacific, and put on their OWN FIREWORK display? That is the name of this summer league, if you do not score 90 to 100 plus, you are not grinding!

    Hope he plays a lot, Tyler, do not know if Bobbitt, Stepteau, Fleming in town yet, maybe by next week Monday or this weekend?
    Hope so..

  10. Playhoopsa. Just received a short text from Harville friend. Said he will play tonight. When asked if he is for sure coming to UH instead of St. Mary. Just said final decision next week but just wants to play ball tonight and Saturday and worry about that later. Final comment was simply “Tyler feels blessed to have 2 great opportunities”.

  11. Hi Jake:

    Thankyou.if tyler were my son or grandson want him to choose where he is happy..either WCC or BWC..I cannot go because disabled..however fantastic video hilites and writeups..of summer league games..

    maybe 2016 some of those northeast prep bigs start coming..out of the cold to uh mbb..

    mahalo jake take care..tyler have fun this weekend balling summer league..!!

  12. Is Bobbitt playing in the summer league. I don’t see his name on the roster.

  13. Baller4life.

    Hope to hear read posts from Brian,, Dayton..or Gib himself..man we need Bobbitt good guard..or I know he was rehabbing an injury from past year..maybe decided enroll in summer school ..continue rehab and just get better..like jawato..be 100 % better by fall
    just my guess..
    forgot he was healing …hope he is okay
    Just speculating..

  14. Anyone know why Gib is so quiet? Odd how no information has been coming out lately. Friend says Harville has not heard from him in a while. I’ve heard everything from no penalties to Gib will be suspended for 1/2 year …..so who knows.

  15. Some say, no news is good news and some would say, it is the calm before the storm. One or two would say, the sky is falling. Do know recently saw Gib on TV, at the opening or re-opening of the U of H goods store in the Ward Ware House Shopping Center. Do know we have a MBB team. Do know we have players committed to play here. So, in this case, when in doubt, wait it out.

    My advice to Tyler, is similar. If his choice is U of H, stick it out for one year. Evaluate what happens, neither school has scholarships available this year anyways. When he develops his game this year adjusting to D1, he will be a valued commodity come next year. And, he’ll gain the benefit of experiencing our culture. Change is a matter of fact in these times. Just a reminder that commitment is NOT sacrifice. Commitment is doing what you have to do to succeed and loving it, sacrifice is about giving something up to do something (may lead to regret); semantics, but important difference.

    Wish the young man well in this decision making.

  16. tako:

    love your sage advice. very Akamai, well thought out. Tyler, just the experience of former walkons Harper and Hackman, they loved it here, the culture, once in a lifetime, and mahalo to their families for the support. Michael and Jack will never forget Hawaii. Jake maybe one day, you will visit Hawaii, very special place, we are not perfect, however beats, unbearable heat humidity or cold.

    Either way, I bet, Tyler has great family and parents, to basically have him come down, check it out at St Mary’s and Hawaii, ball some, and decide, what could be better, However tako has good point, either with the Gaels or the Rainbow Warriors, it will be preferred walkon status, with chance to earn that scholarship or move on, as a proven mature 21 year old sophomore 3 point gunner!

  17. Jake:

    some insider info on Gib and program status? KInd of interesting. That is why so important, Gib has, if he has to sit out some months, Benjy Taylor, former HC and current Associate. He has to be able to hire, possibly Sengue Carey, great young assistant and solid recruiter. DOBA, well, those they can hire, quite quickly.

    Gib has the roll over contract because of the 20 win past season, so for the next year, he is sitting well financially to take care of his family. AD says, they still banging out extension contract, upon his arrival back home from out of country trip with his family.

    tako is right, Gib is all over Honolulu, not hiding under rock, called the Sports Animals show, would call On Point with Artie at anytime, spoke to Hoops talk with Jeff and Wheeler, been to the H Zone, full support and public view, still very positive running very successful 3 summer ball camps for youth. No, absolutely NO current returnees, and RS’s have transferred, or incoming LOI’s decommitted that we know of. Possible, the ncaa penalty, slow down their findings, kind of slows down UH recruiting of coaches and athlete. Maybe that is a penalty in itself. Still if you talk to Gib around town, super positive, and feels he will have one of the best group of 13-15 roster mbb student athletes he has ever had in 20 years of coaching.

    If he, Gib is going to get hit with suspension or sit out coaching for several months like the Mizzou coach, as tako says, Gib has the perfect THE BEST in the world Poker face. No news is good news, however, when August end comes, and the returnees, all come back one by one, including Fotu, from the FIBA world basketball championships, then Jake , UH MBB fans, go wheeew..good news. Still believe there is 100 per cent solidarity with Gib, Benjy, and team. Otherwise, as I have said till blue in the face…Gib would have been gone,,,if horrible criminal, abusive, Penn St, or Alabama, USC , North Carolina violations.

    I am sure if there is news about Bobbitt, rehabbing his injury and sitting out summer league, or schooling or whatever, as well as Sammis getting ncaa clearinghouse in order, he will comment pretty soon.. IF GIB pulls out a last second signing of the 6’8″ and 6’9″ bigs that are awaiting the findings. It would be a big HOORAY in Rainbow Warrior UH MBB land.

    Still say, innocent, until proven beyond any reasonable doubt, found guilty.. We shall see.. Gib still smiling from ear to ear, and still living in Hawaii sending kids to a really good school, so hope for the best, I do not think it will be the worse, however, take a hit, and Gib pick himself up, and burn that dang BWC to the ground! Go Rainbow WARRIORS> Stand and Fight.

    Rumours are just that rumours…we wait, for the official word, otherwise, we enjoy Harville, Stepteau, Fleming, Buscher, Thomas, Hearn and Enos, burning the nets in summer league

    Go Bows!

  18. History of NCAA with UH, never had a great one. So slow, with their clearinghouse decisions, some FB other sports granting extra year medical 6th …only one really fast, NCAA cleared WBB athlete, because of pregnancy the 6th year within very short time.

    NCAA, if the big boys, start breaking the Association up, can imagine, just my own speculation, a Collegiate Athletic Alliance, with the Division I , II and III…UH would have to be part of that.. and that Alliance would have to make it fair for all the Division I top 200-300 schools which is hard to do, because, the big money boys drive everything the all mighty dollar…so , much for amateur sports.

    Shoots, slow sports news ,early July, Hawaii is Football crazy state, however UH FB has to win big, ..the money maker , and UH and state has to work out that crazy deal to benefit UH, so UH can make money to support their athletic programs, darn , that is the thing, kind of a Paradise Paralysis..old boy kine..

    Well, Harville, Tyler the 3 point Marville, the pride and Joy of Jake, of Northeast, Boston,..hit some beautiful form threes, and the summer league crowd will love it… I tell you Jake, in basketball today, the 3 pointer, daggers, consecutive to break open games or make comebacks, is more exciting than the dunk shot. dunk two points, unless and one,…rare…the 3 pointer, back breaker, and game winning maker.
    Wish Tyler, hey brother, have fun and run and gun..we hoped that Manroop the new Jimmer would do it, however not is chance to rain some trifectas, all in fun,…cannot beat Hoops in Hawaii!

  19. Jake and tako:

    Or anyone in WI UH MBB ncaa in the know. …are the coaches limited in speaking communicating with athletes until they officially enroll in UH, in this case second semester summer school… I think that might be the case…Know that some preferred walkons, or even scholar offer guys, came with friends or family, and THAT was UNOFFICIAL, they could walk campus, if SSC was open look at arena, see UH MBB guys, maybe talk to them..look at area, However, those guys came on own, NOT the official recruiting visit,

    Might be, …just guessing , Gib as well as all of us, ncaa release findings, and any sanctions, or maybe none at all, slap on the writs, still sticking with, if Gib head on the chopping block for Death Penalty things, he would have been gone, or suspended months ago,…well he is still here and grinning ear to ear. However, maybe cannot talk to guys until the are in summer school..

    Just guessing Jake, If Tyler not planning on enrolling in UH second semester summer school, maybe that is why Gib quiet, if Tyler 100% sure, no matter what the Gaels said, that he actually pre enrolled, paper work done, and had his courses down, Gib would communicate more. However, as preferred walkon that is how it goes. Sometimes even LOI’s with the clearing house, just have to wait and see, for the die hard, or LIVE right, UH MBB fans, seems to take forever!

    Tyler have fun and gun..next I would like to see if Stepteau is close to 5’11” tall, with a combo game, and coaches pretty high on him from Dallas, and Brockes, saying social he wants to graduate from UH in 2018 , well that is a foundation for a combo shooting PG, who wants to commit,
    as tako says, fans…WE WAIT..Don’t Speculate, just causes needless concern!
    15 guys strong, UH MBB. that ncaa get the orders out, uh correct, take either no, or some penalties, and burn the West down, and march deep into post season!

  20. Interesting some similarities to UH and St Mary’s with their sanction probation, however St Mary’s loss of scholarships, Bennett suspended from coaching for some games, in season tournament restriction unless contract already, HOWEVER the biggie, they StILL can play for WCC title and NCAA tournament, Their probation, 4 years, because a former assistant did over a course of several years,, things involving several athletes. UH does not seem to be as harsh a list of violations that we know of. Would have to think gib and team positive, knowing, probably that they still have ncaa tournament participation. as tako says, WAIT and SEE..interesting read..


  21. Roderick Bobbitt is arriving over the weekend but he will not be playing in summer league. Still recovering from his broken arm(per Brian Mcinnis blog Star Advertiser) AND:

    For the Manoa summer league diehards, the new players from mainland won’t be here until over the weekend. Not playing tonight(per Brian Mcinnis Star Advertiser)

    Okay now we know, remember Bobbitt had that injury, probably has to rehab heal until this fall, October,…he still not hundred per cent. good if he gets head start in school, most important, on schedule to graduate.

  22. is it legal for Gib to talk to Tyler at this point? Or does Gib have to wait until Tyler starts summer school?

    I mean if Tyler and his family is in the islands, you’d guess Gib would talk to him and family. Who knows, maybe something is up

    The NCAA’s

  23. Still see Gib smiling: Enos and Thomas in early session summer school .and going to be in summer league. Brandon Jawato summer school rehabbing to be our Trifecta Terror. Fleming, Bobbitt, Stepteau, coming to town. Deante Hearn, he trying, maybe walkon on to UH this fall, ..Harville having grand vacation and a few games playing summer ball in Hawaii..

    UH MBB fans, can smile..Gib still going full bore. especially those 3 full camps with several hundreds for the local youths, that is the good part. If Gib the junk person, and scandal, am positive parents would not send their kids to his UH MBB camps…Plus, Amis, Nick Milan, helping too, with camps..Now if only, can start to fill that assistant spot…Sengue Carey? DOBA, Nick Milan? Or Miah Ostrowski?

  24. pocho: I know in the recruitment of the guys, even for preferred walkons communication, there are windows of time, summer, spring, during basketball season. Then there are dead periods, no contact.

    Might be, I know in past if UH scholarship offer guys, did not sign LOI and were not officially accepted to UH, Gib could not even mention or comment on athlete.

    It might be the ncaa thing too, very, very strict, and Gib and staff maybe very, very careful…I think UH could work with scholarship and preferred walkons, during summer, early fall spring, position workouts, small groups. However, those guys ALL had to be enrolled in UH. At least that was what happened in past.

    My personal thought, Fleming, Bobbitt, Stepteau, Buscher, Deante Hearn, maybe try to walkon, probably enrolled, or paperwork in to start second session summer school, next week…Maybe, we don’t know, Tyler not enrolled, or waiting till last minute, since he will decide St Mary’s or Hawaii next week. So maybe, just guessing that might be the thing, if Tyler not enrolled, maybe UH coaches, cannot speak, or visit, talk with them. However, Tyler and family could walk campus, probably talk to other UH MBB athletes,, maybe even some UH professors, or staff, I don’t know really.

    To have 6 walkons, as the other blog states, that is a lot, good if 2 guards, 2 SF’s and 2 Bigs, would be awesome, however unrealistic.

    Just happy that, Fleming,, Bobbitt, Stepteau, will be here this weekend, and hope Sammis getting ncaa clearinghouse paperwork and whatnot in order, he wants so bad to be Rainbow Warrior, I am sure is working it.. he is a good SF/PF strong athletic, guy, BWC could really be good.

  25. Jake ..best wishes to tyler hope he plays some..I guess ourr harville is dyrbe enos from kamehameha schools kapalama..he was known as the 3 ball shooter in local private school league..now a soph.rs.second year active and he grew 1 inch to 5’10”..he can run pg or sg..too bad wasn’t on same team as harville..work grind in ptactice contribute would be nice if he earned scholarship too..did not quit third year with gib..

    brabdon jawsto uh mbb 6’4″ versionnof harville came close to setting recordby hitting 7 forb7 threes in first half of BWC game before got hurt..he will graduate as bb jr. In may 2015 great kid humble guy friend buddy with enos..

    harville shoot some threes glad you had great 4th vacation..parents forever thank them for vacation!!

  26. Friend texted saying Harville is there. Hasn’t played yet. Changed to jersey 14 for some reason.

  27. I hear Harville played very little first half. Had 2 bounce out. Guy said he thought Steppe hit one of three. Said mostly Christian clear out plays every trip.

  28. playhoopsa, thanks for your thoughts. We just gotta sit tight and see what happens, there’s no need to have drama played out here. lol

    Jake, it’s seems the 1st couple of games, Dayton’s video been loading upstream pretty fast. In the past it took days to do so and I hope they keep up the fast work there. Thanks guys, I appreciate the video work!

  29. I will have to check it out tomorrow. Can’t stay up any longer. You guys need to not be allowed to start anything past 2pm Hawaii time….:)

  30. ^^^^ have a good one Jake! We appreciate the updates

  31. Christian Vander like,, once ball goes to him not coming out..he play pro ball gotta give uo to open men..hope tyler brocke play more lot more games remain!!

  32. Jake: uh mbb staff hope they working the hotbed of mature talent delaware, d, c. And vermont..norteast..you are right when grts freezing temps in east..they think about 80 degree trade wind weather in hawaii..come on down ..you small forwards and bigs..

  33. Tako…

    SACRIFICE is Giving Something Up FOR Something Even Better —
    It May Be A Deferred Gratitude or Reward, SO Not Always So Obvious, Yet (May Be) Wise…

    So We May Sacrifice our Youth or Young Social Life to Work Out EVERY Day (and Night) in the Gym or Weight Room or Training Table…. to BECOME Better Athletes…or better Students…or Better Earners

    Giving Something Up for Worse may be Charity,
    OR Simply Self-Abuse

    May Be Semantics…
    May Be a Higher Vision…


    May Be Chistian’s Getting Addicted to 40+
    OR Just Enjoying it…

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