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Catching up with Senque Carey

Senque Carey has been on the job as the new assistant coach for the University of Hawai’i basketball team for two weeks now, and he has yet to set foot in Hawai’i.

“I was hired, I want to say, on a Tuesday and I was on the red-eye that night – 11:30 flight to Atlanta,” he said.

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Carey was in California when he was hired on July 15, and he has been recruiting in various road cities ever since. He was in Las Vegas last week to watch several AAU tournaments, and WarriorInsider.com caught up with him there.

Among some of the tidbits in the video interview above:

• His first name is pronounced SEN-q (first syllable rhymes with when; second syllable is pronounced like the letter q).

• He first met UH head coach Gib Arnold in the late 1990s, when Arnold was an assistant coach and recruiter at Loyola Marymount, and Carey was a star point guard at St. Francis High School in Northern California.

• He considers himself a “national recruiter” and does not contain his recruiting ties to specific positions or areas of the country. “I can go anywhere, any room, any environment, try to relate to those guys and try to bring the best possible talent to Hawai’i,” he said.

• He is willing to compete against “high-major” programs for recruits. “They can’t take them all,” Carey said. “That’s always my motto – the high-major BCS conferences can’t take them all. So if we can grab a Paul George or a Greg Smith, those caliber players and bring them to Hawai’i, I think we should be pretty good.”

• He is still in search of a place to live in Honolulu. “I’ve been looking on Craigslist, trying to find a place to stay from afar,” he said.


  1. Aloha and mahalo Que for helping uh mbb grt to next level!!
    Wish you best on recruiting trail..enjoy Hawaii!!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  2. Senque …an awesome hire by Gib and uh staff..love your attitude…big programs can’t get all the athletes..you will be getting some good ones we are sure!!
    Hope you find place to live soon..you will.

    your work ethic great..thankyou for reviving assistant and recruiting coordinator spot!!
    Go get those good athletes and good people!!
    Sure that team will love you too!!

  3. And as always an Insider video interview..no one covering uh mbb does it better than you Dayton! Mahalo to you .Wes. staff..donors and the Schmidt Ohana!!

  4. Thought this was interesting thought from this site, about the Peach Jam tournament, looking at all the great talent there by coaches from throughout country.Some coaches, they want the best talent, however, academics and chemistry very important, less egos, the better, SOUND Familiar.. what Gib and UH MBB trying to do, get great kids, talented plus awesome in the classroom and role players, team players for the TEAM win.


    10. Schools are trying to limit their drama: This seemed to be a common theme among schools I spoke with throughout the past couple of weeks. The term “low-maintenance” came up often, while some schools discussed how they preferred to get a commitment early as opposed to waiting for another year and holding out for someone slightly better. In another school’s case, they were adjusting their entire recruiting strategy. Instead of just stockpiling talent and athleticism, they were looking for some high-academic kids and kids that would help chemistry. Talent is great; too many egos is not.

  5. Welcome Senque
    Good luck finding a good home in Hawaiʻi

    Reel ʻEm In
    Coac ʻEm Up
    Have Fun Winninʻ

    ?Immediate Impact?
    Go Big Q!

    Go ʻBows!

  6. Craigslist?????…..what happened to giving Artie Wilson a call? I’m sure he will be happy to help out a fellow baller.

  7. Aloha Senque!

  8. Eagle..servante..ones in the know..still interviews..etc..how lon does it take..? JMO…it throws a damper on possible recruiting guys..and..program..
    maybe they take till december 2014 to release whatever…might as well uh appeal..and still play ..

    interesting..what do Gib..Benjy and Que tell prospects..

    ncaa…if they were working on paving honolulu roads..would take them..not two years..maybe ten..to complete 1/4 mile..just joking..kind of

    if guy or guys commit for this or next year..great sign..leaves me scratching my head?

    Well Senque just keep on recruiting..

    yes Artie could help..or jon yamasato..

  9. Man uh mbb setting up visits and offering 4 star bb recruits..they are ging after great talent..hope they are great young people too..can develop them..

  10. Sammis going run for Mr. America ?

  11. islandman:

    Weight and workout physical freak.. awesome…some of his friends post, hey man you BIG enough already! For a young guy, he is buff!
    Same with Negus, that lithe stronger, abbed out, bicep strong, hope that Valdes, Niko, Jovan, and Janko are working out too.
    Sammis, man he look like Mr America, or Mr Universe, AND he is a health guy, eats good food, nutrition guy. Wow. He not a wild big HULK player, trying to be wing, finesse and power dunker , I think he will come in under the wire. hoping hard!

    Notice he got the “WARRIOR cap ” on! And pix of white out SSC center, he is focused,.. only hope someone on his side, guardian, is helping to send proper things for waiver from ncaa, it is waiting game now.. Sammis announce HE IS OFFICIALLY cleared, you going hear a loud shout of joy from UH MBB faithful throughout the State and globally..Sammis, grinding. MR HAWAII.. co freshman of the year with Fleming hopefully.. Isaac, gotta hit weights too!

  12. Four stars and maybe one day 5 stars. Just goes to show how many people would love to come to Hawaii if the team can consistently produce 20 win seasons. That’s the magic number in recruiting along with top 25 ranking. That’s how Olympian Tom Henderson and other ended up in Hawaii after that golden two year run by the Fabulous Five.

  13. What four star BB is coming for a visit? What did I miss here? -thanks

  14. tako: maybe other blog, danny, he really burns up the online search, knows where commits might go, offers, visits..

    Verbal commits Hawaii Basketball, might be this prospect:

    2015 SG Quinndary Weatherspoon (6-5, 175, 4★) has received an offer from Hawaii

    This site lists what THEY know, they were tweeted or informed, through social who offered them.
    Thing is ..REAL TIME: Senque, Gib and Benjy have THEIR OWN SHORT AND LONG LISTS of guys they want .. and Que, says, he ain’t afraid, why not, go after the 4 star.. the 5 star, very rare, almost NBA ready out of HS.. a few of those..

    You have ONE 4 star to commit, and other 3, maybe other 4 star would like to join them. My only concern, and that above posted link I provided above, some teams, maybe even UH, going after chemistry, and developing athletes who are good guys rather than super talent which can bring egos and PT fights.. However you get a 4 star, plus 5 or 6 three star athletes who are Team and Win for UH and Hawaii guys, they will love visit to Hawaii, and yes some are just going to TRIP us, however, you want to CLOSE just ONE great 3 or 4 star, then they shall come.. hopefully HIGH CHARACTER, great student, stick it out , ONE OHANA, NCAA quality tourney guys.. Recruiting such an interesting part, and more challenging now, perhaps than 30 years ago!

    Go get em Gib… and ncaa, just auwe! and MBB team do well, school and court, and go NCAA dance, dance, dance.. pono. sorry, repetition , the mother of retention! Go Bows!

  15. Isaac Fotu scored 11 points in 18.5 minutes for the New Zealand Tall Blacks in a 58-64 loss to Korea in Seoul. They have a final tune-up game against Korea on Thursday (NZT).

  16. was waiting for senque to say I have a few players coming to Hawaii

  17. hawaiifan09: I think very soon we shall here, if Sammis in and possible another PF they sign.
    Dang, ncaa thing could slow things down…
    hawfan09, I was kind of hoping too, however, …. I think UH coaches could be having guys come in for visits, for next season class, and hopefully Gib and staff can pull of that late gets like Valdes, and Ozren Pavlovic, those guys were signed, by start of school August.

    Would be AWESOME, despite, other coaches, throwing the ncaa thing at the recruits, if Sammis in and another Big signs, this season.. Coaches, I don’t know what they say,

    However as warriorhaw mentioned way back when, the recruits, the families and the coaches being interviewed and players, KNOW EXACTLY what Ncaa trying to find out… must be not MAJOR things, still workable, and recruits still coming in, and the returnees all set to go for next season.

    Come on Que , reel in a good SF or PF! For 2014-15, I think, just my gut feeling, Gib will announce, that Sammis in, late and one more PF signs too!

    MIght be really optimistic, however pono.. gotta believe right!


    And Mr Aloha, and Tonganator, Isaac Fotu, showing world what he can do FIBA tournament tuneup!

  18. USA and fellow WI MBB fans, were discussing how good a talent Isaac Fleming is, has the tools as tako says. Mike T. explosive guy.

    Tonite they went head to head. Mike fell on backside, felt okay, however did not return, finished with 16 points for the night, those burns, are bothering him, plus I hope he did not hurt back seriously.,

    Getting back to Isaac Fleming, who says, IFleming is a good guard, one of best on UH team, well, he goes off for 31 points tonite, after foul plagued previous game with only 11 pts. Thought so, he is a gamer, his team routed an injured MT summer league team. Looks like MT and IFleming are very talented and exciting UH MBB combo in summer league, bodes very well for this coming season!

    Lot of talent this 2014-15 season, wish the dang ncaa thing finished, then UH rock and roll that SSC, I think they still will have great season , no matter what the ncaa findings, otherwise, UH MBB would have shutdown in June, however approaching start of school August and MBB ready to ROCK!

    Go Rainbow Warriors.Go the Mighty Warriors


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