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DaBeast Froductions: On the way to Cal Poly

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Lengthy plane rides, bus rides and hotel rooms are all part of what make road trips so difficult for teams from the University of Hawai’i. These are also the moments that make it interesting.

In the latest episode of DaBeast Froductions, senior forward Davis Rozitis and sophomore forward Isaac Fotu had video camera in hand to document some of the behind-the-scenes moments on the Warriors’ road trip to California last week.

Most of the footage was captured before the Warriors’ loss at Cal Poly last Thursday. Hawaii also lost at Cal State Northridge on Saturday, so the camera was understandably shut down.

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The Warriors returned to the practice gym on Tuesday afternoon – their first practice since the 0-2 road trip last week.

“We can’t worry about it, but we have to learn from it,” head coach Gib Arnold said. “We have a lot more games to play, and so we have to make sure we get those teams back when they come here.”

Before the Warriors look ahead to rematches with Cal Poly and Cal State Northridge, they will host UC Riverside this Saturday. Hawaii has a bye on Thursday while the rest of the conference is in action.

“I actually like that,” Arnold said of the schedule. “It ended up being a tough trip for us, so we could use the time to rest and get our legs back, and also get back for the start of classes.”

Junior point guard Keith Shamburger did not return with the team, and is in California this week to be with his family in the aftermath of the unexpected death of one of his aunts last week.

“It was a tough week for Keith with all that he had to go through emotionally,” Arnold said. “He’s taking some time to be with family, and he’ll be back this week.”

Missouri transfer Stefan Jankovic has arrived in Hawai’i, but is still awaiting paperwork clearance before he can officially enroll at UH.


  1. I hope upper campus can clear Stefan immediately. Classes have started. The man needs to sign up for classes. Admissions dept. please get this student enrolled. The docs. Are there.

  2. Hawaiian time jjay, Hawaiian time, sometimes good, laid, back, sometime not too good getting things done, AUWE!
    Get Stefan Jankovich in, make sure he qualifies to transfer in, we have seen it before, if GPA, or credits not good enough for entry into UH.
    If Jankovich is eligible, can start practice, like Orel Lev, did right away, work it with the scout team. Imagine , Stefan 6’11” PF/SF, Negus SG/SF, Quincy Smith PG, Jawato/Enos, Harper/Hackman wing shooters, and Stefan Jovanovich Center. going against the starters, the competition can only help UH get better.

    Stefan, hope, your credits, and transfer is good to go, you get eligible this semester, count as one calendar year from last Nov 22, till Nov 22 2014 as ONE year, sit,out, and be eligible by Nov 23 2014 for first UH game would be awesome.

    Jankovich 6’11” 242, Negus Webster-Chan 6’7″ 215, Isaac Fleming 6’4″ 200, SF from east coast, 6’7″ 248, and from Sengal or Paris France 7’0″ 247 lb shot blockers, would that not be awsome incoming eligible additions for next year’s team!!

    Go Warrior, Go Bows, Go Fightin Deans, Go Rainbow Warriors!

  3. Good news jjay and hoops, Brian SA reported that Stefan Jankovich was watching UH pracitice, still have to be fully admitted and start classes, so Gib cannot comment on his addition yet, When Stefan starts to go to classes, then his clock starts again and early Dec 2014 he should be eligible.!! Awsome, help in Negus, Jankovich, Isaac Fleming, and maybe one or two more shot blocker, shooters, SF’s, one the way, all 3 star rated!

  4. Whenever the guys are in control of the camera, it makes me smile. I liked the shout out to Aussie Mum from “Aussie Son” as Isaac dubbed him. Enjoyed the laughter and the team atmosphere.

    To Keith….please know that you are in our thoughts. The Warrior Insider and Warrior Nation sends condolences to your family. Take care of each other, share hugs and love.

    To the UH men, welcome back…. time to get it done on Saturday. Be strong, warrior strong!

  5. Boy of boy, some fans, disappointment on UH MBB start, ready to throw team and coach under the bus. I was upset too, perhaps, team not prepared, not have good emotionally stable leadership to step up and get at least 1 win against Northridge, however, this team is too good, Coach, has to right the ship, and I have confidence he will. Of the remaining 14 games, 8 at home, and 6 on the road. Win out at home, 8 and 0, and go 3 and 3 remaining road games, UH finish regular season at 11-3, UH is back up there at top 3 or 4. I really think BWC even though Irvine, Poly lead the pack, the teams that are 1-1,0-1, and even UH at 0-2 currently have a shot. It is , the goal of all teams in the conference to reach the NCAA’s, so peak the week of BWC tourney, go 3-0 and you are in, this start , 0-2 will be distant memory. Like JJ used to say, clear and go, forget the loss road weekend, and get next win against Riverside, UH keep improving, get better, and play awesome ball in March, then get ready to Dance. I ain’t giving up on team, and neither are a couple of hundred faithful, including Valerie Schmidt, Schmidt Ohana, and WI nation, including Tonganator, Aussie Mum, fans from Chi Town to Latvia.

    Go Rainbow Warriors, get that Basketball Jones back, and start a winning track, a fun team, however, NEEDS LEADERSHIP, emotional captains, Winners, you guys can do it!
    And to Keith, we lose track of , This Is Only A Game, 12 guys on paid scholarship, sure, however, to lose close loved ones, unexpectedly to Death, is horrible and sad, best wishes Keith, take time to heal, the fans, the coaches’, the boosters, and Hawaii will be here for you. Get well, take time, get better!

    Uhfanzonly1. A real old, old fan of UH MBB!

  6. must be REALLY OLD NOW…! I meant, if UH sweeps 8 remaining home games, and still has chance to split the SIX remaining road games, final regular BWC season record would be 11-5, and possible 3,4,5 seed, still , play awesome team ball, in March, during BWC tournament in Anaheim Honda Center, Anaheim where Dreams come True! UH can dance, dance, dance.
    Keith, Christian, Garrett, Brandons S. and J, Stefan, Davis, Isaac, Mike T, Mike H., Jack Hackman, Q Smith, AV, Dyrbe E., Don’t ever give up, you all got 11 or more wins left in you regular season, just keep getting better, live through the losses, and learn to leap through the wins to Championship!

    Uhfanzonly1. No one could be prouder, if you guys, keep working, working, and winning, you all can get it done, one game at a time, Gib keep coaching them well, you can do it too!
    Go Bows!

  7. While i AM As Disappointed (Teed Off!) as any fan;
    and KNOW No One is More Teed than The Team & Coaches,
    (maybe already said…but)

    i still Count Hawaiʻi as ‘At Zero’
    Talked about being Up One or even Two
    But Couldnʻt Deliver, (Yet)

    This is That WAC/MW/BW Counting System OF:
    +1 for Road Wins, and
    -1 for Home Losses
    0 for Home Wins and Road Losses

    SO, Bad…Zero for Road Trip
    BUT Also ¨Still¨ Ahead of BW Top Five Powers
    Long Beach and Santa Barbara who LOST @ HOME

    Gotta Catch Cal Poly, UC-Irvine and Northridge
    ALL Opponents Still have a SSC Visit left (Plus BW Tourney)
    AND Gotta Steal Some Road WINS
    Got to Get One or Two Next Week
    AND Hold Court @ SSC
    WIN This Week
    And Next…
    Get Back On Track
    Then Seek, Take The Higher Road…


    Concur… Condolences to The Shamburger Family;
    Life Intrudes its Harshest Realities into our Sports Fantasy World
    What Matters IS ‘Ohana
    How We Treat One Another
    And Invest Our Limited Time Here On Earth….

  8. Eagle: Afraid of that, the BOO BIRDS, Gib and his Kingdom shall fall, are out in force!

    Gib gotta, get his team better, have convincing win, for you Eagle, big fan and friend of UH MBB, as well as a couple of dozen die hards.

    For the sake of the young athletes, I hope they get sense of the road, what it takes to win in California, and play even smarter, harder, and with sense of purpose, together, they will start to win.,, they still have excellent talent, all 14 guys have to pull together, and Gib has to lead them.
    Sure, we are peeved, POed, however, UH MBB if they get the win, and maybe a couple of wins on road next weekend, the BOO BIRDS will go back to their nests!
    And the BLUE BIRDS of Happiness UH MBB and Jamie Smith will arise, for us UH MBB fan faithful and purist, nothing better than a MBB team playing well, at SSC and the road, on the quest for a Post Season, big or little, dance.

    Eagle, Keep the Faith, let Gib and staff, and team know, we backing them, however, SHOW us progress, that 400 core, and another 3100 die hard, that come out every game ,are backing the Bows!

    Go Eagle, give em, and Go Rainbow Warriors!

  9. And Keith, a loved one, more precious than a basketball game, or wins, you get well physically, hip flexor, and in mindset, UH fans got your back.
    Also, tell Christian, and the high emotional players, to play hard, with focus, however, not out of disgust and anger, does not translate to good basketball, really, missing shots from field, and FT line in critical situaions, and high blood pressure, A team under control, yet 100% hard effort like Christian and your whole team of 14 brothers, will get it done. Senior Captains, and Jrs. Nevels, Shamburger and Sophs, Fotu, and Smith, lead the boys to victory against a NOTHING TO LOSE Riverside team, the most dangerous opponent you can play. In fact, both Riverside and UH share the same spot in the standings currently, though, the Highlanders could be one up or one down, in the standings, since they play a road game before coming to Hawaii!

    Go Bows!

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