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Warriors prepared to start season without key guards


The University of Hawai’i basketball team is preparing to open its season this week without the services of guards Brandon Spearman and Quincy Smith.

Spearman, a 6-foot-2 senior who was slated to be in the starting lineup, has a high-ankle sprain; Smith, a 6-foot sophomore who was expected to be one of the first guards off the bench, has an injured back.

“Quincy doesn’t look quite as severe, but he might be out this week,” Arnold said. “Spearman is probably going to be a couple weeks at least, but we’ll see.”

The Warriors will open the 2013-14 season this Friday, when they host Tennessee State on the opening night of the Outrigger Hotels & Resorts Rainbow Classic. It will be the first of three games in five days to open the season. Hawai’i will also face Western Michigan on Saturday, and then New Mexico State in a midnight game on early Tuesday morning.

“We practiced without (Spearman) and Quincy, and had to change some things up – looked at some different lineups,” Arnold said. “We’re just going to have to adapt. It’s unfortunate, but it’s part of the game.”

Spearman suffered his injury on the opening tip of last week’s exhibition game against Brigham Young-Hawaii. He was able to walk on his own during Monday’s practice, but did not participate in any team drills. Smith had been experiencing pain in his back in the days leading up to the exhibition. He practiced for a bit on Monday before heading to the sidelines.

Freshman guard Jack Hackman also remained out of Monday’s practice due to illness.


  1. Get well Q and Spear! Take time and heal up well. Rest of team, including AV, MT, Rozitis, Jovanovich,Enos, Hackman, Jawato, Harper, perhaps Niko….time to STEP UP, you wanted PT, now you got it. ONE OHANA, do best and try to win the tough Rainbow Classic!

    Go Bows

  2. I am so happy as is hoopsa, that Gib has at least, possibly 13 active guys remaining, the first 5, plus, Davis, Mike T. and Mike H., , Jawato, and Enos or Niko, Hackman, have to come to the fore! Aussie Mum, text Mike Harper, and tell him, buckle up, he is going to have tough minutes to help team win!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Tough, break, for Caleb, Spear and Q! Get ready, speedy recovery guys. make sure go to class, and make GPA, and get degrees!

  3. And get well Jack Hackman, we need your toughness, BBIQ, hustle , rebounding, and 3 ball shooting, same with Harper, and Jawato, Come together ONE OHANA. early, early test for new team, time to win one for University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, the fans got your back, should be exciting, time to learn O and D from Gib, and play outstanding D, get the wins guys!

    Get well Jack Hackman, bummer with, flu?, illness, take care!

  4. Hey…maybe water therapy might be good for Q and Spear! Low impact, ciruculation, and helps all the bodies. Who, or where is that trainer for UH MBB? Even acupuncture helped 90 yr old, friend, had back problem and ankle, after 3 sessions she was walking like new.

    We shall, see Q, Gib says back not as severe, maybe he might be in uniform this Friday? And Spear, would prove to be the fastest Rehab guy in UH MBB history, if he could make it for at least the NMSU, late nite 1200am ESPN, game Monday morning. Would not count the Spear out! Fearthespear!

    Go get em Q and Spear, do your best to rehab, try alternative treatments, whatever is covered by UH medical coverage , worth a try, or even wholistic, just know that in old days 30 or 40 yrs, ago, it took a week or two, or three to recover from ankle, back, however now, with new rehab therapies could be sooner…

    Just, bummer, bummer that Caleb would have season ending surgery, Q back problem, Hackman sick and Spear, high ankle sprain. well , time for rest of 13 other athletes to step up and win that Rainbow Classic, which would be an all time Classic if they did, !

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  5. I think they’ll be back soon. Brandon Spearman was one of the toughest guys on our team last year (and was already shooting on the side during practice). And Quincy was the toughest guy on a good CCSF team last year.

    On a side note:

    Quincy’s younger brother is a 4-star freshman at UNLV this year and his Dad played for SJSU, so that’s some pretty impressive genetics. Looking forward to seeing more of what Q can do.

  6. First Week…Already Scrambling, similar to end of Last Year…
    Maybe One More Solid Recruiting Class can Provide Quality Depth…
    Think: This Year’s Point Guard Depth Versus Last Year’s Lack of Depth
    Similar for SGs/SFs Next Year
    Then maybe PFs and Posts

  7. i tell u swimming will rehab u faster than anything

  8. High Pressure Oxygen Infusion (The ‘Bends’ Machine) and
    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections
    Speed Up the Body’s “Natural” Healing Processes

    UH Budget and Health Coverage probably Don’t Cover…
    (Considered Experimental, but Strong (Short) Track Records)

  9. hawaiifan09: after double knee repairs, hawaiifan09, back in the day, that is what I did, swim Ala Moana channel, back and forth, couple miles a day. Really helped me get back on track. Water resistance, exercise rehab, low impact, it helps entire body. You know who on team, would have tremendous cardio fitness? Aaron Valdes, he of the HS All America type, Water Polo athlete, really rigourous, to tread water for a couple of hours or so!

    Who is the trainer, ? and Strength, nutrition people, I guess the budget AD dept so strapped, other schools have all the facilities and staff.

    As DK says Eagle, that Quincy, he might be slight legtimate 6’0″ or 6′ 1 1/4″ , however coming out of that rugged Bay area,very very tough area, that is why he is a tough young athlete, would not be surprised if Q, was on the bench this Friday, and if need be come in for 8 to 10 minutes to give Sham a blow!

    As for Spearman, that is a WARRIOR, if he can, rehabbing, and hawaiifan09, swimming, tethered to one side of pool, and just leg kicks, and other resistance exercised, could cause more healing, and blood circulation, looks like they have a state of the art high ankle brace set up for him, Come to think of it, the whole team, should invest in the best knee supports, ankle brackes, back and shoulder supports, key too, the guys have to stretch, and keep strong. and hawaiifan09, hawaii guys know , go for DA Swim, really good for the body, mind and spirit!

    Come back Q and Spear, we need you!

  10. Eagle, THAT Is the next level if Gib is still here in 4 or 5 years. 3 deep at 3 star of better PG’s, SG’s, Wing/SF’s, PF’ and Centers. Or if not 3 or 4 star USA rated then top 100 international players.

    I scratch my head all spring and summer, when Gib’s roster was starting to get bigger and bigger, and bigger, with a total, minus mandatory RS sit out Negus, of possibly 16 guys available for active roster. If TEAM has only 11-12 guys, and UH comes out of the starting line with only 6 or 7 battle tested guys, with a bench that has no D1 experience, THAT IS A MAJOR BUMMER>

    Let’s see what the Coaches can do. They have make adjustments, Miah, came in for Hiram, Vander took over, he had great Jr year, Bill Amis, and Christian more than made up for the loss of NBA prospect? Joston Thomas.
    Eagle, I still like, Dyrbe and maybe, if UH PG Sham gets into trouble, Gib using Enos or , if he plays this year Niko, at least for 10 minutes or so to give Keith a rest. Also, Garrett Nevels can run the sets too, just has to think like QB , PG of the team, not looking for O first, looking to start guys in their offense, and call out the defense, Nevels is a good possible Combo guard, However, the scary part, I think all the 3 other teams in the Rainbow, have, …you guys got it…great athletes, guards, wings, PF’s , Centers, big bodies, high flyers, shot blockers, 3 ball bombers. TEAM ONE OHANA go know them down, one at a time,
    Eagle and fellow fans, I know, reality check, this is where Gib earns his pay and extension, adjust and coach a make shift team to victories, though so key: Fotu, Christian, Nevels, Sham, and Valdes starting, and Davis, Thomas, Harper, and Jawato off the bench are HEALTHY so far, Eat your wheaties, guys, or POKE BOWLS for all!

    Give em, exciting time of the year for me, probably a lot of you fans too, NFL, NBA, UH FB, well give them a pass, one more year. , WVB if they make it to the super regional, and of course OUR FIRST love UH MBB!!
    Go Bows!

  11. Aussie Mum and Ohana: Now is the time for “thunder” and lighting to strike from Michael Harper! with two guards possibly down for Rainbow Classic tournament, Mike will be sorely needed.

    What I still LOVE about your,son, when given the opportunity, against AFA in the C.I.T. game last year, He and Spearman, went all out, hustle, dive for loose balls, drop a couple of 3 pointers, good D, and almost helped UH come back to win that game after Vander walked off the court!

    The “thunder from down under” Michael Harper, get ready to play your tough Aussie never say die, game, and help UH get some wins.

    Aussie, Mum we are backing that Aussie young lad!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  12. Aloha to TribeV. Valdes Ohana! I like what I saw with Aaron against BYUH . A lot of desire, getting 11 rebounds to lead UH against a physical and older Seasider team. Plus, a couple of dunks, running the floor, block shot, steals, assists and running floor, Very sure Aaron, is excited to play with the first 5, he is a TEAM guy, same as Mike T., the Two Headed Athletic BB athlete for UHMBB.

    I remember, a few months ago, fans were putting together their Fantasy Starting Five, which always included Shamburger at point, however, also , had, Fotu, Standhardinger, two all BWC honorees, Spearman/Nevels and Airon Valdes. From what we have seen, and that is the pleasant surprise, and needed boost athletic wise, the shortcoming from last year, Q, Aaron and Mike T. , very gifted athletes and have really elevated their games since summer league. I still like also, Stefan Jovanovich, as a young pup, however, he will do anything, dive on floor, block a layup with TWO HANDS! amazing, and has that nice jump hook with either hands, and Rozitis’ 7’1″ 240 very, very agile, like a guard, up and down the floor, block shots, rebound and hustle too, that starting five, plus the next 5 which included Enos as SG/PG, plus, hopefully a recovered Jack Hackman, who is an excellent 3 point shooter. UH has to out defend, out hustle, shoot FT’ very, very well, take care of ball, and run their O and D sets to perfection, UH Rainbow Warriors, can win a bunch of games at SSC and hopefully split or better on the road!

    And TribeV Ohana, Aaron, love his high wire act, and his ability to handle the ball, plus make good timely passes, and the Slam Dunks!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  13. Sorry fans I meant the two Twin great athletic Freshmen, MT and AV ROCK THE SCC!!

    And aloha mahalo and welcome to Valdes Ohana who I think might br here for Rainbow. Classic! !

    Go Rainbow Warriors! !

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