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Shamburger leads the way in scrimmage

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Keith Shamburger contributed 16 points, seven assists and three rebounds in the University of Hawaii basketball team’s latest intrasquad scrimmage, but his most important statistic was two. As in two victories.

The Warriors played two 20-minute scrimmages on Saturday afternoon. The teams were divided evenly for each 20-minute period, and Shamburger was the starting point guard for the winning team both times.

“MVP, right there,” head coach Gib Arnold declared to Shamburger after the scrimmage.

“I think I did alright; there are still a lot of areas I need to work on,” the 6-foot junior said. “Still getting comfortable with the offense.”

Shamburger directed the “Green” squad to a 48-39 win in the first 20 minutes, and then he and freshman forward Aaron Valdes got “traded” to the “Black” squad. Shamburger then led the Black to a 39-30 victory in the second 20-minute session.

“That’s all it is, just winning,” Shamburger said. “I just like to win, no matter what drill it is. It’s competitive and I like to win. Me and Aaron were the only ones who won (twice) today.”

© 2013 Chasing The Moment Photography

Senior guard Brandon Spearman led all players in scoring with 33 points, including seven 3-pointers. He shot 12 for 19 from the field, including 7 of 11 from beyond the arc, and also contributed five rebounds and two assists.

“Everybody played hard, I just gave it my all, that’s all,” Spearman said. “Went up and down, got a couple of good looks and that was about it.”

Sophomore forward Isaac Fotu finished with 32 points, five rebounds and three assists. He shot 13 for 18 from the field, including 5 of 8 from 3-point range. Fotu did not make any 3-pointers all of last season, when he earned Big West Conference co-Freshman of the Year honors.

Other notable performances from the scrimmage:

• Junior guard Garrett Nevels had 19 points, eight rebounds and three assists.

• Sophomore guard Brandon Jawato had 13 points, four assists and three rebounds.

• Senior forward/center Davis Rozitis scored 11 points and grabbed a team-high 12 rebounds.

© 2013 Chasing The Moment Photography

• Sophomore point guard Quincy Smith had five points and six assists.

• Freshman center Stefan Jovanovic scored 10 points on 5-of-8 shooting, and grabbed four rebounds.

• Freshman wing Aaron Valdes had seven points and five rebounds.

• Freshman forward Michael Thomas had five points and seven rebounds.

Senior forward Christian Standhardinger (sick) did not participate. Freshmen Caleb Dressler (back) and Niko Filipovich (shoulder) also sat out due to injury.

The Warriors will put on their game jerseys for the Green & White Scrimmage on Saturday, October 19, at the Stan Sheriff Center. The scrimmage will start around 7 p.m., and the public is invited to attend. There will be no admission charge, although parking fees on the UH campus will be in place.

(Photos courtesy Charles Simmons / http://charlessimmons426.wix.com/haoleboyphotography)


  1. The team is continuing to look great. I really like the skill-set everyone brings. Keith Shamburger has a great slash and kick/dump ability off-the-dribble (note: Shamburger got a mention in NBC’s Big West preview, where UH was picked fourth). And Brandon Spearman moves well off-the-ball and makes nice cuts to the basket. It looks like he is stepping up his offensive game. It’s also good to see the new guys make some baskets.

  2. Eagle and fans:

    This team, as hard as they work and focused as they are , 1 through 17, with Gib, hopefully getting them to bond and ONE OHANA, which he is doing. This team can be as n2joy says: VERY SPECIAL! Incomparable 17 , or as hoopsa says , the Super Sensational Seventeen.

    Gib good job, This YEAR 4 team, has the makings of a TEAM, no one or two ego trippers, should be exciting season. ONE OHANA, work for ONE goal, go to NCAA’s!

    Look forward to exciting year fans!


  3. This team, depth, athleticism, and hfan09, give All the guys a chance, senior to freshmen, Gib will let them play if the are united, and compete to win together all the time. I like the guards, the 3 spot, does not have to be the key spot, however they do it 1,2, 3/4 and 4 hybrid stretch , plus centers, get up and down on O and D. This team potential , to score a lot of points, however, wait, until Gib starts up zone, and trap, pressure defenses in practices, it will make team better, they have to inbound and get ball over halfcout, probably attack the pressure, and score. Guys take care of the ball, and never let guys leak out for easy layups, guard and protect your D goal always, and you guys will be champs of BWC, I can sense it!

    hfan09, they don’t have an all american, 3 SF , yet, maybe, next year or two, with Mike T and Aaron V, might be BWC all conference mention, however, let Mike T and Aaron V do their thing, love the guys hfan09, I think majority of fans do. And I know you are not like Dallan, Oahuan, or the old hfan09, you want UH MBB to win, and go to NCAA’s as Eagle, UHF, hoopsa, and the gang do!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, and cheer the young guy Mike T on hfan09, I know you will,!!

  4. Dayton Mahalo Plenty for video. Back in the day, I used to go to Klum, there was a small group, pre Fab Five, to watch MBB practice, or games. Now, your video, is top notch ! 2013 coverage of all things UH MBB. The families from mainland, Cali, Oregon, Washington, Chicago, Latvia, Serbia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, can follow their sons , and see how they are doing!

    For us oldtimers, or homebound, appreciate so much, the videos, a lot of hard work, on your own time aside from your full time job! From this Rainbow Warrior MBB fanatic, and basketball junkie, thank you so much. WI, the BEST real time, inisder, video coverage and writeups, interviews, on the Planet Earth!

    I am very sorry for Caleb! The poor guy is recovering from back injury, disc bulge. Take care Caleb, get well, I know, if you have court time with first and first rotation guys, in practice and eventually in real games, you are BBIQ high, so you will do well!

    Get well Caleb, Niko, and Christian!

    n2joy, you are right, the team is working hard, could be Incomparable season!

    And shout out to Tonganator and Aussie Mum, very soon UH MBB season First game, thanks to Dayton’s video coverage and online site, you all can follow, half way around the globe!


  5. Hey, who said Michael Thomas not ready to contribute? Look like he working to get bigger and better and more aggressive.

    I like the how Davis was pissed off that someone missed their assignment and let Fotu loose for an easy layup.

    Whew, so when is start of BB season? Not soon enough.

  6. Looking at it again. Davis made the basket on one end and was the only person on the other end to contest the shot. Wow, I would be pissed too. Everybody need to be hustling.

  7. Eagle: If AV and MT produce these kinds of numbers, let’s say sharing about 30 minutes of game time

    Total: 12 points and 12 rebound, plus Defense, and running in transition, am sure Gib and we fans would be happy.

    Glad to see Aaron getting steals, and going coast to coast, plus, Mike T. had a good assist and a nice spin and turnaround J over AV. These two, that is what you want, not all BWC, yet, numbers, however, take up the point production and rebounds, of Jefferson, and Tavita, would really help team.

    Realistically, if Between AV and MT if they produce, total of 10 pts and 10 rebounds per game.

    Freshman wing Aaron Valdes had seven points and five rebounds.

    Freshman forward Michael Thomas had five points and seven rebounds.

  8. warriorhaw: Good observations! Davis Rozitis is taking really seriously his Senior leadership role. He knows, he has to D up, rebound, and lead the young, new guys, and if have to, get after the returnees. Love that attitude.

    Appreciate your thoughts about Mike Thomas. Gib stated on recent radio show that Mike would be contributor this year. Has to get used to NCAA student/athlete life. The previous video interview, with him, amazing so goal orienter, seeking Accounting degree, trying to manage a 3.5 GPA or better over next 4 years. Play at the 4 this year, and some 3/4, do what Gib wants, D up, rebound and run.

    Niko has similar passion, Jack Hackman, wants to contribute, anyway possible, D up , set screens, dive for 50/50 ball, when needed, especially if teams that have active solid ZONES, be ready, Jack, Jawato, Harper, Enos, etc, going to need that 3 ball. Plus, Aaron and Mike T. have a nice 3 ball shot too. that shoot and make 50 3’s, 50 FT’s everyday, plus on their own. Love the attitude and passion of new guys and freshmen, that translates to potential really good team ONE OHANA!

    You, warriorhaw, are right, that is why, I could not say MIke T. could not contribute, or was not showing anything, not a spectacular 3 SF. In HS, he was a low post player. Gib wants him at 4, and slide to 3. By his soph, jr and sr. year Mike T. wants to play the 3. With that type of mindset, he and Aaron V, will be good ones. Show us something Mike(comment of another …..fan)well, Mike is

    certainly doing that,…he does not have to score 20 pts a game, just get the hustle, the rebounds, transition baskets and play D. He is still learning against one of the best 4 hybrid PF’s in the Western USA, Isaac Fotu, Isaac has so many moves, counter moves.,Mike is bright, it will only make him

    better, defending opponent 4’s, just watch, Mike T. will be a contributor, especially when crunch time in BWC play Feb and especially March. Love the effort Mike. The Thomas family , you can be very proud, of Mike, well ALL the guys, are pretty special. Fun team, a lot of offense, and now, they play LOCKDOWN D, they can win that dang BWC!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    😀 and great positive comments about Michael Thomas warriorhaw! I LIKE MIKE! 😀

  9. playhoopsa:
    Thanks for the kind works. I haven’t felt this positive about a team since the days of English, Savo, Martin, Puida and the rest of the international and US team. They all hung out together. And I have been a season ticket holder since the last season at Blaisdell(sp.). Anyway, I love this site. And I think that posters like you are a big part of it.

    Now another thing I noticed was the many teardrop shots from Sham and Nevels. Those can be powerful weapons if hit consistently. Nate Robinson, Stephen Curry and of course Tony Parker are deadly with it. It frustrates the bigs because they see this little guy coming into their territory and can’t block his shot. Haha.

  10. Like Senior Spearman says,
    “Weʻre Lookinʻ Fan-tastic …
    Canʻt Wait to get back out there on the Stan Sheriff floor …
    with all our fans…especially with these guys…”

  11. warriorhaw-

    Appreciate your comments about WI site. Dayton and staff, great moderation, I remember, we were reminded to be accurate in statements, this site, fan, and family friendly, as we all mentioned such a powerful recruiting tool, the videos.

    Eagle, great UH MBB fan too, always upbeat, or objective(as best possible as we can)on state of UH MBB. I think Gib is doing good job. The guys, this year are a great bunch. The skillset, the best that I have seen from video updates, in the 4 years that Gib has been here. Guards, Wings, PF and Centers. NIce group of guys.

    And Dayton, probably gets tired of hearing or reading about, when you started this WI site, and later added the Forum, UH MBB fans, THE FANS of UH MBB and whomever coach at the time really appreciate it. Mahalo so much! If you notice , our posts, will be moderated, some contributors, not on board, unless, there is an opportunity, All welcome, different opinions etc, if it helps UH MBB program get better, I am in favor of it, as well as my boy hoopsa!

    Eagle, Clyde, al, jjay, servante, Palolo Warrior, warriorhaw, FUHA, Tonganator, Aussie Mum, josh, gobows, a lot of early till now contributors, make this site great too. Imagine by OUR observations and posts, I believe, it helps possible recruits and their families make decision to come to UH and play BB and attend a great University, the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

    warriorhaw, Eagle, and all the fans, very, very soon Rainbow Classic, and first game of the season. Then, hopefully, the team will just get better game to game, and be ready to challenge for BWC regular and Tournament crown, and to THE DANCE!


  12. Dayton, correction to my above Post. WE ALL APPRECIATE THIS unique MBB site. The real Insider for all things UH MBB.!!

    And we will never tire of giving you kudos for the work that you and staff do!

    Great sponsors.

    And a lot of views, and new and older additions to Forum, make for lively discussion!

    Mahalo Plenty Dayton, you deserve a ton of credit, as does, Ameriprise, the Schmidt Ohana, and Valerie Schmidt!

    Uhfanzonly1. With all due respect to Eagle, who contributes positive statements, and needed suggestions about UH MBB for years, to different sites, ( I read his posts there too! Great stuff!)

    UH MBB team, very soon season here, and the excitement begins. Stay Together, ONE OHANA, PLAY TOGETHER, be friends together, stay safe, and do very well in school, you are Champions already, nice, nice group of young men. Good Job Gib and staff, as well as kudos and props to your wife and great 5 children , the support of your life! Great Arnold Ohana!

  13. Around-the-Web … Right “NOW” Upcoming After 6 pm HST Monday 10-14-2013

    The FIRST Call The Coach of This Season … AM 1420 ESPN Honolulu with Coach GIB…

    MORE to Follow…

  14. Wow, I’m seeing big improvements from the main returnees. Spearman shooting form is much better. He’s more on balance and getting his shoulders squared up great. Hope he can carry that over to the season. He’s still at his best when slashing to the hoop, but an improved jumper only makes him tougher to guard.

    Jawato looks more aggressive. He’s going to need to step up his on-ball defending if he wants more minutes.

    Fotu is off the charts vs last year. Still needs a left hand move to counter with once Big West defenders try to take away his right hand. He looks leaner and meaner. More agile and now defenders have to guard him 22 ft from the hoop.

    Standhardinger appears even more solid than last year, and looks like he’s been working on his jumper.

    Very curious to see Shamburger, Valdes, and MT in action this year. MT hasn’t been in many videos but he looks like a nice athlete at his height. I’m hoping Valdes gets some dunks early this year to get the crowd fired up for the season.

  15. As Far as can tell … Call the Coach NOT Aired …


    Gib goes to Louisville, Kentucky to glean ideas/concepts from The Defending National Champions led by former UH Coach Rick Pitino (reportedly earning $5.4 Million/year – Tuesday, Wednesday) and Connect with a Recruit or Two…

    Team Practices Now to begin Focus on Zone and Trapping Defenses… (up to now, ALL man-to-man)

    Open Green/White Scrimmage Saturday Night …

  16. FUHA – You are correct about Isaac, am sure that coach Fish will work with him on that,have a strong go left move. If Isaac go strong either way , that is honorabe mention All America stuff!! Plus it will help him post UH pro career! Still believe 3 seniors ,2 juniors and 4 soph.s will be key. The backcourt speed and handle so much better will help O and D. Nice see where team is at exhibition with BYU-Hawaii. If UH has an outstanding zone along with their multiple D looks …UH can be tough!

    FUHA , Eagle and fans , soon should be fun SSC!! important guys play hard but also have FUN!!

  17. Eagle : Hope they move call coach show to another night before Sat. Scrimmage ,I think now growing core fan interest in UH hoops!!
    As Spearman says get season started team excited to show how hard and active they are!!
    Caleb Dressler get well, take care!! Talk about a UH system Big Caleb fits the bill, Great guy!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors! !
    Game On!!

  18. Even though he might not yet show it — personally i wouldnʻt either until i catch the defense over-playing, then boom, easy reversals — iʻm pretty sure Fish said Isaac can use both hands and rotate almost equally well Both Directions — iʻm “sure” that was on Fishʻs list when Isaac First showed up, Isaac worked real hard and nailed that Fast…

    Plus… those pull up & spin away jumpers also provide answers to someone trying to cut off a path to the basket…

    …and MAYBE Isaac will hit enough threes to average 18-22 ppg (instead of 15-18)…


    Thatʻs why iʻve often thought the game ʻneededʻ one or two more game basketballs…
    So Much Talent… Only ONE Ball ?

  19. Eagle: You are right about that, Issac is now a highly coveted stretch 4. The part of game I think both Christian and Isaac have to improve on to put UH MBB over the top on that PF dynamic duo ..their FT shooting. From mid sixties..to high seventies or better. This tesm working so hard hope whole team shoots in 70 % high, will help team score more key pts per game.

    Hey eagle, we shall see soon, if Gib has top 10 guys rotation scoring. 80 pts or better and holding opposition to 60 pts or less ,UH could have Big season!! I like potential of team!!

    Scrimmage should be fun!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors! !

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