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Summer League Summary


Summer flings are meant to be fun, freewheeling … and eventually forgotten. Such is the case for the University of Hawai’i basketball team’s participation in the 2013 Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League.

Several Warriors put up impressive numbers during the Summer League, but those numbers will not necessarily mean anything for the upcoming 2013-14 season. If anything, however, it showed that the Warriors will have a variety of options.

Five different UH players averaged better than 20 points per game for their respective Summer League teams: Garrett Nevels, Quincy Smith, Brandon Spearman, Aaron Valdes and Negus Webster-Chan.

Valdes, a redshirt freshman guard/forward, was perhaps the surprise of the bunch, averaging 25.4 points and 8.4 rebounds per game for Grantco Pacific. He was arguably the most dynamic player in the Summer League, and was named the Most Outstanding Player, despite playing for the last-place team.

“I was very surprised – I didn’t even know they were handing out an award like that,” Valdes said. “It was a very good summer, a lot of hard work.”

Due to a lack of players on the Grantco Pacific roster, Valdes often had to play extended minutes as the primary playmaker for the team.

“It gave me some confidence going into the season,” he said. “Showed me I can score the ball, thinking I can do stuff I didn’t think I could do before.”


Two other incoming Warriors who wowed the crowds this summer were Nevels and Webster-Chan.

Nevels, a junior transfer from Mount San Antonio College (Calif.), led the UH players in scoring with an average of 26.2 points per game in five appearances for National Fire Protection Co. “I think Garrett Nevels is a really talented scorer,” said former UH standout forward Bill Amis, who played for Central Medical Clinic.

Webster-Chan, a sophomore transfer from Missouri, was right behind Nevels with 26.1 points per game. He displayed the greatest shooting range among all players in the Summer League, and finished with 32 3-pointers in just seven games.

Valdes, Nevels, Webster-Chan and Brandon Spearman were named to the all-Summer League team, along with former Warriors Amis and Zane Johnson. Others named to the team were Julian Sensley, Kyle Pape, Kawika Lyons, Kaunaoa McGee, Jeff Greer, Leon Ballard and Waly Coulibaly.

Here are some final summer statistics for current University of Hawai’i players (thanks to clyde, masu, and league scorekeepr Erica Okimura):

Caleb Dressler (Grantco Pacific): 6 games, 17.2 points per game, 8.3 rebounds per game

Dyrbe Enos (Solar Universe): 11 games, 5.8 points per game

Niko Filipovich (Solar Universe): 7 games, 5.3 points per game

Isaac Fotu (National Fire): 1 game, 18.0 points per game, 6.0 rebounds per game


Michael Harper (Central Medical): 4 games, 9.3 points per game

Brandon Jawato (Clark Hatch Fitness): 1 game, 15.0 points per game

Stefan Jovanovic (National Fire): 7 games, 15.7 points per game, 9.9 rebounds per game

Garrett Nevels (National Fire): 5 games, 26.2 points per game, 5.4 rebounds per game

Keith Shamburger (Clark Hatch Fitness): 9 games, 15.8 points per game, 6.7 rebounds per game, 6.3 assists per game

Quincy Smith (Central Medical): 4 games, 24.5 points per game, 5.5 rebounds per game, 3.0 assists per game

Brandon Spearman (Solar Universe): 7 games, 21.9 points per game, 6.0 rebounds per game

Michael Thomas (Clark Hatch Fitness): 8 games, 8.5 points per game, 3.1 rebounds per game

Aaron Valdes (Grantco Pacific): 8 games, 25.4 points per game, 8.4 rebounds per game

Negus Webster-Chan (Solar Universe): 7 games, 26.1 points per game, 5.3 rebounds per game, 32 3-pointers

Final statistics for some former UH players:

Bill Amis (Central Medical): 12 games, 21.8 points per game, 9.9 rebounds per game

Zane Johnson (Solar Universe): 5 games, 29.4 points per game, 24 3-pointers

Julian Sensley (Wealth Strategy): 10 games, 24.1 points per game

(Photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)


  1. Mahlao and thank you Dayton, and stats keepers!

    UH MBB athletes, all contributed to their teams. Nice to see how competitive they all were. Look forward to open gym and reports going into the fall semester!

    UH MBB team, keep on working hard, work together, and have a great winning season.

    Keep eyes on the goal: NCAA tournament, or NIT .

    Mahalo once again to Dayton and WI, Schmidts and Ameriprise.

    All the forum contributors!


  2. Dayton: Excellent! Know you did interviews, before previous video summer league update with all of the banter back in forth!

    Posting what the guys averaged, great stuff.
    Great interviews with Aaron Valdes, as was said , that guy worked really hard, and hopefully he will have a beast of season, I think he will!

    The added interview with Quincy, that young guy is a great addition to team. He working hard, hope Q gets healthy, and will have a fantastic year along with Garrett Nevels. UH then can be some 4 or 5 deep at PG and SG. Really bodes well for BWC play!

    And finally, just like you read our minds, you did an interview, after last game with Bill Amis, his assessment of UH MBB athletes, returnees and newbies. Had good things to say!

    Plus, he mentioned how ALL the UH guys are Gym Rats, working to get better.

    Davis, and Christian, get your Visas, in order and hurry back home to Hawaii.

    Man, I tell all of you fellow UH MBB die hard fans, with all of the 13 other UH guys who competed in summer league till the end(14 until Isaac got hurt), the guys competed greatly, without big guns, Fotu, Standhardinger and Rozitis. And , as Dayton mentioned, and we all know SUMMER league as Gib alluded to, is just a showcase,for fans to get to know and see skillset of UH bballers, now the real work begins.

    Hey UH MBB fans, Rainbow Warriors, Bows, Rainbows or Warriors, whatever you cherish them as, are going to be exciting, they are working open gym and weight/rehab. Look forward to great year, and hopefully some Big Time Post Season dances!!

  3. Thank you!

    After watching summer league play, the possibility of achieving high level goals maybe achievable. Believe everyone feels that UH has the BB talent and skills to “win” and play exciting ball.

    It’ll be interesting to discover who will be our Julian Sensley or Bill Amis type player that will provide some semblance of consistent high level play throughout the season, that can be counted on. Will it be Christian? Or, will Keith S surprise…???? Believe we’ll need anchor player(s) with high BB IQ and maturity to qualify for NCAA tournament play.

  4. I know this is looking into the distant future… but I see 2014-15 starting lineup as:
    Jovanovic, Fotu, Shamburger, NWC & Valdes.

    Valdes’ spot is the most up for grabs. Nevels, Smith, would also be in the mix also. Jawato & Harper would be the sharpshooters off the bench. Dressler as the 1st big man off the bench.

  5. Former UH athlete

    I can see Thomas in that mix too. He didn’t really get a chance to showcase too much with his minutes being limited in summer league. Never really got a chance to find a rhythm like valdes did. Talent is there along with size. Should be interesting to see how things play out. The way Gibs been pulling in decent recruits u might be able to add a few more new names to that list of potential starters

  6. I like Thomas’ potential… but he needs to work on his perimeter skills. He was in the post in HS and currently plays more like a stretch-4 than a wing. Other than spot up shooting from 3, I haven’t seen an ability to handle the ball or drive to the hoop. The talent and size are there… just needs time and expectations to be tempered.

  7. gobows

    I see the same thing with MT. He is young looking which leads me to think he may still grow and inch or two. Needs better handle and court awareness as far as spacing is concerned. With his length he should be gathering a bunch of put backs. A matter of mindset I guess. But yea, I think he has the talent to make a huge impact in the future.

  8. Hey fans, Gib has guards(!) to work with. Ones that can handle, have quickness and shoot some. Just have to be in system and play solid D.

    PG’s: Dyrbe Enos, Quincy Smith, Keith Shamburger, Nikola Filopovich.

    SG’s: Brandon Spearman, Brandon Jawato, Garrett Nevels, Michael Harper

    SF/Wings: Aaron Valdes, Michael Thomas, Jack Hackman

    PF/hybrid: Isaac Fotu, Christian Standhardinger.

    Centers/PF: Davis Rozitis, Caleb Dressler, Stefan Jovanovich.

    All the guys who participated in summer league, very competitive, They want to win. Gym Rats. Want to get better. Which is a huge positive going into new season.

    Interesting to see how much more explosive Christian and Davis have become going into senior year.

    Still going into, at least on paper, my fantasy pick for starting five based on in system , and D1 experience:

    PG: Keith Shamburger SG: Brandon Spearman PF: Isaac Fotu PF: Christian Standhardinger Center: Davis Rozitis, a Big team

    PG: Keith Shamburger SG: Brandon Spearman SF: Aaron Valdes PF: Isaac Fotu PF: Christian Standhardinger a Smaller team, very athletic.

    X factors: Quincy Smith, Garrett Nevels, Jack Hackman, Stefan Jovanovich, Brandon Jawato( bummer he has bad ankle needing surgery) and Dyrbe Enos(808 representative, hope he gets some minutes, with injuries, Dyrbe be ready to go, Enos can shoot the ball! Gotten stronger with handles)

    Either way, KEY: Gib has at least 4 PG’s, and 4 SG’s who are quicker more explosive than Gib’s prior 3 years. Huge upgrade. Should be interesting. Can’t wait, hint , hint Dayton for more open gym video and interviews with coaches and players!

    Great job Dayton, moderating well, and keeping WI blazing away, one day, we all have to have 100 per cent positive forum , if UH MBB team makes it to NCAA’s, would be record number of commentators!

  9. Shoots, HUGE apologies to my boy, Caleb Dressler!!

    Caleb very smart, knows, he will be the rebounder, set screens, roll to the basket, hit the jump hooks, put backs, make great passes out to shooters and cutters. Get rebound and outlet to guards.

    Sorry Caleb, you are in the top 9 mix as well.

    All depends, on who plays in system, and plays big time D. Mantra, shutdown the 3! Shutdown the 3 ball shooters, in BWC, and other non league teams, UH can win a bunch of games!!

  10. Michael Thomas, MT…wonder if he is hurt, lingering medical condition, in HS on video, playing the 3 or 4, even 5 spot, quite a leaper, rebound, block shots, put backs, jump hooks, short jumpers, was a low block player. You can tell, as was stated, he has the physical make up, will probably grow another inch or two, 6’7″ maybe 6’8″, Michael has that young guy look, …maybe when fall practices start, MT will start to beast, it would really bode well for the 3 spot, if Valdes, Hackman and Thomas, were, running, Defending, hitting 3 line to the rim , and finishing on the breaks. UH team would be fun to watch, with the guards and bigs.As Brandon Spearman says, can’t wait for season, UH seniors, Davis, Christian and Brandon S. will make sure, along with Keith Shamburger, that the guys will compete, that is for sure!!!

    Go UH MBB team!! Go for it!!


  11. Like Dressler MT should redshirt. He will be more valuable to UH in future years. We got enough big men for this year. And if he continues to grow could fall into the 3/4 position. Bottom line is if he cant make 3’s tough to be a wing player. If that’s the case he would need to bulk up and play closer to the rim as power forward. It’s a tough call for Thomas but I think he will benefit as redshirt and he can tinker with his game for one year. Dressler definitely benefited. He’s still freshman but plays with a lot more confidence and poise.

  12. Thomas didn’t show anything….not even athleticism….thought he’d be able to contribute right away

  13. “You’re ignorant to even judge ANY of these players if you don’t play basketball. What a hater. Keep hating behind your computer because that’s the only thing you got going for you.”

    I’m patiently waiting for UH Senior to play tough guy Internet keyboard police officer for the post above me.

  14. Dayton: Very good site for observations, comments , opinions. UH fans of MBB like the way direction of team going. Goal oriented , all guys working hard, from incoming freshmen, RS, transfers and retunees.

    I guess we have to keep the positive vibe, good spirit about UH men’s basketball which you have been helping us keep track of very objectively for years., thank you so much.

    Lot of us don’t know every thing, about program, however, you keep us informed, with the latest writeups and fantastic, no other media outlet , or entity does in Hawaii, video interviews, and update open gym, summer league, and regular season play. Mahalo.

    WI, and sponsors doing great service, we thank you all. Got to stay positive. Hope all the guys, will have great careers at UH. UH MBB team keep working hard in school, and on the court. Great bunch of young guys, far from home, and trying their best. The fans, love that effort, I know I do!

    Mahalo Dayton and WI.

  15. I only went to a handful of games….

    One thing that caught my eye (with the handful of games) i went to was how there was an occasion or two in which some of the play was “dirty.” In particular i saw Bill Amis take a clear forearm to the back and i saw a few flagrants that could have gotten someone injured. These were the kinds of fouls that could get you immediately kicked out of a game at any level.

    Some referees were clearly in control while others referees were not.

    Ive never been a HS or NCAA or even PAL league referee so i guess im like a fan calling out a player. I guess if we are following the written blog rules, call me ignorant. Call me a hater. Yes, im typing this out on a computer. I saw what i saw. But I booed in person. It may be the only thing going for me.

    At least no one got hurt over the course of the summer but a hard foul caused Bill Amis to break a $1000 microphone.

  16. Thanks Dayton for your hard work and update about the UHMBB players.


    I don’t personally know MT and I can only make my assessment by what I saw at the summer league and reading articles. It is difficult to judge a player like MT when he didn’t get enough playing time on Clark Hatch. I know that team in particular has had the same coach and veterans like Kato and Mcgee for many years. He wasn’t able to even showcase the talent, skills, and athleticism that he has.

    In high school, MT averaged 16 points and 8 rebounds per game. He is also a very diverse player and he can play the PG or PF position.

    If you really are a fan, put some trust in Coach Gib and the rest of the coaching staff.
    I think that every player has fans, haters, and the in-between’s. So, let’s support the UHMBB 100%.
    WI.com was meant to give the fans the inside scoop on current and past UH players.

    You’re only making yourself sound ignorant and foolish by bashing MT. Anyone can act hard and say foolish things behind a computer.

    I rest my case and give the Blog Cop title to whomever gave it to me.

  17. UH Senior:

    Amen UH Senior! I give tons of credit to Gib and staff for recruiting the incoming talent. With the addition of several guys trying to walkon to team, speaks volumes of interest in helping UH MBB becoming an elite team in BWC.

    Yes, the only peek into Michael Thomas’ game, on Youtube, HS video, I know he was asked by his coach to play down low, since his team did not have size. He showed me something, the ability to hit some nice 3 pt shots, as well as advance the ball by dribbling up court, as well as putbacks, and some rebounds. Don’t know the situation in summer league. You are right, the teams are pretty set, every year. Sometimes, guys like MT don’t have chance to shine.

    Not to worry UH Senior, if the guys can perform in practice, and translate it to game situation, work Gib’s system, cherish possession of ball, and D up, and close out and win games, whether, freshmen , RS, walkon or senior, Gib will let the guys who can win play.

    I hope MT, has a great fall pre season, he seems like a great young guy, another one, from a solid family, with ability. He is another one of those, that academically, so far, is doing well I am sure. He qualified for UH(top 150 academic school in the world)right out of HS, same with Jovanovich, Nevels and Smith out of JC, Q , one year JC, and he qualified!

    MT, the physical body is there, the game , or potential is there, Gib will let him do his thing now, in individual workouts, he can work out in open gym and weight room, and bond with team. Seems like a great bunch, solid group of young men. I wish, new guys, Negus, Q, Garrett N., Stefan, Niko, Jack and MT great success this year. MT will be alright!!

    Keep on supporting Hawaii’s NCAA D1 team, the Rainbow Warriors! Hopefully they make it to the Dance in March!

  18. Dayton,

    Any word on Jamie Smith? Did he get his Visa cleared to come back to Hawaii and UH? Absolutely great job he did promoting UH MBB and working with UH students, and the Maniacs.

    It created a great atmosphere at the SSC. Would love to see Jamie doing his thing again, with possibly double or triple the amount of student participation. Remembering back, that was the fun part of UH student life, the athletic events, and having a great time with friends supporting the sports teams!!

    Jamie Smith, hope you are back soon!

    Thankyou Dayton.

  19. I thought I read on here that some PAC 12 schools were making a late run after Thomas but good thing Gib locked him up early. Some people also considered him the gem of the class. I think he knew his minutes were limited in summer league and everytime he got minutes it seemed like he rushed everything or tried to do too much. Anybody else notice there were 5 UH guys that attended the championship game but only one guy had a collar shirt with dress shorts and shoes. Seems like he’s a good kid. Just my opinion. Hopefully he puts in the work needed to succeed at this level. I’m pulling for him

  20. Tunnelrat808: Found this older post about Michael Thomas and his early signing and HS year. Source, WI, Dayton Morinaga written article.

    It’s a good thing the Hawai’i basketball team secured Michael Thomas during the early signing period.

    The 6-foot-6 high school senior is making quite the early-season impression for El Camino Real High in Woodland Hills, Calif. The Conquistadors are 6-2 through the first eight games, and Thomas is averaging 18.8 points and 9.9 rebounds per game. He was named the Most Valuable Player of the Pasadena Tournament after tallying 23 points and 11 rebounds in the championship game victory.

    “I wish we would have won those two games that we lost,” he said. “But other than that, things are going well.”

    In another tournament last week, Thomas had 23 points and 18 rebounds in a game, although it came in a triple-overtime loss.

    Expectations are high this season for the Conquistadors. They are considered the top team in the Los Angeles City Section Division II, and are ranked No. 21 among all teams in the state of California by CalHiSports.com.

    Thomas said he has been playing mostly at power forward for the Conquistadors, but he is projected to be more of a wing player on the NCAA Division I level.

    “I’m mostly at the 4 (power forward) right now, helping the team get rebounds and score inside,” he said. “But I’m also branching out a little bit, playing some 3 (small forward).”

    Thomas signed a national letter of intent with Hawai’i in November. He will join the Warriors during the 2013-14 season as a freshman.

  21. Tunnelrat808: Found this Nov 2012 recruiting early signing update written by Dayton Morinaga about Michael and interest from other west coast schools.

    If you want , to, Dayton has excellent interactive site, you can scroll to archive, videos, updates, recruiting etc.

    Nov 2012: written by Dayton Morinaga.

    Thomas received interest from programs in the Pac-12, Mountain West, Western Athletic Conference and West Coast Conference, before ultimately choosing UH over Northern Arizona and UC Santa Barbara.

    “Michael has the whole package,” Arnold said. “He’s an outstanding young man and basketball player. In high school he played most of his minutes in the post, but he’s worked hard and become a very good perimeter player. I’m sure he’ll have many above-the-rim highlights at UH with his incredible athleticism. He’s a gifted young man and will be a joy to work with as a new member of our team.”

  22. A ‘Treat’? for Insiders who look back at older threads….

    Just “Excel”-ing Dayton’s Data via ppg:

    0 + Christian Standhardinger
    0 + Davis Rozitis
    0 – Jack Hackman

    ( + Zane Johnson – 29.4ppg, 24-3’s)
    1 – Garrett Nevels – 26.2p / 5.4 r
    2 – Negus Webster-Chan – 26.1p / 5.3 r / 32-3’s
    3 – Aaron Valdes – 25.4p / 8.4 r
    4 – Quincy Smith – 24.5p / 5.5r / 3 apg
    ( + Julian Sensley – 24.1 ppg)
    5 + Brandon Spearman – 21.9 p /6 rpg
    ( + Bill Amis 21.8 p / 9.9 rpg)
    6 + Isaac Fotu – 18p / 6 reb
    7 + Caleb Dressler – 17.2p/ 8.3 r
    8 + Keith Shamburger -15.8 p/ 6.7r / 6.3 apg
    9 – Stefan Jovanovic – 15 p/ 9.9 r
    10 + Brandon Jawato – 15 p /
    11 + Michael Harper 9.3 p
    12 – Michael Thomas 8.5 p / 3 r
    13 + Dyrbe Enos 5.8p
    14 – Niko Filipovich 5.3 p

    (- Malik Fields ?)
    (- Westley Armbrust?)

    + indicates players that already have a season or year (or more) in Gib’s System, so more likely to effectively align their skills with what’s asked of them in system;

    “Smart” Players will adapt to Gib’s System quicker, working their games into the system sooner to be more effective (higher percentage, better shot availability and selection); and the new arrivals display higher BBIQ and disposition;
    historically, players will score less in system (D-1); usually 1/2 or even 1/4th of their summer PT and scoring averages…
    For Reference or Comparison Purposes – Fotu, Spearman and Shamburger are ‘proven’ 10 ppg+ D-1 players

    COMMENTS: FOUR New Arrivals scoring above 24 ppg AND Above All D-1 Starters Spearman, Fotu and Shamburger (and also Sensley and Amis) is probably a new UH HIGH…

    IF Nothing Else, they may be Pouring the Ball into the Basket….

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