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Summer League semifinals set for Thursday


Keith Shamburger may not have had his best all-around game of the summer, but he came up big when it counted to lead Clark Hatch Fitness to a 76-71 victory over National Fire Protection Co. in the opening round of the playoffs of the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League.

Two opening round games were played at Maryknoll School Gym on Tuesday night.

Shamburger, a 6-foot junior point guard for the University of Hawai’i, scored 13 of his 15 points in the second half as Clark Hatch Fitness rallied from a 15-point deficit in the first half to advance to Thursday’s semifinals. He also had three assists and three rebounds as Clark Hatch Fitness won for the sixth time in its last seven games.

“It was a good one; we had a slow first half, we picked it up second half eventually,” Shamburger said. “We just played our hearts out second half. We knew it was win or go home.”


Shamburger scored eight consecutive points midway through the second half to spark the victory. With Clark Hatch Fitness trailing 59-56, Shamburger hit a 3-pointer to tie it, then drained two free throws to put his team ahead for the first time in the game at 61-59. The two free throws came after UH teammate Garrett Nevels of National Fire Protection was assessed a technical foul for questioning a referee. On the ensuing possession, Shamburger hit another 3 to give Clark Hatch Fitness a 64-59 lead that it would not relinquish.

Former Chaminade forward Leon Ballard led Clark Hatch Fitness with 19 points. UH incoming freshman Michael Thomas scored five.

“Once we start playing well as a team, we start winning,” Shamburger said. “We have many guys on our team who can score.”

Nevels led National Fire Protection with a game-high 29 points. He scored 23 in the first half to lead National Fire to a 49-39 lead at intermission.

“Garrett told me he was going to have 50 tonight,” Shamburger said. “I took that to myself in the second half. I didn’t want him to go for 50. We slowed him down as much as we could. Garrett’s a phenomenal player. He can shoot the ball real good; he can do many things. We slowed him down in the second half though.”

UH incoming freshman center Stefan Jovanovic added 12 points, six rebounds and four blocked shots for National Fire, which completed the Summer League with a 5-6 record.


Clark Hatch Fitness will play top seed Central Medical Clinic in a semifinal game on Thursday.

In Tuesday’s second game, former Chaminade guard Wally Coulibaly scored 29 points, and former UH star Julian Sensley scored 28 to lead Wealth Strategy Partners to a 108-80 blowout victory over Grantco Pacific.

UH redshirt freshmen Aaron Valdes and Caleb Dressler were solid in defeat for Grantco Pacific.

Valdes finished with 26 points, seven rebounds and five assists; Dressler contributed nine points and nine rebounds. Grancto Pacific finished the summer with a 2-9 record.

Wealth Strategy Partners will face No. 2 seed Solar Universe in a semifinal game at 6 p.m. on Thursday at Maryknoll Gym. The Clark Hatch Fitness vs. Central Medical Clinic semifinal will follow around 7:30 p.m. Both games will be televised on Olelo channel 49, and streamed live on the internet at youtube.com/olelocm

(Game photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)


  1. I think Garett Nevels will get better at finding higher percentage shots for himself and his teammates, when he can anticipate them “in system”, rather than ‘needing’ to force lower percentage shots on his own…

    Although Shamburger ‘can’ shoot a lot (as Coach Jackson accurately points out from his San Jose State days), i think that was in (their) system, and without a frontline capable of positioning themselves and finishing…it looks like he already has a good handle on the team game, even the importance of team neutralizing the opposition’s key player(s) to take over the game, and of course is a year ahead (like AV & Dressler) of the newcomers at playing in Gib’s system.

    Jovanovic IS looking like he can help right away, and doesn’t seem to ‘need’ a redshirt year (although a fifth season might still end up being evaluated as more valuable).

    Is there any doubt that Aaron Valdes made good use of his redshirt year?

  2. Eagle: Good points and observations as always. Agreed, about Shamburger, he has really bought into being a leader, a true PG who wants to help team win. Added bonus, Keith can knock down an occasional 3 or mid range shot, go to the rim , and hit FT’s, which is very important. Keith can also play some D.

    Garrett Nevels, has a lot of athletic ability, and can shoot, correct though, at this point, even though summer league, he wants to be the SCORER, so he will launch, 30 , 35 foot 3 pointers, at will, NO question Gib will reel him in, and he will be taking better shots, however with Keith S. and Q Smith, finding him, Garret will help team score.

    Nevels can score from anywhere on the court, has to know when to shoot and play as a team. Good thing: He is very competitive and wants to win. After game, noticed, he shook all the other team players hands, which is a good sign. Garrett Nevels coming to Hawaii, and being in system with UH MBB team will help UH a lot this year.

    Stefan Jovanovich, He impresses. Looks like, of the 3, Dressler, Jovanovich and Rozitis, as a young freshman, he has all the tools and some, as a true post center. Good FT shooter too. As he stated, if he can show Gib , in practices that he can contribute this year, maybe Gib lets him play this year. If not, RS.

    I would love to see Stefan step it up in practice, and in the weight room, and actually play this year. He would be great addition when UH goes up against Big Post teams, Rainbow Classic, DHC, against Mizzou on the road, NMSU here at SSC, and in post season. Very impressive Stefan! Gib recruited a good one, very good post player!!

  3. Eagle: Agreed on AV, Aaron Valdes, he , just physically looks very mature, has to buy into working in UH system. He has All the tools, his 3 point shot, is very accurate. He really will help team. on D, rebounding, running the court, and flushing the ball. RS year did wonders for AV.

    Dressler, solid, he is an IN SYSTEM Big, with the UH MBB team, Dressler will be effective, very smart BB IQ athlete. All the bigs, posts, Dressler, Rozitis and Jovanovich are smart center/big PF’s, nice for Gib to have

    I believe, and we still have to wait for practices and first few games to see. UH has depth at 1 and 2, maybe 3, with AV and MT(?), 4 with Fotu and Standhardinger, and 4/5 with Davis, Caleb and possibly Stefan. A lot more firepower, and a different type of athlete that Gib has this year. which is nice. And so far, all the young guys, including NWC , are, good students(UH top 150 academic school in the world now). Eagle , should be fun year. I hope they go Dancing!!

  4. I like Nevels, while 1.5 of the referees on the court were rather inept as a player you can not complain to the referees. You can inform the referee do certain fouls so they can be more aware of it, but you have to do it in a nice way! It is the job of your coach and your fans to get into the ear of the referee. Did any of the referees in this summer league get the memo on the new upcoming years emphasis on calls???
    “In Division I games last season, the average amount of points scored in games was 67.5. This is the lowest amount since the 1981-82 season when teams averaged 67.6 points per game. The points-per-game average has also dipped in each of the last four seasons at the Division I level.

    With these facts in mind, much of the committee’s discussion in May focused on ways to open up the game. To that end, it will be stressed to officials that they must address the current rules throughout the game. The following types of personal fouls should be called consistently:

    When a defensive player keeps a hand or forearm on an opponent;
    When a defensive player puts two hands on an opponent;
    When a defensive player continually jabs by extending his arm(s) and placing a hand or forearm on the opponent;
    When a player uses an arm bar to impede the progress of an opponent.”
    Nevels has this intensity and desire to win that I hope becomes infective to the rest of his team!!! Please pair this guy with Rozitis because if Rozitis had that mindset he would be dangerous. I love the pieces for this upcoming years men’s basketball team!!!

  5. Yes, we all know bottom line is to win and go NIT or NCAA’s, however, I hope Ben Jay, works out something with Gib, to keep him here as coach. Extension on contract. Gib is recruiting good athletes and more importantly good character kids and students. He is working at recruiting guys 2 or even 3 years down the road. That promotes continuity.

    Hope Gib has an awesome year, this year. Will set UH MBB moving forward, and becoming a power in the Western USA and the Pacific.

    Maybe more NWC’s will be coming on board , as well as the Polynesian elite athletes, from Austalia, NZ,, as well as , who knows, from Asia…Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea! Hey, let us not forget the local MBB athletes as well, at least several will try to make team, or improve in HS to be D1 talent. another , Alika, Miah, Julian, David Hallums, Kalia McGee, Jarin Akana!

  6. I am really liking this Jovanovic kid. He can use both hands and will slam it home when he’s got the chance. Now that I’ve seen more footage, I think he’s better than Dressler and Rozitis. Might be the first big man off the bench to give Fotu or Standhardinger a breather. Rozitis will probably see spot duty on top of the 3-2 zone again, but UH has three legit 6’10″ers coming off the bench.

    Size and depth at the bigs is a luxury few teams (even elite teams) enjoy. The having 3 legit centers allows them to play more aggressively as fouls won’t be an issue. UH should excellent in protecting the paint this year.

    With Shamburger, Spearman, Valdes, Nevels, & Smith UH, should be able to defend the 3pt line much better than last year’s team that lacked quickness to defend teams that spread the floor and bomb 3’s.

  7. Former UH Athlete:

    Agreed. I think Stefan Jovanovich is surprising a lot of UH MBB fans. If coach Fish is working with him, and Bill Amis is mentoring him during summer league, Stefan, is putting into action on court. He, has a great BBIQ, not afraid, shoots, blocks shots, secures rebounds, runs out to open shooter, and drops back to defend rim. Rozitis and Dressler, have their own game, they are smart BBIQ bigs, too, and FUHA, I hope Gib will play Stefan, would not hurt to have 3 bigs,with 15 fouls to give to guard the paint!

    Stefan J. is going to be a good one. Very, very skilled young guy, who will just get better!!

  8. AND Stefan will PASS the ball out to open shooter or cutters to the rim, when the ball goes into him, he reads the defense , then either makes his move, or PASSES the ball out, or to guy flashing to bucket very quickly, NOT like a former Post Player!!

    Go Stefan, and thank you for becoming a Rainbow Warrior BB player!

  9. I still think Rozitis is better can’t wait to see open gym of the two. Against grantco #50 bothered jovanavic more than he should have, but give him a couple years and my bet would be on Jovanavic.

  10. ROB T: good points. Davis Rozitis, has to play like a beast this year. Rebound, D up, run floor, dunk th ball, and hit FT’s. Davis does that, with his agility, UH MBB team will be hard to handle, with Fotu, Standhardinger, the guard rotation, and the two young Wings.

    I like all 3 of them as FUHA alluded to. Stefan has to get stronger, the competition, even if against shorter , stronger, more mature summer league veterans, is good for Stefan, he will get better, he looks much quicker that Youtube videos of his HS days.

    Davis, Stefan and Caleb, good Post players, will help UH team to win games.

    Have to play
    Defense, the entire team, shut down 3 ball, and penetration and kick outs, Gib could have a good season this year, and possibly awesome one next 3 years with NWC!

  11. I don’t know if this was brought up here already and know. But I remember Harper’s mom bringing over TimTams from Australia since it was only being sold there.

    Went to Costco in Wapio and found the TimTams imported from Australia.

  12. Speaking of Harper, he hit all seven of his second-half shots and finished with 19 points (I believe) to help Central Medical beat Clark Hatch Fitness in one of tonight’s summer league semifinals. Central Medical advances to Saturday’s title game against Wealth Strategy, which got a huge game from former Rainbow Julian Sensley to beat Solar Universe. Dayton will have an updated story and video later. Stay tuned.

  13. Thanks for stats Clyde!

    I watched game on Olelo. Julian just too good for Solar. No one could match him. As well all knew, since Julian’s HS days, if he wanted to, he could have been an elite player. Probably, make it to NBA as small forward. A lot of talent, and local product!

    The Central Medical vs Clark Hatch game, sheesh, CMC turned it up in second half.

    Player that impressed me, though I hope he didn’t, although he probably did, reinjure his toe, Q(Quincy Smith). He is very smooth, has quicks, hops, made some nice assists, a different type of PG than Shamburger, however, when they are in system, together, Keith and Quincy Smith look like they will finally be the TWO PG’s, guys who can dish, orchestrate and score some, that we have been awaiting for nearly 4 years, Gib Era.

    With Spearman, the banger, streaky shooter, rebounding hustle guard, Jawato, hope he is okay, healthwise, the 3 ball shooter, Harper too, the hustle, 3 ball and heart guy, as well as G. Nevels, the do it all guard, are working as one, Three guard lineup, sounds good. with Fotu and Standhardinger. Or, any combination of the guards, plus Aaron Valdes, Rozitis, Dressler, Jovanovich(hope he plays this year), and Jack Hackman(walkon)

    Key, Gib has a lot of guys, who can play, and bring offense, now can these 14 or 15 guys play major D1 defense? That is the key: DEFENSE. and Gib will say the same, stop penetration, lockdown the 3 ball shooters, and win

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