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Sensley leads Wealth Strategy to Summer League title


One of the unlikeliest of teams in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League took home the championship in 2013. Wealth Strategy Partners defeated top seed Central Medical Clinic, 88-78, in the championship game of the Summer League on Saturday night at Maryknoll School Gym.

Just one month ago, Wealth Strategy Partners had a 1-4 record. However, it ended the Summer League with five consecutive victories, including three impressive wins in the playoffs.

“It was great,” former UH guard and Kamehameha Schools graduate Pi’i Minns said. “We had a good flow. We started off flat – we just had to contain Bill Amis, and it was real fun.”

Wealth Strategy does not have any current University of Hawai’i players on its roster, but it did have former UH star Julian Sensley, and the 6-foot-9 forward was in beast mode throughout the playoffs. He averaged 29.0 points per game in the playoffs, which included upsets of the top two teams from the regular season (Central Medical and Solar Universe).

Sensley scored a game-high 27 points and grabbed seven rebounds to lead Wealth Strategy in the title game. He shot 7 of 15 from the field, including 4 of 6 from 3-point range.

Sensley said he has been participating in the Hawai’i Summer League for more than a decade, and this was just his second championship. He played professionally in Korea last season, and is negotiating with several international teams/leagues for an assignment for this coming season.


He was quick to credit his teammates, including Mililani High graduate William Broadus (20 points) and former Chaminade guard Waly Coulibaly (18 points).

Minns, who is hoping to rejoin the UH basketball team after a year off, added 10 points off the bench for Wealth Strategy, which was the No. 3 seed for the playoffs. “It’s real serious; every possession counts,” Minns said.

Central Medical had the lead early in the first half, but Wealth Strategy eventually took a 43-37 lead at intermission. Wealthy Strategy increased its lead to 52-42 early in the second half, and stayed in front the rest of the way.

“The game just didn’t go our way,” UH guard Quincy Smith said. “It started off with me in the first half, I was making bad turnovers, and the rest of the team missed easy shots. We weren’t getting stops on defense. It was just like the ball wasn’t falling our way.”

Smith, an incoming sophomore guard for UH, scored 20 points and grabbed six rebounds while playing with an injured toe that visibly bothered him throughout the game for Central Medial.


“It was like 65 to 70 percent,” he said. “I could have played better. It wasn’t the toe, it was just I should have performed better.”

UH sophomore guard Michael Harper contributed five points and three assists off the bench for Central Medical.

Former UH forward Bill Amis finished with 21 points, 10 rebounds four steals, three assists and two blocked shots for Central Medical. ‘Iolani School graduate Kyle Pape led Central Medical with 23 points.

Wealth Strategy Partners (88): Julian Sensley 27, William Broadus 20, Waly Coulibaly 18, Pi’i Minns 10, Kawika Lyons 8, Quentin Leathers 4, Keola Stitzel 1.

Central Medical Clinic (78): Kyle Pape 23, Bill Amis 21, Quincy Smith 20, Michael Harper 5, Caleb Spencer 5, Johnathan Keen 2, John Lane 2.

(Game photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)


  1. Thanks, Dayton, Brandon, Clyde, et.al, Sponsors, Contributors

    Complete Coverage, All Year
    Closing out another good Chapter in this Memorable (thatʻs the Goal) Turning Point Run for The Program…
    Missing this Championship ought to be a Wake-Up Call for the Whole UHMBB Team on How Much More it will take to Earn the Prizes, RC, DHC, BW Championships, NIT/NCAA Tourney Runs WONʻT Come Easy…
    The Oppositionʻs also working theirʻs off, too …

    Much Evidence of many returning and newly arriving players capable of much more (or again, much less)

    Where will The Edge come from?
    Better Overall & Individual Athleticism, Defense, talent, skills, depth, Team Play, Chemistry, Championship Focus & Intensity…

    This is The (“Off”)Season where Players are made — Great Role Models in Summer League Most Outstanding Player Aaron Valdes — skying jams, hard defensive effort and displaying improved shooting/focus… and in continuously improving/maintaining 30 year old UHMBB Alum MVP Julian Sensley…

    Piʻi Mins, Westley Armbrust, Malik Fields and others will need to Fight/Earn their way onto this emerging Winning (?) Team — The Privilege of playing for UHMBB that coach refers to may be/is about to start Shining….

    You Smart Insiders endured, held fast & tough through good & bad times…
    Isnʻt it Time to be Rewarded with The Fruits of Awesome Every Day Labors of All these Coaching Staffs, These Emerging Players and All the Hard Workers before them…

    WI.com, Dayton, Sponsors, Contributors and Co., Team Staff & Players…
    Time to Break on Through to ʻThe Other Sideʻ…

    BIG Winners going after The Big Time(s)….

    COULD This Be It?
    At Least All of You are Already Watching…
    If So, the good group here isnʻt going to miss it
    By the Time last seasonʻs 9,000+ becomes sell-outs, maybe consistently
    and The Rest of The State wakes up Rockinʻ…
    All of You are already here…

  2. It was an exciting game to watch but I was really pulling for CMC to win. It was mature of Smith to acknowledge his part and admit his faults. However, as a PG he is supposed to create and look out for his open players, rather than driving the ball with 3 big guys on him. I lost count on how many times CMC’s shooter was wide open but he just wasn’t getting the ball.

    In my personal opinion, Smith shouldn’t have played due to his toe injury. Although he said he was okay, the UH secretary had given him ice after the playoff game and last night’s game. Smith’s injured toe was obviously bothering him. What baffled me the most was when Coach Dave tried to sub out Smith, he replied ‘No coach, I am good. ” Seriously? He should have respected the Coach enough and rested. The few times Smith actually did sub out, he was clearly upset and complaining. This is a summer league and his top priority should be to prep for UHMBB.

    Let’s not forget that CMC was undefeated prior to Smith’s and Harper’s arrival. Smith only played in two games prior to playoffs. I think that if CMC played as a team and finished their shots, last night could have ended on a different note. WS played hard and they do have a lot of heart. They do play as a team and unselfishly. WS ended up as the champs, the only team with no current UH players. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    Coach Gib and the staff should teach their UH players the importance of teamwork. Yes, the current UH players are obviously talented, skilled, and athletic. However, if they can’t work together and don’t pass the ball, talent alone can only go so far.

  3. DK and Eagle: Very well said, great observations.

    Reality: UH with addition of Quincy Smith, Garrett Nevels and Keith Shamburger, talent and athletically will be major upgrade for UH MBB team.

    Aaron Valdes, worked his butt off to get better. He is a great kid and will have a good year.

    Jovanovich shows skill and promise.

    Truism for Garrett Nevels and Quincy, they don’t have to take over game by themselves, However DK, it does show how competitive they are, They Want To Win. They hate to lose. Now if Fotu, Standhardinger and Rozitis, Spearman, Jawato have that same desire, which undoubtedly they do, Refuse to Lose, play as TEAM to Win, UH MBB will win a lot of games.

    Myself, and those that witnessed in person games, Gib has an overall stable of guards that can play in the BWC. Great tandem of PF/hybrids in Isaac and Christian, and potentially good wings in Valdes and Jack Hackman. 3 very able Centers, Davis, Caleb, Stefan. And who knows how many good walkons.

    Quincy, will be fighting for PT at PG along with Nevels at shooting guard, advantage on paper, Spearman and Shamburger, Jawato, Harper, because of experience. Gib will make sure that the new and older guys are TEAM. With the skillset from the 3 new guards to UH, and Aaron’s under control athleticism, UH MBB, once again potential, potentially can win the BWC tournament.

    I can see Gib , Fish, Akana and Benjy smiling with a lot of optimism, because of a team of potentially very good athletes.

    DK, this year’s new guys, bond, and play TEAM ball, and great defense, will do better than last year.

    As for Quincy Smith, he wants to win and have PT, however, not to worry, Gib will show him, he has to reel in “I”, same with Nevels, and play for “T”eam. Pass to open teammates. Quincy is as a good a PG with skill that UH has had in years, glad he is with the Rainbow Warriors, same with Garrett Nevels and Keith Shamburger. I think those 3 guards, will make huge difference in winning this year for the UH MBB team!

    And finally DK, at least, several hundred, maybe more , are talking about and watching reading about UH MBB, in summer! Interest growing, hope they let at lot more UH students get to games, and rock the SSC with at least 7000 per home game, and big games 9000+!!

    UH MBB will be rocking, look forward to Dayton’s open gym and interviews with recruits, new walkons and current players.

    Mahalo Dayton, sponsors, contributors (early die hard ones, eagle, DK, clyde , uhf , etc, n2joy,)great coverage of all things UH MBB!!

  4. The Terrific Trio of Shamburger, Nevels and Smith, great to see, that they ALL can rebound. So important for extra possesions, and they get putbacks on their offensive boards. That is a great sign when the PG and SG’s are good rebounders.

    Alongside, Fotu, Standhardinger, Valdes and the Bigs, UH can get a lot of rebounds. Need the boards to be able to run and get second chance opportunities.

    Shamburger, Nevels and Smith, and I heard Jack Hackman, are good rebounders for their position and size.

    Rebounding O and D , plus great defense will help team to win, plus outstanding FT shooting and limit TO’s, help close out games.

    Team without Vander, a faster, more athletic bunch. TEAM as a TEAM, play exciting winning ball.

  5. If Q knew how to pass the ball, we would’ve won last night. He throws off the chemistry honestly. He isn’t a true PG because he doesn’t look up for anything. I was open so many times and he didn’t pass me the ball, not once. Smith is all about himself. I did not enjoy playing with him. We were undefeated before he showed up.

    ‘The rest of the team missed easy shots.’ Seriously, Q? The rest of the team barely had the ball! You only wanted to play offense and didn’t get back on defense. Broadus was burning you to the rim and finishing every single time.

    On top of that, you played with an injured toe and you wouldn’t sub out when coach told you to. You drove with 3 big guys on you and missed repeatedly.

    Good luck fighting for PT on UHMBB because you’re going to need it.

  6. I think it will help Quincy to develop More here at UH, under Gib and in comparison to Shamburger’s results, more than another 31-1 year dominating JC teams with the same overall league levels of selfish play and lack of defense….the summer league is definitely a step up versus highschool and probably a step up versus even JC playoffs…(with more men, college grads & pros)

    and i also liked Q’s willingness to self-reflect and take personal responsibility for too many turnovers — brought back surprisingly painful flashbacks of last year’s team in the first-half of the season; with depth, talent AND experience available, maybe we can minimize learning ‘the hard way’ this season…difficulty finding teammates in the right places for their best shots is a familiarity/recognition issue and if it continued too long, also a coaching/system issue…

    early indications sound better as far as the team developing trust and teamwork, having less drama and disruptive individual play… (interestingly, volleyball is experiencing a similar peace & calm, allowing focus on the work and harder, focused prep; and football may be in the early phases of purging disruptive internal team influences…)

    Learning/Teaching ‘stars’ to play together is probably one of the higher coaching skills…

    i think the Saturday Beach sessions, Marine Bootcamp excursions, etc. are good mechanisms for breaking down barriers and teaching team skills; as well as pairing up players in the summer league….

    and i agree, the players need to consider the “non-UH team” winning as real feedback. Of course Pi’i Mins and Julian both really count and also had to learn the D-1 game — Julian treats UHMBB players as brothers and worthy competitors — including fighting — and will help their development where he can, like last year with Dressler (when CD was more effective, in part due to Sensley).

    …and the non-UH result might have tipped back the other way, if more experienced Bigs like Christian or Isaac were available, but as focused as Julian was, maybe not…

  7. KwK — thanks for the Honest Feedback; should help speed up the learning process —
    Sorry that you folks paid the price last night…

  8. Congrats to all the guys who participated – from all the WI feedback it sounds like there will be lots to talk about for the upcoming season!
    Dayton what an awesome job you do – thanks so much
    And to all the WI posters – keep posting it makes me feel so much part of it – even though I am half a world away!!

  9. KwK: Good! Quincy, as I stated, even for Garrett Nevels, they are going to learn FAST from Gib, if they are NOT ABOUT TEAM, finding open guys, and trying to win game on their own, NOT GOOD!

    KwK, CMC did have good chemistry, Quincy, even though hurt was going to rack or taking shots, not in system, I know you guys don’t practice, however GIB will reel him in, play PG, WITH your teammates involved, Facilitate, or sit down.

    Quincy Smith, should not have played with injury, though on video, he admitted, he played badly, turnovers, missed shots.

    KwK, guarnateed, if ANY of the UH MBB team, tries to go off on their , own, with the amount of scholarship and so many walkons to team, whomever plays TEAM ball will play, whether, walkon or scholie player.

    True, I was pulling for CMC, becuase of Q and Harper, however, I could see it to, with Q with the ball, the team was out of sync, However, WSP, were playing some DEFENSE, getting steals, blocked shots, rebounds and deflections.

    As Eagle stated and WE all Agree, Quincy Smith will have to learn in system. At JC last year, he averaged, what about 9 pts., per game, so he wasn’t the primary scorer, however his JC team went 31-1.

    That is why in my opinion, Keith Shamburger, IS THE PG. Isaac and Christian the PF’s, maybe Aaron Valdes is the 3, I would put Spearman, the warrior at 2 guard, and let the rest fall into place.

    Still am glad, Quincy, came to UH, he will have to learn, and if his teammates from summer league, feel he was not sharing ball, or running team, although hurt, as eagle says: WAKE UP QUINCY, Gib and team need you to backup Shamburger.

    TEAM, and looking for open man, D, rebounding , FT’s, take care of ball, will win championships.

    Love Aaron Valdes, he worked hard this summer, hope Airon, has a great year!

  10. KwK and Eagle : Shout out to Bill Amis, he should have analysis on the new guys in summer league for UH, who stood out.

    Still , having Keith , Garrett, and Quincy, as new guards this year, is all play for TEAM, UH MBB will have good year.

    Remember Q, you have game, however, work it as PG. You are smart guy too, qualifier for D1 school out of HS!

  11. Still I love the fact once again, Keith S, Q and Nevels are good rebounders, and athletic, ALL 3 of them, which will help UH MBB this year. The rebounds, and chasing down the 50-50 ball will win a lot of games!

    Don’t give up Quincy, LEARN, be humble, and help UH MBB go to dance!!

  12. Aloha Aussie Mum, you have to be the most appreciative, and loving mum that any UH MBB player could have. Half way around the world. Dayton has the best , and most complete UH MBB coverage on the planet.

    Your boy, that great australian young man, is a very good student, well liked on campus, by team and community. We wish we had sons like him. Well playhoopsa, older boy, is old, he loves UH, he is alum like our whole family.

    Hope you can make it out this holiday season to see UH MBB team win the DHC, and get ready to have great season in BWC, and hopefully go to NCAA tournament in March 2014!

    Keep on chiming in Aussie Mum, great, fan, and fantastic parent that you are. Michael “thunder from down under” well liked by the lads and lassies in Hawaii! Extremely nice guy!

    Aloha Aussie Mum.

  13. Dayton, thank you a Million times over, for we older folks who are infirmed and basically homebound. Cannot go to SSC or Manoa Rec, to see live games. Next best thing, Oceanic, WI site, and radio, online and over airwaves.

    It is really a bummer to get old! However, still love the UH MBB team for nearing 50 years.
    I think Gib, if he coaches really well and manages team and egos , will have successful season!


  14. Now I know the difference in walk on status with UH MBB. The preferred walkon, are guys that were recruited and offered spot on UH team, non scholarship athletes, however they could possibly be awarded future scholarships

    Regular walkon to UH MBB, would have to talk to coach Gib, and they in essence would have open gym tryouts with team. Gib and staff and roster players, would have input to see if those, non preferred walkons would be part of team, either as redshirt or active player. Possibility, if they did really well they could be offered future scholarship.

    Man, UH roster, of potential walkons, non preferred, just trying to be part of team is impressive, word got around that UH could use help at a couple of positions. Don’t think there is any cap on roster size.

    Makes for a lot of interest in UH MBB. With possible injuries, and chronic ones as well, to active guys, having several walkons who can contribute this year, would make sense. Even if preferred or non preferred, could always be un redshirted, I believe, or activated if UH roster took a huge hit to key players, via illness, or injury. Just like football team. Amazing the interest in Rainbow Warrior BB!

  15. Without Quincy lastnight it would’ve been a blowout. Besides Amis and Pape nobody else on Central could get their own shot. Wealths Defense was awesome. Quincy is a gym rat he will thrive at UH while other guys will try to thrive in summer league year in and year out.

  16. Tunnelrat808:

    Quincy is a smart student as well, qualified for UH after freshman year, 1 year at JC. On video, he did allude to his not playing well, and owning up to his mistakes.

    True, if you look at, and hint, hint, Dayton, if we see some more open gym video of Quincy, I always saw him hitting, looking for open bigs, or wings, or long outlet to Negus breaking away for dunks.

    Quincy being from, good family and JC and HS programs., he just has to get into regular practice with UH team and Gib’s system, as he stated from outset, after he went off for 41 pts in first game with CMC , then 25 pts after that before getting hurt, he has to know team, where they are going to be.

    And true dat. Amis, being doubled, and played physical, missed a lot of shots, or could not get off shots, as well as the perimeter CMC guys had shots, even Mike H. , ball did not go down,

    True, Quincy is a great athlete. that 41 pt game, he was blowing past people, went up for dunks, and finished at rim and one.

    Positive, and now, we are not throwing Quincy under the bus, Q has game, Garrett Nevels and Keith Shamburger have game. All three will help UH MBB team be several wins better than last year. All 3 are good students at UH Manoa a top 150 in the world academic University.

    I like all the guys on this year’s team, walkons, RS’s and active scholie guys, UH MBB, will be super exciting, and win a bunch of games.

    Quincy, Garrett, Keith, Negus, Stefan, Brandon Spearman, Caleb Dressler, and Aaron Valdes, Dyrbe Enos, Nikola Filipovich just WANT TO WIN!

    Their attitude to win and take UH MBB to greater heights, ..that is what NCAA DI ball is all about.

    Quincy, main thing, heal up that toe, and get 100 per cent. You will be alright, as far as word goes, team gets along great, nice rivalry in house, and spirited open gym, and summer league games. NWC, great addition too. Exciting times!

    Q you go guy! PG x 2 with Keith!

  17. Playhoopsa:

    One thing I noticed about Quincy is he is a GymRat and a Team Player. I don’t know if anybody else noticed but even though he was hurt he still attended every game and sat on the bench next to his teammates. Most UH guys don’t show up if they can’t play. In the video he did call himself out first so there’s no need to throw him under the bus on this site.

  18. Tunnelrat808:

    T808, I agree with you, Quincy is a winner, a battler, wanted to help CMC so bad to win championship. He has incredible hops, quickeness. And yes, I did watch open gym video, Quincy was not going to rack or jacking 3’s , maybe one. He was looking up, for Caleb rolling to basket, hitting Negus for wing jumpers, making good passes to open gym teammates.

    I am not throwing Quincy under the bus. Who is KwK? I know Bill owned up to WSP were playing really good defense on him, in fact, that was a major factor, on WSP winning, JS, and the older guys playing pretty physical and good defense for a championship game.

    Agree. And I concur. Quincy , and Nevels, will be in system with Gib and UH MBB. They are two of the better JC guards in all of Cali last year, and it shows.

    Quincy Will be A BIG FACTOR,

  19. As for the support of Quincy for his team at summer league games, and a few other UH MBB athletes who showed up games that their teammates were playing in, that speaks volumes. Solidarity!

    Q from HS video at La Jolla, and JC ball, is a baller, no question. Smart student, He will be a fan favorite. He knows he has to work on his jumper. With a consistent 3 ball and mid range game, he and Keith S. will be awesome, spotting the bigs, and hitting the wings for 3 pointers, and outlet, running the breaks. Quincy and Keith will be spearheading an awesome offensive show!

    I LIKE Q, he is a Warrior!

  20. Not u playhoopsa. His teammate Ksk

  21. Tunnelrat808: Thanks T808! I like the 3 guards, KS, GN, and QS, they just want to win.

    And to KwK, it is ONLY summer league, Quincy, Shamburger, Nevels will be in real practice in about 2 months which is exciting!

    KwK, WSP were playing sound Defense on all of you guys, looking back at DVR, hard for CMC guards to throw in good entry passes to Amis, he guarded so well, plus , the perimeter CMC guys had looks, the whole team, were missing some jumpers, or losing ball.

    Appreciate, it does show maturity, which thankfully even Kwk admitted to, as well as DK and Eagle, to say he did not play well, did not use injury as excuse, and made turnovers, missed shots, for a 19 or 20 year old, that is big time MATURE, not like a former UH guy, who says: I am from”the CITY” that is why I am what I am.

    Quincy Smith, you will do well, the whole team is on a mission, NCAA or bust. Or at least NIT. Love it T808, very soon, WVB, then USC FB game, then …drumroll for we diehard MBB junkies, Midnite Ohanafest, or whatever it is called, then early Nov. first exhibition game, then, first real game in Rainbow Classic I think.

    T808 Gib has a group of talent, let us hope for the best, definitely, the guard rotation is seiously upgraded, at the 1 and 2!!

  22. Last UHMBB season, I stated that “Win, credit goes to the players; Loss, blame goes to the coach!”
    ’cause the players execute the game-plane, worked hard to perform their best as a team, to earned that w..
    whereas in defeat the players still did everything the coach wanted (all the adjustments therewith..)!

    A smart player will take advantage of the opportunity for improvement, always.

  23. This is my own personal experience from playing with Smith and it wasn’t an enjoyable one. I was being honest and our team was undefeated majority of the season without him. Many of the other CMC players felt the same way, I am the only one giving feedback and being real about it.

    Obviously you’re a die hard UHMBB fan, good for you. But you’re not the one playing with him. You think it would have been a blowout without Quincy? You probably didn’t attend the first game of CMC versus WSP where we beat them by nearly 30 points. That was a victory with Sensley playing and Quincy absent.

    You are also overlooking the CMC victory over SU in overtime where we played hard and as a team. Quincy wasn’t playing. One of our shooters was the second top scorer in that game because Lane, Pape, and Amid actually share the ball.

    And if he was a “team player”, he would do this thing called PASS the ball. I am only referring to his game in this summer league. If he wants that PG starting spot at UHMBB, than he needs to learn how to do that. There is no “I” in TEAM.

  24. To tunnelrat808 and other die hard UHMBB fans: Put yourself in my position as a player, and not a fan. Of course we all wanted to win the championship game but it meant so much more than simply winning. Other than Lane, Pape, Amis, and Anderson the rest of our team are young collegiate basketball players. We play for D II or D III mainland colleges and it was nice to come home and play in front of our families and loved ones. Do you think our family members can afford to even make a trip to the mainland to watch us play? Nope. To the current UH players and UHMBB fans it was just a summer league to you. But to some of the players, it was the only chance we got to play in front of our families, girlfriends, and loved ones. That’s why winning that game meant so much more to us, the local players away from home.

    So, before you get the wrong idea and claim that I am throwing Q under the bus. Put yourself in my shoes and consider a different perspective.

  25. I attended every summer league game. U guys did not play the same Sensley that showed up for the playoffs. Everybody can agree on that. Clark Hatch started off 0-4. Nobody’s full strength beginning of the season. The fact that u guys were undefeated is pointless. Bottom line is coach played his best 5 guys which I’m assuming didn’t include u. He was a ball hog u say yet you take shots at his defense when he clearly was one of the best defenders in that championship game. If I can recall it was Keen who was getting abused by Broadus all game. Watch the film over cause I did Quincy was the starting Pg for a team that went 31-1. I’m assuming he does share the ball.

  26. guess we’ll just judge quincy during D1 play while kwk is at D3

  27. To KwK and Tunnelrat808:

    KwK does have a point and I can agree that with Quincy playing CMC was out of sync. Smith’s injury was clearly affecting his game and defense.

    However, Tunnelrat808, you’re obviously a fan, not a player. You’re obviously a big talker hiding behind your computer. If you think you got game or skills, maybe you should be the one out there playing. As a matter of fact, because you’re calling out Keen maybe you should play one-on-one with him and see who will win. Wait, you’re probably not because you’re not good enough or too old to even get invited to play in the NCAA College Summer League.

    And, not only was I present at ALL NCAA summer league games and I watched the playback game. Smith was the one getting burned by Broadus. Keen was only on him for 4 possessions, Broadus scored once on him in a layup. Quincy got scored on way more times by Broadus. Keen was on Waly, if you going to start stuff, get your facts straight. You can watch the highlights tape above, Broadus driving to the rim and scoring on Quincy playing no defense twice. If you watch the YouTube first half and second half of this game, Smith was guarding Broadus majority of the time.

    I know some of these guys personally, and KwK is one of the starting five players for CMC. The entire CMC team agreed that Smith threw everything off. Let me know, if you wanna meet up with Keen and play a little one-on-one. Since you’re talking smack about his game, why don’t you back it up?

    Or are you just one of those middle-aged UH MBB fans that pick out their favorites and talk smack about the other players? You can obviously talk a lot of crap from the bleachers or behind your computer. Say it to Keen’s face.

  28. Seems like kwk was trash talking. Watch the film again u missed a lot of the game. Besides we not talking about my game. One of the greatest coaches in hawaii history never played the game Doc from Iolani. That’s a fact jack

  29. That is all a load of BS Q smith played well and if you add it up probably had 16 to 18 assists so KwK whom ever you are get real! I hope you taped the game and watched the replays. KwK if your going to cry like this at least have the guts to give us your real name. Unless your name is Amis Pape or Harper you couldn’t shoot to save your lives last night. Sensley was a monster last night. I wish they had played the Santa Clara kid more because the defense against leathers. I liked Caleb Spencer and his play early in the season but could not make shots later in the season.

  30. So, since you think KwK was trash-talking you’re going to pick on another player? Smooth move. Clearly, you don’t have any “game” because you can’t even back it up. Keen didn’t even say anything about your precious Quincy Smith. I didn’t realize how many haters there are in Hawai’i and “fans” that talk smack about other collegiate basketball players.

    But since you couldn’t step up to the plate, you already made my point. Who the heck mentioned coaching?

    But it’s okay, talk smack behind your computer. You obviously have nothing better to do with your life than stalk out UH MBB players and other collegiate basketball players that don’t even know personally.

  31. Ok UH senior u made your point. I don’t play basketball.

  32. Yeah, so know your role as a fan. If you’re going to talk smack about guys that you don’t even know, back it up.

    That’s the difference between being friends with some of these collegiate basketball players personally than just some random people talking smack from the bleachers/computers. People forget that these athletes are more than ballers, they have friends and family down here too.

    You’re ignorant to even judge ANY of these players if you don’t play basketball. What a hater. Keep hating behind your computer because that’s the only thing you got going for you.

  33. This is a fan website and I’m just defending my boy Quincy who I know. What’s the difference? Your boy kwk is bashing Quincy. Yes I am a fan. If I called out Keens name I apologize. No I don’t wanna play one on one I’m too old for that. My playing days are over.

  34. I have to agree with tunnel rat. This is a fan web site and KwK came in trolling and deservedly gets flamed!

  35. It did seem like Q smith passes more in the open gym highlights. How many assists did Q Smith have in the game?

  36. Strange, first time in several years, I read of Summer league complaints. Remember fans it is ONLY Summer league. Get the UH MBB players in fall practices, that falls squarely on Gib’s lap.

    Quincy, is a good athlete. Garrett Nevels and Keith Shamburger. They wanted to win badly, even if only summer league. They are the type of athletes, good students too, that Gib wants, refuse to lose.

    For Quincy to go on video, and say he did not play well, had turnovers that started WSP on their run to take lead and control of game, very, mature for young guy.

    ROB T, Tunnelrat808, majority, if not all, which includes Aussie Mum, Valdes Ohana, Tonganator(Isaac Fotu’s dad and family), and potential recruit Evan Fitzner and mom, check in on site, so for the sake of UH MBB solidarity, and to promote ohana of UH MBB, Dayton moderates a very fan and family , and potential recruit site. Other, sites and blogs, trash away. This WI, Dayton Morinaga and sponsors, The Schmidts, Ameriprise, are great at promoting a good vibe for team.

    Still say bottom line, however UH MBB guys played in summer league, UH seriously upgraded athleticism and talent at PG and SG.

    Dayton, thanks for everything, look forward to interviews with players, coaching staff, potential recruits and open gym.

    Before we know it ROB T, Tunnelrat808, and UH Senior, MBB season will be here, and I think it will be exciting, especially when all the guys are healthy including Quincy Smith, playing D and uptempo game possibly, and guaranteed, half court strength with Christian and Isaac down low.

    T808, you are a fan, and have a lot of aloha for all the current UH MBB team first hand. Quincy appreicates that I am sure.

    Enough of the summer league. It is past! Pretty soon, UH MBB season will be here, and hopefully we will see a number of good wins, and Post Season!

  37. Love Aaron Valdes. The young guy worked very hard, hope he has a breakout year!

    Go Airon!! He was summer league MVP. Negus, Aaron, Garrett N. , Brandon Spearman, all summer league team!

    Good for those guys!

  38. playhoopsa:

    I concur. Time to move on. Can’t wait for video of open gym.

    I want to thank all the UH players who played in the summer league and let us UH MBB fans get a sneak peek at what we will be fandoming (?) for this year.

  39. KwK and UH Warrior = Trolls. They only post things to complain about UH players, about WI not posting things about non-UH bball affiliated players, and about how Keen can’t get a spot on the bball team.

    Smith did affect the team chemistry when he was added on mid-season… but it was the coaches decision to play him (even with injury). He was in the top 3 of skilled players on that CMC team (along with Amis and Pape).

  40. A friend of mines informed me about the gossip, drama, and hate from UH fans towards me on this website. I never heard of this website before. I find these comments humorous and I don’t understand why UH fans are focusing on me, a non-UH affiliated player, on a UH fan’s website. I have never complained about any of the UH players on any website.

    To go bows: I don’t know where you got your information from but it’s inaccurate. I never said anything about trying to get a spot on the bball team. At 24 years old, I already experienced playing collegiate basketball in California. I am only focused on graduating and playing ball overseas.

    To tunnelrat808: I accept your apology. Although I don’t know how my name got involved in your conversation with UH Senior.

    I understand where KwK is coming from and I know that’s how many of the other players felt. Lane, Pape, Anderson, and I have played together on CMC team in past summer leagues a few years ago. Smith as a PG, threw off the rhythm because he never played with us before. He averaged 3 assists out of 4 games. He will learn the hard way at UH.

  41. The slush floats were awesome on Thursday.

  42. Jon Keen:

    Very gracious of you to clear things up Jon! I don’t think this site is for bashing UH or non UH athletes. I guess we all are passionate about Basketball.

    I hope you have successful career overseas playing pro ball and finishing up your education.

    You and CMC athletes are team guys, it takes time for a new player to mesh with old.

    You should check out the video update summer league summary above, Quincy says he can always get better. Gib will get him on board, when fall practices start.

    Even Amis, stated, he appreciated Michael Harper and Quincy Smith for working hard and being part of summer league team..

    Summer League is Pau. Time to move on! Have a great future career, and best wishes on your endeavors.

    You are right , this is a UH MBB fan site. For recruits, fans, locally, mainland and globally primarily, Dayton does a great job!

    Aloha Jon and take care!

  43. Jon Keen

    Time will tell for Quincy Smith. Summer league play which is equivalent to pickup basketball is not a good way to gauge these players. Q is a proven PG that led his team to a 31-1 record last year. . Maybe he didn’t gel well with u guys but that doesn’t give anybody the right to rip him a new one on this site. Clark Hatch Players said the same thing about shamburger and he almost quit the summer league. Just a suggestion maybe teams like Clark Hatch and Central Medical should stop drafting UH players cause it seems like they have their set teams and lineups every year. UH players come in and maybe coaches feel obligated to play them. This seems like its becoming an issue with a lot of players. I say divide the UH guys into 2 teams Grantco and National Fire and let’s roll it back. Then the UH guys can get familiar with eachother during the summer Thanks for accepting my apology

  44. i think good discussions — there are ways of stating improvements needed with less ripping …
    not always easy to do in a quick paragraph or blast….

    it’s probably NOT Realistic to expect guys who’ve just arrived, two to four weeks, or even a year, to understand ‘local’/polynesian/Hawai’i ways… the coaches have been ‘trying’ for a year to get Isaac Fotu to Take Charge instead of just deferring to More Senior players who will Not get better results…maybe this season he will right out of the starting gates…

    …and if they did fit in … would we be excited with two to three fewer players averaging less than “twenny points a game”?…

    although it might have ticked off some, i thank KWK and Jon Keen et al. for going out of their way and taking time to share some their team “Insider Info” … i’ll Trust the Coaches to take into account and apply ALL that feedback/their observations in constructing better player decisions and team effectiveness….

    Comments to Q: Must be Interesting being the Eye of this much of a Storm — More Activity here than some Former Hurricanes…it takes a Level of Commitment and Guts to even try to “Be the Man” and make a Difference in the Game and the other team knows and can Respond … it’s tough to learn everyone else’s strengths in a short time, especially when there’s no System or daily/team workouts and it is Real Short Term — just a couple of weeks… comin’ out, sitting on the bench and cheering for guys you hardly know, pushing yourself to get in the playoffs (hopefully without worsening the injury); able to self-critique Right After the Game when many players are still fussing, fuming (or fighting, Trash that Tradition)… all show signs of a potentially good (To Great) Team Player and sooner than three years/seasons, i’m betting Reliable Keep us in the game, Win Some Games, Star….it is Tough to get past 31-1 (Semis?) without falling to some Hot Team or Tough/’Lucky’ Shot… we’re all betting you have the right kind of heart and teammates to take UH to that kind of Place…The eye of a Better Storm….

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