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Introducing Jack Hackman

The newest addition to the University of Hawai’i basketball team has arrived, and he took quite the route to get here.

Jack Hackman, a 6-foot-5 wing, recently accepted an invitation to join the Warriors for the 2013-14 season. He is originally from Portland, Oregon, and played on the 2012 Oregon 6A state championship team at Jesuit High School.

After graduating from Jesuit in 2012, he spent one year in Germany, playing with an amateur team and training with professionals.

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“It was a great basketball experience, but also a great life experience,” he said. “My dad works in basketball and he’s good friends with a coach over there in Germany. I could have gone to some lower level schools out of high school … but that coach offered this opportunity and I thought it would be really fun and really cool.”

The year in Germany allowed Hackman to grow physically and mentally, and several NCAA Division I programs took notice. In addition to Hawai’i, Denver and Minnesota were among the schools that offered invitations to Hackman.

“I just think that the weather is great and all the coaches on the coaching staff are really good guys,” he said of his decision to enroll at Hawaii. “The team is really good and has a chance to win and I want to be part of a winning program.”

Hackman was known for his outside shooting at Jesuit High School and for his team in Germany, and he hopes that dimension of his game will earn him court time at Hawai’i. “Immediately this year, I think I can come in and work hard in practice, work hard in games,” he said.

Hackman is also expected to fit in academically at UH, as he maintained a 3.6 grade point average in high school, and would like to major in business.

“I’m kind of pre-business right now as a freshman and trying to get into business school,” he said. “And then once I get there, try to go into international business with my European experience.”

Hackman, who will have four years of college eligibility, arrived in Honolulu earlier this week, and already started working out with some of his teammates. The entire roster of players is expected to arrive in Honolulu this weekend, as classes for the fall semester begin on Monday.


  1. Dayton,

    Thank you for great interview!

    Jack Hackman, welcome to the UH Rainbow Warrior Ohana-Family.

    You are another great young guy, student, world traveler, huslter, hard worked, great family, and will be great addition to help UH MBB team get that BWC tourney crown, and go to the Dance!

    Settle, in, hope you enjoy your career with the University of Hawaii!

    Thankyou to the Hackman family for sharing Jack’s talents with a very exciting team for several years to come!!

    Aloha, and Mahalo(thankyou!)


  2. Aloha, and welocme Jack!

    Wow, around the world, from Oregon USA, to Germany, and back to USA , and to the middle of the Pacific, to an awesome UH Basketball team, ..Thanks for becoming a Rainbow Warrior.

    Loved videos on Youtube, of you working on shooting and fundamental, plus videos of your games in Germany, a lot of dedication , toughness and Basketball smarts. Great rebounder for a guy 6’5 1/2″ plus.

    Great to have you Jack!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, and thankyou Dayton for update on Jack’s arrival!!

  3. Man oh Man, great job Gib and staff, all of the guys coming in, including Jack Hackman, great, great students, that is why they are called STUDENT athletes.

    And correct , Jack, and other fans, have you noticed, Jack looks very mature, and stronger, than a freshman fresh out of HS. The year in Germany , really helped him.

    Wow, Jack, I hope you bring that toughness and 3 point scoring and weakside rebounding , all out hustle and Defense, can help UH go to NCAA’s


    Go Rainbow Warriors


  4. That is the name of NCAA D1, in fact all divisions, Basketball teams, offense, athletes that can shoot 3 pointers for high percentage. Jack, your 3 point shooting will be welcome.

    Hopefully, consistent, and accurate 3 point shooters: Keith Shamburger, Garrett Nevels, Spearman(more consistent 3 ball, along with attacking the rim), Brandon Jawato, if he is healthy, streak 3 ball shooter, Jack Hackman, specialty, 3 ball, Aaron Valdes, Michael Thomas from the SF spot along with Jack.

    Maybe, Isaac and Christiand and Davis, dropping in a few 3 pointers per game.

    And less we forget, Dyrbe Enos, when open, the young guy is one of the better shooters out to 3 line on the team, and the UH MBB teammates and coaches know it, which is great, Dyrbe, represent the 808!

    Welcome again Jack Hackman, having, 3 or 4 guys on the court for UH that can hit the 3 pointer consistently, will help team to battle BWC teams, and the teams that can shoot the 3 with accuracy, usually go farther in Post Season tournaments, of course with having great guard play at PG and SG, which, I believe UH and Gib have upgraded, greatly.

    Hey fans, from Australia, to Oregon, Kapalama Heights to Latvia, UH fall semester starts, individual workouts, open gym, strength, conditioning, and very soon, less than 2 months away, first practice of UH MBB season!!

    Exciting times ahead!!


  5. Continued: Michael Harper, Niko Filipovich, and Stefan Jovanovich all have 3 point range. The more 3 point shooters, along with Keith and Quincy Smith’s drive and dish game, spot the 3 pointers, UH will be much more potent!

    3 point range guys: Keith, Quincy(has to work on getting better at outside shot), Brandon S. and Brandon
    J., Jack Hackman, Michael Harper, Aaron Valdes, Michael Thomas, Garrett Nevels, Michael Harper, Niko
    Filipovich, Stefan Jovanovich, Christian Standhardinger, Isaac Fotu(maybe!) and possibly Davis Rozitis! Hawaii’s own Dyrbe Enos.!

    So I count potentially 16? However, we have to be patient, when the real NCAA season starts, we will see who will be able to hit the shots! However, I like the guys UH has now. A lot of potential firepower, legit!


  6. Dayton, do you know when 3* PG Isaac Fleming is gonna visit? We’re in his top 5…

  7. Welcome, Jack and Hartman Basketball Ohana,

    Thanks for choosing to further elevate your game and college experience in Hawaiʻi
    You and Your Basketball family are absolutely part of the potential high-octane BB machine that Gib & Staff are constructing, piece by critical piece — there is a definite need and opportunity for a good all-around basketball talent and dead-eye shooter at wing/shooting forward this year (“Immediate opening”), and every team needs a strong, consistent every shotʻs going in, shooter, …

    Isnʻt it Great to Go After all your Career, Basketball and Lifeʻs Goals with a Great Staff in a Great Place like Hawaiʻi?
    Jack, Looks like you definitely know what you can get and want out of all your great abilities and efforts: D-1

    Thanks, Dayton; No Ka Oi, Da Best, as always….

    Appreciate The All-Team, All-In Update Confirmation!
    Never ceases to amaze, how many care about the condition and success of this team….
    And canʻt be said too much. the ohana, staff, player and family inputs here are outstanding…Mahalo

  8. Yes, meant, ʻHackmanʻ ʻOhana (Thanks)

  9. Welcome Jack! Glad to have you on the team and at UH. The business program at Shidler is solid, you made a good choice for your education. Keep working hard, the whole UH basketball ohana will be rooting for you and you can make a difference here.

  10. 1 year older freshman with still a redshirt year?

  11. hawaiifan09: Reading about Jack , his AAU elite team and his productivity, as well as being out of HS for a year, overseas in Germany with under 19 team as well as practicing with German league pros, sounds like Jack wants to show Gib what he can do, now…, as a 3 ball shooter. I think UH MBB needs a lot of guys who can shoot, Those are the teams that can win a lot, complemented by the awesome forward tandem of Fotu and Standhardinger, doing their thing going to the rim, great offensive balance.

    Redshirt? I don’t know. Do know, Jack is a preferred walkon, difference from as regular walkon? Preferred ones, have been recruited and offered a spot on roster. Also, they have possiblity of earning a scholarship.

    If Jack is a mature 19-20 yr old, he would be like Quincy Smith, a D1 qualifier out of HS, who finished 1 year at JC in cali, got his associate degree I guess, and is now NCAA D1 scholie sophomore.

    haw09, we shall see, seems like a couple of walkons, could be Red Shirted, however, I think for Gib, whomever can help team win, shooters, defenders, ball handlers, good BB IQ guys, he will let them play, as walkon or scholie, upper classmen or frosh.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Plus, Jack says he can help team with his 3 ball shooting, all depends how open gym, personal position workouts, and going up agains hack attack D in practices! I hope Jack qualifies to play right, away, need a good 3 point shooter from deep, a consistent one!!

  12. hawaiifan09…so sorry, Jack has 4 years of eligibility, so he is a preferred walkon true freshman!

    I hope he has a good pre season with UH MBB team.

    Dayton, as soon as you can, and we ALL super appreciate all that you do!!,,

    Open gym with all of the guys, a huge roster! see how the guys can shoot, how many 3 ball threats, I count at least 10.

  13. Hugh Jackman (?) – another aussie!! – oh no it’s Jack Hackman!!

    Lucky its Jack because I don’t think that Hugh can play basketball!!!

    Welcome Jack

  14. Dayton can you include some video of him shooting around in the gym or even playing pick up with the guys.

  15. Big reason Jack will be given shot as. Wing 3 ball shooter? We need help this year!! Negus not till next year, and hope M Harper can be a wing 3 ball shooter too!! Both will have shot to help 3 ball threat!go rainbow warriors!!?

  16. Once a jolly aussie waited by the Arena,
    Under the shade of a coconut tree,
    And he sang as he watched and waited turn came,
    “Who’ll come a 3 ball shooting, with me?”

    Shooting 3 a Harper, 3 ball a Hackman,
    You’ll come a raining three pointers with me..
    And he sang as he watched and waited till his shot went in,
    “You’ll come 3 ball shooting, with me.”(and Hackman, Nevels, Spearman, Smith, Jawato, Enos and with Glee the UH 3’s!!)

    Aussie Mum, a lot more athletes including Michael, Harper, will be 3 point threats, if Michael, or Nevels, or Jawato, whomever is hot, UH MBB team can win some games! Oi!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    October first practice , just around the corner!

  17. Edit and correction to above verse;

    Once a jolly aussie waited by the Arena,
    Under the shade of a coconut tree,
    And he sang as he watched and waited till his the pass came.
    “Who’ll come a 3 ball shooting, with me?”

    Shooting 3 a Harper, 3 ball a Hackman,
    You’ll come a raining three pointers with me..
    And he sang as he watched and waited till his shot went in,
    “You’ll come 3 ball shooting, with me.”(and Hackman, Nevels, Spearman, Smith, Jawato, Enos and with Glee the UH 3′s!!)

    Problems and challenges even in beautiful Hawaii, which we Kamaaina (long time residents) take for granted.
    However, great sense of humor, by the 16 or 17 guys on team, new and old. Hope this is a good year. Your son , in fact the whole team seems to care for and help one another, they just want to win, and Help UH MBB to the next level!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    And yes, it is just in jest, can’t be too serious all the time, laughter great medicine, though, Michael, Harper, and whole team will work hard on court , in class and in community, you have good sons all!!

  18. Last edit: Sorry!

    Once a jolly aussie waited by the Arena,
    Under the shade of a coconut tree,
    And he sang as he watched and waited till the pass came …
    “Who’ll come a 3 ball shooting, with me?”

    Shooting 3 a Harper, 3 ball a Hackman,
    You’ll come a raining three pointers with me..
    And he sang as he watched and waited till his shot went in,
    “You’ll come a 3 ball shooting, with me.”(and Hackman, Nevels, Spearman,Shamburger, Smith, Jawato, Enos and with Glee the UH 3′s!! and the whole team!!)

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  19. Between Jack Hackman, Aaron Valdes and Michael Thomas, This Year, we need a strong, good-scoring small forward/wing (or three)…although we may utilize a three guard offense in the Big West, the small/shooting forward/wing position is often among the highest scoring and biggest X-Factors between good and great teams…

    and this year, the rotation at the ‘three’ is probably the most wide open of the five positions…

  20. Agree with Eagle, we’ll need a reliable three, may want to add Jawato to the mix, not sure if he fits the two position; especially with Brandon and Nevels rooted there. Do see Michael T redshirting to grow his body and skills.

  21. Eagle and Tako,

    You can see Gib and staff what they are doing recruiting wise for THIS year. Negus , and all around player with great range on his 3 point shot, can create his own shot and facilitate for others.

    Very happy to see that, coaches saw need NOW to get help at that SF/Wing/3 spot.

    As another post mentioned, Aaron might be an X factor, If he can translate his game offensively, to regular season games, i.e. what he did , even one third of it, in summer league, will make Hawaii even more potent.

    Love the pick up of Jack Hackman, workmanlike, reminds me of a Riley Luttgurodt(sorry bout spelling) or Michael Kuebler. Seems like very mature,, and as he mentioned, he wants to have IMMEDIATE impact THIS year, which is great.

    Tako, a huge factor for Jawato, is his cartlidge problem in ankle, if he is not 100%, hard to lock down that 3 spot. However, if Doctor, trainer and coach think Brandon B Jawato can help, since he knows the UH system, great.

    That is depth: Jawato, Valded, Thomas( I think , he is thinking Immediately playing too, we shall see), and Jack Hackman, we have to watch Open video, to see if he can shoot, rebound, assist , D up and score against other UH athletes, if he can, bodes well for that SF spot!


  22. lets see an open gym already….some jacking of the 3…if he can create his own shot and come of screens and catch and shoot then he should get some playing time

  23. Hey Christian ,Davis where are u guys. Class starts tomorrow.

  24. Hey Dayton: Exactly who are on the roster for 2013-14 season?

    Are all the guys back, including as jjay says, Christian and Davis?

    Pretty sure, with the international guys, they want to make sure their Visas/passports in order.

    Yeah, and thanks again. Very sure soon, we know Dayton working hard with staff on it, OPEN gym and workouts with UH MBB team.

    Mahalo Dayton.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  25. I would “guess” that the ‘Official 2013-2014 Roster’ won’t be announced until after late registration, probably after walk-on tryouts, and maybe not until the official start of full practices — great that we’re all itching on the trigger finger(s)….

    and at least we know so many of the players through Dayton & Staff & the summer league, and better than any years before wi.com ….

    and yet there still “could be” a late surprise (although i think Gib might not want to put ‘that much’ pressure on a newcomer again — we were ‘fairly’ excited with Ozren, but many expected too much of most freshmen, as if any were certified Four-Stars…i think only Isaac performed to that level (Co-Freshman of the Year))…

  26. Hey Eagle:

    My serious thought about UH MBB team and how they will do? Just look to Christian, Isaac, Davis, Brandon Spearman, Brandon Jawato, Michael Harper, those guys have been through the BWC wars already. With Aaron Valdes, Keith Shamburger and Caleb Dressler having RS year and practice in Gib’s system, even with addition of Dyrbe Enos, a good shooting guard.

    Just those Nine guys, being so dedicated and have hunger to settle not for next year with NWC, however this year NCAA or bust, pretty sure, Gib is happy with the returnees and RS’s. Those guys would be super competitve without any additions this year.

    With Garrett Nevels, Quincy Smith, Michael Thomas, Stefan Jovanovich, and Jack Hackman, athleticism, quicks, shooting and depth, just a lack of D1 experience.

    Either way, even if there is a surprise, though, Gib could still hold scholie or give to deserving roster player, UH will be better than last two years, on experience, and not being bogged down, by a certain good, post, who needed the ball. This year, should be more exciting, quicker, and pushing more, at least hope so.

    So Eagle, we await, especially, Dayton, man the guy must work on WI 24 hrs a day! We local and global fans, AND potential recruits and their families follow all things UH Rainbow Warrior Basketball, men’s team!

    The new guys, ALL talk about bringing a winning attitude to team, that is the Mantra, for this year, as you say Eagle, REFUSE to LOSE, win as a team, for the team and by the team. UH can have good season, and I hope they shoot for NCAA tournament first, which they, to a man are!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Either way, enjoy your posts for last couple of years, me and old man UHF,thanks eagle from our familiy, very Haiku like prose, and observations, enjoy it very much, WE love those MBB athletes, students first , BB players second!!


  27. playhoopsa,

    Thanks — you and uhf — sharing a computer(?) help fill the months between seasons…

    i really think NCAA Needs to come up with a second basketball sport & season –3 on 3 a la Isaac?
    (THIS Sport is where NCAA makes most of its money — BCS Takes Most Football Dollars)

    This Team ‘ought’ to do well, really well…
    But Honestly, a few too many friends have heard “that” a few too many seasons…
    THIS “Could” — sure looks like — the start of a good string of Legit Good Teams

    maybe as much potential as Riley’s 25 win team… maybe as good (we’ll see soon) as the string of “Tulsa Championship” Teams…maybe as recognizable to the rest of the “General Public” as the AC Teams…

    BUT they will have to ‘Refuse to Lose’ a whole bunch more…
    These ‘kids’ seem smarter– Are they ‘tougher’? Mentally Tough?
    That might come down to Team ‘Personality’

    But Christian, Isaac, BrandonS and Shamburger ‘alone’ (as recognized by Big West write-up) are a Real Strong start…

    I’d also Love to See the “Reinforcements” (?Unprecedented Depth And Talent ? Yes?)
    ? Now a Backcourt ?As Strong? as The Front Court?
    Help Drive Them Over the Top

    Was Trying Not to Get ‘So Optimistic’
    BUT The FACTS stack up Real Good for the Long-Time Watchers, Wouldn’t You Say?
    OH! You Did…

    HA! GOOD Times, ‘Bow Fans!
    As Tonganator would say, “GO! The Mighty Warriors!”

  28. i’m amazed Dayton can ‘Contain’ himself ;-}

    BUT that would be:
    “Catching Up with Dayton…”
    (AWESOME, Dayton!)

    i think the Vast Proliferation IS also “A Sign”…


  29. The Manoa Maniacs could have some fun with potential nicknames for Jack…

  30. Thing is fans, From Davis Rozitis to Dyrbe Enos, all 14 maybe 15 guys vying for PT, not just PT, however, PT, 5 min or 35 min, to help UH win BWC tournament and NCAA bid. That is the theme, I read about, and hear from all of these potential 17 guys, including NWC, who will be doing his thing to help UH go to NCAA this year.

    That is a goal: For Gib and team, might as well reach for the top!

    I line it up like this, UH wins Rainbow Classic, good start, they go on the road, and HUGE upset of Mizzou at Mizzou, team on a hot streak, and fans jumping on bandwagon, DHC, end of December, 3 tremendous games, and Finally UH MBB team wins DHC crown, huge momentum going into BWC play. UH , has only 16
    BWC games this year, with Pacific having moved to WCC with other religous affiliated schools, private, Hawaii, holds home court, 8-0, and goes 5-3 on the road, overall regular season record: either BWC 13-3 and first or second, or at least top 3. UH running on all cylinders. depth, helps, when several guys get the flu or injured, come up big, Dyrbe Enos hits 2 free throws with 2 seconds left to seal the BWC tournament title, and Hawaii is going NCAA dancing! First time in 12 years!

    Selection Sunday, Hawaii, gets a 12th or 13th seed, and meets up with Gonzaga in the west, UH pulls off major upset, and moves on to face, a hot PAC 12 team, keep it right there, we are at that game, live on ESPN, ABC or other outlet, and UH up by 10 pts at the half…we shall see.

    Hey, pinch me, I am only dreaming, however, gang, the Dream is not THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM, really doable, if the UH NEW and OLD timers, work as one, no head cases, ego PT maniacs, no infighting, and Gib coaches his butt off!

    Wouldn’t that be nice!
    NCAA or bust!

    Go Rainbow Warriors(Tonganator special meaing to Rainbow name)!


  31. Jack Hackman = Ralph Malph of Happy Days, welcome Hackman . Start a search for Christian, and Rozitis, MIA

  32. jjay, you must be student or on campus day one. Don’t know if you know UH teachers, professors or have classes with Davis and Christian. Been around the UH Basketball offices, peaked in weight room , dorms, or open gym?

    That would be the big blow of this year, if Christian and Davis did not come back for fall UH MBB season!


    Dayton, or other UH students, staff, or Gib and coaches, other players, chime in, believe jjay, would know. Where in the world is Christian/Davis, key rocks of the UH MBB team, 2/3 of the senior class with spearman.

    Oh well, Fotu, MT, AV, Stefan, Caleb, Hackman, arise , now is your turn to be the beasts from end line to end line….UH MBB moves on!

    Think, Davis and Christian, get Visa in order then will pop up any day.

    Believe, Dayton, WI, and staff working 24-7 putting together, “what did I do this summer report,” for Chrisitan and Davis!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Where in the world is Davis and Christian?


  33. Hey fans…do you think that Jack Hackman is the three point threat at the 3 spot, since Jawato has the bum ankles. Jawato needs surgery after season, so , he will not be one hundred per cent.
    I feel bad for B Jawato, however, maybe he should petition for a medical waiver RS year. Get those ankles repaired and come back next season strong with NWC!

    Come on Jack Hackman, show us what you can do in open gym, We need at least 3 or 4 very, very good three point threats on the court at all times. If we are not going big!

    Take care Brandon J., you have had a rough , health wise 3 years, get better, concentrate on school, and take care of your ankles, your health more important than a game!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  34. hopefully more developed and mature than bo barnes and more athletic than Brereton..but that’s asking a lot

  35. Hackmanʻs father IS involved in basketball so should have grown up with a coach-players’ mentality — more likely he’ll be closer to a dagger-assassin than meek freshman, especially having played against more mature/tough(?) Germans for a year…


    So Christian, Check (but because of his international travels we expected his Visa to be current)

    Davis, IF he was planning to be late, we should have heard ?
    BUT he always placed High Priority on school, so would not want to start (late) handicapped vs. his classmates…

    These are guys who want to Win @ Everything, even the beach…

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