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Shamburger shines in exciting Summer League game


Yes, it’s only a summer league, but Keith Shamburger’s latest performance in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer Leaague was a significant one.

Matched against recent NBA Summer League participant Derrick Low, Shamburger was up for the challenge and led his Clark Hatch Fitness team to a thrilling 127-123 double-overtime victory over Solar Universe in the second of two games at Manoa Valley District Park gym.

Shamburger, a 6-foot junior point guard for the University of Hawai’i basketball team, scored 27 points on 10-of-16 shooting, and grabbed 11 rebounds in the upset victory.

“Finally felt good to play good in this thing,” Shamburger said of his best performance of the Summer League so far. “It was a big win; played against Derrick, it was good competition.”


Indeed, Shamburger and Low defended each other for much of the game, and both players came up with dazzling clutch plays. Low’s 3-pointer just before the regulation buzzer tied the score at 104. Shamburger responded with a key basket at the end of the first overtime, and then had three points and a crucial “hustle” rebound in the closing seconds of the second overtime.

“I like pressure and I had to play good in this game,” he said. “That’s what my team looked up to me to do.”

Low was a member of the Los Angeles Clippers summer team in Las Vegas earlier in the week.

UH freshman forward Michael Thomas contributed 10 points and three rebounds off the bench for the victorious Clark Hatch Fitness team, which improved to 2-4.

UH incoming sophomore Negus Webster-Chan continued his torrid pace in the Summer League with a game-high 30 points and eight rebounds for Solar Universe. He shot 6 of 14 from 3-point range. He is averaging 30.3 points per game in the Summer League.

UH redshirt freshman Dyrbe Enos scored four points for Solar Universe. Incoming freshman Niko Filipovich played a few minutes and did not score; he missed the last game with a knee injury.

Solar Universe played without UH senior Brandon Spearman, who was serving a one-game suspension for an altercation in an earlier game.


Former UH star Zane Johnson scored 27 points for Solar Universe, which dropped to 4-2. Johnson leads the league in scoring so far at 34.0 points per game.

In the first game of the night, Wealth Strategy Partners defeated National Fire Protection Co., 97-92.

UH incoming freshman center Stefan Jovanovic had his best game of the summer with 22 points and 12 rebounds. He shot 10 of 19 from the field for National Fire. UH teammates Isaac Fotu and Garrett Nevels were not in attendance for National Fire; Fotu is resting a knee injury, and Nevels opted not to play.

Wealth Strategy does not have any UH players on its roster.

The Summer League will continue with two more games on Tuesday, July 23: National Fire Protection Co. vs. Clark Hatch Fitness at 6 p.m., and Solar Universe vs. Grantco Pacific at 7:30 p.m.

The current records for the six teams:

Central Medical Clinic 5-1
National Fire Protection Co. 4-2
Solar Universe 4-2
Clark Hatch Fitness 2-4
Wealth Strategy 2-4
Grantco Pacific 1-5

Photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com



  1. Well done Keith! Happy to see him rise to the challenge. Derek really made him work for that win.

    Mahalo to Dayton for the report and Brandon for the photos, and to the WarriorInsider sponsors.

  2. Hey, Keith S.:
    The long-wait is over!
    We knew ur a good scoring PG but, “11 boards is phenominal”!
    Dat da way, made this as your “habit” for the next two-years, O.K.?

    Hey, Micheal T.:
    Welcome to Hawaii.
    10 pts is a little improvement but, Keith beat you by 8 on board is “unacceptable”!
    You got an immense protential, just need a little of coach Fish’s winning-wing-strategy..
    Just liked what he’ve done 4 Caleb: Shaped him into a fast, big center!
    We need you to break-out & contribute big for the TEAM for the next four years (no RS)!

  3. that’s the keith we know!!!….hey Michael Thomas u need to throw that ball down and not pay attention to the no dunking sign

  4. What’s up with Nevels??? Is there a reason why he’s not playing?

  5. My Expectation is that he’s Working His Butt Off ADJUSTING to Life in Hawai’i, D-1 Class(es), Gym Small Group and Open Workouts, Weight and Conditioning Training, probably much tougher or more challenging than he’s seen at Any Previous Program, etc. (that’s what most previous newcomers related)…. That Is and Should Be the Priorities….

    Summer League was always optional and strictly for Improvement…
    The Stuff Above Is Mandatory, and Must Be Done Well, at a High Level
    And Is A LOT to Acclimate to…

    i Trust That the Coaches Rule and are Monitoring Very Well…
    (since Dayton confirmed on previous post/thread)

  6. Hey Dayton, is there any possibility of number 55 on Clark Hatch Malik Fields walking on at UH. Heard that he might have met with G. Arnold. One other big thing I would like from you is that when you do the roster of the athletes for the 2013 – 2014 season if you could some how put in their wing span or reach. Thank you again for everything that you do for us UH Basketball junkies.

  7. Dayton keep up the good work.

  8. Calling On Former UHMBB Coach Jackson Wheeler…who was Not Impressed with K-Shamʻs ʻWAC” Stats (i thought they were pretty good); most agreed he Shot A Lot… But i expected he would invest the year (itʻs really a year and a half when you sit out a season) to improve his shooting and shot selection as well as become uber-familiar with Gibʻs Systems …

    Coach? Time for a Visit to Manoa Valley Gym and maybe an updated Evaluation?

    IF heʻs able (Consistency?) to go toe-to-toe with All Pac 12 – Plus Pro Derrick Low for Two Halves and O.T.ʻs — youʻd think D-Low would go deep in the bag of tricks to pull the game out — 50 solid minutes speaks to a high level of ability….

    Impressive Improvement in the Younger UH Teammates —
    Good to Hear the ʻOld-Timeʻ UH Heavies endorsing the level of skills and abilities
    They oughta know….

  9. Eagle: good posts. And correct, the “old school” long time, super die hard MBB fans,probably several hundred, maybe a thousand, can see Gib has some athletes, quickness, guys who want to win, not lose. Now Gib, has to coach them well and win. Even Nevels, Gib is not putting pressure on anyone of the UH MBB players to participate in summer league. He said, is would be and added thing, priority: School, individual group workouts and Open gym run. Nevels, probably is doing right thing, get used to D1 NCAA UH school first, then weights, training, etc. Respect that. Garrett Nevels will be in the mix with
    Spearman, Jawato, Shamburger, and Q Smith for guard rotation. Man oh man, if these guards can run, along with Fotu, Standhardinger, and Rozitis , Valdes, should be exciting. If PG and SG can run offense to a high level, limit turnovers, and close out games, UH MBB could have a good to great season.

    Only summer, as Dayton says, however, thanks to WI primarily, and also, another summer league, elite coverage guy, as well as KHON2 news, UH MBB and the the other athletes at Manoa Rec gym are putting on a show. Sometimes ragged, but super fun! Yeah. Old School! Good athletes, run and gun, have fun, and WIN !!



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