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Shamburger pointing the way in Summer League


It was a relatively uneventful night at the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League on Tuesday night, but the players from the University of Hawai’i continued to put up impressive numbers.

Leading the way was junior point guard Keith Shamburger, who once again led Clark Hatch Fitness to victory with an all-around dazzling performance. He finished with 22 points, 13 assists and nine rebounds โ€“ one rebound shy of a triple-double โ€“ as Clark Hatch Fitness routed Grantco Pacific, 119-82. He also shot an efficient 8 of 12 from the field, including 4 of 5 from 3-point range.

Clark Hatch Fitness started the season 0-4, but has won five straight games since Shamburger was inserted into the starting lineup.

Incoming freshman forward Michael Thomas added 12 points and six rebounds for Clark Hatch Fitness. Sophomore guard Brandon Jawato did not play for Clark Hatch due to injury.

Redshirt freshman Aaron Valdes remained on his torrid scoring pace with 31 points in defeat for Grantco Pacific. He shot 5 of 9 from 3-point range, and also contributed seven rebounds and three assists.


Fellow redshirt freshman Caleb Dressler returned from a recent injury and had eight points and three rebounds for Grantco Pacific.

The game turned into a blowout midway through the first half, and the second half was played at a considerably less-intense pace.

The opening game of the night was much closer, with Central Medical Clinic holding off National Fire Protection Co., 90-87.

Sophomore guard Michael Harper made his first appearance of this summer and contributed seven points on 3-of-4 shooting for Central Medical. He was delayed for nearly a month in Australia due to visa travel issues.

Former UH forward Bill Amis had 22 points and 15 rebounds for Central Medical. Incoming sophomore point guard Quincy Smith was at the game for Central Medical, but did suit up due to an injury.


UH newcomers Garrett Nevels and Stefan Jovanovic arrived late for the game, but still made major contributions for National Fire.

Nevels finished with 21 points, seven rebounds and five steals. He had a chance to tie the game in the closing seconds, but missed a difficult 3-point attempt.

Jovanovic added 10 points and five rebounds in about 15 minutes of game time.

The Summer League will continue this week with games on Thursday and Saturday at Manoa Valley District Park. The playoffs will begin next Tuesday.

Game photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com



  1. Hey Keith S,

    Would like to call you Napo for Napoleonic..
    A fast, tough leader who has the quality to conquer!
    The TEAM needs you so, be strong & get better onto Paradise.

    Please let Evan know that it’s wiser to do it right the 1st time;
    Avoid the agony of transferring!
    Ask him to watch how the TEAM does it this year;
    >> How much better as a TEAM that with him with us?

  2. Thank you as always Dayton and WI for video update and writeup!


    Any word on how Isaac Fotu’s rehab is going? Will he be ready to go this Oct 15 for first day of practice?

    When will the possible walkon candidates know if Gib will add them to roster for this year?

    Very good to see Michael Harper(thunder from down under)back in islands. He has that intangible, the Standhardinger effect, (I still remember CIT game vs AFA, Michael alomost helped team catchup to AFA, almost, because of Michael’s hustle , heart, and hunger)super huslter, will go all out to help team win. Great to have you back Michael Harper!

    Mahalo Dayton.

  3. Nice reporting about new and returning athletes for MBB. Definitely, UH has some athleticism for this year and next. Guard line looks good. Am sure Gib will emphasize defense first, probably look to Fotu and Standhardinger as first options on offensive sets, however, with potential Jawato, Nevels, Spearman, Harper, Smith, and Shamburger able to drop mid range to 3 line outside game, should be an offense much more balanced and potentially more dangerous. Now the guys, still have to practice FT’s, key to closing out and increasing leads in games.

    Nice dilemma for Gib to have, Expereince in Shamburger, Spearman , Jawato, Harper, and athletic ability, and quicks,,and hops from Nevels and Smith. Good combination.

    Like how the two young wings, AV, just exploding, and MT, getting more competitive(he looks like he is getting bigger..maybe hitting weight room). If those guys can guard the perimeter, down low, to 3 line, rebound, D up and hit mid range, 3 line to the rim, and get out and run, UH MBB looks, potentially, like a beast. Hope for a healthy and safe, and together group going into Nov 2013 first game!


  4. Final thought, what a preview of summer athletes so far for UH MBB, and TWO of their KEY retunees are not even here yet!

    Christian and Davis. If those two, are stronger, and explosive, really smart guys, BB wise, and academic wise, they will lead to UH to more wins.

    Exciting stuff!!

  5. im not sure how to even describe Michael Thomas yet…I’ve only seen film but from the looks it aint so bright

  6. Nice to see Javanovic put in that looping banked layup while being defended closely by Bill Amis. That was no gimme. It looks like the freshman has some skills to go with his size. Very promising!

  7. HawaiiMongoose:

    I agree. Been noticing the development of footwork, shot selection, and post moves, D and O positioning for rebounding, good anticipation on blocking shots, Either Coach Fisher is really working well with our Bigs, which I think he is!, Fotu, Dressler, and now Jovanovich, wow!

    These young guys could well be , with the addition, hopefully of Evan Fitzner next year. some of the most well rounded and skilled, Post players in the Western part of United States.

    I am really impressed with Jovanovich, He is like a very skilled at this point on O and D as a true post center, who can step out and hit mid range shot, shoot with either hand, than big D himself, Davis, whom I think, if Davis comes back smart agressive on O and D, will be a monster.

    Gib has gotten, guys , Bigs to develop who happen to be good students, and just good kids. Better than felons that’s for sure!!

    Great job Gib, !! Dayton you have to have another update with Gib, about how the kids overall are progressing this summer, and what he looks forward to, going into this fall with team. He could possibly be working with 16 or 17 guys, walkons, scholies, and RS’s, lot of MBB talent!!

  8. I hope Harper gets more run this year. If Coach is considering jawato as a starter or top reserve, he needs to think about Harper. Better shooter and although not as athletic, his heart makes up for any lack of physical skill. Jawato isn’t that athletic anyway. Plus his shot is flat and awkward on release and in the cocked position.

  9. Eagle, still wonder if Gib looking for that “late get” best athlete, probably in the mold of Negus Webster Chan, who would enroll for fall semester and be ready to go for this year, with perhaps 2 to 3 yrs to play>

    Being that Gib and staff, are always recruiting, unless they save final scholie or award to deserving walkons, Possiblity exists. Would be nice to have ONE MORE athletic wing, who can run, jump, shoot and defend , very athletic, and skilled.

    Otherwise, what Gib has, now up to Coach to “coach em up” and get them to bond, buy into roles, and WIN baby!

    Should be exciting year at SSC!!


  10. Hey Dayton, Olelo going live next week for the summer league playoffs. We was wondering if u were interested in doing play by play with Tony Solitto? Who better than Mr Warriorinsider. U can email me to talk details Tunnelrat808@yahoo.com

  11. My guess (hope?) is that Aaron Valdes gets some PT this season. He’s probably the most dynamic player in the summer league, and his perimeter shooting is better than I anticipated. He’s not just a dunker, although it’s nice to see someone finish like he can. Take a look at Brandon Flores’ photo above; Valdes didn’t complete that dunk (the ball ricocheted out of the basket), but it still left the crowd buzzing. Albeit it’s the summer league, but he’s sure fun to watch.

  12. clyde:

    You are right about that dunk attempt. From my angle it looked like he was at least 6 to 8 inches above where the pic shows. Thought his elbow was level to the rim. Looks like he gained some good weight and not lost any hops. Dude worked hard.

  13. If Valdes can make the jump from the 2 to 3 spot I think its all his as there are no real candidates at the small forward position this year. If he can’t transition and stays as shooting guard he will have to share minutes with others because we are deep here. Its never easy to play in an unnatural position. But if you got talent—-and hes got uku tons of it—he should do just fine.

  14. Random notes and thoughts…

    Jovanvic’s spin move at 1:06 was sick!

    Look at Harper playing some D at 2:02!

    Valdes and NWC will be one of the most athletic duos in the country in 2014-15. Valdes has pogo-stick legs… ridiculous hops.

    Jawato and Harper will be needed to bomb 3’s off the bench.


  1. Legends of the Small(ey) - SportsGooru.com

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