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Davis Rozitis gets his degree

There are some accolades that are simply more worthy than others for a student-athlete. A college degree is right at the top.

Davis Rozitis – who still has one more year of eligibility remaining with the Hawai’i basketball team – can now call himself a graduate of the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. Rozitis has earned enough credits to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, and he participated in the UH commencement ceremony on Saturday at the Stan Sheriff Center.


“This is like the cherry on top the whipped cream that is called the college life,” Rozitis said. “It’s not really about the degree, it’s about the journey. But this is the reward at the end of the road.”

Rozitis’ accomplishment is all the more impressive when considering that he was born and raised in Latvia, and English is his second language. He first came to America in 2009, when he played on the USC basketball team.

Gib Arnold was an assistant coach on that USC team, and when he was named the head coach at Hawai’i, Rozitis followed and joined the Warriors in 2010.

Rozitis could have left the program with his degree in hand, but the 7-foot forward/center has decided to return for the 2013-14 season. He will take graduate courses next season to maintain his status as a student-athlete.

His mother, Zane Rozite, made the long trip from Latvia for the graduation ceremony. “Without her, I probably wouldn’t be here in the first place,” Davis said. “I would probably be playing pro basketball somewhere in the world, so I want to thank her.”

Hauns Brereton, who completed his senior season with the Warriors in 2012-13, has also earned enough credits to graduate, although he did not participate in the ceremony.

(Photo courtesy Valerie Schmidt)


  1. Congratulations Davis Rozitis! A great accomplishment, will benefit you in your post UH career! You have so many skills, as a professional Basketball player, or in the business or multimeida world! Great , aloha spirit, team player, and THE REAL HEART and SOUL of the UH MBB team.

    Kudos and props to the Rozitis Ohana, you all can be very very proud! Good Job Daivs!, Have a great summer, and look foward to your senior year as grad student and MBB Warrior!

    Aloha and Mahalo!

  2. And congratulations to Hauns, great job as well! You will be succesful too Hauns! Always a Warrior!
    Aloha and Mahalo.


  3. Congratulations, Davis. What an amazing accomplishment. To come from another country and earn a college degree in the U.S. Awesome job; great young man. Now make the most of your senior season!

  4. I wonder why Hauns didn’t participate. But anyways congrats to Rozitis and the Warriors will be boss next season.

  5. Congratulations to Davis, your Mom can be very proud,
    Congratulations Mom and the whole family in Latvia and Ohana in Hawaii
    Congratulations Gib because if I understand correctly Davis is his first graduate
    As I have written before I believe that Davis did not achieve his full potential in basketball. Big players still need to achieve full development over time because they need to be older and get a real man’s strength. After this valuable academic achievement wish you a successful senior year on the court

    Stay healthy and be happy, enjoy your future academic life

    And congratulations to Hauns

  6. What about Vander? I though he was on track to get his degree.

  7. Congratulations, Davis!

    Congratulations, Hauns


    One of The Finest Definitions of “Success” is A Commitment to “Completion”

    They save a Whole Line and usually several Spaces/Blocks on Every Job Application
    For “Degree Earned”….
    Studies/History indicate youʻll Earn a Million Dollars (More) with the Degree

    SO Go For It
    Jace and Vander…
    My Understanding was that you were both ʻCloseʻ
    Find/Make the Time,
    Make it a Senior Class sweep!
    Even IF it takes a little longer
    At UH, we Donate/Contribute to The Fund to help Stuudent-Athletes “Finish” and Earn that Degree
    Make Your Families Proud …
    Make Your Mums Proud!

    Happy Mothersʻ Day to All the Special Ladies

    Thank You, Valerie (and Sponsors) And Zane Rozite!

  8. Congrats Mr. Rozitis and Mr. Brereton! It’s yours and no one can take it away from you. Both of you earned it thru hard work and that’s not even mentioning the hours both of you put into your Sport.


  9. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

    Congratulations Davis and Hauns! What a great accomplishment!

  10. At this year’s University of Hawaii Academic Awards Banquet, Hauns received Scholar Athlete and Davis received Top Scholar Athlete! Now both are UH college graduates! Congrats to both of them.

    It was very exciting to watch Davis receive his diploma. I enjoyed meeting his mom (who of course is tall) along with his Uncle and Uncle’s wife who flew in from Latvia. A bit of Latvian culture/tradition: When women get married their last name is the husband’s name with the last syllable change to “e.” Therefore Davis’ Mom’s last name is Rozite, compared to Davis being Rozitis. Learned something new!

    Our family enjoyed being there for Davis’ graduation, just as he was there for Hunter in the hospital. It was a great feeling of Aloha and Ohana (family)! Congratulations Davis!

  11. VANDER: Be on track to graduate. Hope you stayed in school and did well this summer semester. Same with Manroop, Garrett Jefferson and Ozren Pavlovic. Remember it is STUDENT athlete. Make use of a very, very expensive full ride scholarship, before transferring or going onto professional life.

    Hope all the 12 guys on scholarship this year, did well for Spring Semester finals, and congratulations again to Davis, and Hauns(maybe out of town?).

    Hope the team finishes with a very high GPA, and Vander, Garrett and Manroop will eventually get their degrees.

    And thanks Eagle, and boosters, for providing( we give too)towards academics for UH MBB athletes. The young guys and gals have to appreciate it, so many thousands at UH are paying their own tuition and taking out student loans, that take them years to pay off.

    Much success to Hauns and Davis!


  12. VANDER: Be on track to graduate. Hope you stayed in school and did well, edit to above post, I meant this SPRING 2013 SEMESTER, and maybe you can continue towards your degree this 1st summer UH session! Remember winner in the classroom, good husband and father, control emotions, and show aloha, you will be happy for the rest of your life!!


  13. Congratulations Davis from Down Under!
    You are right you are now an educated young man as well as an exceptional human being and great athlete and role model for all the UHMBB players.

    Good on ya mate!

  14. BIG CONGRATZ DAVIS from Aotearoa New Zealand. You’ve done it, the Sky is the limit. Cant wait for next season. Enjoy the break with your family.

  15. Attaining a Bachelor’s degree is one of life’s great accomplishments and experiences. It will stay with you forever. Congratulations to Davis and Hauns.

  16. Good job guys! May you all reach the goals you’re striving for.

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